Of frost of Western-style butter in syrup make

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Mug-up of Western-style Chinese style, cake biscuit wraps around Sa, still have Western-style food, welcome everybody to come West Point communication learns ~

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Of frost of Western-style butter in syrup make

When I am very small, be in ” bright grandma cake ” before popularity, "Butyric cake " above, it is one dies sweet to death sweet " frost of butyric in syrup " . I do not like to eat this to play all along art, how much didn’t I eat fortunately, had illuminative of present the butter that use delicacy " delicacy suckles cake " . I remember me having a fellow student, must answer Inner Mongolia to read postscript along with family, write a letter to complain where is bought only get this is planted dead sweet to death of sweet candy frost " butyric cake " . See the popular rate of cake of bright now butter again, can know our Chinese is below the case that has a choice, basic be not to like frost of butyric in syrup.
But be in North America, be a thing another. I those foreigner colleague friends, to the passion of frost of butyric in syrup, let my acclaim as the peak of perfection. To them, the place of the elite of cake, depend on frost of this butter in syrup. They are short of the bright butter adornment that be short of to sweet taste, also be interest is short of.
The cake that learned Wilton recently decorates a class, frost of this butter in syrup also is the key of study. To the way that makes the cream that send delicacy, in the classroom on book, carry nobody carries.

The English of frost of butyric in syrup is Buttercream Icing. Do not cross this recipe within of Wilton, little Butter or Cream are done not have. Do not have butter (butter) , also do not have weak butter.

Candy pink——454g (makes an appointment with 4 cups)
Plant ghee- - 1 cup
Egg white pink—-2 spoon
Move flavour elite- - 1 tea spoon (but slightly)
Salt——–1 gather (but slightly)
Clear water——2-6 spoon

With plant ghee (white oil) the purpose is to make candy frost soft but model, also won’t lose water share instantly and harden. You can replace plant ghee with butter, but butter takes yellow slightly, making the candy frost that come won’t be white.

And with plant ghee, the grandma that does not have butter naturally is sweet. Wilton has special butter flavor to move flavour elite, colorless and transparent, also be a kind of additive. Also have sweetgrass taste additionally, the waits different taste a moment attune of almond flavour flavour elite can be chosen. The tone gourmet powder of that herb flavour China, the vanilla cream that bake of the confect when peace uses also has distinction. This is colorless and transparent man-made taste agent, vanilla cream is brown, give candy frost chromatically with latter meeting, also do not recommend so.

Another important raw material is egg white pink. If do not have, can replace with unripe egg white. Pink of egg white of 2 tea spoon =1 of 2 spoon water the egg white of the egg. Need of this egg white dismisses with eggbeater rigid is epispastic reuse.
In this recipe: Pink of 2 spoon egg white 6 spoon water, so need uses the egg white of 3 eggs.

Saline action, it is briefly solution be bored with. Nevertheless I feel action is not particularly big, was put or die euqally sweet dead sweet.

Candy frost practice:

Notice the dosage of clear water, with the relation of candy frost hardness:
The 2 spoon water that at first adds, the candy frost quality of a material that basically makes is " hard " qualitative. If the place in the graph is shown,can pull out big top. You may need the water imbibition of the candy pink according to you, add a few clear water to reach this level more again, at this moment best 1 tea spoon adds 1 tea spoon.
Horniness candy frost adds 1 spoon water, it is medium qualitative candy frost. Adding 2 spoon water is frost of soft qualitative candy.
Horniness candy frost basically is used at stereo modelling, need erect leaf, lamina to wait for instance. Frost of soft qualitative candy can be used write. Upright character in at both between, be used to more do planarrer pattern and edging.

When candy frost is made, candy pink does not want to be joined entirely, also do not use eggbeater agitate at a draught, otherwise your kitchen will be enveloped by a Bai Wu. I am divided second join candy white, and use rubber knife first agitate.
Eggbeater agitate is used later, time does not exceed 3 minutes. Meet in candy frost otherwise the bleb with overmuch interfuse, affect illuminative result.

After white candy frost has been made, can add pigment of a few edible to be moved into the candy frost of all sorts of color.

Below this, it is the qualitative candy frost illuminative in using. Dismiss compared with weak butter, edges and corners is some more trenchant, can room temperature is saved also won’t change. The problem is: Too sweet! Ah.

Do not have the friend of weak butter really, when decorating cake, can consider a few come with this method accommodate to sb.

If you choose gallinaceous egg white to replace egg purification:
Unripe egg has the risk that salmonella contracts really. Healthy adult resistance is stronger, if the salmonella of your seat catchs the word with little odds, need not worry too, can edible. Do not suggest children, pregnant woman and old weak edible contain the provision of unripe egg. A case also is sure to want before the egg is used abluent wipe.
Additional, because have the risk that salmonella contracts,also be, the provision that contains unripe egg so should be fed as soon as possible with end, and do not store below room temperature exceed 2 hours.
If you can buy sterilization egg white, criterion need not apprehension salmonella was affected.

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Labial tine stays sweet sweet sesame paste sesame seed cake

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Graph / article author: ** is not one’s previous experience of ** of ** regular professional training
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Went up with biscuit recently, the agent that has coiled child both sides always is bad heal, tried to make sesame seed cake of this sesame paste, it is good that heal reachs his, found some of key it seems that

The sesame seed cake of half leaven dough, the cake that baking pan makes is a little dry, taking the advantage of heat to eat nevertheless still is pretty is delicious, and flapjack when not very gives or take a lot of trouble, take time, ah, regrettablly husband does not like to eat sesame paste, ate ~ of ~ of two ~ ~

Do not give outer part!

Course of action:

1 dry yeast leaves with lukewarm to hydrate, knead dough, wake 20 minutes

2 add sesame paste candy to mix divide evenly, if too dry can transfer into proper oil, xie Kai

3 will wake the dough roll that has sent becomes chip, thinner made cake is more delicious, the chopping board of my home errors small, face skin does not have roll to arrive the thinnest

On 4 good in roll sesame paste daub face skins, furl, cent becomes an agent child, every agent child both ends is held close, search an area roll becomes small cake

5 scatter on sesame seed, get on sesame seed squeezing ramming in cake

Warm-up of electrify of 6 report baking pan, after waiting for lamp of baking pan warm-up to destroy, put the cake embryo that has done, build before last, appear when baking pan steam, cake is good with respect to bake in a pan (I always fear bake in a pan was papered, midway opened a lid a few times, crossed height a few times)

Bake in a pan two groups, of a group of black sesame seed, of a group of white sesame seed, growl, sesame paste and much, let me wipe cake in, gigantic sweet ~ of clinking ~ ~

Kung-pao chicken and fry cabbage patch series of husband box meal 22

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Kung-pao chicken and fry cabbage patch — series of husband box meal 22
Graph / article author: The bubble of the dream
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Husband: Wife, you can Lenten in put the condiment that fries the flesh?

I: Is you want to eat the meat?

Husband: Either, either, I do not want to eat the meat. I just want to be in Lenten li of taste that has a flesh!

I am dizzy…

Fry cabbage patch

Raw material: Cabbage patch, green garlic

Condiment: Essence of pink of salt, cooking wine, the five spices, chicken


1, cabbage patch abluent accuse water to be ripped piece

2, Chinese prickly ash of oily boiler boil in water for a while and green garlic, after giving sweet smell, enter cabbage patch, conflagration is fried quickly, enter essence of life of pink of the five spices, salt, chicken, cooking wine gives boiler

Outfit dish eat

Kung-pao chicken
Raw material: Ginger of garlic of pigeon breast, green pepper, earthnut, green

Condiment: Essence of cooking wine, salt, amylaceous, candy, vinegar, soy, balm, chicken


1, pigeon breast cuts Ding Yong cooking wine, salt, starch to bloat 10 minutes, green pepper cuts man, pignut blast is ripe into dish in wait for cool, with essence of salt, chicken, candy, vinegar, balm, cooking wine, juice of condiment of make it of starch of clear water, soy

2, hot pot cool oil is fried into gallinaceous man to hoar garlic of the ginger that enter green, break up into green pepper fry a little while into condiment juice, give boiler into earthnut
Outfit dish eat! !

The boiling water of egg of crash bean curd that I and bean curd have a date [greedy interest]

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I and bean curd have a date -
Soup of egg of crash bean curd
Small fennel of graph article /

Use bean curd stew only before, because bean curd nots allow,take taste easily.

Accidental opportunity, the bean curd that remained with a bit that day cuts silk, makings matching soup does boiling water, simple good drink, suit the office worker of time insecurity very much.

Give you a close proposal: If not be too busy, add the vegetable silk with on a few new model, it is better that he do Laoshang to flavor!

Material: Bean curd treasure of a small hoosh (pig bone) an egg a caraway a water 800 ML


1 bean curd cuts into shreds, boiled water has been ironed, waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall; The break up inside egg bowl; Caraway is mincing reserve.

Water is added in 2 boiler, put conflagration of hoosh treasure, bean curd to be boiled, infiltrate the egg is spent.

3 scatter on caraway gives boiler.

Sweet thick bean curd soup

The face hauls board fish [greedy interest]

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The face hauls board fish

Graph article / small fennel

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

The interesting interesting nest of ** small fennel **

Board fish, grow those who get Chou Chou, the skin is hard hard, carry really do not have maw opening. But give the redo after its flay to become dish, became god-given delicate.

Use fish of butter fry in shallow oil for the first time, thinking of is good taste really.

Material: Thoroughfare?50G*2 Butter 20G*2 piece 5ML of fresh lemon juice Caraway 1 Salt of \ of pepper of cooking wine \ is right amount


1 Board fish is abluent flay, souse of salt of \ of pepper of cooking wine \ 10 minutes. Lemon squeezes juice, caraway is mincing.

2 Flat bottom is not stuck butter 20G is put in boiler, thermalization of small baked wheaten cake leaves in, put the board fish that has bloated the simmer in water in boiler 5 minutes, search an area, again decoct 5 minutes.

3 The fish will be held when decoct fish dish heat into oven 171 degrees 2 minutes, take out, good decoct fish is put dish in.

4 Put in boiler the rest of 20G butter is changed, mix even into lemon juice, irrigate it is above the fish, scatter on caraway end, take the advantage of the desk on heat.

Important clew:

1 Cookbook origin: ” the center that French dish chooses ” , alter somewhat according to actual condition.

2 before putting the fish into oily boiler decoct before, always should wrap above pink, use nowadays do not stick boiler decoct fish, but need not flour. But dish name still is called a face to haul board fish.

3 This dish must take the advantage of heat to eat, because cool later butter will be caky.

4 If use, is the butter that has salt, can reduce salt to measure appropriately or need not add salt again.

The nutrient abalone congee that learns to make Korea food [yam V pachyrhizus]

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The cloudy day rained again yesterday, agreeing picnic plans bubble soup! Depressed, covering tightly in the home! The nutrient congee that learning to boil Korea - abalone congee. Looked previously ” grow greatly today ” know abalone is splanchnic congee is the high-quality goods in congee, because ate very much fresh seaweed, splanchnic give out shallow green light, it is the elite that comes from the sea. In Han Shanggong and Cui Shang Gong of the 1st dish right definitely in, long today of Bao ” seafood abalone congee ” be boiled by Jinying ” 5 child congee ” suffer a defeat, but still let yam remain fresh in one’s memory! Turn over a book this to seek formula at once.

Abalone had not been bought in Wuhan home before, go also the family has done eating house eats, do not know abalone piece what appearance. Came Korea just knows this thing of the supermarket is abalone! Good cafeteria also has abalone, just compare small, it is to eat raw, it is mouthfeel not up to much really. This little abalone also does not know the ormer abalone that we often say, anyway yam was counted is 9 small raised, housing child very hard, when buying, still live, abalone meat is active still. Look technically this splanchnic, green and yellow 2 kinds, a bit fearsome, korean also be to eat raw, we do not have this courage, still calculated. Bought 3, 2 boil congee, egg of an evaporate water.
Korean like to eat raw, with the Chinese clear water issues rice, again the boils congee way in a way of feed in raw material is a little different, korean habit first ” content ” the oil that uses a few breaks up fry a few times, issue rice to add water again. And rice also is not whole bead, in advance passes abrade pink to break, boil the congee that go out more exquisite Hua Shuang. This yam used the practice with a gas province that omit report to do this congee. What did not think of congee is true is very good drink, taste have grain of rice, the mouthfeel of grain of rice is very good also, abalone is soft rot a flavour that add salt is very delicious! The congee that boils frowzily all the time is good without this mouthfeel. Everybody can try!
What require data:

Abalone 1/2, Jiang Pian 3, garlic piece 2, green 2, caraway 2, rice 1 cup, water 7 cups

Course of action:

(1) general abalone is abluent, cut bead
(2) rice bubble half hours of above, drop works
(3) oily boiler explodes sweet Jiang Pian and garlic piece next abalone bead are fried to white, next rice are fried together sweet.

(4) add the abalone rice that has fried 7 cups of water, conflagration is boiled. Fire involves immediately after leaving, enter electric meal Bao entirely inside, close cap valve, open heat preservation file.

Open a lid to add salt and caraway in the morning the following day or chopped green onion can drink delicate abalone congee! Heat preservation is basic not what chooses waste time, gas also need not leave to boil all the time, very province! This congee suits a serious illness heal first, weak of kidney empty body is practical. We 2 people are in the home one day to eat one caldron congee, pachyrhizus still says to eat abalone congee every day later, yam plaints, good! You seek a wealthy old woman at once! ! !

Egg of evaporate of orange of simple and easy sweetmeats gives my beautiful woman

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Egg of evaporate of orange of simple and easy sweetmeats gives my beautiful woman
Graph article: Spring bites dingdong

** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

Today is my home beauty- - the community birthday of ☆ of ☆ delicate concern, may someone says, the birthday of community has what meaning, not be true. But feel medium in my individual, community birthday to us more all meaning. If do not have a network, if do not have community, also do not have I and delicate acquaintance, also do not have our deep friendship. Although we cannot often meet, but through the network we can not have a word not to say euqally, can talk of everything like, close boudoir friend can be become like.

Like all the time delicate the food that make, although delicate it is Cantonese, but the flavour that I can feel a northward dish always in her dish. The feeling is especially other and friendly, also combine my taste very much. Still have delicate the copy KFC hamburger that make, make me dumbfounded really, saliva flows continuously, what person ah how can so the heart is deft.

Delicate to the friend attentive, more let me feel times warmer send. Remember last we meet, what cannot take a car is delicate, just took the car of a few hours to come Guangzhou and we get together. See delicate, the feeling seems old sister, without the not close feeling of a bit. When order dishes, attentive still do not have hot problem considering small dingdong. Although the days that gets together is brief, kept good memory to me however.

Dear, during lending this birthday, serve dingdong the best blessing: Forever healthy joy!

Egg of evaporate of orange of simple and easy sweetmeats

Egg of this orange evaporate is acquired in cate kitchen a few days ago, do easily exceedingly simply. So that day in the evening, I was carried out immediately, taste is really good still, after eating, also need not wash even the bowl, hey.

Material reachs a way:

Orange 3:

Dissection orange half-and-half:

Dig flesh of orange juice crush out, orange clean:

Orange juice has installed with the bowl:

Infiltrate the egg in orange juice, join candy agitate even (need not add water) :

Orange bowl places small dish is fortunately medium:

Enter fluid of orange juice egg orange bowl, put the evaporate in boiler:

Here should notice, evaporate 10-15 says on the net minute, my evaporate 12 minutes, discovery is too old as a result, want 5 minutes only can:

Can leave eat:

Delicate dear, fasten polite:

Surpass 100 flavour 0804 cate challenge sandwich of super submarine fort

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** of ** Sohu West Point without the author Precious jade the fat mom of darling License, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

*** Abstain contest 100 flavour are super submarine fort sandwich ***

Graph / article author: Precious jade the fat mom of darling

** ** of my sina rich guest
** ** of my Sohu rich guest

Zhou Wu played the spring outing that nursery school organizes, went to park of jade deep pool and world of Pacific Ocean sea floor. This sandwich is us is handy, still did birthday manages and bake a wing.
The website that surpasses 100 flavour to do this super sandwich to still go up designedly scouted one time, only regret is sauce makings is not complete, lack yellow mustard sauce, can use me only alone door secret sauce (old dry Mom adds fermented bean curd) , do not cross exterior or resemble quite, ah.

Material and way are very simple, prepare biscuit of a strip (the bake law bag that I am myself, use flour only, water, salt, yeasty) from the sliver intermediate, do not want analyse to break, the lettuce on clip, cucumber, onion, ham, the taste that can press oneself is adjusted at will. Squeeze next on the sauce that oneself like expects can.

The proposal draws out the interior of biscuit a few emptier, still can put some of stuff more so, otherwise too thick, mouth is fast when eating the root after having side. Eat the photograph is not quite tasteful.

Wing of hemp hot duck

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Go to a supermarket discovering duck wing is right today, a few more redemptive, made the duck wing that love takes

It is to disclose a plan below:
1. raw material: Chinese prickly ash, cassia bark, anise, aniseed, ginger, soy, salt, candy, chili
2. water is done, scald
Wing of 3. scald good duck is taken out
4. does not rise water pours in boiler, put condiment of the first pace
5. also puts in duck wing, big phlogistic boil (about 15 minutes) involve fire, if water is put little, but comfortable li of small fire
6. takes out the duck wing that has boiled outfit dish, asperse on pink of Chinese prickly ash, chili face (love eats hemp hot can put much drop) irrigate hot oil in the face, boil gives sweet smell.
Good, finished, proposal everybody air became cool it is better to have taste again, our home is to did not wait normally fully cool dispose of, ah!

Oyster sauce potato chips and series of meal of box of hawkthorn beef husband 18

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Oyster sauce potato chips and hawkthorn beef — series of husband box meal 18
Graph / article author: The bubble of the dream
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

** clicks the ** of foamy rich guest that enters a dream

Connecting the rain that fell 2 days, temperature also dropped abruptly many, everybody should tote the clothes, avoid caught a cold for demeanour but not be to one’s profit oh! Present medical expenses can be very expensive oh!

Oyster sauce potato chips

Raw material: Garlic of potato, carrot, green pepper, green

Condiment: Essence of oyster sauce, dawdle


1, section of potato, carrot, green pepper is ripped piece

2, hot pot cool oil enters green garlic, give beans of the be buried after fragrance, carrot, green pepper, break up fry come to give birth to oyster sauce, dawdle energy goes boiler

Hawkthorn beef

Analyse first ha! This beef eats beef face to remain Saturday, take box meal to husband today in.

Raw material: Ginger of beef, sweet leaf, aniseed, Chinese prickly ash, cassia bark, hawkthorn, green

Condiment: Honey, salt, candy, soy, cooking wine


1, beef stripping and slicing, the scald in putting boiled water comes become angry take out, in putting sweet leaf, aniseed, Chinese prickly ash, cassia bark, hawkthorn into condiment to wrap, reserve

2, in putting the meat into high-pressured boiler, enter ginger of bag of cooking wine, salt, candy, soy, honey, condiment, green, add water, cover the lid of high-pressured boiler, steam hind small fire presses 30 minutes on.

The watch looks, leave eat!