Bao of bean curd of seafood of type of simple and easy Han

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This is we come on the stage this winter a most Shang Cai, taste is good, authentic, say additionally. Anyway, I do dinner to want lazy when, do this, I was stolen lazy, we pig lord loves to eat again, two people jubilate, hey.

I can’t well Bao soup, take this simple and easy thing to making do with attend Lan Re edition advocate ” day of 4 big beautiful winters takes big activity of filling soup a thick soup ” , anyhow this is my home this winter most the thing that often has to also love to eat, hot, reeky, also suit quite it seems that cold when eat ha.

This activity of our Plumcafe, also many ginseng were added, have the word of the hobby, will treat everybody Bao what soup, list pool address:

Http:// Tid=55779

I this practice of simple and easy soup: 1) take a stewpan, a seafood — I use ― commonly ostracean (also make give birth to oyster) , shelled fresh shrimps and clam.

2) above a bean curd that cuts chunk, spread a bovine sliced meat that rinse chaffy dish uses again.

3) most above, spread the bright mushroom of a section again, the dawdle here, put it is OK to be not put, must some main material are seafood and bean curd, other course are piled up, the comparison that I put commonly is optional, occasionally, without the word of cutlet, like to put a few sausage inside, other perhaps what vegetable are waited a moment. After put away dish is piled up, rejoin Korea thick chili sauce, korea chili pink, chopped green onion, garlic powder, jiang Mo each are right amount.

4) enough chicken broth is entered in past boiler (if doing not have, it is OK also to use clear water) , small fire turns after be being boiled, stew tasty can.

If liking, heat can be taken the advantage of to infiltrate one lays an egg before giving boiler, agitate divide evenly, fill a bowl in. What sell in inn is to use pannikin a of alone Bao, on destroy, I do not have appropriate boiler, after was being boiled with respect to caldron, fill a bowl again in.

Fill of the way that writes type of a few handy dish: The simple and easy bean curd that bake

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Fill of the way that writes type of a few handy dish: The simple and easy bean curd that bake

Practice: Drop of old bean curd does water, cut place of big fourth disaster, put in seed of powder of soy, garlic, sesame seed bloat in the sauce that moves with balm on15-20Minute, with the get angry of oven the heat that bake is baked fully can.

East wind west wind - - - the German devil of she and her home

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On Plumcafe, I was familiar with the woman that a lot of spirit enrage, every go ” the mood is online ” edition the mood diary that sees them, often let I laugh and sigh with emotion, these are interesting angel!

The blame that lives in Germany flies is a among them, feel she is an extremely clever person all the time, wen Wan is lovely, see a thing connect fully, literal kongfu it may not be a bad idea.

I admit, to the person that oneself care about, I am compared easily fall arrives 8 mother-in-laws level, occasionally meeting hope knows more follows the issue that this individual concerns. These a few months come, the mood diary that chasing after her to be published in Plumcafe looks all the way, find oneself also calculates with her very ripe, know she has a very good and very good husband, nevertheless I am a bravery young 8 old women, all the time also not dare the Eight Diagrams the story of she and devil of her home Germany, once saw the somebody in forum follows stick the acquaintance that asks her to be able to write her in order to write to follow husband, I still am thinking, hum, this issue is good, I also excuse me sees a story accordingly, but she is not written all the time.

These two days discover she drove a rich customer newly suddenly (still changed renown, do not make this time be not fly, cried ” be different from ” , this fellow, still change waists-coat to play) , chasing after run to look, huo Huo, earn big, ” acquaintance is not little year ” classification, explained the beginning of the beginning between them thoroughly.

Cheap not oneself earn, the sb’s past that have nothing to do of at a loose end uncovers her here:


Should read true person edition the classmate of love story, go looking ha, the article that altogether concerns 6 pieces.

Meet many year (1)—Chat on that net afternoon

Meet many year (2)—The first

Meet many year (3)—The 2nd

Meet many year (4)—Boy girl. . He says, I fall in love with you it seems that

Meet many year (5)—Married. . The day that two ground live apart

Meet many year (6)—Resigned

Two by-product of banger grilled fish

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Today Zhou Wu, the tune is old very old good.

Although like that outside cloudy day, although in the morning when the fright of head sufferring a pig, eating to did not drink the choke below standing condition to arrive to cough continuously. I still am sung ” the lid head that lifted you comes ” , sing ” your eye Ming Youliang ” when, want not to rise suddenly will fall sentence word, sing at random ” it seems that that butterfly an appearance ” . Head of my home pig listened, did not satisfy, which to say can sing foolishly in that way, whose eye is so long that resemble butterfly appearance?

Do then I forget a word cannot be still sung foolishly?

The pig says, cannot. The first, sing foolishly also must rely on chart, which can say the eye appears butterfly an appearance? The 2nd, below this kind of circumstance, had better go examining the home that check silver (family) original term what be, sing again next, fasten a good song be sung bad.

This fellow, speak of me to come to. He forgot that day is who hears a song when, listen should sing ” the lid head that lifted you comes ” that when, sing accordingly rapidly ” the fart shop flag that raised you come ” coming? He calls fart sign sing not bad good song, do I sing a butterfly to sing good song bad?

This paragraph of time has taken to answer banger grilled fish not less (the practice has a few days ago write, in classification ” aquatic product kind ” , or here: Banger grilled fish) , because,be really me two like to eat very much, so I love this to repeat the person that does same thing to also couldn’t help doing not quite over and over.

One of by-product: Banger corn celery congee

Do this grilled fish, want to move banger corn flour to fill in in piscine abdomen, move intentionally more occasionally a few, stuff comes to an end fish, the banger that remain piece lose boiler with corn face in, add a water and Xi Qin to break, boil congee, a pepper and salt are added to flavor before giving boiler, had held out those who drink.

Deserve to go up grilled fish, match salad of a green vegetables again, be very handy dinner.

Of by-product: Grilled fish banger is oaten bean curd soup

If bake, is a big fish, if eating suddenly, that is in the 2nd times when, can add a bean curd, cornmeal, water, boil together, a salt is added before giving boiler or flavour Ceng sauce, black pepper and caraway are broken the condiment that waits for oneself to like, also had held out those who drink.

I like the much meeting that boil, bean curd tasty, fishbone is soft also sodden.

Handy 87: + of rice served with meat and vegetables on top of egg of shelled fresh shrimps boils pignut of the five spices of sweet taste of miscellaneous greens +

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Handy 87: + of rice served with meat and vegetables on top of egg of shelled fresh shrimps boils pignut of the five spices of sweet taste of miscellaneous greens +

I made a bit sauce, he says, rare, again should stiff bit. I do not agree with this view, this pig relatively energetically, from anteprandial mutter after the meal, muttered clou is ” rare ” , ” rare ” , ” rare ” , ” rare ” , ” it is rare ” , ” it is rare ” . . .

By so chasing after mutter, I also look understood, there are two ways only before optional: It is rare that or agrees, or fall out. I do not want to be this little thing fall out, those who be forced to admit is rare truly, come to an end at long last big auspicious.

Do not understand why he loves hold up spare time so occasionally. I drink denounce previously ” fasten cheap! ” , still can be in charge of bit with, washed-up now, no matter was used, I say ” fasten cheap! ” , he says, “My where cheap? ” , follow base next.

A person that loves spare time of hold up is in the home also is it seems that before me, I had changed now, as a result he learned again. Knowing is every have a wretch, still having my home only is a special case — ― this not cheap that cheap, it is base of land of as one falls anyway.

Before holding the post of wretch newly to sleep in the evening, say to want to take rice served with meat and vegetables on top of egg of shelled fresh shrimps extremely, what rose to make a rice served with meat and vegetables on top of egg of shelled fresh shrimps in the morning so is simple and easy and handy, wretch also is a person,

Messtin1: Rice served with meat and vegetables on top of egg of shelled fresh shrimps

Messtin2: Boil pignut of the five spices of sweet taste of miscellaneous greens +

Boil miscellaneous greens: Freeze compound miscellaneous greens (carrot is fourth, corn bead, lima-bean bead, huang Jiaoli, kidney bean) lose skillet in, add a bit olive oil, salt, pepper and little water, lid, medium baking temperature is boiled to risk energy of life, turn small fire is thoroughlied cook slowly can.

Pignut of sweet taste the five spices: A bit water is added in small skillet, right amount brown sugar and pink of the five spices, after small firebrand candy is dissolved in, when boiling effervescent bubble, fall to bake ripe perhaps fry ripe pignut to mix, lay open arrives on dish, air is cool can.

PS: The paper cup that uses paper of this kind of aluminum foil installs nut, the effect is better, sweet crisp firm nutlet won’t by dish juice macerate.

Messtin3: Grape and orange, did not take a picture.

Fill of the way that writes type of a few handy dish: The simple and easy bean curd that bake

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Fill of the way that writes type of a few handy dish: The simple and easy bean curd that bake

Practice: Drop of old bean curd does water, cut place of big fourth disaster, put in seed of powder of soy, garlic, sesame seed bloat in the sauce that moves with balm on15-20Minute, with the get angry of oven the heat that bake is baked fully can.

Zi like that almond

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Practice: 1) bake dish in pour an olive oil, pour almond, blend blend, let almond be stained with oil.

2) put warm-up to Fahrenheit 350 degrees oven, bake 20 minutes are controlled or till almond is baked sweet bake ripe. After be being taken out, scatter on Zi like that pink and salt, agitate divide evenly eat later, lukewarm when eat or cool when eat, very sweet.

Handy 86: Acid of + of banger grilled fish is hot cabbage patch yam of spinach of + cool air is fourth

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Weekend always is very happy, I think, it is good to if 4 Nature’s engineerings make a week,be made! Although I am worn in home nest,play, a few days of duty also do not have what it seems that to me like the influence, can be influential to head of my home pig Lie, if word of 4 days, he can accompany me to play more a day.

Nevertheless, when I also think of he offends me every times to get angry, I wish he goes to work every day, do not shake at the moment in me my be perturbed.

This appearance one balance, I hope I have authority to stipulate pig head a week rests a few days. Obedient when, make him much staying in the home, indocile moment, every day drive out goes out to earn biscuit money to me. But, the word says again, if I have that power, my home also was not short of biscuit to eat for certain, that does not let pig head go out to go to work, obedient when, let him staying at the moment in me, bored when, close confinement to him.

This fantasy is done do still but, reality is, mix before me do not have that skill now, and can hold the ground to say again, also won’t have for certain in the future — ― my brain is worse and worse to make, love to forget a thing especially. Occasionally, wanting to want what to do obviously, give in an instant forget, in the morning I a move door of a cupboard cudgel one’s brains, knowing oneself open this is what to should do originally. Pig head says, are you to should go to Guilin? He so a dozen fork, was over, more be unable to call to mind should do what. I am to be being sung loudly at the same time really ” I should go to Guilin ah I should go to Guilin ” run quickly to that a built-in wardrobe or cupboard at the same time, next, I open closet door, next, I forgot is what thing. In fact, had gone today one most, I still did not want to want to go in the morning what does that a built-in wardrobe or cupboard do, laugh. . .

Handy as follows:

Messtin 1: Rice of + of banger grilled fish

The practice of banger grilled fish, I come back to write a little while ha, delicious simple, had eaten several times these days we recently, hey.

Messtin 2: Acid is hot cabbage patch yam of spinach of + cool air is fourth

Acid is hot cabbage patch, be the Lan Rexue that follows our Plumcafe, nevertheless, I also do not have bright red vinegar without chop any of several hot spice plants, the thick chili sauce of garlic fine and soft that uses and old mature vinegar fry, it may not be a bad idea eats, I think, if this is complete the will do word that says according to Lan Re, must much more delicious? Laugh. . . , of Lan Re stick in told detail to go up pay attention to item, consider a fellow student that fries deliciously cabbage patch, come in with respect to the dot look, address:

Http:// Tid=53207

Yam of cool air spinach is fourth, iron spinach namely ripe drop does moisture, the yam that bake cuts man, mix with favorite condiment mix can.

Did not bear a fruit, when I am wanting provision, pig lord says he is not willing to take really, bump door of move flying rush out of, one day is not taken also it doesn’t matter, go along with him.

Handy 88: Fish of liver mosses of sesame seed sea coils + ham egg roll + Qing Dynasty is fried on the west orchid + red any of several hot spice plants

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Her boy friend is seen everywhere in cummer home boast her sentence, here a small scrip, over there a notebook, where where is writing complimentary word, if was being written to go up to praise on the crural bifurcation that connects her.

The center of these words is thought of want, induce, it is this when: One boast is beautiful, 2 boast are lovely, 3 boast are clever, 4 watches devotion. She points to me to see his boast the sentence with her lovely fart when, I can not know how to receive this word stubble really, remember some to go to see a movie together with her, she did not know to have the thing with improper what, keep be in fart (put every times still apologize with me) , the experience that I fume confoundedly, beat dead I I also do not become aware give this to be able to have what lovely. Hum, even if Xi Shi goes out in lover eye, can give this portion if going up, still not be general feeling really, laugh. . .

Think myself, next the satirize in pig head is sarcastic mixing this is old, it seems that altogether also does not have the word that has heard how many benefit from, really white work, lived in vain. Hold tight pig head is accuse, he refuses to obey, say that person meets what come to an agreement or understanding listens namely just, if he likes her word so really, marry her, gift of whole still what, got pay to her, the thing that does the Hu Sao in those flowers has what to use.

But, if took his pay envelop already, often receive the sentence of his gift again, not be better.

Head of my home pig ” do not go up ” , education is trashy also, he can say, him what do you like to buy have to, return so that I send why on earth, which can be rectified so scene. A few days ago I the wedding anniversary of two, he did not remember, by my hold tight dozen, be being hit, he has returned interest, saying this fete also is his thing, the share that the gift also should have him, ask I give him preliminary gift not. Natural, we also did not give him preliminary gift. We am reasonable person, since neither photograph is owed, was forced hand.

Wanted to spend the New Year, because not be in the home to spend the New Year, not need cooks, so I also did not consider the course that spend the New Year, leave a message to me with a few here the friend that asks I plan to do meal of what the eve of the lunar New Year an apology ha.

Of head of my home pig handy:

Messtin 1: Fish of liver mosses of sesame seed sea coils + ham egg roll + rice

These two practice, wait for me to turn round to be written alone again — ― is because of their photograph in great watch for an opportunity, be disinclined to go really now move is vacated.

Messtin 2: Qing Dynasty is fried orchid + fries red any of several hot spice plants on the west

Be disinclined to have pot twice, so orchid and red any of several hot spice plants were fried together on the west, install dish when, apart outfit, pretending is two dish, laugh. . .

Several friends are asked about how orchid is fried greenly on the west green, here says my method is breathed out, because I cook very be afraid of lampblack, it is commonly dish leaves boiler when oil is not quite hot, so, the likelihood is used to explode fried person can not like my this way, but I like such doing, feel very of tasty, color is beautiful also, and, microtherm will do, a few more healthy also.

My practice: Medium baking temperature, heat up boiler, pour an oil, differ oily heat, pour a garlic immediately piece (still can add a dried small shrimps occasionally) , fry, enter on the west orchid (if use those who buy to had broken Cheng Xiaoduo’s avoiding,wash on the west the word of orchid, because the surface does not have moisture, when frying, should add 1 - 2 spoon water, if oneself are washed clean now, there is moisture on dish, need not add water) , add salt, break up fry, the boiler on the lid is built, when the air-vent that discovers boiler is built begins to risk energy of life, open boiler to build, break up a little again fry below can.

Note: Since beginning to use that to cover anhydrous cooking boiler, I am used to highest cook only with medium baking temperature, the method that says here so, suit medium baking temperature only, if use Gao Huo’s word, such doing is be afraid of boiler wanting paste? If want the word that tries to be done so, be sure to keep in mind to want to be breathed out with medium baking temperature, if leave fire became greatly, paper the word of boiler, can not hit me.

Handy 89: + of preserved fruit of Mei Li of + of mud of pumpkin of + of meal of dry of simple and easy flesh boils miscellaneous greens

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Zhou Wu morning when, I cook in the kitchen, pig head quiet does not have acoustical ground slide to arrive at the door the kitchen, talk suddenly, frighten me one shiver, choke lived, cough a long time.

Tell him to say, after, you rise in the morning smooth when achieving a kitchen, not immediately ask for a favor talks, my bravery small, not via frightening.

When doing a meal this morning, twist face, see backstairs opening a the shadow of a human figure, frighten one shiver again, careful look, pig head stands over.

My shout, reply a thing how, so quiet does not have acoustical ground fearsome, do you threaten does the person still threaten be used to ah?

– do then you say ― to do how? Answer on you let me rise to fasten conversation first in the morning, I dare not talk today. How do you want to let me come on the stage in the morning after all? (this fellow, still ” how to come on the stage ” , laughed at dead individual) .

– you rise in the morning after ―, stand in the sitting room there, exert all one’s strength cough, signal to me. Hear me to say ” heard ” when, you can arrive kitchen here come.

He is not willing, say not to like have nothing to do to cough foolishly, and, if I am opening faucet, do not know he must cough to be heard to what moment ability.

The course talks things over, decide or maintain before convention, lie in the bed by him classy my signal, I say ” got up ” , his recrudesce, cannot do sth without authorization rises threaten person.

I as a child very be scared easily, do not know heart respect has a problem?

The lazy disease of this streak has been done not have all the time, what do this morning is handy, come simply.

Messtin1: Meal of dry of simple and easy flesh

Originally I am the way that thinking bittern flesh meal, nevertheless, because of me not only trashy steaky pork, connect thin pork trashy also, those who use is thin turkey wrings the flesh, if this also dare call bittern flesh the word of the meal, be afraid that somebody will hit, call it meal of dry of simple and easy flesh, anyhow is realistically, laugh. . .

Practice: Boiler heats up oil, fry powder of garlic of sweet onion powder, fall to wring the flesh, fry, add soy, cooking wine, pink of the five spices, pepper, candy, with right amount water, small fire turns to stew tasty after be being burned.

Irrigate even juice go up in rice can. Than getting the fat of bittern flesh meal, also hold out go with rice nevertheless delicious.

Messtin2: + of preserved fruit of Mei Li of pumpkin mud + boils miscellaneous greens

Pumpkin mud, thoroughly cook pumpkin section namely pound becomes mud, fill cup of aluminum foil paper in, a California Mei Li dried meat is added above.

Boil miscellaneous greens: Lima-bean, kidney bean, corn bead, carrot adds a few water to boil, do not add any flavoring, qing Tianqing is sweet, quite delicious.

Messtin3: Yangtao + black grape, did not take a picture. I am thinking, the fruit that buys the Southern Hemisphere to produce now eats, should calculate turn over season?