The sandwich of person of Christmas breakfast light snow of darling

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate
[the Christmas breakfast of darling] — sandwich of light snow person (18 months above)
1. Sop.
2. Beans of candy of needle of piscine bowel, candy. (candy needle and candy beans are for ornamental, can replace with other food)
3. Haw jelly.
4. Darling cheese.
5. Go up from sop with appropriate tool at present two small circles.
6. Again at present two big circles.
7. 4 circles sop besmears severally a cheese.
8. Piscine bowel cuts chip, the shop is in size on each one biscuit.
9. 2 big, 2 bun piece stick a face respectively. Place in dish in.
10. With candy beans adornment gives button of the eye of snowman, mouth and dress. It is OK also to use chocolate bit.
11. Haw jelly cuts a thin strip and a square, place into the cap of snowman.
12. Sandwich of light snow person has been done.
Compose of pin mark of a few candy is aspersed again all round, simple sandwich of lovely light snow person has been done.
This breakfast matched a salad again.
Material: Carrot man, pumpkin man, a kind of dried mushroom piece, piscine bowel piece.
Practice: Before 3 appearance mire water, carrot most put first, pumpkin is put after 5 minutes, a kind of dried mushroom is put again after 3 minutes, mire again a minute OK fish out, drop does water, mix salad sauce can.
Still want to come to snowman and salad originally a group photo, change battery to camera in me this time, the candy beans button of snowman has been in Lin Lin mouth. This small greedy cat!

In festal morning, cook a snowman breakfast for darling, he can like certainly.

The tomato meaning side of christmas of add to the fun


*** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ***

Today is christmas, what be permeated with a festival everywhere is festival , but the job of husband decided right now business however , the telephone call is made before coming off work, cannot come home had a meal, the husband of long Chinese stomach does not come home, I and BETTY can change nod pattern, october, carry child sent meaning side has not had all the time , as it happens today is foreign section, hey, we still silver coin dish ha, on meaning side .

One, potato cuts Xiaoding half times, tomato cuts Xiaoding, onion cuts end half times, ground meat.

2, from a great distance comes to me the home, full of carry child affectionate meaning side.

3, small fire of hot pot cool oil, do ground meat stir-fry before stewing slowly.

4, unload simmer in water of potato thin man.

5, turn conflagration explodes onion powder sweet.

6, put tomato thin man to break up fry, join boil of a bowl of water to turn small fire is boiled stiff, half spoon pepper and right amount salt are put to flavor before involving fire.

7, remove boiler additionally to add salt to boil meaning side, iron a few green vegetables, cent becomes two.

8, irrigate sauce and department of sand of right amount tomato.

Of mouthfeel QQ, BETTY says repeatedly too delicious, ha, side of first try meaning, ask everybody to make a mark, next time we eat curry.

Miss the flavour when

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Small when, there is electric rice cooker in the home, cooking is the furnace that use coal, do the metropolis end rice cooker to have a rice crust every time, anxious anxious, very sweet. Now is electric rice cooker cooks, it is not quite easy also to want to have the sort of rice crust. Today be seized by a whim, want to have a try to be able to be done with microwave oven, succeeded unexpectedly, very happy.
The remnant rice midday:
Shovel one spoon rice to be put in last the booth on film is smooth, diameter about 10 centimeters, want a bit thinner:
Put the Gao Huo inside microwave oven 1 minute 30 seconds, can hear to there is Pi in microwave noise, after time arrives, take out:
Go up in exterior besmear some unripe smoke, chromatically, also have some of taste. Put again continue inside microwave oven Gao Huo 1 minute, after be being taken out good.
Bite, love eating rice crust in one’s childhood namely.

Christmas of chicken of red oily sesame paste is happy

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Celebrated a festival to breath out Bless everybody above all

It is ice-cream that I reviewed what I made christmas day last year today This time passes really quickly

Over- ” aspic person ” christmas—–Ba humble

Close basic by cook instead is corrupt

Like street of a round-mouthed food vessel with two or four loop handles to spend the chicken of Xiang Yu the Conqueror of a happy garden particularly all the time

Went technically again last weekend Fried a prescription Reformed Flavour and collocation are very pretty good really

The table that gives us quickly the red-letter day increases a appetizing and inviting cold dish

Material: Child chicken (weight control is controlled in a jin best) , bean sprouts, spinach, big almond, sesame paste, red oil (chili face, Chinese prickly ash, balm) , powder of soy, vinegar, white sugar, salt, gourmet powder, green, ginger, garlic, sweet green is right amount


Eat ability part The processing of chicken and fresh and tender and juicily—–Saliva chicken is same

1. bloats chicken 15 minutes or so with a few salt first, jiang Pian, green goes up in a place of strategic importance in abdomen in the meantime paragraph, ginger has to chicken fragile unskilled working;

In after bloating, be being put into a stockpot, infuse cold water has done not have chicken surface, add cooking wine of right amount salt, one spoon to go raw meat or fish,

Use cold water certainly, the purpose is the inside and outside that lets chicken be heated is mature at the same time;

Float foam of the surface is made after 2. is boiled, boil 5-8 with medium baking temperature next minute, lid is not opened after involving fire, use the steam stew in boiler 10 minutes, final chicken can maintain control in 8 maturity, such most fresh and tender;

After 3. chicken stew is ripe, put in putting water on the ice instantly, until fully cool;

Of red oil make there is detailed process inside the join that clicks saliva chicken please

The salt that 4. takes vinegar of white sugar of soy of one spoon sesame paste, one spoon, half spoon, half spoon, a few, gourmet powder is smooth, make sesame paste juice reserve, big almond crunch reserves;

5. uses bean sprouts, spinach boiling water of boiling water scald a few seconds respectively, put at after fish out dish bottom;

6. puts cut chicken, drench on the red oil of sesame paste juice, a few, scatter on big almond is broken, sweet onion powder can

Notice chicken cannot have been chosen big lest the flesh slants character old

Vegetable collocation can be adjusted according to him be fond of Like noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch also can be being added if liking very delicious

Cast aside go the chicken broth of float foam flavors slightly can edible Also can regard as soup-stock bottom continue to employ

Fry the kitchen below aubergine and small land of garlic Chengdu lettuce, absolutely new style

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** clicks the delicate life ** that enters an alluring woman

Xiaoliu leaves a kitchen, absolutely new style

Yesterday evening fulfil went to small Liu Youying bar, but conscience still calculates did not die out completely, wait for them to drink full later, when take food taken late at night, still give me cry, took food taken late at night so occasionally, drank dot small wine incidentally. ~~ is satisfied ah ~~

The word says today, when getting up, I forgot the thing before a completely, consider all the time, xiaoliu when come back yesterday evening, I did not remember how. Ah, awoke so, also do not remember a bed, because there is a business in the heart ah. After waiting for me to remember all things eventually, the table that sees a wall go up has been midday at 12 o’clock. Ha, still have the voice that small Liu Na wails: “Quickly practice, starved to death. ” good cough up, get up, the edge clears away an edge to ask Xiaoliu, “Eat what midday? ” reply and same before: “Informal ” , I still ask: “You want what to eat, rice? Face? What course to take? ” reply as before: “Informal ” , change ask a way: “Then you want what to eat, what do I do to you ” , reply or in that way: “What do you do what do I eat. ” good, good was defeated by him. In him ” supervise ” in, complete the work that wash gargle, develop a kitchen, pull open freezer, begin to look when what can leave boiler, xiaoliu stands in backstairs mouth to ask me: “Still have an aubergine ah ” , take him to look, “I do aubergine to you that today midday ” , oh ~~~ eyeball is dropped outside, very happy still nevertheless, took out aubergine so, with lettuce, tell him, “These give you. You cook midday, I eat! I eat!!

Next in the kitchen, began the lunch that Xiaoliu acclaims, it is a photography only occasionally, with a ha breath out ~~~

Fry aubergine

Xiaoliu makes food, super simple, raw material condiment is very simple, look to understand, learn to be met, with a ha breath out ~~~

Raw material: Aubergine, green pepper, garlic

Condiment: Salt, dawdle essence, unripe smoke, pink of Chinese prickly ash


1. aubergine abluent, knife section changes after cutting Duan Ran first, cut fine point finally, bit thicker, in putting weak salt solution, immerse (in cutting good aubergine to put weak salt solution, can become angry in order to prevent aubergine, after the influence becomes dish sell) , green pepper cuts into shreds (still compare vinegar of small Liu Qie) , garlic chop;

2. heats up boiler to put oil, break with garlic next explode boiler, put green pepper to be fried again, put aubergine next, join pink of Chinese prickly ash to begin to break up fry;

What touch adds when 3. waits for aubergine to have some of molten is unripe smoke mix colors to add flavor, break up fry all with hind, add the water of a few, cover tightly a little while, when waiting for water to work, join salt and dawdle essence to flavor break up fry even can.

Of small land edition fry aubergine, ask everybody to eat cough up ~~~

Garlic Chengdu lettuce

Raw material: Lettuce, garlic

Condiment: Salt, dawdle essence


1. lettuce washs headroom to do water, reserve, garlic cut last stage;

2. heats up boiler to put oil, explode after sweet garlic powder, put lettuce conflagration to be fried quickly, salt and dawdle essence are added to flavor after waiting for lettuce molten can

The garlic Chengdu lettuce of small land edition, also ask everybody to taste

Good, dish is sent, say why Xiaoliu wants to prepare food today. The thing is such, when Xiaoliu bought food with me yesterday, say to want to eat burn aubergine, so I bought two aubergine. Came back to do, having a family also is to eat but, but say,not be that taste that he wants, so, himself prepares food today the taste that made him want to eat. Ha, what he says he is done is delicious, but what feel to be done occasionally occasionally is delicious. Not bad nevertheless, no matter who is done, ~~~ of dispose of smooth cough up

Leave that rich settle or live in a strange place of Xiaoliu by the way, wrote, next because busy, did not update, wanted to update immediately allegedly nevertheless, so, I still am below conduct propaganda, available the rich guest that goes seeing Xiaoliu.
** clicks those who enter Xiaoliu ** of army brigade career

Beef sauce places cake

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Raw material: Thick broad-bean sauce of beef of? of rapid of Di Jia  , soya bean, lima-bean, agaric, chrysanthemum, xianggu mushroom, carrot, tomato, pumpkin, powder of green ginger garlic.


1. flour adds yeasty become reconciled to place one morning.

2. beef cuts end, hair of bubble of agaric chrysanthemum Xianggu mushroom cuts man, other raw material is abluent cut man.

The oil in 3. boiler burns powder of garlic of ginger of the green below heat, fry the flesh into boiler next.

4. is fried to become angry add dish to continue to fry.

Keep churning into sauce after 5. dish is ripe, to color Gong Liang can.

Bake in a pan of cake of face of 6. face make it is ripe.

7. incision cake goes in sauce clip can.

Meal of assorted cheese 焗 [the kitchen that love the home]

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*** of meal of 焗 of *** assorted cheese

** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

**** opens a language ****
Very lazy recently, using chaffy dish and barbecue to dismiss all the time day. Cook to escape last noon, pull last friends to run haircut. But the settlement midday, how does that do again suddenly in the evening? Going out is a person everywhere, still be inferior to taking a place casually in the home. This wanting that do wrap around Sa, foreign section, eat also should silver coin dot. But, look at the spit outside, do not think up the door to prepare raw material again, be obliged to writhe in the tuck diveseethe in the home. Happen to ate roast meat two days on the weekend, still remain some Lenten, do wrap around Sa is not quite appropriate, come a simple cheese 焗 meal.
Need not go out already, solved ort again, ground of special still do sth for the occasion fits the mood of christmas, with one action 3.
** welcomes to look around ” the kitchen that love the home ” **

Raw material: Yam, Xianggu mushroom, potato eats barbecue to remain, adscititious bowel of a ham. Original head day returns remnant of a bit onion, can be poured by me, think that regret, add onion flavour is more sufficient.
Take bit of dried scallop bubble from freezer, still have off-the-peg the Ma Su that has brushed silk, yam, Xianggu mushroom, potato
Ham bowel cuts Cheng Ding.

Fry butter is added in boiler, fry the vegetable that cuts Cheng Ding, add bit of ketchup. Be in me a ketchup replace freezer when, discovered go up to take surplus suddenly a bit on the west orchid, be disinclined to change a knife to cut bit, also fry together into boiler and vegetable together.

Fry good vegetable

The stannic bowl that Mai Delong buys, eat to washed a bowl to be saved repeatedly.

Rice restaurant is in stannic box, shop a Ma Su, asperse on the dried scallop, vegetable that spreads to had been fried again, spread a Ma Su again.

Enter oven 200 degrees, bake 15 to 20 minutes, cheese is dissolved a bit chromatically can.

Taste, taste is good! Most those who make me complacent is, it is ort completely almost do oh!

The flesh of water of pumpkin bowl vapour of merry christmas is cut cut illicit hutch

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Actually before still should have 3 inferior the card was not sent, but today is christmas, must send lively stick festivally.
When going to mom home having a meal last week, this pumpkin sees, eat in mom home at that time the idle rich, packets of big packet is replete what mom prepares for us is delicious, face go out, I am final sweep sitting room, discovered this lovely small pumpkin, took 2 again incidentally, hey.
How does so small pumpkin eat? Want, will become with it bowl, do soda water flesh to eat to the son, the fact proves, succeeded.

This piece should express gratitude fish, offerred the stage property with lovely part!

Material: Bo? egg, pumpkin
Spice: ? is unripe smoke

1.Pumpkin is in incision from the 1/4 of upside, pumpkin interior hollow, abluent, should do a bowl
2.Egg break up, add ground meat, salt, unripe transfer divide evenly, add water of smaller part bowl, mix again divide evenly (did not cheer, the ground meat scale that uses because of me is flesh of 3 share out ill-gotten gains 7 minutes of lean lean)
3.Pour the mixture of 2 into pumpkin bowl, go up basket evaporate 25 minutes, the cap of pumpkin bowl also should be put basket in evaporate is ripe oh

End gave pumpkin bowl, son surprise ground is pie-eyed… . .
Eat, he is licked lick ladle, ask: Is A Chinese-style unlined garment new?
Dot, it is so good fool, soda water flesh he already not rare, but be put in pumpkin bowl, different! !

Finally, wish everybody merry christmas! ! !

Welcome aboard cut shears rich customer
Cut shears rosary

The drink of tea of beautiful type coffee of heaven cate diary (2)

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Heaven cate diary, drink of tea of beautiful type coffee (2)
Heaven cate diary, drink of tea of beautiful type coffee (2)

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

Come 3 tea with milk of a cup of A how?
By heaven swims Heaven_Travel

Indian tea with milk / harbor type an affectionate couple

Saw English table that day program of a cate, many Indian cate introduced inside, be like flying cake A, curry A of what.
Letting me is curious very, among them an India tea with milk is to let my itch to try more. Then I remembered a recipe to death to death. The plan is pounded beat
My home has the burden that the most amused is this tea with milk, differ lilac, this also does not have what, go the market is bought is!

Material of Indian tea with milk: Jiang Pian 2-3 piece small fennel 1-2 of 1 teaspoon cassia bark piece anise 1-2 black tea leaf (or tea is wrapped) right amount
Arenaceous sugariness of 5 pure milk measures lilac

1. Divide milk, saccharic outside, all material add the hot water that 4-5 cup controls to be burned together to give taste, stew 5-10 minute
2. Filter material takes boiled water, join right amount milk and join according to individual taste right amount saccharic can

After do well, my too impatient to wait tried, have the small pain of bit of clove, if like an attempt new taste is bold do.
If cannot accept new thing, I suggest everybody or province fall! Those material still suit go off with to do pot-stewed fowl A quite!
With a ha breath out ~~~~

So called an affectionate couple is tea with milk adds coffee, it is a kind of drink that has local amorous feelings very much, each big tea dining-room has carry out ~~ I was in that day
The way saw on TV. It is the practice with the commonnest dining-room of Hong Kong tea. I like coffee, also like tea with milk, since such.
DIY comes on the horse of course a cup of ~~

Material of harbor type an affectionate couple: Black coffee (pure coffee) a cup of black tea a cup saccharic 3 beautiful weak grandmas (or pure milk) right amount

1. According to drinkable teacup size, each take teacup height the black coffee black tea of 1/3 is together mix is even
2. Join right amount 3 flowers weak grandma and join right amount saccharic agitate according to individual taste even can

Some tea dining-room still likes white coffee black tea 3 person pour agitate together to be added again equably saccharic flavor, if love to drink cold also
Can add a few ice cube. Harbor type coffee matchs a Xiduoshi is perfect combination! Next time I can make all sorts of taste
Of Xiduoshi. Everybody expects!

The End Heaven_Travel

[Fox communicates company message] eat and drink 10 big epicure choose community the activity is fervent in recommending

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Sohu community fox tells company reporter: Those who ignite is green rub Er Linluogz@sohu

Fox tells a company (on December 24) dispatch: Cate is force, the fountainhead of force comes from the love in the heart, for this love, eat and drink the nutrition that with his hutch art and place know is the edition friend of community family, friend made the cate that is full of thick love, the cate that also makes a person enchanted because of these, moved each readers. Cate is not big eat certainly, and Pin Xiangming, shallow tasting little alcoholic drink also is a kind of mood, take off every detached.

Come as the Christmas, the drawing near of New Year, the activity of community also is rich and colorful. Eat and drink community chooses him to give authority better the epicure in a memory, running 2007 year 10 big epicure choose an activity . Here the cate edition that you can choose yourself to like is friendly, the passion that uses oneself goes confirming the person that has deep love for cate, namely most the person that has deep love for the life.

Ever when, cate is a very distant topic, the time in be on short commons is to do not have cate of this word, because standard of living is consecutive,rise, do dish to also be changed into delicate and healthy cate by original satiety, let each people that like cate can enjoy big eat of the vision, with oneself eye, combinative picture goes sampling attentively, is this why spirit go up enjoy? This is the glamour place of the network.

As edition friend join eagerly at, fire of selection activity no less than is like ground of a bitter edible plant to undertake, the edition friendly epicure that lets our wait and see what happens choose excellent craft and distinctive opinion.

Be fox is what the reporter that tell a company ignites green rub is Er in eat and drink kitchen of community, cate, West Point, <a Http:// You send path of tea of C=156&b=zz0187&t=0> sweet tea, maigre creed to report, prescient detail is examined to relevant forum please or continue to pay close attention to fox to tell company reporter relevant report.

Relevant link:
<07 year eats and drink 10 big epicure choose community activity
Participate in those who recommend epicure to look please