0802 cate challenge sweet potato ball

Sweet potato ball, round reunion circle passes ” potato ” year [0802 cate challenge]

Sweet potato ball
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Raw material: Tomato patch (potato) , yam, soft white sugar, butter
1 flay of potato, yam, stripping and slicing, load respectively last bag,
Will last bag put microwave oven, bag mouth is opened wide, gao Huo 5 minutes,
2 take out last bag, press potato and yam into mud with rolling pole,
3 will put microwave oven Gao Huo of the bowl of white sugar and butter 30 seconds melt,
4 potato mud and yam part as even as agitate of dissolved butter white sugar, the rub that use a hand becomes pellet, put dish in can.

Take the advantage of hot edible, sweet soft.
Sweet clew:
1 microwave oven heats when potato and yam, last bag mouth is not fastened, want to open wide. Measure settling time accident according to what do. Cut raw material small to be able to shorten heating time.
What the 2 candy when making yam mud ball should add is a few less than potato mud, yam itself is sweet.

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