Soup of willow of fish of agaric dragon benefit

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The edge sees the way that a simple and easy soup writes by the side of TV: )

Practice: 1) willow of dragon benefit fish two, cut the place with proper size (the follows mahjong piece about size that I cut is about the same) , bloat a little with salt and pepper. Black agaric uses bleb to send ahead of schedule, wash clean. Chopped green onion Jiang Mo has had.

2) a few sesame-seed oil pours in boiler, put in slices of fish meat two sides a little decoct, add Jiang Mo, boil oatmeal quickly a small, add clear water two bowls, boil together.

3) enter agaric, after adding salt and pepper to flavor, boil a little again, the flower that scatter green, give boiler can.

Note: When I do boiling water recently, like to add bit fast the oatmeal that boil is boiled together, feel to boil the boiling water that give so, it is OK also to need not tick off Gorgon euryale relatively embellish is stiff, and some more healthy than ticking off Gorgon euryale with water starch. Of course, if do not like to use the word of oatmeal so like me, starch of usable also water ticks off Gorgon euryale.

Chicken yoke a thick soup

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Treated as, can be disinclined to make a picture really, continue to pound vacate ” secondhand goods ” , send a chicken yoke a thick soup that does before, saying is 8 months the following little baby with respect to eatable carnivorous(the experience that I did not look after children, inaccuracy is 8 months surely the following child can have this, the mom that wants to try to do this to eat to the child please follows the doctor’s advice consider is breathed out).

Practice: 1) pigeon breast flesh a small (about 5 grams) , abluent hind, add water well-done, put in joint of bones next or in the bowl complete pulverize.

2) egg, after thoroughlying cook, flay, go albumen, use half yoke only, pulverize.

3) chicken broth is added to perhaps rinse in boiler a few (about 50 CC) , go in the chicken of pulverize and yoke, boil, add water starch touch, tick off Gorgon euryale can.

There is dot in the home, added a salt in within so, scattered a Hai Taixiang to loosen, to me domestic pig lord ate, he says flavour has been held out, ah.

PS: I climb to often get online first in the morning look, not the rinse on the horse is brushed, old by pig head example. Learned with ideal MM the day before yesterday gigantic an useful word, “The somebody on the street catchs what throw rubbish in disorder, but nobody catchs what do not wash a face ” , this word top is taken when I am waiting for him to say me again, regrettablly he has not said my bout so far, grasping a killer mace to do not have the ground make, quite depressed.

Rice served with meat and vegetables on top of egg of shelled fresh shrimps

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Rice served with meat and vegetables on top of egg of shelled fresh shrimps

Extraordinary and simple way: 1) shelled fresh shrimps is abluent, with a bit cooking wine, salt, black pepper and starch bloat on.

2) boiler heats up oil, fry into chopped green onion, fry into shelled fresh shrimps become angry, involve fire. Knock in big bowl2-3Egg, add a few salt, break up, fall to fry the shelled fresh shrimps that become angry, agitate divide evenly. The reheat that fry pan is oily, pour fluid of egg of shelled fresh shrimps, fry egg fluid ripe can.

3) a bit more preliminary sauce: soy, candy, water, amylaceous, jiang Mo is put in a small skillet, the edge boils an edge to use chopstick agitate, after be being boiled, dot sesame-seed oil, involve fire.

Rice fills a bowl in, the egg of shelled fresh shrimps that has fried is placed above, irrigate on sauce, good!

Two by-product of banger grilled fish

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Today Zhou Wu, the tune is old very old good.

Although like that outside cloudy day, although in the morning when the fright of head sufferring a pig, eating to did not drink the choke below standing condition to arrive to cough continuously. I still am sung ” the lid head that lifted you comes ” , sing ” your eye Ming Youliang ” when, want not to rise suddenly will fall sentence word, sing at random ” it seems that that butterfly an appearance ” . Head of my home pig listened, did not satisfy, which to say can sing foolishly in that way, whose eye is so long that resemble butterfly appearance?

Do then I forget a word cannot be still sung foolishly?

The pig says, cannot. The first, sing foolishly also must rely on chart, which can say the eye appears butterfly an appearance? The 2nd, below this kind of circumstance, had better go examining the home that check silver (family) original term what be, sing again next, fasten a good song be sung bad.

This fellow, speak of me to come to. He forgot that day is who hears a song when, listen should sing ” the lid head that lifted you comes ” that when, sing accordingly rapidly ” the fart shop flag that raised you come ” coming? He calls fart sign sing not bad good song, do I sing a butterfly to sing good song bad?

This paragraph of time has taken to answer banger grilled fish not less (the practice has a few days ago write, in classification ” aquatic product kind ” , or here: Banger grilled fish) , because,be really me two like to eat very much, so I love this to repeat the person that does same thing to also couldn’t help doing not quite over and over.

One of by-product: Banger corn celery congee

Do this grilled fish, want to move banger corn flour to fill in in piscine abdomen, move intentionally more occasionally a few, stuff comes to an end fish, the banger that remain piece lose boiler with corn face in, add a water and Xi Qin to break, boil congee, a pepper and salt are added to flavor before giving boiler, had held out those who drink.

Deserve to go up grilled fish, match salad of a green vegetables again, be very handy dinner.

Of by-product: Grilled fish banger is oaten bean curd soup

If bake, is a big fish, if eating suddenly, that is in the 2nd times when, can add a bean curd, cornmeal, water, boil together, a salt is added before giving boiler or flavour Ceng sauce, black pepper and caraway are broken the condiment that waits for oneself to like, also had held out those who drink.

I like the much meeting that boil, bean curd tasty, fishbone is soft also sodden.

Fill one of ways that write type of a few handy dish: Willow of simple and easy grilled fish

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Practice: 1) piscine Liu Fang is being baked dish on, brush on the end that use garlic, chili pink, soy, caraway, oily, the sauce that vinegar moves.

2) put oven, with suffer from excessive internal heat (the firepower above oven, Broil) bake ripe, sauce is brushed a few times more among.

3) deserve to go up vegetable salad, eat.

What I use still isMahiMahiFish, also can wait for other fish with dragon benefit fish, according to Yu Liu’s thickness, adjust baked time, decide ripe the standard that do not have, the way that I like is to use broach stand sth on end, cruelly oppress very flake easily (Flake) if, be ripe.

Chicken yam small banger

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The good friend lets my teaching do a few to suit the fleshy course that the child takes to her, this thing is told to me, still be really ” make sb do sth entirely beyond him ” , our home does not have the child, what I also had never taken care children is dietary how should do, nevertheless, the good friend’s requirement, still get what exert force acts accordingly to breath out, learn to drill now now so a carnivorous that suits child edible (of course, become the word that takes to adult, more be no problem) , more healthy, simple, here is shared together with everybody.

The thing that does quite for long before, forget come on hair, I still am being used in those days do not stick boiler.

Practice: 1) preliminary data: The yam of small size, unripe gallinaceous brisket, cut little place.

2) yam is thoroughlied cook, flay, cut place, follow chicken one case, put in mixer to mash mud, or, also can come with the knife manual chop becomes mud.

3) mash or in the chicken yam mud of chop, add a starch, salt and little rinse, agitate divide evenly. Note: If be the word that takes to lesser child, do not put salt. If if be to give big child to perhaps Your Excellency,eating, so, besides salt, OK still the taste that the basis likes, add an other flavoring to add flavor.

4) do not stick boiler to heat up a few oil, the model that rub of fleshy mashed vegetable or fruit becomes small banger, put frying pan.

5) all sides of small banger decoct becomes angry, ripe when, give boiler can. Can eat directly, also can dip in a ketchup eat.

Head of my home pig is in the home, urging all the time should go out to play, write ran rapidly, hey.

Cake of fleshy rotten rice

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Still did what look to the good friend, suit the small cake that children has, adult eats of course also but, ah.

Practice: 1) preliminary data: Fleshy Mei Yi is round, increase follow the flesh about rotten the rice that waits for a quantity, add egg of an unripe chicken again. If be the word that to adult big perhaps child takes, can add a chopped green onion, cooking wine, salt, soy flavor. Additional, what use here is turkey meat rotten, nevertheless, become the word that takes to lesser child, I think, with chicken Mei Ying this more digest easily a few? Of course, if if be to do big child to perhaps Your Excellency,eating, also can use porky or beef.

2) all material agitate divide evenly.

3) become Hai Tai with scissors needle flake, good agitate meat mashed vegetable or fruit takes small cake, put in a Hai Tai piece on, a Hai Tai is built again above piece. If do not have Hai Tai piece if perhaps doing lesser child to eat, hai Tai piece elliptically.

4) boiler heats up oily a few, put hamburger.

5) two sides decoct is ripe can.

Meal of shelled fresh shrimps of miscellaneous greens banger

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Meal of shelled fresh shrimps of miscellaneous greens banger

Practice: 1) preliminary burden: 2Branch Xi Qin cuts man, onion cuts man half times, banger a section, pointed any of several hot spice plants two mincing, tomato is potted half canister (perhaps use a fresh tomato mincing) . In the meantime, a cup a cup of water puts rice into electric meal Bao (the proportion that follows to cook at ordinary times is same, if do not like the word of meter of too soft embellish, but take into consideration the circumstances reduces little water) .

2) a few of the heat that fry pan is oily, fry onion soft, enter other data, add a salt and black pepper, fry, involve fire, fry the content in boiler to pour electric meal Bao, agitate divide evenly, insert electrify, press cooking pushbutton, when the moisture in Bao of meal waiting for report worked almost, spread the big shrimp meat with good provision in the surface, continue to be boiled cook when pushbutton start comes, with scoop agitate divide evenly, again a little stew a little while can.

Handy 85: + of pigeon breast spinach is sweet Zi of + of young soya bean of clam of + of rice of + of acerbity wild cabbage like that almond

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Cummer was divided with her boy friend, the reason is she wants to marry, he does not think.

I am not quite clear, she is about 50 years old immediately, must marry why on earth? Pig head says, what does that have, family Yang Zhenning 80 much still marry!

I think, also be to breath out, like us the brother of large small hole of coffee says in that way, “The way of life that everybody chooses to suit his more ” just, marry, have nothing to do the age. Affairs of human life of people look upon, total meeting differs somewhat, since somebody feels ” celibate it is to use the small price of little loneliness to change boundless freedom ” , also think with respect to meeting somebody that boundless freedom touchs intolerable nevertheless loneliness after all for certain.

Nevertheless, if later we two not was together, I wanted to marry no longer for certain. Lie of pig head readily take the opportunity to opened big mouth, say to calculate you to have self-knowledge, know you also cannot find nicer to you than me person again at long last.

What, no matter search,get searching is less than, I do not want to search. I am only, like more and more quiet just.

Discovery did not have what dish in the home last night, want to dragging him to be bought together, he is lazy do not love to go, speak plausibly says with me, “What do I eat, what do you eat, I eat, you eat. ” I did not talk, do not know the person that how follows so unjustifiable agitate 3 minutes argues. He is not bought, also do not let myself buy, that is forced not to take a meal.

Write what do a few days ago is simple and easy and handy.

Messtin 1: + of pigeon breast spinach is sweet acerbity wild cabbage + rice

Pigeon breast spinach: tear tape of the chicken that bake, add liked flavoring to mix together with the spinach that has ironed divide evenly is become.

Sweet acerbity wild cabbage: Had yesterday write, it is a wild cabbage that cut into shreds, add honey, vinegar, salt, olive oil, black pepper mixes divide evenly.

Messtin 2: Clam young soya bean + Zi like that almond

Clam young soya bean, fry clam flesh simply together with young soya bean, the condiment that I use is olive oil, salt, garlic powder, the mixture vanilla that black pepper and a bit do is broken.

Zi like that the practice of almond is written a little while.

Biscuit of white sesame seed

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Biscuit of blacker-than-black sesame seed is baked before, this comes home Li Baizhi hemp runs rampant again, so do sth following a set pattern of version of a white sesame seed. More healthy, the way is very simple also.

Can feel occasionally, combine a few material at will, resemble playing the feeling of mud in one’s childhood a bit. Different is, play mud in one’s childhood, adult saw can be scolded, and play flour now, what can get head of my home pig is favorable.

Practice: 1) white sesame seed a cup half, mixer batter. Common flour a cup (sift out is better) , candy 1/2 cup, soda pink 1 1/2 teaspoon (Teaspoon) , put in a big bowl, agitate divide evenly.

2) preliminary 2 eggs, juice of 4 teaspoon orange. I am the orange juice that squeezes now with orange, if do not have the word of orange juice, it is OK also to use clear water.

3) enter egg and orange juice in flour mixture.

4) mix the compound in the bowl even, on the hand thin touch an oil sparsely (because dough is stuck quite, won’t stick a hand quite so) , the small pellet that kneads dough into each (about 14) , squash, put in the small small dish that installed sesame seed bead to be stuck next.

5) put oil to perhaps be not stuck bake dish on.

6) oven warm-up arrives Fahrenheit 350 degrees, bake 15 minutes or so can. Low oily little candy, more healthy.

With the word of black sesame seed, should a few more healthy? I think.