Continue the mashed garlic aubergine of dish of the daily life of a family (still can reduce weight)

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 ** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate
With a ha breath out said to want to get along yesterday be about fine water often flows over- , so our home continues to have a meal sparely!
Do mashed garlic aubergine today, simple cannot again simple, but should tasting only also is a kind of state then! The day of guileless resembles aubergine namely same, the aftertaste is long! !
1. raw material: Pay attention to is phlogistic right post? with a ha is breathed out by me took off the dress

2. is cut piece

Evaporate of the bamboo or wooden utensil for steaming food on 3. is controlled 10 minutes, need not cut, because aubergine is very sodden, dial with the chopstick a little came loose
4. prepares burden: Horsefly サ is food? garlic bolt, still have chili

The aubergine evaporate such as 5. is good, put burden, still have salt, gourmet powder, pink of the five spices, with a few oil is spilled, ha, the classmate that should reduce weight can be this the most important, I still put sesame

6. sees finished product

Tomato crackling bean curd [dizi manufactures]

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Tomato crackling bean curd [Dizi manufactures]
Graph / article author: A Ludi
[Achieve formerly] ** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate

Raw material: ?nbsp; of  of  of  of ヅ of  of  of felt diameter dirty, the meat is rotten, ketchup, amylaceous
Measure: Bing4 ru4 gao1huang1 of Pai of midge of  of Yu of  of approach of Huang of Zi of  of wooden tablets or slips for writing of  of felt diameter dirty considers Cui of appearance of Wan of locust of canister of  of dirty of diameter of felt of  of Xi of  of Hua of  of shelfing  of  school  to make fun of  of  of  zinc  to carve bad astounded of Qi of clique dizzy ⒍ flinchs stop  to lean raft
Oil is put to heat in boiler, put meat stuffing to fry, if ketchup of two big spoon, put salt, cooking wine, balm, drench the meat stuffing that has fried go up in bean curd

Eat, fragile portfolio is wrapping bean curd, acid is sweet Xian Xiang, with great difficulty is done

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[Achieve formerly] the magical function of electric baking pan- - egg of Chinese toon decoct

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Graph / article author: Gluttonous small hutch woman
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

Egg of today’s Chinese toon decoct is made with electric baking pan. Baking pan of our home appliance besides do cake to remain decoct egg. Its advantage although you are a novice,also can spread out namely the egg cake of circle giving a circle. What I use is last year the Chinese toon of souse, so need goes down the Chinese toon bathe of the half to go salt, ability is made. If use fresh Chinese toon or leek can not forget to add salt!

Learn to take the advantage of Chinese toon together with everybody first.
[nutrition and edible] Chinese toon head contains an extremely rich nutrition. According to the analysis, in head of Chinese toon of every 100 grams, contain protein 9. 8 grams, contain calcium 143 milligram, contain vitamin C115 milligram, in listing vegetable before cogongrass. Additional, still contain phosphor 135 milligram, carotene 1. 36 milligram, and the nurture such as little element of a group of things with common features dimension of iron and B is qualitative.

[sexual flavour returns classics] the gender is cool, flavour suffering is smooth; Enter lung, stomach, large intestine classics.

[effect advocate treat] clear heat is alexipharmic, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it of be good at stomach, embellish skin bright eye, kill insect. Advocate the ulcer that treat skiing ulcer, trichomadesis, eye bare,

Look to everybody first see finished product

Raw material: Φ of muddleheaded arc ⒓ ah ⒋ thanks ā ⑹ balance rotten
Manufacturing process:
1. Chinese toon is a bit more mincing, join egg agitate even.

2. report baking pan can pour a few oil, turn baking pan, make oil adherent and even. Put the chopped green onion that has cut, fry sweet. This can be delicious key!

3. agitate enter Chinese toon bud and egg, booth divide evenly, bake in a pan of the baking pan on the lid is ripe. Remember need not when the lamp of baking pan destroys can ripe

0803 cate challenge oriental cherry cake

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Oriental cherry cake- - Japanese mug-up - flowers of 0803 cate challenge joins course

[Achieve formerly]
** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **sohu cate kitchen

Author: Big confused

This is the commonnest small mug-up in oriental cherry season, stuffing of red sweetened bean taste is inside the New Year cake of weak pink.
I still mix oriental cherry designedly amid, do not have taste

Do not have taste

The first 歩: Ormosia sesame seed spends stuffing to make

1. red bean is abluent, put clear water bubble overnight
2. red bean 変 became fat
3. is put into high-pressured boiler, big baked wheaten cake leaves, build small fire to boil 30 minutes
4. reachs the ormosia water in boiler piece, add clear water to boil 10 minutes afresh
5. accuses ormosia to do water
6. is put into pan, add white sugar, with pulverize of scoop general ormosia

7. oriental cherry picks a few branches
8. leaf clear water is cast wash, accuse to go moisture
Mud of 9.2 grams ormosia joins right amount ripe sesame seed to join right amount leaf
10. again the ball of sweetened bean taste of moderate of size of make it of one by one

The 2nd 歩: Skin of New Year cake is made

1. puts the glutinous ground rice of 12 grams in big basin
2. slowly to the clear water agitate that enters 180 c c
3. sifts the flour of 120 grams
The fine saccharic mix that 4. adds 30 grams is even
After 5. mix is even, conditional, panada crosses gong sieve, the cent that divide 別 installs 2
A few pigment are added inside 6.1 panada
7. so appearance 2, a white, 1 pink,

8. does not stick boiler not to put oil, burn heat, small fire, put spoonful panada, wipe smooth
9. plus leaf of a few valve, about 50 seconds cross a height, other one side of bake in a pan
10. did not want bake in a pan to paper, brand is good one is used last velar package is nice
Sesame seed of the ormosia on 11. bag spends stuffing, install dish
The skin of New Year cake with redundant 12. uses mould extrude figure

Personally samples flower of pink cake ease is sweet

Very lovely small mug-up

Speak of oriental cherry, japanese is having special feeling to oriental cherry, saying is city of park, hill, school, get on even laky dikes and dams, the both sides of railroad also is planting oriental cherry everywhere.
Every time when spring comes, whole Japan appears to be surrounded by oriental cherry. Regard as piece pink flower apply colours to a drawing is worn of city street when, that is the beautiful season that romantic oriental cherry brings…

Sweet clew: Usable wintersweet, apricot is beautiful, the edible flowers such as peach blossom makes beautiful cake

Coke chicken wing wishs metempsychosis of the top of a kitchen range day is happy [alluring woman kitchen]

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It is very painful to reduce weight ah ~~ — coke chicken wing [alluring woman kitchen]

** happiness lives by let us be created together — delicate life ** of the alluring woman

It is very painful to reduce weight ah ~~

Reduce weight began, used the most effective to me method — be on a diet. But recent good appetite, but suffering can’ts bear character,let me. Say tonight, did oil to spill a face to Xiaoliu. I, have the share that see only. When Xiaoliu eats, that my mouth water, the adj/LIT wide of continuously ah of adj/LIT wide. Plus because Xiaoliu is in Guangzhou a few days ago, say those who eat is very weak, thought to him long oil spills a face now, eat that calls sweet ah. I more bore hard. But do not know why to still staring at him to look all the time. I ah, very sneaking!

It is very painful to reduce weight! !

Coke chicken wing

The coke chicken wing that made a lot of times, the hand arrives capture come, very simple, but delicate it is certain, hope the top of a kitchen range turns like. Wish birthday is happy,

Raw material: Gallinaceous wing medium, coke, garlic, ginger

Condiment: Do chili, anise, salt, cooking wine


1, wash clean in gallinaceous wing, put into cold water to join right amount cooking wine, Jiang Pian next, after be being burned, fish out fullback goes blood-red reserve;

2, good scald chicken wing and dry chili, garlic, anise puts earthenware pot, join coke, had done not have gallinaceous wing, after big baked wheaten cake leaves small fire a hour, add salt, receive juice can.

Although very simple, but taste is good really
A bit sweet, have salty, a bit hot, a lot of sweet ~~
Meal of assist of go with wine is good
The top of a kitchen range turns eat together with everybody

Super and simple abstain pickled Chinese cabbage

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Dear autumn knit birthday, this wanting that assemble nods homebred give presents, regrettablly how also collect is counted not quite. Can do a food food to express intention only!

Say on firm sense, this is not pickled Chinese cabbage actually, what should call after all nevertheless, I also do not know, for the moment makes a name with the pickled Chinese cabbage that carries quote.

Our this locality, the dish of similar pickled Chinese cabbage has two kinds, one kind is the rub that relapses green vegetables with salt, had spread dish next scatter again on salt, press finally on big stone, above the straw on the lid, the ability after 40 days considers do good, this is called salty pickled Chinese cabbage. Additionally one kind, use green vegetables namely, with similar me such method is made, my Mom canal cries then ” flooey whisk dish ” perhaps cry ” water whisk dish ” . Word of this intermediate whisk, do not know how to should be written, pronunciation is such, in vernacular ” whisk ” means, immerse with water. Some seem to still can use fermented glutinous rice, because this cries ” flooey whisk dish ” . This dish and salty pickled Chinese cabbage are different, it is not salty, and made time is a few shorter.

At ordinary times mom often is bought ” water whisk dish ” , fry fry the flesh, eat a noodle ah congee ah, when cole very pretty good. Encounter neighbour some, teach him mom to make, discover mouthfeel is better, and cost is very low, from now on mom also is not bought outside again, all and self-restrained, family also loves to eat particularly.

Specially takes next made courses, consult for everybody.


Too late, because time of it doesn’t matter comes up by day, spend a good birthday to let Qiu Qiu, send add trouble to first, pile up a word slowly again later!

Additional, do not take dish course too for long, feel to won’t be patted really, the horizontal stroke pats vertical stroke, how to feel like, alas…

[Achieve formerly] blueness of food of green of Changjiang Delta tradition is round [maigre appointment 012]

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** is permitted without author cabbage caterpillar, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

Beauty of ***ELLEN の cate is engraved - cake of green of Changjiang Delta tradition - green round ***

Graph / article author: Cabbage caterpillar

** life let me know cate, cate lets me more have deep love for the life! ~ **

Still having a few days is tomb-sweeping day, inside this festival our Shanghai person can eat a kind of cake is black group, as a child I like polished glutinous rice and sweetened bean taste very much, so I like black group exceedingly, traditional green round method is first will tender moxa, grass of small thorn Mu put caldron, join lime evaporate to rot, float go limewater, in kneading pink of polished glutinous rice, make it shows the doughboy of aquamarine, the reason that likes it still has, it is it has distinctive color and special taste, be close to Pure Brightness every year in the past to just can have this black group only, want to eat to also have only so when this season, a few days ago I see carbonado earth up raw material inn to have juice of blueness selling wheat, I thought of I make black group at a draught, the thing that oneself do I always am at ease particularly, because of very much now businessman for usury embellish, did not use Mai Qing juice so, used dish juice or pigment, dish juice is a bit more not bad pigment is fearsome, xi Xi, so I eat every time outside bought blueness is round, I always can be heard first, if have very the Mai Qing of dense tastes I can eat, if not be me,can feed a doggie, ha! ~ I today also is use this kind of convention ” unripe do ” method, it is Mai Qingqing juice and pink of polished glutinous rice are kneaded together — the dough that can knead a grass green already, also the faint scent that mix enters field, again evaporate of the steam box on stuffing of the sweetened bean taste on the bag is ripe.

Raw material buys the land: Pink of polished glutinous rice, stick ground rice, sweetened bean taste (I am myself this those who do) large supermarket has
The friend of Shanghai of wheat green juice to food one inn is bought, of the other place can buy in order to get online
Steam box can reach terminal market of things of supermarket, food market, hotel

Very lovely green blueness is round, this is pure natural Mai Qing juice, need not worry so ate to be able to have a problem, xi Xi

Green round evaporate need not be afraid of very much can stick together, because beforehand steam box and blueness are round daub crosses an oil, put slightly after evaporate is so good cool hind can depart easily blueness became round

Inside incision, sweetened bean taste is very exquisite, cortical very sweet Mai Qing tastes

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Send the top of a kitchen range to turn wrap around Sa [dizi manufactures]

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Send the top of a kitchen range to turn wrap around Sa [Dizi manufactures]
Graph / article author: A Ludi
[Achieve formerly] ** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
**** opens a language ****

Today birthday of the top of a kitchen range, do not have time by day, did this to wrap around tonight Sa, wish her birthday is happy, forever happy.

Cake embryo raw material:
Tall muscle flour 150 grams, bai Sha candy 20 grams, salt 2 grams, milk 30 grams, water 50 grams, butter 15 grams

Approve Sa sauce raw material:
Pork is rotten 2 spoon, onion is broken 1 spoon, garlic Chengdu 1 teaspoon, the grass that approve Sa 1 teaspoon (can avoid) , black pepper 1 teaspoon, white sugar 2 teaspoon, salt, ketchup 2 teaspoon, right amount water, corn is amylaceous 1 teaspoon

Exterior stuffing expects: Onion Green pepper Carrot Red bowel Crab sufficient club Cheese

Cake embryo practice: Milk and water mix heat reach 40 degrees, after putting yeast quiet place ten minutes, mix all material together. Knead to dough smooth, put to warm place to ferment to double big.
Approve the making method of Sa sauce: Cold oil of? of auspicious  of bad Gu of  Shen to bang explodes sweet garlic Chengdu, onion is broken. Put fleshy rotten stir-fry before stewing to fry
Put salt, white sugar, ketchup, black pepper, water, small fire turns after big baked wheaten cake leaves, boil to water wash-and-wear when put amylaceous water to tick off Gorgon euryale, scatter the grass that approve Sa finally. Onion Green pepper Carrot cuts a group, put oven in roast, one part water divides take out.
Approve Sa dish on an olive oil, the dough that has sent makes cake body. Among thin, all around slightly a few thicker, on the fork with have dinner even fork a few alveolus, on besmear one makes the good sauce that approve Sa. Sprinkle a cheese again, without the horse Su Li pulls Zhi person, I used bright cheese.
Catch a shop to go up red bowel, crab sufficient club, again the roast on the shop is vegetable. In cake all round an egg fluid. After oven warm-up puts middle-level 220 degrees to bake 15 minutes, take out. A cheese is spread on the face, continue to bake in replace oven make 3-5 minute can.

Finished product

Without the horse Su Li is pulled, cannot pull silk, regretful

The top of a kitchen range turns today birthday, send now, can too late

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Meal of day type curry

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Made zygote the day before yesterday, but without pushpin, be depressed!
See a certain card today, it is good to the body to say to eat curry more, the decision makes curry meal!
Go up first advocate makings, curry!
In Japanese supermarket some selling! 12 place one board!
The little India curry that I still remain before added <br><br>

Break the bacon of garlic a kind of sedge of heart mad cate

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[break heart mad cate] bacon of garlic a kind of sedge

Graph / civil Break a heart mad

** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** to welcome aboard break ** of ana of · of heart mad cate

Bacon, see bacon again! The top of a kitchen range turns birthday is happy!

Hey, see bacon again, often eat cured meat, not be very good drop actually, but I am greedy, I am really greedy, I like bacon really, ao toot ~

Still have 8 minutes, this blessing should send out, the top of a kitchen range turns birthday is happy! !


Raw material: Garlic a kind of sedge, bacon, oily, fish sauce is right amount

Course of action:

1. Bacon section, garlic a kind of sedge is abluent clutch paragraph reserve
2. Sit boiler heat is oily, join garlic a kind of sedge to fry to become angry
3. Fill garlic a kind of sedge piece reserve, take bottom oil
4. Join bacon to fry a fragrance
5. garlic a kind of sedge new cook again, break up fry, transfer into right amount fish sauce can

Measure graph:



Language of mad Yan Feng:

Still be that word, bacon has saline taste, flavor want discretion!


Click a picture to enter break kitchen of heart mad cate