0802 cate challenge beef of the potato element that stew

First serving dish, simple delicate: )

Material: Potato, frozen bean curd, carrot, foam of green ginger garlic, essence of salt, chicken, soy.

Potato and carrot are cut thick piece, stripping and slicing of frozen bean curd.

Explode foam of garlic of sweet green ginger, put soy to explode together next this taste is very good.

Put carrot potato frozen bean curd to break up next fry make its even chromatically ~~

Turn on the water next stew potato flexible scale to be able to put gallinaceous essence and salt to give boiler: )

Very the daily life of a family is very simple very delicate, still can put Zi like that or curry develops new taste ~~ etc

The cate with Xi incomputable Xi, all be in 2008 of ours!

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