The beef face of copy plum gentleman

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Face of beef of California of Mr Li United States, it is a chain snack inn, do not know other city also has.

The beef face of his home is very delicious, just, the price by 6.5 yuan all the way violent wind rises reach 11 yuan, and, face and flesh shrink.

Had never thought of oneself make beef range, also think that is technical content is very high, but, this big courage was done, understood a reason, what what eats doesn’t the person do? Others can be done, I why cannot?

The friend of husband gives husband a few very good ox legs the day before yesterday, ha, it is bovine leg really, hind leg, the tendon of chunk chunk child the flesh.

I carried root of a smaller part, change aspic, cut small, flying water, fish out <br><br>

A few oil is put in boiler, join two big spoon saccharic, small fire is fried to nigger-brown. <br><br>

Put had flown the flesh that water accuses to work, let fleshy chromatically. <br><br>

Put the meat that has fried color into high-pressured boiler in, add the water with full much amount, add often smoke, garlic of ginger of salt, Chinese prickly ash, aniseed, cassia bark, green, after the gas on high-pressured boiler, press half hours. <br><br>

Tangent plane thoroughlies cook <br><br>

Scoop up noodle in the bowl, beef of on dip one big spoon, irrigate again on the soup with dye-in-the-wood flavor, scatter on caraway, husband had two bowls big, wipe mouth, say: Wife, your craft is not blown really, I feel those who compare Mr Li is delicious!

This fellow, mouth is sweeter and sweeter, hey. <br><br>

Cross off year to want to eat New Year cake, I do not have evaporate to pass New Year cake, him gropingly evaporate, put stuffing of red bean, beans, jujube, cannot think of, quite successful. <br><br>

Be filled with the Jin Sha pumpkin that is filled with cole

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Jin Sha pumpkin

Graph / article author: Water border is filled with sand
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile
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Like to eat pumpkin of salty yoke 焗 very much, oneself are learning to do, lest always should go restaurant eats!

Outside mouthfeel crisp in tender, extremely marvellous!

A very simple dish! Xi Xi, pumpkin still can change corn - - Jin Shayu rice, it may not be a bad idea eats!

The wing of chicken of 焗 of salt of electric rice cooker of queenly kitchen distributes gallinaceous oily meal

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The wing of chicken of 焗 of salt of electric rice cooker of queenly kitchen distributes gallinaceous oily meal
The wing of chicken of 焗 of salt of electric rice cooker of queenly kitchen distributes gallinaceous oily meal

Do not make Swiss chicken wing, come a wing of saline 焗 chicken how?
By heaven swims Heaven_Travel

Wing of chicken of 焗 of salt of electric rice cooker distributes gallinaceous oily meal

When having dinner with doctor of noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch that day, see TVB the practice of chicken of 焗 of salt of introduction of program of a cate, doctor of noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch is very interested.
I also had done many chicken to do the cate of material. Also had made saline 焗 chicken many times, that method that introduces on the program nevertheless still lets me
Benefit is not little. Then I say to doctor of noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch: “Next time I do you to eat, good? ” doctor of noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch very special of course glad.

Sales promotion of gallinaceous complete wing discovers when passing two days to go to market buying food, think of doctor of noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch had not taken Swiss chicken wing, bought a few to do.
When making sauce, discovery does not have Chinese prickly ash. My this individual is more persistent, if burden is not total,do not do absolutely. Want to change other way.
Wing of the chicken that bake had not enough time. Pink of chicken of 焗 of a packet of salt discovers to me when turning over condiment. Use 焗 of electric rice cooker. Add next
Rice is boiled together. Such sweet delicious!

Material: Gallinaceous wing rice of green of ginger of sesame oil of garlic of wine of oil plants of pink of chicken of 2 salt 焗

1. Gallinaceous wing washs clean air water, a few knives are gashed to perhaps plunge into Kong Bei to use Jiang Cong with broach in the surface with the knife garlic is mincing reserve
2. Oily sesame oil mixes heat join Jiang Cong garlic to fry sweet hind flameout, put a little cool hind join probably the pink of saline 焗 chicken of half packets of deal and 1 teaspoon cooking wine
Mix is even
3. Join the white of saline 焗 chicken that has mixed half hour bloats on gallinaceous wing (if deal needs to increase time accordingly more, probably 30-60 minute)
4. Take the gallinaceous wing that has bloated, press condiment into electric rice cooker cook key heats a fragrance, put gallinaceous wing next, stew of the lid that build boiler is boiled.
5. Face 1-2 breaks up in road second, if jump,moment is awaited to continue to press a bit after key cook key, continue stew is boiled. Jump 2 times boiler is not opened to build after key, continue
With 5-10 of more than hot stew minute
6. Join the rice that has washed, join right amount water to cook, can make the gallinaceous oily meal of first-rate flavour, the meal jumps the gallinaceous wing with 焗 can be joined good after key
With meal stew 5-10 minute. Taste is better

If come again fry rape, comparative delicate namely, after gallinaceous wing and meal mix stew to pass, the meeting is particularly slippery tender, be ambrosial!
Comrade of noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch ate 3 bowls of big meals, say flavour is first-rate!

The End Heaven_Travel

Dichotomy bell makes decided late food [dizi manufactures]

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*** dichotomy bell makes decided late food [dizi manufactures] ***
Graph / article author: A Ludi
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Return a battle to be in to the late night with this Tie Xian sincerely of cate kitchen forefront full of stains or spots with leaf fat people.
After having a holiday, dizi often boils before dawn, believe a lot of people in jar have this habit, at this moment abdomen is hungry, can not want to prepare food really work, but convenient food is rubbish food mostly. After-thought rises not to know a card that sees which a long time ago, feel this method is good, tried, it is delicious however fast, dichotomy bell is done calm, see a picture.


The strawberry that just bought today, very sweet, buy over there the person from understanding, did not make drug, green food

A photograph of whole family, everybody eats

Still have a few days of Spring Festivals, glance finally piggy, hey, it is dizi 8 years this life year.

Although exceed simple, but dizi or 啰 Suo two
[Sweet clew]
1. lotus root starch wants sterling, the lotus root starch of dizi is the authentic lotus root starch that others brings back from Hangzhou, rush stiff thick sweet embellish
2. water wants 100 degrees of boiling water, otherwise lotus root starch rushs won’t stiff
After 3. has rushed, lay aside half minutes again agitate divide evenly, lotus root starch won’t 澥
4 dizi individual feels banana wants a bit harder, the mouthfeel when eating is good
(did last night, send today, some are late, everybody also can make sock or add meat, convenient and fast)

0802 cate challenge sweet potato ball

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Sweet potato ball, round reunion circle passes ” potato ” year [0802 cate challenge]

Sweet potato ball
Graph / article author: The day is in wait for misty rain
Raw material: Tomato patch (potato) , yam, soft white sugar, butter
1 flay of potato, yam, stripping and slicing, load respectively last bag,
Will last bag put microwave oven, bag mouth is opened wide, gao Huo 5 minutes,
2 take out last bag, press potato and yam into mud with rolling pole,
3 will put microwave oven Gao Huo of the bowl of white sugar and butter 30 seconds melt,
4 potato mud and yam part as even as agitate of dissolved butter white sugar, the rub that use a hand becomes pellet, put dish in can.

Take the advantage of hot edible, sweet soft.
Sweet clew:
1 microwave oven heats when potato and yam, last bag mouth is not fastened, want to open wide. Measure settling time accident according to what do. Cut raw material small to be able to shorten heating time.
What the 2 candy when making yam mud ball should add is a few less than potato mud, yam itself is sweet.

0802 cate challenge beef of the potato element that stew

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First serving dish, simple delicate: )

Material: Potato, frozen bean curd, carrot, foam of green ginger garlic, essence of salt, chicken, soy.

Potato and carrot are cut thick piece, stripping and slicing of frozen bean curd.

Explode foam of garlic of sweet green ginger, put soy to explode together next this taste is very good.

Put carrot potato frozen bean curd to break up next fry make its even chromatically ~~

Turn on the water next stew potato flexible scale to be able to put gallinaceous essence and salt to give boiler: )

Very the daily life of a family is very simple very delicate, still can put Zi like that or curry develops new taste ~~ etc

The cate with Xi incomputable Xi, all be in 2008 of ours!

On banquet of home of contest cantaloup Spring Festival most get authority gay dish

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[Wen Yi] contest cantaloup—-On banquet of Spring Festival home, most get authority gay dish

Click enter - - " cate kitchen of Wen Yi "

Sent sweet-and-sour yellow croaker, add dish to be breathed out together today.

I assure with my head, this cold dish that does not pass again simply, will be you on banquet of Spring Festival home, most get authority gay dish, might as well do more a bit, look at everybody to grab eat, achievement feeling explodes absolutely canopy.

Contest cantaloup

Raw material: Cucumber 1 Pear 1 Golden cake 1 (also call haw jelly) saline 1/4 teaspoon (salt) honey 1 spoon (15ml)


1) cucumber abluent dissect silk, pear flay cuts filament, golden cake cuts filament. Put cucumber silk and pear silk into big bowl, transfer into salt and honey, change on last velar souse 20 minutes.

2) fill dish in, scatter on golden cake silk can.

Super 啰 Suo:

** cantaloup, delicious, but winter is wood has drop, but do you know? The silk that use pear and cucumber silk are put together, add condiment again souse a little while, these two kinds of olfactory are shirt-sleeve, the fragrance that comes out finally, with cantaloup very elephant. Original cucumber should of flay, but I feel to have bit of green, the meeting is more good-looking.

** gold cake also makes the thing of haw jelly, it is acerbity acid is sweet, namely appetizing solve be bored with again. I dare pat chest to say, this dish, can saying is a anteprandial appetizing dish, also be a postprandial tastily sweetmeats.

The haw jelly that ** my individual likes most, paddy sweet village sells, probably 4 money control a packet, can eat very long very long, and, the cold dish that still can give you does the ornament on colour. You call this dish grand to carry pawn also has not been been ha.

Sweet-and-sour yellow croaker flies ” yellow ” Teng Da, have year after year ” fish “

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[Wen Yi] sweet-and-sour yellow croaker - - - fly ” yellow ” Teng Da, have year after year ” fish “

Click enter - - " cate kitchen of Wen Yi "

Melon paid a New Year call to everybody ahead of schedule here, cooperate with I am excited unceasingly caution is dirty, appreciate the attention that everybody came to one year in the past, help, encourage and support.

These days, a lot of tubes people build the vehicle that got on all sorts of coming home in succession, do not know you to buy a ticket successful, the journey that does not know you is painstaking, also do not know you to have be in aground the experience of the station, it how is difficult to do not pass, went up in the way home after all, I pray here everybody’s journey all the way well.

Hardship of a year, rush about, grievance did not review again, change a train of thought, throw the thing with negative all these, regard as the one by one that oneself get in going one year this is experienced, achievement, harvest the experience that cannot duplicate forever with those, this why is not the most precious fortune. Defend cheerfully pass beside parents year.

This poor small fish, can be gotten on by end if only the table of meal of your the eve of the lunar New Year, if it can give you to bring,fly ” yellow ” Teng Da’s career, and have year after year ” fish ” the life, so, its sacrifice also is overweight Mount Taishan ha.

Additional, I want the Spring Festival temporary ” rest dish ” , after year we everything continues.

Good, did not say more, bless everybody the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day is happy, the coming year is healthy, all things great kindness, exchequer is entered madly, how rat rat is not over ha.

Sweet-and-sour yellow croaker

Raw material: Yellow croaker 1 Carrot half Pea 50 grams Sweet green 1 Ginger 1 Garlic 4 valve Cooking wine 2 spoon (30ml) Salt 2 teaspoon (10 grams) dry starch 2 spoon (30 grams) ketchup 4 spoon (60ml) Clear water 100ml Candy 2 spoon (30ml) Water is amylaceous 2 spoon (30ml) white vinegar 1 spoon (15ml)


1) yellow croaker goes scale, go fin, purify is splanchnic, abluent hind in piscine body double-faced cut a few knives, use 1 teaspoon salt and cooking wine souse 30 minutes.

2) pea is abluent, carrot flay cuts man, sweet green, ginger and garlic are mincing reserve.

3) good souse fish is double-faced take dry starch, wide oil is entered in boiler, oily 8 when becoming heat, put into boiler, after scamper does oily cent to drop of double-faced and golden fish out, put dish in had placed.

4) a few oil is entered in pan, break green ginger garlic after making up a fragrance, fry 2 minutes into carrot man and pea, join ketchup, additional 1 teaspoon salt, white sugar and clear water, drench white vinegar, after be being boiled, transfer into water starch ticks off Gorgon euryale.

5) drench the sweet-and-sour juice that has fried go up in piscine body can.

Super 啰 Suo:

** need not yellow croaker, also can use a carp, gui Yu, grass carp will replace, made method is changeless ha.

If ** feels deepfry wastes oil, might as well change the fish with pan double-faced decoct becomes golden look, mouthfeel agrees basically.

** if you like piscine tail to become warped those who become warped, in the process of decoct blast, can put piscine end on boiler edge, after such decoct blast are good, can form appearance of a natural bent, be stupefied continuously than the fish that be stupefied, it seems that more modelling feels a few.

The oily meeting that ** blast fish leaves has bit of fishy smell, after heating along delay of boiler Bian Huan enter 1 teaspoon vinegar, can purify fishy smell. For the oil after decoct blast can reductive crystal, OK still scamper rice, after scamper is good rice fish out, oil is much cleaner. But do not suggest everybody uses oil more than 2 times repeatedly.

** white vinegar is best can put finally, what put otherwise is too early, heating volatilize in the process too much, acidity is insufficient.

Sweet-and-Sour Yellow Croaker


Yellow Croaker:&Nbsp;1
Carrot:&Nbsp;a Half
Garlic:&Nbsp;4 Cloves


Cooking Wine:&Nbsp;2 Soupspoon(30ml)
Salt:&Nbsp;2 Teaspoon(10g)
Starch(dry):&Nbsp;2 Soupspoon(30g)
Tomato Paste:&Nbsp;4 Soupspoon(60ml)
Sugar:&Nbsp;2 Soupspoon(30ml)
Liquid Starch(starch Mix With Cold Water):&Nbsp;2 Soupspoon(30ml)
White Vinegar:&Nbsp;1 Soupspoon(15ml)


1)Remove The Fish Scale, fins, and Thoroughly Gill The Yellow Croaker, then Wash It And Marinade With Some Salt(1 Teaspoon) And Cooking Wine For 30 Minutes;

2)Wash The Peas, peel Off And Chop The Carrot Into Very Small Dices, and Finely Chop The Chive, ginger, and Garlic Cloves;

3)Put On Some Dry Starch At Each Side Of The Marinaded Yellow Croaker;

Pour Enough Oil Into A Wok, put In The Starch-covered Yellow Croaker When The Oil Is Very Hot (8/10 Heat) , fry It Until Golden;

Take Out It, filter The Excess Oil, and Then Place It In A Plate;

4)(To Make The Sweet-and-sour Sauce)Pour A Little Oil Into A Pan, stir-fry The Chive, ginger, and Garlic Until The Smell Comes Out;

Add In The Carrot Dices And Peas, stir-fry For 2 Minutes;

Add In The Tomato Paste, the Rest 1 Teaspoon Salt, sugar And Water, after Boil, pour In The Liquid Starch And Finally The White Vinegar;

5)Pour This Ready Hot Sweet-and-sour Sauce Onto The Fried Yellow Croaker. Finish

Sweet hot shelled fresh shrimps — the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treats a person

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate
Go up cure country, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treats a person, next cure are ill!

Next for the moment on today no matter, just say a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is everybody knows national treasure, effect a permanent cure of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine also is best-know.

So the affection that hopes to hear the person that asks cut treatment the method is union more annals, all the life factors that affect person health. Say

It is after all from go up at all search be willing, not be to headache cure head, foot of crural painful medical service. Be it is with the person this, comply with providential.

The life characteristics of a person and dietary habit react directly the healthy state in you and psychosis. For instance the person is absorbed

quantity of heat does not move to be met again more fat, eat medicine reducing weight purely to may have bit of effect temporarily, but the injury to the body

And rebound harm is greater, if you did not change habits and customs and dietary habit fertilizer to also be not decreased forever!

Doctor of traditional Chinese medicine more resemble the doctor in a heart, help you answer doubt dispels doubts. The traditional Chinese medical science is having culture inside information, inheritance China thousands of

Year culture, the confusianism of philosophy of old place of business, Confucius, it is medical knowledge not be simple medical skill!

A lot of medicinal materials of the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine are OK of edible, so-called medical service is fed with the source. Tell you in the classics inside the emperor: Medicine fills not

If feed,fill.

Best doctor is him!


The shrimp flay of quick-freeze goes the head takes out shrimp line.

Put salt, souse of end of ginger of cooking wine, green 30 minutes.

Wrap on egg white starch and fried chicken pink.

Boiler burns heat to put shrimp bomb to two sides golden fish out accuses to do oily share

Recommend a dressing ceremoniously: Egg white starch

The size that tick off Gorgon euryale is being saved put egg white, simple. Used, the feeling is OK still. Basically be convenient!

The Chongqing Liu skill of Guangzhou FB (characteristic piece)

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The Chongqing Liu skill of Guangzhou FB (characteristic piece)
Graph article / spring bites dingdong

The Liu skill restaurant of this Chongqing, leave in Guangzhou this southern city, nature is to have the place with distinctive itself. Because everybody knows, southern is can eat not quite hot. But we go restaurant, those who discover the business here is to comparative then is flourishing. And listen rub Er says, also his Laogong recommends us this place, because they go eating, feel taste is very good. We had eaten later, really the flavour of factual proof dish is authentic very.

The environment of restaurant has Sichuan distinguishing feature very much, we are to have fun at very to its droplight. The outer garment of that droplight, be by make it of each Cheng of little alcoholic drink. A few design are being carved in wine Cheng, and the light is by what go out fully in these design. On the smallpox inside counter and restaurant, hanging the small lantern of a few brilliant red, it is auspicious very. Have a few big wood screen additionally, there are word of a few poems and picture above. What no matter be bench,still put boiled water is small a few go up, having the sign of their shop.

Very distinctive still has even if pour tea, I should be told mainly here, because I am first time,see. The boiled water that we choose is the characteristic tea here: Eight treasures tea. Sweet it is moist, after having hot thing especially, drink, it is right choice really. The tea on at that time is the makings that got on a cup to did not pour water first, next the clerk comes over to go in to water, was to frighten me to jump really, extended to grow long stuff to come over to pour water, so their strong tea tool is one is having the kettle that grows long crock mouth. Those clerk technologies are really high also, so far should aim a teacup.

Admire below piece, achieve a picture formerly, do not reprint please:

Greatly the brand hangs in marked position:

The doorway is hanging two beaming bright red lanterns:

Greatly dish card:

The mural of stair:

The droplight that wine Cheng does:

Antique decoration:

The small lantern on smallpox:

See this strange proboscis pot:

Those who put boiled water is small a few:

Very distinctive screen:

Close-up of eight treasures tea: