The United States engraves the cate of practice ELLEN の that teachs you Fu of bubble of 3 beautiful type

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Beauty of ***ELLEN の cate is engraved - the practice *** that teachs you Fu of bubble of 3 beautiful type

Graph / article author: Cabbage caterpillar

** life let me know cate, cate lets me more have deep love for the life! ~ **

Arrive every time in one’s childhood cake is nodded on the west, I always am resembled like glue was being stuck below sole, do not wish, mom can dote on every time my buy to me 2 good-looking delicious confect, thinking always at that time, it is much better that if my him home leaves,cake is nodded on the west, can eat everyday, hahaha, very babyish right, I result from likely also to the jubilation of cooking be opposite in one’s childhood the hobby of cate, still have mom’s edification, I do today beautiful spend type bubble Fu sweetly again, cannot mix of course on the west the comparison inside cake inn oh, everybody does not want jest I, after all the cooking school that I had not attended one day, the finished product that these making is myself research, if you do what thing to the elephant learns confect,mom often says me same, you are then postdoctoral, hahaha, do be done or after ah, breath out Hahahahahahahahahaha! ~

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Raw material: Le?30g, water (or milk) 170g, salt 1 small spoon, salad oil (or butter) 100g, egg (take into consideration the circumstances is added) 5, bright butter, chocolate


1, water, oily, salt is added inside bowl

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2. Burn, that wood spoon should take care to churn in the process that burn surface, because oil encounters the blast with can slight water

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3. Metage 130g tall pink

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4, in pouring tall powder into the water that heats, open small fire ceaseless agitate, agitate does not stick boiler bottom to dough with respect to Ok

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5, dough refrigeration arrives not to warm a hand 60 ° left and right sides can add an egg, the egg wants each to add, add an agitate to want to wait for dough till egg of complete have a thorough grasp

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6, after 5 eggs are added, next you see dough should be to use wooden spoon to instigate trigonometry condition, won’t distill very quickly was opposite, warm-up oven 210 °

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7, go up in the cloth that bake with beautiful mouth back up, use the water with gush bottle clean gush

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8, send oven canal of 210 ° fluctuation, next fire are shut to change 190 ° to bake after baking bubble Fu to initiate ripe, if oven does not have fluctuation fire, that is baked with respect to 190 ° ripe 15 minutes, send slightly on the face brown OK, bake among cannot of furnace door this very important, if opened that you one salver was not used, it is biscuit is not bubble Fu

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9, the bubble Fu that has baked is put cool hind be in with the chopstick bottom stand sth on end a hole

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10, the butter that impact dismisses

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11, deliquescent chocolate

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12, do chocolate back up on bubble Fu adornment, this is the bubble Fu of incision

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13, asperse on candy pink

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14, this is another modelling, squeeze dough into strip namely

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15, the modelling of swan is in bubble Fu namely bottom 1\3 is in incision, take above the half is again right cut, cream is put among

16, the head of swan spends mouth back up with small back up big ” S ” , put in front of formative, the modelling that finish sheds share of a bit candy

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17, the model that Lg says swan is bad, too fat, I say these 2 resemble us 2 people, ah, a bit bigger is my Lg, a bit smaller is me, hahaha

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Carbonado is fair [the tail of peacock fish]

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

Bought earthy cock is too big, yesterday half made a saliva chicken, those who remain is original want to make white behead chicken, but LG says to want to eat carbonado fair, that with respect to carbonado fair, with the simplest method- - go the spice bag with the fair carbonado that the market buys, do with the simplest method, did not think of flavour difference is not big
Cock, the condiment with fair carbonado is wrapped, fabaceous Chi, bean sprouts, xianggu mushroom, dried slices of tender bamboo shoots, garlic, ginger, do chili
1: The cock is abluent chop piece, xianggu mushroom stripping and slicing, cold water bubble is used after section of dried slices of tender bamboo shoots a little while
2: Boiler 6 put garlic into heat, ginger, fabaceous Chi stir-fry before stewing is fried a little while, putting carbonado fair spice to wrap stir-fry before stewing to fry, dry chili is put to break up after frying a fragrance fry a little while add water
3: Dried slices of tender bamboo shoots is put after water leaves, xianggu mushroom, gallinaceous piece is boiled to, after bean sprouts is being put to continue to thoroughly cook after boil again, install dish
4: Oily 7 into heat, put dry chili bomb a little while, irrigate a lid to be on soup juice namely

Hand of thin body cookbook rips agar cabbage to call a law to be collected greatly

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Graph / article author: *** is not one’s previous experience of ** of ** regular professional training
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

Of different place have different make a way: Ship bumps into? cabbage, the bag includes course, cabbage, bag dish. . . . . . . . .

What what differs still make a way? ?

Raw material introduction (pick from the network)
Cabbage;Wild Cabbadge comes from European Mediterranean area cabbage patch, formal name is ” cabbage ” . It is in the west is one of most important vegetable. Mix cabbage patch yield is high like Chinese cabbage, be able to bear or endure deposit, it is the beautiful greens of the four seasons. German think, just be the king in dish cabbage patch, it can treat 100 disease. Hesperian uses what treat a disease cabbage patch ” folk prescription ” , like treating a disease with the turnip like the Chinese common. Return those who have a kind of purple to call violet wild cabbage cabbage patch in the market now, nutrient function basically is mixed cabbage patch identical.

Battalion nutrient analyse (pick from the network)
1. Japanese scientist thinks, cabbage patch prevent the anile, result that defies oxidation and asparagus, cauliflower to lie likewise higher level.
2. Cabbage patch nutrient value and Chinese cabbage differ very few, among them the content of vitamin C is rich.
3. In addition, contain a lot offolic acid cabbage patch, this is wild cabbage kind a vegetable advantage. So, pregnant woman, anaemic patient ought to eat more some cabbage patch, the important hairdressing that it also is a woman is tasted.
4. It can enhance power of human body immunity, precaution catchs a cold, protect the life index of cancer patient, in the vegetable that fight cancer, discharge cabbage patch be in the 5th, quite celebrated.
5. Fresh cabbage patch in the effect that has antiseptic diminish inflammation, guttural ache, traumatic gall, midge bites bug is bitten, gastralgia toothache and so on can help cabbage patch please.
6. Cabbage patch in contain some to plant ” cankerous heal factor ” , having very good therapy effect to ulcer, can achieve heal quickly, it is the effective food of gastric ulcer patient;
7. Eat more cabbage patch, but stomachic, promote digestive precaution constipation. Also be diabetic cabbage patch the good food with fat patient.

Cabbage hand rips place. Abluent:

Hot pot is oily, put a few Chinese prickly ash, fry sweet, enter abluent cabbage, fry ripe, add a few salt, gallinaceous essence, install dish:

The miscellaneous potato that bake

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[Wen Yi] the miscellaneous potato that bake

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New serialize is in the editor, wait a bit please ha

The miscellaneous potato that bake

Raw material: Big potato 2 Ham 2 Silk of Italian hard cheese 50 grams Butter 30 grams Sweet green half Law sweet a few Yoghurt 2 spoon (30ml) Saline 1/2 teaspoon (3 grams) Teaspoon of black peppery broken 1/4 (1 gram)


1) general potato is abluent, put into boiler, water opens succeed add to use conflagration steam half hours. Ham is mincing grain, sweet green is mincing, the way is popular mincing;

The potato half-and-half with good evaporate 2) dissections, with ladle gouge heart, form bowl of a potato. potato mud, ham is broken, sweet green is broken, the way is popular broken, butter, salt, yoghurt and black peppery break, mix is even;

The potato mud with good agitate 3) is filled in answering potato bowl, scatter on cheese silk, oven 220 degrees, middle-level bakes 10 minutes can.

Baked Potato


Large-size Potato:&Nbsp;2

Ham:&Nbsp;2 Slices

Shredded Italian Hard Cheese:&Nbsp;50g


Chive:&Nbsp;a Half

Parsley:&Nbsp;a Little

Yogurt:&Nbsp;2 Soupspoon(30ml)


Salt:&Nbsp;1/2 Teaspoon(3g)

Chopped Black Pepper:&Nbsp;1/4 Teaspoon(1g)


1)Put The Washed Potatoes Into A Steam-cooker When The Water Is Cold, after Boiling, steam For 30 Minutes Over High-heat;

Finely Chop The Ham, chive, and Parsley;

2)Half Cut The Steamed Potatoes, dig Out The Inside Mash With A Spoon To Make Potato Bowls;

Combine The Mash, finely Chopped Ham, chive, parsley, butter, salt, yogurt, and Chopped Black Pepper, mix Well;

3)Place The Mixed Mash Back To The Potato Bowls, topping With Some Shredded Cheese;

Finally For Baking, turn The Oven’s Heat To 220C, put The Ready-for-bake Potato Bowls Into The Middle Shelf And Bake For 10 Minutes. Finish

The self-restrained and delicate potato of recreational snack piece [0802 cate challenge]

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

At ordinary times I like to eat potato piece wait for a few snack, pair of bought bodies that have oil bad, recently, the delicate potato that I invented to be done with microwave oven piece, exceedingly delicious. Will depart with friends on hair. Hope friends like.
Material: A: Tomato patch B: Zi like that sesame seed is sweet

Practice: 1, tomato patch abluent, flay, cut or Ca becomes chip.

2, put clear water to develop the starch above, accuse potato chips fish out to do moisture to perhaps use a cuisine special paper picks up dry on

The moisture of the face, place into the dial of microwave oven.

3, scatter on Zi like that sesame seed is sweet, put microwave oven conflagration 5 minutes. (note: It is microwave conflagration, not be to use microwave to burn


4, wear microwave oven special glove (lest handle scald) take out microwave oven dial to turn over the potato chips above face,

Continue conflagration 5 minutes can.
Everybody knows to do food amount to have immediate concern with time with microwave oven, ten minutes when I say are the amount that uses 180 grams potato (the potato that is a moderate volume, slice as it happens is filled up with the amount of microwave oven dial) . Return the Bao Yuhou that have even if cuts to also be concerned with time, measurement of microwave oven power is different, used time is different also (the power that I use is 800W) . What friends can use the amount of material to decide time according to oneself. You are OK still the taste according to oneself, will adjust B data. If the friend likes, start work with respect to oneself those who do you to like, healthy, of green, delicate, the potato of all sorts of taste piece.

Hairtail of braise in soy sauce [the cate of Changjiang Delta talent]

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Arranged freezer yesterday, discover a big hairtail, to vacate the space of freezer, I decide to eliminate it today, because freeze via super-cooling, steam was like flavour to need a place, still be braise in soy sauce!

Taste a graph by groovy Xian Xiucheng:

Material: Tremendous hairtail (of the East China Sea) , edible oily 300g, a few of ginger, green, garlic, red wine, soy, chili, beer, caraway a small.


1. hairtail abluent stripping and slicing, immerse with red wine, soy 30-60 minute.

2. what had immersed hairtail piece puts the blast inside the oily boiler that burns heat to become golden yellow fish out stand-by.

3. is fried a few oil are put inside boiler, burn heat, put stir-fry before stewing of silk of ginger, garlic, chili to give sweet smell, the hairtail that puts scamper to pass again piece, join soy, beer to be burned next, receive juice.

4. Cheng Pankai eats.

The mad corn of heaven cate diary

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Heaven cate diary, mad corn
Heaven cate diary, mad corn

Mad is not corn, however person!
By heaven swims Heaven_Travel

Mad corn

Live with me same the friend of a village should come home spent the New Year, face the cat that requests me to take care of her home, this fellow and her husband are
Complete CNK association member (crouch in Chinese home) , 囧 makes money in the home the job, every month makes design income more than me N times.
The side that 2 people are taking is very prodigal, go can arranging large volume every time in his home fastfood the half is remained but packing still is super
New provision. This this fellow left the food that one caboodle has not unsealed again, say oneself did not eat for nothing. . Rely on A, too wasteful

I take her to left my thing to make one caboodle food, feedback gives her, among them the corn can that I take her to give me made 3 food, still
Unseal with her but the dried meat floss that did not eat readily did cake of a few dried meat floss to coil she. S of her Ke Shuang. Say to follow me later
Mix eat, I do what she eats what. . Ha, she can not know, although I do cate to make an appointment with draft, but myself takes a side super
Simple, reckon she eats with me the meeting is starved to death. . Ha! Introduce me this to take 3 course that this corn can does first!

Mad corn cookbook one: Nutrient dawdler is fried

Material: Corn is potted (3 1/0) flesh of cucumber current state coils sesame oil of Jiang You of garlic of saline chicken essence

1. Cucumber flesh coils wash clean cut bead to reserve Corn is taken out wash air water to reserve a little ginger garlic is mincing reserve
2. Ginger garlic explodes all material below balm boiler explode fry add 2-3 big teaspoon water and sesame oil of right amount saline chicken essence break up fry even stew 5-8 minute
3. Scatter sesame oil to break up fry can install equably dish

Dish of super and simple a dawdler, the material inside everybody is OK oneself are being changed do, also recommend me that CHK couple, do this
Can mix than the dining-room petty gain outside nutrition became much!

Mad corn cookbook 2: Nutrient dawdler fries a meal

Material: Dawdler fries a meal (of the previous night is best) chopped green onion of essence of chicken of salt of oily sesame oil

Practice: Saw a graph go, fry meal and dawdler mix together fry flavor can

Mad corn cookbook 3: Chicken wears soup of Xianggu mushroom corn

Material: Chicken wears a corn half canister Xianggu mushroom is right amount unripe bask in essence of chicken of salt of candied date or jujube of white dried ginger

1. Next boiler after gallinaceous wearing washs clean air water are boiled with hot water again air of bubble cold water reserves handle of stay of proceedings of the take out after Xianggu mushroom is handled likewise reserves
2. Air water is washed to reserve after filtering with corn fully after bubble of hot water of ginger section white dried is soft
3. In water is being added after all material mix, slow fire boils 2-3 small hind add right amount saline chicken essence to flavor can

Because of sales promotion of frame of scratch supermarket chicken, bought so, the bone that use a pig is replaced possible also, the cost of this soup does not exceed 10 money A
Quite good in quality and cheap in price, a can has a meal to soup has food, too overflow. Also recommend me of that CHK couple incidentally
Give everybody dawdler, it is very simple very maneuverable oh!

The End Heaven_Travel

Sweet sweet hot hot hemp mother-in-law bean curd

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Graph / article author: *** is not one’s previous experience of ** of ** regular professional training
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

The preparation of early days works, bead of Chinese prickly ash puts into boiler to fry sweet:

Become area of Chinese prickly ash with rolling pole roll, reserve (can do some of) more:

Inside fat bean curd together, cut small diamonds, hot water boils 3 minutes, fish out reserves:

Oil is put inside boiler, put Pi county thick chili sauce, thick broad-bean sauce, ground meat stir-fry before stewing is fried, add water, after scram, pour bean curd:

After 10 minutes, install dish:

Saliva chicken [the tail of peacock fish]

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Spring came seemingly quickly, today’s sun is warm warm, closing an eye to want to had been in for some time in the courtyard is beautiful sweet sweet full garden, really comfortable!
At first sight, a tree appeared a lot of petal, highlight the bright spring day in this winter last stage in, really beautiful!
Take out the adamancy below camera record rapidly momently

Saliva chicken, this very famous, wanted to be not placed, too attractive! This dish must earthy chicken
Earthy cock, pignut, sesame seed, red oil, salt, gallinaceous pink, gallinaceous essence, white sugar, chinese prickly ash, garlic ginger juice, pink of the five spices
1: Red oil makes a way: Oily 5 put onion into heat, ginger, blast of Chinese prickly ash throws away to the fish out after green is anxious, the oily lukewarm refrigeration such as Guan Xiaohuo arrives 5 Asian puccoon is being put when becoming heat, caoguo, 3 Nai and aniseed blast come [fish out] , irrigate in ready chili powder, want bubble to make the one time of the day almost, the ability after wanting to wait for chili to precipitate the least is usable
2: Salt is added after earthy chicken chop is abluent [a few] Jiang Pian and Chinese prickly ash are boiled to
3: Pignut of this time bomb, decoct sesame seed, sesame seed a little pulverize [among I return bake in a pan cake of sesame seed candy]
4: Use a chopstick to be able to insert chicken directly, it is OK to do not see hematic water fish out, put the cool Bai Kaizhong that get ready to cool immediately [it is for chicken so more fresh and tender]
Next chop is agglomerate
5: Garlic, ginger is pressed into mud, fill 3 spoon chicken broth to be put among them, make ginger garlic juice [chicken broth wants to use heat]
6: The chicken broth that remain is put into the basin cool, next ordinal put salt, gallinaceous pink, white sugar is right amount, pink of the five spices, red oil, gallinaceous essence, chinese prickly ash mixes divide evenly
7: Good chop chicken piece in the basin that puts mix up, had better put sesame, pignut, with shallot can,
This dish delicacy is hot, be worthy of is the elite in plain dish

Pineapple meal prepares to meet spring ha

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Pineapple meal is a famous Yunnan dish, its raw material is in each places can easy buy, although use pineapple can to do, taste is very good

Spring is about to be the season that pineapple appears on the market, might as well buy this kind of way below a few attempts, acid is sweet appetizing, color is rich, especially dot can like very much.

Material: Polished glutinous rice (also can replace with rice) , fresh pineapple, rock candy, almond, currant


1. polished glutinous rice shifts to an earlier date one day to immerse with clear water, the attention changes water during, the fresh He Jie that maintains polished glutinous rice is clean;

2. fresh pineapple cuts coping, with the will in-house pulp with careful spoon and fruit juice fish out, the attention is not dug broken;

After 3. does drop of polished glutinous rice moisture, join right amount pulp and fruit juice to mix divide evenly, put 3-4 rock candy, right amount currant, in adding the pineapple that before be being filled, has dug;

4. puts pineapple into a pot for steaming food, cold water leaves boiler, lie between water to heat, turn into medium baking temperature after the gas on a pot for steaming food, evaporate makes an appointment with 30 minutes,

The fluctuation before edible mixes divide evenly, can scatter according to oneself be fond of on right amount almond is broken, increase mouthfeel.

The pineapple branch that sells in the market now is have an eye, without the eye two kinds.

Have eye pineapple, can see apparently after our expurgation is cortical namely form the black circle that has the law, this is cannot of edible. This kind of pineapple is cortical and golden, build is a bit small, lying between skin to be able to smell sometimes the sweet smell of pineapple, in-house pulp is golden, smell is sweet, this kind of pineapple having an eye suits to do pineapple meal very much, the flavour of finished product is first-rate;

So called ” the pineapple that do not have an eye ” express hypodermic black eye namely lesser, what the skin cuts is a bit some thicker can purify. This kind of pineapple is cortical greener, build is big also, in-house pulp color is very light, flavour slants acerbity, compare meal of unwell collaboration pineapple

When we choose pineapple in the market, can differentiate from skin.

Pineapple meal also can be done with rice, but mouthfeel is a bit poor, also can mix polished glutinous rice rice according to 4: The scale of 1 mixes;

Going up through immersing polished glutinous rice ahead of schedule when boiler evaporate, do not need to add moisture content again, polished glutinous rice can absorb the fruit juice that pineapple spills over, flavour will be first-rate

When digging pineapple handleless cup, scarcely can have exerted oneself to do sth. it digs the general broken, be in as far as possible all round take a few the flesh of fruit more. The meeting after heating because of pineapple becomes very soft, if pineapple handleless cup all around too light sentence, when be being taken out hold very easily broken;

In the process of evaporate, pineapple coping is the easiest be heated, the polished glutinous rice that chopstick general bottom can use after the polished glutinous rice that carries a layer on the head is mature breaks up to heat, such circular operations can reduce the time of evaporate, can make sure polished glutinous rice matures equably.