Add bit of health for the life- - fry asparagus

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Mother-in-law home is planted asparagus, this moment harvests the season of asparagus just about. Listen to grandpa to say asparagus nutrition is very rich, come back I am checked from the net, good gracious disastrous, asparagus has so high nutrition value actually. Can prevent malignant tumor and cancer, have very high officinal value, and the content of the vitamin also is to think those who become is tall. In the home buying the price is 3 many money, the sale price that I consider the market to go up should be in 4-5 piece money, fortunately mother-in-law home plants this, otherwise we can eat not to have so expensive vegetable every day, hey. Of asparagus viridescent and white, I ask grandpa why to be planted in the home of green, grandpa says asparagus yield is low, weight is light, and the price is low, plant all the time in the home Bai Sun.
Asparagus is green food, do not make agriculture chemical, because asparagus is long in clay, in just appeared the head has not appeared even when coming, was dug come out, do not need to make agriculture chemical.
When I eat asparagus for the first time, feel it hard, not very is delicious. Like to go up it is this year, the meeting is a bit bitter when just eating, can taste do not feel to suffer from, have even a tiny bit of sweet, fragile fragile, mouthfeel is very good.
Of asparagus fry a law very simple, since I took fried course, look to everybody!
Send ~ <br><br> of finished product graph first

Material: The root of asparagus is general older, when eating, picked, after be being washed clean, cut inclined piece.
Cut green garlic into end, tomato cuts Cheng Ding, after the flesh has been cut, with chicken essence of life and cooking wine bloat a little while.
Oil is put in boiler, the flesh is fried after oily heat, tomato man and green garlic end are put after the flesh is hoar, drip next the dot often is smoked, put asparagus to break up finally fry, vinegar and salt are added when giving boiler quickly. <br><br>

Send the QQ candy of 61 cloth? Bright flinchs 艱 IY]

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Tomorrow is 61 children can put on the most beautiful dress to go to the school performing a program to go with pa Mom certainly engorge one

The child’s life is simple and happy

As ” overage children ” the Tong Zhen that we also can hold a heart closely

Do a super and simple sweetmeat to give all children and old friends


QQ candy a packet (aleatoric heft, aleatoric taste) , milk

The method that make:

1. QQ candy is put into boiler

2. Milk is entered in boiler, did not cross QQ candy can

3. Keep with ladle agitate till QQ candy is deliquescent (also can put QQ candy and milk into the bowl, the evaporate that lie between water)

4. Enter a mould

5. Wait for cool shape can (I am to be put in room temperature cool, also can put freezer cold storage, such rate are rapid)

Thin silk of wash one’s hands of plays hide-and-seek hopscotch
Send 61 — QQ candy flummery

Zephyr comes loose birthday manages [boil simply meaning]

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Sudden crank did a simple and easy edition medicinal powder birthday department,
Because prepare temporarily, what don’t have to feed capable person well, ah. . .
Do a thing anyway, basically be oneself most buoyant,
Adjust measures to local conditions: )

Maigre be in Japan, be called ” essence of life enters arrange ” , include ” the food of wisdom ” meaning.
Nature is healthy, delicate and elegant, give a person big pure and fresh however feeling.
Of day type medicinal powder birthday department is celebrate in the section (for instance daughter section) , the flower sees (admire cherry) , the fundamental situation such as dinner customer just is done.

1) rice of department of the birthday that boil: Maize rub is washed to the rice oar that does not have white, thoroughly cook. Mix by heat birthday department vinegar, candy (the rose sugar that I use, ha, taste the sweet smell that still has a rose) , a few salt.
2) install birthday department meal in container, planish fact. Like according to oneself again, add various data. . . Had placed according to pattern, the originality that sees you. . . Silk of sea liver mosses, cucumber silk, egg silk is indispensable. . . Have seafood otherly, roe is best. . .

Because husband does not like to eat too acerbity, I do not have these material to undertake handling again, everybody can immerse the material such as cucumber to manage taste into a few in acetic water in birthday. . . Anyway oneself eat, also not need repeat what the book says, ah. . .

Orange peel of French of face

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The flour that Italian face uses and our China do used flour to differ,
What it uses is a kind ” hard Du Lin is wheaten ” , so long boil not burnt,
The face has trueborn Italy very much bite interest, boil namely rawness, bite rise the condition that feels a bit hard

Suggest how you take broach to take Italian side here:
Will dish medium noodle is dialed medicinal powder, good the dip that makes noodle even is in sauce makings. First a few noodle since hold up are put in dish edge, leave trifling space to turn broach, it is to use broach to furl noodle of course next, in still must sending the entry noodle with happy mood.

But beautiful cake (French: Cr ê Pe)
It is the thin pancake made of millet flour that a kind of pan decoct makes two sides and becomes, can use as dish of bottom of the desert, also can become a cate beautiful food oneself.
The most general composition includes the breast of flour, egg, ox, butter, salt with a handful,
Main component is two kinds of taste, sweet but what beautiful cake uses is wheat flour, and Xian Keli cake uses buckwheat or rye pink is made.

But the Buliedani that beautiful cake comes from French northwest ministry area (French: Bretagne) , because local soil is barren, quite adverse to growing wheatenly, to live thin pancake of consummate of loath put up with, match with other edibles edible, and on the tradition, this area edible but beautiful cake still can deserve to go up cider together boil is boiled.

Orange peel but beautiful cake, hall of general Western-style food is preferred use as dessert.
This is very traditional method: Cut into shreds orange skin, orange juice adds candy and alcoholic drink firing flavor juice. Be in cake dip next flavor the edible in juice.


1) in putting noodle the water that boils olive oil of a few that add salt, when fish out comes, bite do not have hard heart but mouthfeel is small hard better, cross water issueing ice, accuse water, add olive oil to mix divide evenly is cooling, can refrigerate.
2) on the west orchid, shrimp enters briny scald ripe
3) olive oil fries sweet garlic piece, onion man, join the tomato of flay, pork end, salt candy cheese black pepper ketchup soup-stock (or milk) boil ripe, bit of potted DE tuna flesh is added to mix when giving boiler divide evenly.
4) is placed dish optional, irrigate juice.

Ah, this also should say to be done in disorder in disorder. . . Because I am in 3 inferior, western-style food moves burden here very few, butter is connected in the biggest supermarket, earth up a root ah of and so on east east must not sell. Specializing in inn also is to offer what the hotel uses the sort of exceeding pack greatly, I do not have method to buy really. . . Can make do with only. . .

My practice:
1) flour milk salt rock candy pink the egg hits divide evenly twice, place a hour;
2) orange flesh is detached. Lemonade a few of a strong spirit usu. made from sorghum orange peel orange flesh infusion of rock candy pink leaves;
3) do not have with pan slow fire panbroil ripe but beautiful cake, place dish. Do not have other burden really, adorned some of Huang Tao piece with tomato juice, some more beautiful: )
4) French bun is bought Dali garden, taste is good still.

Ah, because there are the bright Mu wine of inventory and butter in my home, butter,
Replace with a strong spirit usu. made from sorghum and olive oil, the individual feels pretty good still. . .

Congee of bone of dish dry pig the breakfast of cookbook of examinee of corn thin pancake made of millet flour

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Nutrient breakfast advantage, make simpler, nutrition is rich

Corn thin pancake made of millet flour

The method that make: Corn face a few Flour little corn Candy or salt are right amount Milk (or water) right amount

all material tone becomes paste, a few rarer cake is a few softer, conversely some harder, can adjust according to be fond of.

Put a few oil, come with pan decoct two sides is golden can.

Dish does pig bone congee

The method that make: Pig character trait Dish doing shifts to an earlier date a few of soft earthnut of one late bubble (can save) Jiang Yi is small Rice a few is oily

water of pig bone scald. Dish doing cuts paragraphs small. Mi Tao is clean.

Congee is boiled after all material mix, can add edible of a few salt, sesame oil.

Congee of bone of dish dry pig corn thin pancake made of millet flour bubble cucumber apple

The breakfast with rich nutrition gets ready, actuate! !

These days rainstorm is ceaseless, the light is particularly dark, take a picture very not easy. Expectation heavy rain decreases rapidly, otherwise the flood should come again…

Breed south decoct flesh

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~~ of flesh of simmer in water of the milk austral piscine fish card

Of piscine fish flavor make sauce beef closely

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must not reprint without permitting *
Make = closely secretly? *^_^* makes sauce beef closely [piscine fish flavor]

Say a word outside the problem first. Can tell me how to revise the size of the picture when community sends a card. Do not know how to return a responsibility recently. The picture that I send is very auspicious big, it is to be here not only, also be very big in Blog. But be in,Blog can be revised, here does not know how to be revised, perhaps say to be able to be revised. That tube can tell me.

In one’s childhood cate—Sauce beef. The sauce beef that awaits in those days is this kind is Brown, unlike present Gong Gong delicate and charming be about to drip. Also knowing is bovine breed problem or among added a few $&^(&# . . The banner that playing beef of the shadow that make the tube is when this beef is bought. That knows my zero hour is apostate going straight towards sauce beef. The sauce beef that does not want regard as to come out seems to strike wood of dry be similar in shape, taste very soft actually, very sweet drop.

Remembered, delicate sauce beef should divide a pace to go: Reins? bittern is made. Make frowzily. Ha. The name since myself, be like a model to be like appearance *^_^*


1. beef together. With toothpick above plunge into a lot of alveolus to be permeated at flavour with benefit. What if just meet,giving birth to someone is fuggy. So this process is had exceeded abreact means.

2. wants the souse spice that uses: All? anise. Fine ginger. White bandit. Cassia bark. Rock candy. There still is a few from the back, those who like is OK add, it is OK also to be not added.

3. mixes all flavor and beef.

4. adds cooking wine. Add soy. I am to often be smoked unripe smoke put a few. The quantity should have done not have beef completely.

Because 5. just made etc. served cold in the home. So I expect bittern to the makings in the bag is spread completely above, was being thrown also is to throw, produce surplus value adequately. Have dry chili among them, chinese prickly ash, caoguo. Sweet leaf. What should do next is lid good cap, put into freezer. At least feeds 24 hours.

The beef with 6. good souse.

After coming 24 hours when, begin bittern to make:

7. puts the flavor of souse beef and juice into boiler entirely. Add the water of one times. With green paragraph. I go boiling inside the thick gravy that did not add water to pour the thing into head day entirely directly.

Salted and fermented soya paste of one small spoon uses 8. to hydrate leaves reserve.

Beef falls after 9. water is boiled.

10. enters the salted and fermented soya paste that changes. Conflagration is boiled again, shut small fire slowly the size of beef boils the basis to reach half hours. ripe do not open lid later. Be written down, do not want to open, those who make beef natural in boiler is cooling.

Make frowzily: Divide evenly shine Cong is blown? of hawk of trade of H Liao grey  and thick gravy are put into freezer to refrigerate 12 hour above together. Good, section, drop cover of a few chili. Enjoy delicate.

The good partner of sauce beef was not chili face to not be counted really. Do not need too much, although little little also can let taste bud have different feeling for an instant. True, although little can produce effect a bit lesser, so even if cannot eat hot person to more or less also be added a bit. The sort of hot it is a meeting above consist in lip hot. Rather he of plain dish hot it is different experience.

[Fox hears wall bulletin] alone blindly inn of grilled fish of 10 thousand cities offers sumptuous dinner of cate of dish Olympic Games

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[Fox hears wall bulletin] alone blindly inn of grilled fish of 10 thousand cities offers sumptuous dinner of cate of dish Olympic Games
Dispatch fox salon publicizes a station to love to eat piscine Er Jackyjj_1985@chinaren of the cat

Dispatch fox salon (on May 30) : Sohu eats and drink the sumptuous dinner of cate of Olympic Games of <a Href= Http://> that channel holds - 5 kinds of health greet Olympic Games activity to undertake getting like a raging fire, each friend and of all kinds dining-room use up his can cooking is delicate, participate in supportive Olympic Games with the form of cate, let everybody get different enjoyment from the taste of cate, vision and spirit, the Olympic Games cate that they roll out wants those who satisfy people to enjoy namely. In the Olympic Games enter traditional culture confluence in year in type of a path dish, reveal China cate broad and profound, also give power for the Olympic Games at the same time.

Alone blindly the <a Href= Http:// of inn of grilled fish of 10 thousand cities? Id=134> alone blindly salty Xian Chunrun of sweet hot shrimp, flavor is grumous, shrimp carapace crisp pine, shrimp dried meat floss is tender, alcohol and not impetuous, first sweet hind hot, mouthfeel moderate, inviting appetite; And its <a Href= Http:// Id=135> alone blindly between red Huang Xiang of sweet hot crab, full colour and lustre goes out fully inviting bright. The entrance is a bit first hot, then a little hemp, bite to go down again, crab flesh is tender and sweet, flavour is full-bodied showing clever spirit again, make person strange; <a Href= Http:// Id=132> is baked blindly alone stringing together is it is a foundation with ancestral recipe, will bake string try first souse of a few kinds of flavor, be baked slow with charcoal fire next and become, bake string of flavour dense, hold concurrently a hemp, hot, bright, sweet wait for a characteristic.

Is what have to carry of course <a Href= Http:// of its core technology? Id=133> alone blindly grilled fish of 10 thousand cities, this dish is it is a foundation with ancestral recipe, will complete fish tries a few kinds of flavor, method of shirt-sleeve and primitive barbecue and secret of technology of modern culinary art are made and become, give pinkish red Gong Liangliang, color, sweet enough already photograph popular feeling lienal, flavour is to hold concurrently more a hemp, hot, bright, sweet, slippery wait for a characteristic. Let us admire next its processes that make: Kill a fish to make condiment with exclusive secret next first, via special method souse a little while, put on fire to bake again to 9 maturity, mix together with a few kinds of flavor later, deserve to explode with main burden again fry, put the fish that has baked iron finally dish in, irrigate the tailor-made soup makings that goes up to just had been fried, the edge eats an edge to be stewed continuously with small charcoal fire boil, the material that yields Shang Zhong is sweet divide with battalion nurturance slowly in infiltration cruelly oppress. Its are used ” after be being baked first, stew ” distinctive cooking method, eat among, still can join fresh vegetable, vermicelli made from bean starch, bean products to wait distribute food, boil the soup juice that boil or touching grilled fish directly to eat, flavour does not have distinguishing feature really.

Alone blindly inn of grilled fish of 10 thousand cities is displayed for the Olympic Games go up this together delicate provide distinctive cooked food, let all of us feel the Olympic Games moves to go up in dish type with spirit reflect. Friends move a hand to come, let all of us show a competition ground of more splendid cate Olympic Games to the world together, let our solidarity, collaboration, another when show cate Olympic Games wonderful.

Is this the piscine Er that loves to have a cat in <a Href= Http:// What C=156&b=food&t=0> cate kitchen sends to you is relevant stalk of grain only, be about to know to the detail is examined to relevant forum please or continue to pay close attention to dispatch Hu Shalong stalks of grain only related propagandist station.

Relevant link: Regale of cate of Olympic Games of <a Href= Http://> - 5 kinds of health greet an Olympic Games

Alone blindly all work of grilled fish of 10 thousand cities

[5 edition call for paper the gift is much] elegant Li Xiu is self-confident (the kitchen has a share) already revised

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Spring came, shuck off thick winter clothes, advocate fashionable us, want to be changed beautiful beautiful spring clothing, show oneself youth and self-confidence before everybody. However because now of standard of living rise, of life rhythm accelerate and now of youth food not regularity, brought up a batch to slant fat crowd. Fat apply for a job to a lot of person look for a partner in marriage brought not little worry, a lot of fat sisters are thinking some day, can change nifty short skirt, long already long canister boots is envied on collocation, to the top of one’s bent the self-confidence that shows oneself.

A lot of people in us to reduce weight, request good plan hard, eat suffering to endure the torments of hunger still the effect is not apparent. Common saying says: “3 smelly cobbler, carry a Zhu Geliang on the head ” this second activity, invite all friends that have experience reducing weight to attend! Provide authority a mutual study, the opportunity that encourages each other! Reduce weight, believe you can succeed certainly!

[Mobile layout]

Salon reducing weight

Wife and mother concerns

Cate kitchen

Hairdressing protects skin

True my elegant demeanour

[Mobile time]On April 4, 2008, on May 31
[Criticize minute of time]On June 1, 2008 - on June 5
[Prize-giving time]After waiting for mobile fund to allot, award prize

[Mobile requirement]
1. work asks to achieve a hair formerly, past other forum must not be sent during the activity. Once discovery borroweds,cancel to take part in the match instantly qualification.

2. Stick piece beautiful oneself, the photograph can enter an activity one piece, it is OK to consider for individual privacy PS drops facial ministry, content basically introduces next his methods reducing weight and result, the word counts not less than 300 words

3. photograph must true, forbidden PS cheat, once discover, cancel to take part in the match qualification oh!

4. Make clear before caption [the graph is beautiful reduce weight] , the title can draft oneself from the back, attribute is common. Take part in the match work head sends salon reducing weight, at the same time 5 edition are sent entirely neat, cannot participate in otherwise choose. Unite by salon reducing weight collect number. Undertake selection according to the number order of salon reducing weight, This second activity explains authority puts in salon reducing weight ’s charge all.

5. Every ID can send 3, uniform add elite to save, recommend according to quality take into consideration the circumstances! Everybody can draw up his thin body food is arranged, give authority in order to consult; Also can draw up oneself everyday athletic arrangement; Perhaps oneself small doohickey is waited a moment etc, the wisdom that exerts authority. About rewarding a respect, can weigh recrudesce to put money reward.

During 6 activities, the card that plays an activity cannot transmit arrives the layout beyond mobile layout, cancel mobile qualification otherwise. Next is in is arranged in a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender that chapter of salon place dispatch is reducing weight immediately after each player sends each printed sheet please other link of chapter of dispatch of each layout place, can get only otherwise share award.
PS: Be afraid that authority is not clear, citing is as follows:
Http:// of relation of wife and mother (your address in chapter of dispatch of place of relation of wife and mother)
Cate kitchen Http:// (your address in chapter of dispatch of cate kitchen place)
Hairdressing protects skin Http:// (the address that you protect rule of skin place dispatch in hairdressing)
True Http:// of my elegant demeanour (you are in true the address of chapter of dispatch of place of my elegant demeanour)

7. Because reduce weight,matter to the individual’s health, must reduce weight for health so, cannot be unscientific method, the following kinds of kind are very illicit: One, put an end to similar 21 days of laws, the behavior reducing weight of the extreme such as cucumber egg, 2, the method reducing weight that puts an end to onefold food, this kind of behavior is more than and easy rebound, also affect healthy; 3, likewise determined boycott is urged spit wait for behavior, the means reducing weight inside fast short time, can quicken cutaneous ageing only, lose cutaneous luster. 4, stop drug reducing weight, the medicines and chemical reagents reducing weight that is oneself to using this activity makes conduct propaganda, cutout does not have condone. We reduce weight is for better life, have better life quality, what perhaps make oneself change is more perfect, go after weight painstakingly and abandon health, the loss outweights the gain. Reducing weight is a kind of manner, it is to let us more enjoy the life and cate. So, important is: Health reduces weight!

8. commissioner that asks for literary grace to use comprise by 5 mottled bamboo of joint forum, use dozen of cent to make, full marks 10 minutes, withhold 1 decimally, total cent is cumulative. If appraise through comparison is final cent is identical, criterion with taking part in the match serial number ranks order, arrive to win a prize first first, for fair for the purpose of, of short duration does not publish commissioner list, commissioner friendship takes part in the match, be obliged to share award.

[The activity rewards] :
Special grade award 1
(the fox in this objective concerns by wife and mother special assistance, thank fervent PX, ) 8888 2008=10896

First prize 3 (2008 1000 1188)*3=12588

Second-class award 5 (888 1188)*5=10380

Third class award 7 777*7 =5439

4 wait for award 7 288*7 =2016

The 1st participator is rewarded 1 288
The 2nd is rewarded to the 28th participator1 88*27=2376
The 77th participator is rewarded1 77

Commissioner each. 1188*5=5940
Add up to 50000

Fund ID: Sohubbsjianfei@sohu

This gift is rich and generous, welcome everybody to take an active part in


Click enter mobile layout

[Character special interview] the bright and beautiful a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of warm popular feeling - China year

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<b> | Introductive | : </b>In cate kitchen, have a busy mottled bamboo, the disposition of fire of wind wind fire does not break feminine tenderness however, she is bright and beautiful a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument - China year mottled bamboo, numerous leaf fat cook has doubt to like small scrip of bright and beautiful spot, want to have time only, bright and beautiful spot can be solved enthusiasticly. Make me original change careless to her think of a way, it is her the comprehension in rich guest. Such woman, resemble family and career cook is euqally outstanding, with the five flavors can the cooked food with the best v, so, let us take the inner world of bright and beautiful spot, share her heart road together.

The bright and beautiful a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument in the life is flatly light, but be in forum the mottled bamboo as cate kitchen, such low-key, total however meeting lets a person have the feeling of warm heart, pardonable a lot of people like to cry ” elder sister of bright and beautiful a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument ” .

Actually early wants to cover bright and beautiful a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument - China year, but before because such or it is in that way former fail to succeed consequently, of course among them the mainest still is bright and beautiful a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument wants to accept not quite all the time interview, want to be in only unknown to public of behind the curtain, this nevertheless it may be said achieved what one wishes.

<b> | Specially invite honored guest | : A twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of </b> bright and beautiful - China year

<b> | Honored guest | : </b> wind rises- - Yun Feiyang

Cate Mike

<b> | Compere | : SNOW of </b> Xue Wei

<b> | Direct assistant | : </b> Those who ignite is green rub Er

Morning- -

<b> | Interview time | : </b>2008 year on May 30 on Friday 20: 00 — 22: 00

BLOG: Tuo? China year, flavor of life a bit

Each friend everybody good evening, I am dispatch fox salon propagandist station eats and drink divisional Xue Wei SNOW, today’s interview chair by me. Thank be a guest of elder sister of bright and beautiful a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument above all station of conduct propaganda of salon of our dispatch fox eats and drink the interview column of the group, also thank at the same time in 100 busy in the friends that will sing the praises. The specially invite honored guest that we invite to welcome us with enthusiastic applause below elder sister of bright and beautiful a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument comes on the stage.

| What set an issue | :
1. Your character and your person, can let have very warm heart, no matter compare you to be mixed greatly,like smallier than you to call you elder sister, do you have why to feel?

2. Hear you have many gigantic fox, this is a lot of people of be envious, how must you come?

How can 3. think of to do cate? What is the motive force that you become cate?

How can 4. come to cate kitchen, how can you think of to apply for to do mottled bamboo at the outset? As the mottled bamboo of cate kitchen, what management result is there?

Him 5. most what is the dish type of expert?

6. eats and drink to this abstruse move activity of cate grand ceremony, how you look?

A few food that you make 7. , have special Yu Yi?

8. as cate kitchen it is this second abstruse move activity of cate grand ceremony advocate turn the land, how do you encourage the friend beside to attend?

9. this big earthquake, whether do you have be affected, how think at that time?

There are many edition friends in 10. kitchen is stricken be hit by a natural adversity area waits in Sichuan, what why want to say to them do you have?

Ps:&Nbsp; honored guest, compere and assistant query use red please, the answer of classmate of bright and beautiful a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument uses blue please, if the query gives bright and beautiful a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument elder sister,