Pattern sweetened bean taste is wrapped

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

Bag of today’s sweetened bean taste is before paragraph time does, did not put all the time. Be like Xiaochan to once had been done.
Material: Tall pink is 200 grams, low pink is 20 grams, fine saccharic small spoon of 1/4 of 25 grams, salt, dry yeast 3 grams, powdered milk is 15 grams, whole egg 25 grams, water 115 grams (I changed milk) , the butter that do not have salt 15 grams, sweetened bean taste is right amount.
Barmy process did not say, still be old pattern. Plastic is simple also, after fermenting basically, cent is become 7 or 8 wait for a portion, the bag enters stuffing of sweetened bean taste, binding off is gadarene, press into round cake shape, put oven to do the latest ferment. After the latest ferment is finished, brush on egg fluid, cut on 8 shears, want to be cut symmetrically, scatter finally on white sesame seed, 170 degrees of 20-25 that bake minute can. Still made body of a few shuttle, visit in-house organization, OK still?

Love on of the kitchen wave sweet a Sa

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen


Bake dish (40 × 30 Cm) , the flour 320g that does a Sa ground floor (Pizza Teig) , a few butter (or Magarine, it is Rama) , wheat flour (Weizenmehl) , water 170ml.

Surface layer: Ham of section of tomato of dawdle of 2 sweetbell redpepper, 100g, 100g, 100g, make an appointment with 250g ketchup, flavoring (salt, pepper, Oregano) , make an appointment with the Zhi with mincing 200g person (be like: Gouda) .

The material of surface layer can be changed according to the individual’s be fond of.

Concrete step:

⑴ is baked dish a little after warm-up, bottom and even ground is brushed on butter.

⑵ is scattered equably next on a few wheat flour.

⑶ sweetbell redpepper goes nucleus, eliminate the Bai Pi inside, cut into shreds.

⑷ dawdle is abluent, section (or it is to buy off-the-peg can) .

⑸ tomato goes nucleus, cut man.

⑹ ham piece cut.

⑺ puts Pizza Teig into inside big bowl, add the water of 170ml, make an appointment with 2 minutes with mixer agitate, to dough even.

⑻ puts the dough of become reconciled in bake dish on, level.

Warm-up of ⑼ general oven.

⑽ besmears ketchup equably go up in levelled face.

⑾ scatters leg of suffer from excessive internal heat, dawdle, sweetbell redpepper, tomato equably.

⑿ is scattered equably on salt, pepper, Oregano.

⒀ is scattered equably again finally on Zhi person.

⒁ will be baked dish put oven inside the most rock-bottom, bake about 25 minutes.

Fresh a Sa that gives heat! Whole kitchen is appetizing!


The oven of different type, different also to baking the setting of a temperature when Sa:

Ober-/Unterhitze:&Nbsp; makes an appointment with 220 ℃

Heißluft:&Nbsp; makes an appointment with 200 ℃

Gas:&Nbsp;4-5 archives

The flower falls Qiu Shen’s spring pancake coils dish [0801 cate challenge]

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The evaporate spring pancake of dish of autumn home privately owned house coils dish
Graph / article author: The flower falls Qiu Shen
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
I am pure southern, can make cooked wheaten food not quite, also not very likes to eat. Hit north to live 9 years oneself, can make cooked wheaten food actually, change the way of a kind of spring pancake, does everybody like? Still caught up with cate challenge. Hey

Measure: Plinth of oxime of  of Deng of admire of Huang Qiangying  of  of Ta of  of grave of  of Zhong of admire of  of sword of Peng of show off the Huaihe River

4, lying between with clean gauze in a pot for steaming food, put cake of a group of faces first, lie between a minute to put a group again, ordinal so do, after arriving to be put entirely, again evaporate 3 minutes already ripe. Take out departure by heat, OK. Is the cake that sees me thin?

5, in wake face when, preparation distributes food. I am busy do cake to want a fried dish again, forgot to take fried step, now with respect to long-winded a few. Shredded meat falls to break up first after the oil in boiler is hot fry a few times, it is bean sprouts is in next break up fry a few times, ordinal silk of next agaric, vermicelli made from bean starch, skin of soya-bean milk, leek, lay finally leather silk (egg skin is a technical work, bad to do) , flavor with salt, the boil before having pot enters right amount vinegar. Fry potato silk again, boiler heats up oil, explode first sweet chopped green onion, issue potato silk next, flavor with oyster sauce, the boil before having pot quickly enters vinegar. Nod fermented bean curd to deserving to eat next again. This is the club that comparative!

Good, had coiled, actuate.

[Sweet clew]
Knead dough of 1. boiling water can add little salt in water, make dough softer. No matter cold water is hot water very, the chopstick is used first when adding water be in face agitate into snowflake shape helper, the hand will be very clean.
The spring pancake of 2. evaporate is handier than spring pancake of bake in a pan.
3. egg skin is unsuited do with electromagnetism furnace, because be heated is inhomogenous, 555555, I was not done good.

L of TRUFA chocolate cake does confect

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** of kitchen of ** Sohu cate is permitted without author Lacy00, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

This cake is someone dot, although be chocolate completely almost, but because have the little of brandy acrid, I am not to like particularly. What do nevertheless is more successful, make me very glad, with a ha breath out ~~~
Photograph hair comes up, in the freezer that cake puts first, the optimal time that because tomorrow just is,takes.

400 grams black chocolate, 100 grams brown sugar, 250ml liquid butter, 80ml brandy, 6 eggs

1, dissolve chocolate with microwave oven, oven warm-up 180 degrees.

2, egg and brown sugar hit 5 minutes together, join chocolate slowly next, the mould is entered after agitate divide evenly.

3, mix butter and brandy with metallic spoon, also enter a mould, an agitate divide evenly.

(After adding chocolate, ropier)

4, a somes big mould joins reoccupy the boiled water of the half, put the pattern that fits good chocolate to wait inside. I used the containers esp. for use in the house of a glass. It is clear that not very looks in the water photograph inside.

5, bake 30 minutes, use tinfoil to be built gently next, bake 20 minutes again. Take paper, freezer is put after waiting for cake to cool, eat again the following day.

(The tinfoil on the lid)

(Be taken)

(Finished product ~~ feels very good to look occasionally, ah)

Did not keep back, put us a long time with respect to actuate, the entrance is changed namely, it is pretty good ~~ really

Cake of Qi Feng of paper cup currant [the cate of Changjiang Delta talent]

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Did Ma Fen for the first time last night, still calculate a success, nevertheless, the daughter says, ma Fen’s flavour is delicious without relative wind cake (this girl, mouth is especially other sly, the thing is delicious ate to know, be, can be Ma Fen’s mouthfeel compared with Qi Feng? ) , bade I make relative wind cake tonight, alas, do not have method, to me, the daughter’s word is imperial edict, be forced so ” Zha ” obey your command! ! ! !

My prescription consults the practice that midnight flower is not beautiful sponge cake, different is a mould only different, nevertheless, as a result not close also look resembles, ah, the level is insufficient!

Material: Egg 5, soft white sugar 80g, camellia is oily 50g, low pink 180g, pure milk 200g, bubble hits powdery 2g

This is 5 jins of when bought yesterday low pink

Other data was here!

yoke break up, milk and hill tea-seed oil put microwave oven to heat, add candy to mix deliquescent.

The mix in falling the mixed liquor of oil of compound milk, camellia yoke fluid is even

Already the low pink of sift out, bubble hits pink to add milk egg juice in

the panada with the even mix that joins the material such as low pink

A few white vinegar are joined in albumen

Make protein to rigid with dynamoelectric egg beater next epispastic

The panada of will epispastic albumen and mix up mixes agitate even, the movement wants slow, cannot draw the mix of a type quickly, use drawknife fluctuation agitate however

This is the panada with good agitate

Prepare outfit cup

To go to the lavatory, I load panada back up beautiful bag first, load one by one next in the cup

Good, had been installed, seeming is bit more shallow

On a few currant are aspersed in the cup, baked in the heat that can be put into warm-up to pass.

Look, this is my today’s work, does everybody feel my action is passing?

Of the water beef that boil how a tired word Oh [break heart mad cate]

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[Break heart mad cate] water boils beef

Graph / civil Break a heart mad

**** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ****

How a tired word Oh!

Go before Shanxi, catch a cold, a week, drive in eventually go before Shanxi became good; Run quickly in Shanxi rush about wave is close 10 days, not bad, do not have a thing; Answer Beijing, atmosphere did not rest mouth, go to work every day, result, catch a cold again, still carried a few days of classes, really washed-up, just rest dish…

This meeting, the cold also is permitted seemingly can should also this became good, every day gallinaceous flying dog is jumping to clear away a thing to prepare to move - - I say to dish head: “Before hoping this is to be being moved into him home more move final A! “Before hoping this is to be being moved into him home more move final A!!

Really tired!

Always think the day is rapid and rapid, what also does not have tarry, result, when clearing away, ability discovers, original, this half an year still stayed again a lot of miscellaneous 7 miscellaneous the thing of 8, in these things, most raise a key point - - my oven!

Move, true, how a tired word Oh!

This meeting, the thing has not been cleared away good, remover will come in the morning the day after tomorrow, I am returned one day time, time of a day…

Will continue to bale even tomorrow, what go doing a broadband even is migratory, go applying for reimbursement even, carry some of thing to pass even ” new home ” , even… …

Alas ~

Did not cook prettily for ages almost, thief card, still break up from one’s store of valuables, should be to had not been sent? At least the picture did not edit, do not have on rich guest at least!

Bag bag gives my airdrop to come over hot pepper from Hangzhou, hoho ~ thanks ~ wrapping up bag


What narrate because of the place on put together is tired, mix without pig giving a pig so greedy greedy celebrate unripe serving, really feel sorry, if minding, can this calculate fill go up?

Birthday joy!



Language of mad Yan Feng:

* cutlet does not want piece too thin, also Bie Taihou (my thief thick… )


Click enter break kitchen of heart mad cate

Off year: Heart of ground meat dish

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The twelfth month of the lunar year 23, off year, birthplace calls kitchen Wang Jie. In birthplace, this day, every family sweeps court with the bamboo of new attack, full house bamboo is sweet. . . .

Today is northward off year, the fellow says to want to make a point to kitchen king father delicious, heart of dish of this ground meat does not know happy event of kitchen king father not to like to breath out

Material: Dish heart (the bolt that is birthplace actually) , thick chili sauce of beef end, Korea


1, dish heart is abluent, become from the analyse intermediate two half, into the boiling water pot that added salt and sesame oil scald is ripe, fish out drop is dry place dish;

2, a few oil is added in boiler, issue beef end to be fried slightly, join soup-stock and Korea thick chili sauce, boil adds salt to flavor, tick off thin Gorgon euryale, drench go up in dish heart can.

Native place of this paragraph of time snows, coagulate aspic, the road was sealed, report stopped, rice, dish, oily, charcoal, candle waits price of necessaries of life a moment to compare went up at ordinary times 56 times. News says these days to alleviate somewhat, hey, beatific birthplace people passes good year!

Birthday assembled in January post

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New Year arrives, fu Mantang
Everywhere jubilant

Friends, come to here please, write down what you belong to in January or the birthday of relatives and friends.
Still can write down the day ~~ that there is special sense to you in January
(marry souvenir, school work has, open magnify auspicious to wait)
Let everybody bless for you together:)

Birthday blessed compere in January
Will serve sweet blessing for you constellation beautiful words:)

On January 1 The sun rain below banyan [Duning0101@sohu] Birthday
The dream leaves in the jasmine flower [Lily535200@sohu] young sister’s son Birthday
Draft scanty mad [Blue_dust00@chinaren] elder sister, uncle BirthdayPurstar [purstar@chinaren] Birthday
★ follows ★ of wind floating in the air [Panda3814@sohu] Birthday
Green tea cake [Apple-lvcha@sohu] Birthday
In the winter [Evewu_1972@chinaren] BirthdayPurstar [purstar@chinaren] Birthday
Stupid wife learns to cook [of Vivi81@sohu] and husband Acquaintance fete
The dog takes mouse officious [Asr2000@sohu] BirthdayAbby[sunyo@chinaren] Birthday
Bifurcation bifurcation [Srdlb@sohu] Birthday
month bends a turn [Youlin_71@chinaren] BirthdayOwenwane [owenwane@sohu] Birthday
All one’s life happy [Wxoooo_o@sohu] Wedding anniversary
Ai Ying [Lost_rainbow@chinaren] Birthday
On January 2 Old Mom of LDMUSIC9199 [ldmusic@sohu] old father Wedding anniversary
Purple tulip [Wtt617@sohu] Community birthday
Beijing cat [Mm0102@sohu] Birthday
Against the wind I fly upwards [Meilayin@sohu] husband Birthday
Stupid the father of *[kukulele625_sohu@sohu] of stupid * pig pig Birthday
I love to honour young meal [the little sister of 35486658@sohu] Birthday
      Ba Dong [the husband of Kaftan@sohu] Birthday
On January 3 Saline taste strawberry is ice-cream [Wice_apple@sohu] elder brother Birthday
The person birthday that ScarlettSchumi [sschumacher@sohu] adores
The father of *[happywendy1314@sohu] of * dream darling Birthday
Desire ~[dashengzu@sohu] Birthday
Skip fabaceous beans skips [Daic_0103@sohu] Birthday
Love cooks do not love to brush a bowl [the mother-in-law of Hwr2001_sohu@sohu] Birthday
I love to honour young meal [35486658@sohu] little sister Birthday
Qing Sun [Mickeydavid@sohu] and husband Amative day
The 瑩 瑩 媽 with beautiful easy 麗 [Xinfudegui@sohu] Birthday
Cloth is little on the west [Bubu11251125@sohu] Birthday
On January 4 Color page is careless [Cztjll@sohu] and twin elder sister Birthday
Stupid the dry dad of *[kukulele625_sohu@sohu] of stupid * pig pig Birthday
Be apt to is like water on- - Xiaoyun [81470926@sohu] Birthday
The world eats the biggest [Angel_m17@chinaren] Birthday
The mom of Y [yyi0305@sohu] of baa baa sheep Birthday
Happy hare [Ivy_1226@sohu] Birthday
Babybear007 [xsxclly@sohu] Community birthday
Shan Mom is bought base [Fuyie1965@sohu] Birthday
On January 5 Fang Fangqiu [Pjd8236196@chinaren] Birthday
Lin Shen quiet means [Zwjgm@sohu] Birthday
Gao Tianlang month [the daughter of Bjyp7777@sohu] Birthday
I love to honour young meal [35486658@sohu] BirthdayZjxczjlemons[zjxczjlemon@sohu] Birthday
Perfume * bane [Becky5898@chinaren] cousin Birthday
On January 6 Satiate had slept [Xingyi_1124@sohu] mom Birthday and emeritus day
Millet bead tea [Choudxt@sohu] Birthday
Squirrel [Jianghuide@sohu] BirthdayThe Bf of Lovejjj[attqqqjjj@sohu] BirthdayAq is alone [Aqidixiaohua@sohu] Birthday
Cool and refreshing Chinese redbud [Sywj7317@sohu] husband Birthday
Of MAY say [Maysy5683@sohu] and husband The day of understanding
I love perfume pineapple [Sylwin1@sohu] Birthday
On January 7 Round pig pig [elder sister of Zanza2006@sohu] one’s own Birthday
Proud duck [Xiaoxiao821124@sohu] BirthdayTheresa70150[theresa70150@chinaren] cousin BirthdayGood_zbl[good_zbl@sohu] Birthday
Happy each days… [Mzs555@sohu] BirthdayIrislei [leileixiaotu@chinaren] Birthday
Mo Mo [Glddl@chinaren] BirthdaySoftrock snow [Yx1121@chinaren] mom Birthday
- ball ball - [Df107119@sohu] Birthday
On January 8 Bright and beautiful a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument - China year [the multi-layer steamed bread of Home Dongsum@sohu] Birthday
Those who ignite is green rub Er [Linluogz@sohu] Community birthday
2222 [lijue2222@sohu of person Dan Ruju] Birthday
Amethyst 777 [cl0108@sohu] BirthdayHappyeveryday[awy3033@sohu] Birthday
On January 9 Lin Shen quiet means [Zwjgm@sohu] old father reachs one friend Birthday
Proud duck [Xiaoxiao821124@sohu] husband BirthdayGanjuexiaoyu[ganjuexiaoyu@sohu] BirthdaySoftrock snow [Yx1121@chinaren] good friend Ling Birthday
Memory is happy [Taotao7561@sohu] Husband Birthday
Pink hides antelope [Yijian1990@sohu] Birthday
Hidden bitterness cacodaemon [Paopaodedie19317@sohu] husband Birthday
On January 10 The demon that involuntary discharge of urine falls [Yiluodejingling@sohu] Birthday
The dance *[liu_xia122@sohu of snow] BirthdayTangdou9[tangdou9@sohu] Birthday
Of the Angel[taoqixiaobaobei@sohu] that finds a dream and old father BirthdayMignzi[mingzicxy@sohu] BirthdaySnowfly1981 [yingzi2001_ren_ren@chinaren] Birthday
 of immortal elder brother [Fstad@sohu] BirthdayDolly-girl [aimcx@chinaren] BirthdayZjxczjlemons[zjxczjlemon@sohu] daughter Birthday
* cuts plum *[xsx19730203@sohu] Birthday
Perfume * bane [Becky5898@chinaren] husband Birthday
Yi Ni [Lhlj_20050413@sohu] Birthday
On January 11 Green tea 110 [hqingx@sohu] Birthday
Light lily is sweet [Myalice-0223@sohu] BirthdayXingfukuaile1978[xingfukuaile1978@sohu] husband birthday
The day is sunny 111 [celineaimechat@sohu] BirthdaySayanglove2005[sayanglove2005@sohu] Birthday
Black tea darling [Hellovivi111@sohu] Birthday
Darling of * [chahongbing1@sohu] of * tea Gong Bing Birthday
Be angry green raise child [the fellow student of Chenqingyangzi@sohu] is young lukewarm BirthdayKiki.wong[kikiqcat@sohu] husband Birthday
On January 12 Avoid 愛 god ♡ [liuliu_rabbit@sohu] Birthday
Equestrian enough [Stellaxby@sohu] Birthday
2007 [yuyiganlan2007@sohu of plumage wild cabbage] BirthdayTheresa70150[theresa70150@chinaren] cousin Birthday
The feline cat of feline winter [Lotus269@sohu] Birthday
Hua Wuying flies [Xd1207@sohu] Birthday
Little sister of river building month [Jianglouyuemm@sohu] Birthday
The wolf of the prairie! [Angelkwok3351@sohu] Birthday
On January 13 At the beginning of the month 8 [Aring_113@sohu] Birthday
Consider a source all one’s life [Sisi9099@sohu] Birthday
Mu Mu 113[tong9977@sohu] Birthday
On January 14 ^_^ [klys_999@sohu of bright moon Qing Qiu] Lunar birthdayTheresa70150[theresa70150@chinaren] Birthday
Small * dirt [Wwei1998_0@chinaren] BirthdayFangss[fangss@chinaren] Birthday
Grid beautifuls woman [Zabb_2002@sohu] Birthday
The life has beard [Cl66888@sohu] elder brother’s wife Birthday
Of benzene benzene sweet [Pp_jessie@chinaren] Birthday
I love perfume pineapple [Sylwin1@sohu]LG Birthday
Pig Xiaofan [Ixiaozhu114liming@sohu] Birthday
On January 15 Keren0115 [keren-zou0115@sohu] BirthdayLovejjj[attqqqjjj@sohu] Birthday
~~[23242005115@sohu of ~~ aureate pond] Birthday
Be angry green raise child [the classmate Laoshu of Chenqingyangzi@sohu] Birthday
On January 16 Cate Mike [chefzhang2000@sohu] Community birthday
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] mom Birthday
Cool pity wood [Xixisher@sohu] Birthday
Happy deep and remote orchid [Lovelilyloveme@sohu] Wedding anniversary
On January 17 Small fraction is divided [Xffxgg@sohu] Birthday
Nocturnal rain gently [Rochelle_zy@chinaren] Birthday
The daughter of Mami[liwenjuanyy@sohu] of small lazy cat Birthday
Love cooks do not love to brush a bowl [the husband’s younger brother of Hwr2001_sohu@sohu] Birthday
Be like small bifurcation snow [Ruoxiaoxue@sohu] Community birthday
Perfume * bane [Becky5898@chinaren] cousin Birthday
On January 18 Light sweet violet clothing [the husband of Yinhuaer0526@sohu] Birthday
Leisurely Mi gets stuck [Youmika118@sohu] Birthday
Long sleep not to wake [00681867@sohu] BirthdayThe husband of Coolljz[coolljz123@sohu] Birthday
On January 19 Happyeveryday [awy3033@sohu] Birthday
Want to do beautiful Xiu Zhu [Longbai1@sohu] Birthday
Thin bamboo ^_^ thin bamboo [Xiaoxiaotracy@chinaren] Birthday
Love eyebrow [Wendy0119@sohu] Birthday
One arrow plain strong and pervasive fragrance [Foryou0119@sohu] Birthday
Snow dance puts a heart on the ice [Sunsy7407_2000@sohu] mom Birthday
The persimmon in hill [Bfxl1234@sohu] Birthday
Want to do beautiful Xiu Zhu [Longbai1@sohu] Birthday
Rain dismisses a fine eventually [Dimt@chinaren] Birthday
Want to become epicure most [Qwh20000303@sohu] Birthday
On January 20 If summer is beautiful,be born:) [Annazh4444@chinaren] Birthday
Costly rose [Coco98-sohu@sohu] Birthday
      Cyan river snail [Wenwen_79_79@chinaren] Birthday
Love to love to love you very much very much very much [Syzyan@sohu] BirthdayLinglong~[linglong1221@chinaren] BirthdaySoul cat [Yyw0103@sohu] Birthday
Tutuya [Quebra@sohu] Birthday
Gluttonous demon [Zhao6181@sohu] Birthday
~~melody [melodykeke1983@sohu of ~~ Yan Yan] Birthday
Qing Sun [Mickeydavid@sohu] Birthday
Small mouth toots [Wlili1122@sohu] Birthday
On January 21 Prospective thing [Sirlixin@sohu] Birthday
Effeminate snow [Ruoxue140@sohu] BirthdayYeye[yeye_x@chinaren] Birthday
The husband of GNPS[jane621621@chinaren] BirthdayThe boy friend of Linglong~[linglong1221@chinaren] Birthday
£ of slow-witted slow-witted fish [Cool356@sohu] Birthday
Water lubricious Qing Dynasty is clear [Mxylover@sohu] husband Birthday
Foam sand [Paomoshazi@sohu] Birthday
On January 22 Ω of darling of Ω demon fish [Fishbabyzero@sohu] Birthday
Head of close parent fish [Yuyingqing_82@chinaren] BirthdaySusueen[jy0122_1983@chinaren] Birthday
Road easy 19[louise1919@sohu] Birthday
The little sister of mental retardation Home Abc [ruozhiabc@sohu] Birthday
Yan Er darling [Zhaoyan-ql@sohu] Birthday
In ~~ rain [Zly-75@sohu] Birthday
Le Rou ~[lerou@sohu] Birthday
Phoenix- phoenix [Zfb_ep@sohu] Birthday
Love cooks do not love to brush a bowl [the farther-in-law of Hwr2001_sohu@sohu] Birthday
* [susuhappy365@sohu of hutch of * A Su Xiao] Wedding anniversary
~ of ~ Xiaozhu pig [Qyyyq@sohu] BirthdayMaplecathy [maplecathy@sohu] Birthday
On January 23 One leaf falls [Yiyeluol@sohu] nephew Birthday
For ideal struggling Ing [after27714872@chinaren] Birthday
Think luxuriant and beautiful very much [the husband of Ying_zh800721@sohu] Birthday
Anticlockwise forget [Liangmmfly@sohu] Birthday
Big abdomen fish [Minna-yxm@sohu] BirthdayWucaiyuxias[wucaiyuxia@sohu] Birthday
On January 24 Wool of slander mouth wool [Snake_xx@sohu] son Birthday
Acerbity acerbity apricot [Lizhiqin1124@sohu] Birthday
The fish of ran ah [Liushuiliu@sohu] Birthday
Ba Dong [the father of Kaftan@sohu] Birthday
The flat life that I want me [Lingmao8101@sohu] Birthday
Attractive love cooks [Dsdyhb@sohu] BirthdayXinyicicys[xinyicicy@sohu] BirthdayFleshgodsg[] Birthday
Husband calls me darling [Bbwscy@sohu] Birthday
On January 25 Round pig pig [Zanza2006@sohu] Birthday
Wave Lclc[lc688519@sohu] Birthday
Dream of those to get Pan [Anahan_sohu@sohu] BirthdayThe husband of Mini12282004[mini12282004@sohu] moon Birthday
Black bamboo chants a plum [the son of Mychoubao@sohu] BirthdayHoppy8855[hoppy8855@sohu] Birthday
That sea that is like smoke [Hysybsxf@sohu] Birthday
The bunny wife of black bear [Liusamantha@chinaren] BirthdayYanyan5507 [yanyan5507@sohu] Birthday
Register finish affirm [Raymondfei@sohu] Birthday
Big black crazy [Daheichi@sohu] Birthday
Black bamboo chants a plum [Mychoubao@sohu] son Birthday
Dusk cloud is far [Muyunyuan9615@sohu] Birthday
On January 26 Draft scanty mad [Blue_dust00@chinaren] and wheat run In the time that the kitchen meets
Of MAY say [Maysy5683@sohu] Birthday
Bifurcation of pig head bifurcation [Happy__yaya@sohu] Birthday
Water is not had [Shayatouhw@sohu] Birthday
Heart wide world is great [Woshigeyanyuan@sohu] Birthday
Sky gravelstone head [Xiaoshitou_1983@sohu] Birthday
Of MAY say [Maysy5683@sohu] Birthday
Wait for you to love my *[yiwo8@sohu] Birthday
On January 27 Cinderella200406[cinderella200406@chinaren] birthday
Faint my heart 127 [yylx127@sohu] BirthdayCinderella200406[cinderella200406@chinaren] birthday
Black bamboo chants a plum [Mychoubao@sohu] Birthday
Stop language 10 days [Zhiyushiri@sohu] Birthday
♀ Martian! [Zifeng127@chinaren] Birthday
玥 玥 [Tyuer1228@sohu] BirthdaySuyida [seayy_4190@chinaren] Birthday
Qing Sun [Mickeydavid@sohu] and husband Get the day of card
Travel together with sunshine [Yichangyiangguan@sohu] Community birthday
Travel together with sunshine [Yichangyiangguan@sohu] Wedding anniversary
Black bamboo chants a plum [Mychoubao@sohu] Birthday
On January 28 Cold month stars [Ywxchenxi@sohu] Birthday
Light sweet violet clothing [the father of Yinhuaer0526@sohu] Birthday
@ autumn water does not have mark @[linda1983965@sohu] Birthday
200 [juyhk200@sohu of freezing point boiling point] Birthday
Spun sugar darling [Denglei128@chinaren] Birthday
Shui Rehan 128[xibianyu128@chinaren] Birthday
The feline Mi with lazy love [Fengxinzi-99@sohu] Birthday
Prayer fish dive [Hydyuyue@sohu] Birthday
Nocturnal rain knocks a window [Dyzy218@sohu] son Birthday
Deep-sea butterfly fish [Jh8128@sohu] Birthday
On January 29 Beautiful eyebrows fell - Yuan Chen [Yzbsx111@sohu] Birthday
Green tea leisurely [Manman129@sohu] Birthday
Scatter Sa Fei [Wyf800129@sohu] Birthday
Flower [Brzmxd@chinaren] Birthday
Dan Ni 88[bingbing8202@sohu] Birthday
Soundless *[lq199476@sohu of * static * ] Birthday
Babybear007 [xsxclly@sohu] friend BirthdayManmanczbs[manmanczb@sohu] Birthday
On January 30 I love like that like that [Hwr20010308@sohu] Birthday
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Flower of delicious and good-looking fabaceous frowsty meal falls Qiu Shen’s meeting ceremony

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Post for the first time, the flower falls Qiu Shen’s meeting ceremony — delicious and good-looking beans frowsty meal

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
It is the frequenter of cate kitchen all the time, also share my cate with everybody today, hope everybody likes, give advice or comments more.
Feel sorry is, take a picture the technology is finite, time is very brash also, improve more again later. I am sorry everybody’s eye.

Raw material: 1, two kinds rice, what install in pink salver is polished glutinous rice, the common paddy rice that installs in green salver. Polished glutinous rice slightly many somes, scale probably 3: 2.
2, two kinds of bean, horsebean and pea. The quantity is added by the degree of his jubilation.
3, yam. OK and many somes properer, add sweet taste, mouthfeel is very good. Disaccord or the raw material that lack.
4, banger or candle bowel or bacon or candle flesh, choose according to the principle freedom of oneself need and use local materials. Those who need an attention is, want to have certain fat amount, cannot too thin. Taste had better be salty, the individual feels wide to flavour slants sweet banger is not quite good. OK still the flesh and bowel are added together, mouthfeel administrative levels is richer.

Measure: 1, first paddy rice (cook usually namely actually used rice) first a hour controls bubble, water is added just had done not have rice to go. After a hour, mix polished glutinous rice with its again, mix divide evenly, add a bit water again, cannot too much, add a little go, need not have done not have all rice. Flip through seldomly when, make all rice have opportunity bubble to arrive water, if water became little, continue to add, at least bubble 3 hours.

2, banger section, yam cuts man, big rootlet occupies his need, should not be too big nevertheless.

3, proper oil is put in boiler, do not need too much, conflagration issues sausage first, appreciably breaks up fry, play bean and yam man, break up fry a minute.
<img SRC= Http://>
4, the rice with put mixture bubble good, make down fire, break up fry, the edge fries an edge to join salt, can how many what appreciably tastes constant salt. If discover the boiler that touch rice, add proper oil. Next lid of the boiler on the lid covers tightly a little while, fire must small. Often open a lid to examine, break up fry, often drench trifling water, prevented to paper. This is very crucial one step, also be effort work.

5, fry below this appearance, even if ripe, taste, tone flavour.

Good, fill can eat in the bowl. Everybody actuate.

[Sweet clew]
The time of 1. bubble rice must obligate comes out, grind a knife not to enjoy the work that chop bavin, shift to an earlier date a long time to prepare.
2. begins frowsty rice this pace achieve is very crucial, very troublesome also, but have two quick kind, it is to be able to break up after was being fried, put in high-pressured boiler, put proper water (little place) with oil (a bit some more) , after be being enraged on, come again 6 minutes can; 2 it is to break up after was being fried, put in electric rice cooker, drench water (must drench, make moisture even, not simple putting goes in, distinction is very big) , resemble cooking usually next so boil, if be boiled not ripe come again.
3. or, be in at the beginning, cook mixture rice first half ripe, be in again measure 4 in put soft-boiled rice to break up fry, can save a lot of power.
4, had better not fry with electromagnetism furnace, fire is bad to master.

Small duck J will control operation - simple edition spring pancake [0801 cate challenge]

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Elder sister of *** small duck will control operation *** of simple edition spring pancake
Graph / article author: A Ludi
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
**** opens a language ****
Ate the cake of small duck JJ yesterday, have an itch to do sth, cate was attending to challenge in a few days finally in January fortunately, do not have law and duck J regrettablly compare, everybody put up with
Pursue on


The dish that coil is silk of acetic smooth Chinese cabbage, still went all out dish (egg silk, carrot silk, vermicelli made from bean starch)

Korea thick chili sauce, cake is delicious rely on it completely

A photograph of whole family

[Sweet clew]
The thing should search to be being built after 1. cake gives boiler, had better use clean wet towel
2. flapjack uses small internal heat, fire of electric baking pan is too big, my cake is very dry
3. does not eat much, dizi is being maintained again today