0803 cate challenge oriental cherry cake

Oriental cherry cake- - Japanese mug-up - flowers of 0803 cate challenge joins course

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Author: Big confused

This is the commonnest small mug-up in oriental cherry season, stuffing of red sweetened bean taste is inside the New Year cake of weak pink.
I still mix oriental cherry designedly amid, do not have taste

Do not have taste

The first 歩: Ormosia sesame seed spends stuffing to make

1. red bean is abluent, put clear water bubble overnight
2. red bean 変 became fat
3. is put into high-pressured boiler, big baked wheaten cake leaves, build small fire to boil 30 minutes
4. reachs the ormosia water in boiler piece, add clear water to boil 10 minutes afresh
5. accuses ormosia to do water
6. is put into pan, add white sugar, with pulverize of scoop general ormosia

7. oriental cherry picks a few branches
8. leaf clear water is cast wash, accuse to go moisture
Mud of 9.2 grams ormosia joins right amount ripe sesame seed to join right amount leaf
10. again the ball of sweetened bean taste of moderate of size of make it of one by one

The 2nd 歩: Skin of New Year cake is made

1. puts the glutinous ground rice of 12 grams in big basin
2. slowly to the clear water agitate that enters 180 c c
3. sifts the flour of 120 grams
The fine saccharic mix that 4. adds 30 grams is even
After 5. mix is even, conditional, panada crosses gong sieve, the cent that divide 別 installs 2
A few pigment are added inside 6.1 panada
7. so appearance 2, a white, 1 pink,

8. does not stick boiler not to put oil, burn heat, small fire, put spoonful panada, wipe smooth
9. plus leaf of a few valve, about 50 seconds cross a height, other one side of bake in a pan
10. did not want bake in a pan to paper, brand is good one is used last velar package is nice
Sesame seed of the ormosia on 11. bag spends stuffing, install dish
The skin of New Year cake with redundant 12. uses mould extrude figure

Personally samples flower of pink cake ease is sweet

Very lovely small mug-up

Speak of oriental cherry, japanese is having special feeling to oriental cherry, saying is city of park, hill, school, get on even laky dikes and dams, the both sides of railroad also is planting oriental cherry everywhere.
Every time when spring comes, whole Japan appears to be surrounded by oriental cherry. Regard as piece pink flower apply colours to a drawing is worn of city street when, that is the beautiful season that romantic oriental cherry brings…

Sweet clew: Usable wintersweet, apricot is beautiful, the edible flowers such as peach blossom makes beautiful cake

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