A thick soup of residue from bean after making soya-bean milk of leaf of dried shrimps celery [butterfly cate]

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****** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ****** community cate

A thick soup of residue from bean after making soya-bean milk of leaf of dried shrimps celery—Leftover pieces is used opportunely

The celery part of a historical period that selects celery to remain normally and the residue from bean after making soya-bean milk that do soya-bean milk to remain can abandon need not, house home gets along it is austere and advisable to still answer, celery leaf and nutrition of residue from bean after making soya-bean milk are rich, contain a lot ofcrude fibre, summary classics processes these data, can become the delicate soup a thick soup that one a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest sees the person loves.

Advocate makings: Celery leaf, residue from bean after making soya-bean milk, dried shrimps

Burden: Essence of soya bean of hair of black agaric, water, carrot, salt, chicken, pepper, white sugar, balm, water is amylaceous


1, celery Xie Xi cuts end completely; Dried shrimps immerses 10 minutes; Black agaric shifts to an earlier date water hair, cut end; Carrot flay cuts man.

2, water is added inside boiler, put carrot man, black agaric, dried shrimps, residue from bean after making soya-bean milk to boil 5 minutes, rejoin celery leaf is boiled, water starch ticks off Gorgon euryale, put essence of salt, chicken, pepper, white sugar, balm to flavor again can.

Crucial: Celery leaf should put ability to be able to maintain bright-coloured green again finally.

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Chi sweet carrot: The tail of peacock fish

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Bought the carrot of a lot of a long time ago, next the existence that everybody forgets it, cleared away yesterday when it is abrupt Jing shows, it was become finally such. . . . . .
Carrot, green pepper, green leaf, often do Mom beans Chi
1: Carrot section, green pepper cuts lozenge,
2: Oily 6 put Chi of beans of old dry Mom and green leaf stir-fry before stewing to fry a fragrance into heat
3: Put carrot to break up again fry, free captive animals is smoked, add bit of water a little small fry a pan can

Thin pancake made of millet flour of Ji shepherd’s purse [maigre appointment 011]

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******* of thin pancake made of millet flour of ******* Ji shepherd’s purse

** of kitchen of ** Sohu cate is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

Say Ji shepherd’s purse, there is a text to tell Ji shepherd’s purse namely when I remember going to school, the author of the article is written

The practice to Ji shepherd’s purse is a cold and dressed with sause of Ji shepherd’s purse, spice has salt, candy, balm is waited a moment, time is too long write down

Disastrous, is seeming such? But the person all round me likes to wrap dumpling with Ji shepherd’s purse, ji shepherd’s purse

With meat stuffing dumpling, if using the girl of our work in the same placing, be ” too delicious, sweet dead. ” I am lazy

Get packet of dumpling, the Ji shepherd’s purse that digs in wild country because of oneself is very small, a pick off withered leaf and sodden Xie Zai

Be being cleaned clean is a very troublesome issue, so I dig only, it is good to taste have a taste of what is just in season. The son loves to have simmer in water

Cake, think method lets him eat green vegetables more a few, spread out with respect to the shepherd’s purse that use Ji a few pieces of thin pancake made of millet flour, crowded go up bit of ketchup is sweet

Sweet sweet, add a cup of milk again, a breakfast with respect to Ok.

Pick Ji shepherd’s purse wash clean, mincing, mix with egg flour and right amount water, join flavoring ( Add

salt and a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt) , pan pours a few oil, rotational bowl makes have bespread boiler bottom equably, with ladle dip right amount

panada enters boiler in, rotational bowl, make burnt paste also forms the cake of a circle, if broken dish is inhomogenous,

Spread out it with ladle divide evenly, small fire makes cake bottom caky slowly and mature, turn over each with scoop, again decoct is ripe another

Face, thin pancake made of millet flour has been done. Sweet soft.

Not certain material finds delicious thing hard, differ also and custom-built law is multifarious, appearance is not beautiful perhaps, but true material

Solid material is a foundation, oneself start work do oneself to like, taste flavour will be very different oh.

The gentleman of my home orchid left eventually, not easy, also before last lens, be did not open in vain

4 happy event bake bran [maigre appointment 009]

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4 happy event of *** bake bran [maigre appointment] ***

Graph / article author: Midnight flower is not a flower
[Achieve formerly]** is not beautiful license without midnight flower, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** forum

Saying is 4 happy event, have 9 kinds of stuff actually, ha. Annual when bamboo shoots in spring comes down, I can do a big cold storage,
Eat 2, 3 days. Material can have little change now and then, basically taste about the same. Can use surface muscle occasionally
Replace the bran that bake, taste is good also.

Material: The bran that bake, bamboo shoots in spring, pignut, black agaric, a kind of dried mushroom, xianggu mushroom, crab flavour stay of proceedings, day lily, dried bean milk cream in tight rolls

Practice: The bran that bake, pignut, dried bean milk cream in tight rolls, agaric, day lily shifts to an earlier date bubble is good. Bamboo shoots in spring decorticates white water of stripping and slicing
Boil half hours, dawdle kind had washed had cut flying water to reserve. Hot pot puts oil, after an anise blast is sweet again scamper is sweet
Chopped green onion, after be being scooped up ordinal issue all sorts of data, break up fry even, add soy, white sugar, salt, dawdle
Flavour of mix up of essence of life, add a bit water slightly, mix divide evenly, build good boiler shell, make down fire, to all material squashy, tone is weak
Gorgon euryale ticks off Gorgon euryale to give boiler.
Give boiler.

Finished product, cool move eats best.

The night that ** flower is not a flower takes notes all right **

Chop of beer of braise in soy sauce [the cate of Changjiang Delta talent]

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The friend affirmation that burns duck with beer is very much, but the friend that burns chop with beer should not very much? The method is so simple, flavour so good affirmation is little little, ah, first rodomontade.
The dish type that I roll out today is [chop of beer of braise in soy sauce] , xian Xiuyi issues finished product to pursue

Material: Pork chop bone 500g, garlic valve 7, beer 250ml, soy 75ml, white sugar 20g.

Pork chop bone:




Bone of 1. general pork chop is abluent put high-pressured bowl, join garlic valve, beer, soy, white sugar, conflagration of the cap on the lid burns consummate steam to turn medium baking temperature burns 15 minutes again

2. pours the chop inside high-pressured boiler and sauce to fry pan inside, conflagration receives juice thick.

3. is installed dish on desk.

Turn to the top of a kitchen range celebrate unripe plain flavour the daily life of a family to fry New Year cake

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate

One, section of New Year cake, ground meat (can blow the flesh or bacon to replace with wind) , taste is better.

2, garlic bolt and carrot section.

3, abstain pepper sauce.

4, explode with oil first carrot piece, the shovel goes out reserve.

Explode with oil first carrot, because the nutriment in carrot is easy,be dissolve in oil, benefit at absorbing.

5, small fire delimits ground meat medicinal powder fry dry.

6, join sauce of pepper of one big spoon.

7, conflagration fries a red oil.

8, ordinal put carrot and New Year cake piece break up fry.

9, after frying divide evenly, add garlic bolt fry it is OK to come to be born with give boiler, because used pepper sauce, need not put salt.

10, special go with rice is delicious, ha, also can eat when staple food.

Celery fries shredded meat to send longlived person the top of a kitchen range to turn child

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[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

Send the top of a kitchen range to turn a homely celery fries the child shredded meat:) Estimate northeast person besides plain boiled pork of pickled Chinese cabbage kind also can like a bit some heavier food food on colour and lustre.

Celery is cut inclined paragraph, the flesh cuts into shreds ~ breathes out please slightly the knife result of my shredded meat is breathed out, say this is cutlet strictly.

Began to fry, my means is oily shredded meat is fried first after heat, fry to become angry.

Put chopped green onion, soy to break up next fry to shredded meat chromatically.

Put celery next, conflagration is fried quickly, I prefer the mouthfeel that keeps some more fragile, ~ of right amount salt is put before giving boiler

Simple and it is good that the celery of go with rice fries shredded meat to do: )

Adjust food to help mom fall hematic fat [nutrition calls for paper No.26]

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[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

In check-up a few years ago, mom is checked to bleed fat on the high side, exceeded normal index numerical value. We feel some are accident at that time, feeling this disease is fat person and senile talent are easy commonly, but mom is not fat, and sensory body is held out all the time pretty good, how to meet on disease of tall blood fat? Mom seeks advice from a doctor to just know later, fat of original fatty liver, hypertensive, tall blood these disease are to eat come out, mix that is to say make the same score the dietary habit when to matter, analyse my home at ordinary times dietary habit, love has a meal to eat the meat when we feel hematic fat on the high side of mom is peace for certain, fat those who eat is much more relative. Then we decide abstain from eating meal of for company mom, everyday abstain from eating meal is overcome, also want to have element 3 days every week at least, such insisted to have time of half an year almost, hematic fat index of mom improves somewhat, but the effect is like and not apparent.

One, in nutrient adviser forum sees a dietotherapy falls the card of hematic fat, the way that just knows us is not scientific actually. The expert thinks, support feeds always precaution for a long time to control tall blood fat, not only do not have effect, cause possibly still hidebound, cause the disease such as osteoporosis. At the same time the expert still suggests patient of tall blood fat should change dietary habit, control dietary gross, those who be helpful for human body health should be use to boil more when cooking at the same time, evaporate, stew, the cook means such as Bao, cold and dressed with sause, use decoct, flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil less, fry etc with the cook means with much oil.

Be, actually we also know, below normal circumstance, food wants nutrition of collocation of element of meat or fish ability is overall, want mom abstain from eating meal to also have a lot of corrupt practice really all the day. But what have but what have,good dietotherapy method copes with disease of tall blood fat? Taking this question, I get online on one hand the data that searchs this field, wear alertly on one hand nutrient adviser forum counteracts the card related this respect content.

Kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, the study that passes period of time is searched and data collect, I basically fall to what mom found out need to often eat hematic grease food and practical dietotherapy method. Often can let what mother has fall hematic grease food has: Onion, hawkthorn, aubergine, cucumber, Xianggu mushroom, apple.

Among them, of onion fall hematic fat effect is best, want to assure to eat half everyday, and onion eats the effect raw gift is nice, cook is longer fall cholesterol effect is poorer also. Hawkthorn has outspread blood-vessel, improvement small loop, reduce blood pressure, stimulative cholesterol to excrete, reduce hematic fat effect. Eat hawkthorn, can boil hawkthorn congee to drink to mom, the practice also is very simple: Take hawkthorn 40 grams of 30 ~ (fresh fruit 90 grams of 60 ~ ) , rice 100 grams, saccharic 10 grams. Hawkthorn water simmer in water takes juice, increase rice to boil gruel together, ripe when put again some saccharic, boil a bit can drink. Of aubergine, cucumber have a way very much, but cook when had better use olive oil. The apple also should insist to eat an ability travel everyday.

Still have two specific dietotherapy plan, also introduce everybody, if there also is patient of tall blood fat in which friend home, might as well also try:

Plan one:

Breakfast rice congee, milk, mix cucumber.

Onion of silk of lunch rice, beef, boil Chinese cabbage bean curd.

Xianggu mushroom of dinner steamed bread of corn, steamed fish, element fries Fan Lai, apple 1.

Plan 2:

Breakfast rice congee, milk, mix asparagus lettuce.

Xianggu mushroom of the garlic sprouts of bean curd of lunch rice meal, ground meat, Lai that fry oil.

Steamed sponge cake of dinner evaporate two sides (pink of corn face, standard does) , persimmon of the man that fry chicken is extremely fourth, fry onion cabbage.

The doctor says, index of fat of inchoate fatty liver, hypertensive, tall blood is had but changeover sex, after many people are strengthening workout and change diet structure, the index that join check can return to normal. So I believe, want to let mom notice diet only, accomplish control seriously food, strengthen campaign and cooperate to medication appropriately, the hematic fat index that can dominate her effectively certainly continues to lift no longer, one day that when expecting mom blood fat is normal comes at an early date!

Agaric fries eye fish to turn to the top of a kitchen range

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Agaric fries eye fish to turn to the top of a kitchen range

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

Hey hey like to eat seafood Think the top of a kitchen range turns so also like seafood overbearing not?
Allegedly eye fish suits a female to eat very much

Advocate makings Eye fish Agaric Carrot
Practice Carrot is cut (want to say to cut into shreds originally drop It seems says not to export that really is silk) eye fish hits beautiful knife
Ginger is put to pour eye fish agaric inside oily boiler next Carrot puts salt Wine
Stir-fry before stewing fries the pan since dichotomy bell


Eye fish hits beautiful knife
Cal\C is fried ah fry fry such

Beauty of cate of の of ELLEN of sauce of XO of edition of high not expensive family is engraved

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** is permitted without author cabbage caterpillar, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

Beauty of ***ELLEN の cate is engraved - *** of sauce of X.O of edition of high not expensive family

Graph / article author: Cabbage caterpillar

** life let me know cate, cate lets me more have deep love for the life! ~ **

In ten years I had eaten a dish to call X.O sauce to explode inside a restaurant before beautiful spiral shell, I was attracted deeply by it, flavour is exceedingly delicious, the following day the X.O sauce that I bought a bottle of such-and-such brand to the supermarket, I remember be like a bottle to want 449 yuan, a very small bottle, seemed to rise in price again now, the X.O sauce of 400g should sell 200 much, made a lot of cooked food with this sauce in the home, but because little always felt a little while to eat not to pass addiction, also see on the net a lot of MM are making this X.O sauce recently, wanting to have formula be done with respect to oneself, did not buy quite expensive oh, xi Xi, the cost of this X.O sauce that I make today calculates those who come down to still calculate petty gain, said heft also has about the same 2 jins are controlled, of course the appearance that oneself make cannot be compared with what buy, what they use is big precious jade column, what I use is small dried scallop, nevertheless flavour is same, but it is a lot of cheaper that the price wants, it is OK that the thing material benefit that the family makes has tasted, this sauce makings is OK and a lot of tie-inner feed capable person, can explode fry, fry fish of meal, evaporate, I wipe small steamed bread to eat with this today, exceeding delicacy is sweet! ~

<img SRC= Http://120.img.pp.sohu.com/images/2008/3/24/13/25/1197dad3a7f.jpg>

<img SRC= Http://121.img.pp.sohu.com/images/2008/3/24/13/26/1197da679cc.jpg>