Lotus root of the hot rice that fry a beans is taken [favorite your mouth]

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<P><STRONG><IMG Src=http://1812.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/blog/2008/5/30/9/22/11adc1b6b5a.jpg ></STRONG></P>

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Abstruse long have a word: “When shoe is appropriate, the foot was forgotten. " </STRONG></P>
<P><STRONG> rereads the word with this wonderful essence of life every time, savour those who fathom can have unscramble and comprehend newly. </STRONG></P>
<P>When <STRONG> shoe is appropriate, the foot was forgotten. </STRONG></P>
<P>When Fang Lishu of air conditioning of <STRONG> constant temperature is taken, the beauty of rainbow of harships of replace of the four seasons by oversight. </STRONG></P>
<P><STRONG> eats three square meals a day gluttonous regale when, taste bud is slow however. </STRONG></P>
<P>When <STRONG> marriage is insipid and harmonious, love was forgotten however. </STRONG></P>
<P><STRONG> are you persistent what? unwary what? </STRONG></P>
<P>What did <STRONG> your interpose conceive? dim what? </STRONG></P>
<P>Did you long for <STRONG> what? Lose what? </STRONG></P>
<P>Did you curse <STRONG> what? Be thankful again what? </STRONG></P>
<P><STRONG>Lotus root of the hot rice that fry a beans is taken</STRONG></P>
<P><STRONG>Raw material: Fabaceous rice two, lotus root belt is right amount, the flavoring such as thick chili sauce of garlic powder, old dry Mom</STRONG></P>
<P><IMG Src=http://1802.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/blog/2008/5/30/9/23/11adc212d7e.jpg ></P><STRONG>
Practice: </STRONG></P>
<P><STRONG>1, fabaceous rice enters scald ripe; </STRONG></P>
<P><STRONG>2, lotus root belt is abluent cut inclined paragraph; </STRONG></P></STRONG>
<P><IMG Src=http://1822.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/blog/2008/5/30/9/23/11adc181ac5.jpg ></P><STRONG></STRONG>
2, boiler burns heat, pour right amount oil, explode sweet garlic powder; </STRONG></STRONG></P>
<P><STRONG>3, in falling rice of lotus root belt, beans boiler, add the condiment such as salt, thick chili sauce, vinegar, little candy, urgent fire is fried quickly, give boiler quickly next. </STRONG></P>
<P> eats. </P>
<P><STRONG><IMG Src=http://1812.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/blog/2008/5/30/9/22/11adc1b6b5a.jpg ></STRONG></P>
<P> warmth hints: </P>
<P>1, lotus root takes the lotus root that is childhood; </P>
<P>2, must urgent fire is fried quickly, cannot be boiled or stew, what lotus root area has is that fragile bright. </P><STRONG> </STRONG>

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Coconut is sweet oaten biscuit [graph]

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*** picture: Coconut is sweet oaten biscuit! ***
Graph / article author: Orchid field mint
[Achieve formerly] ** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

Bought a bag of shredded coconut stuffing and oatmeal a long time to also do not eat, make cookie, had tasted, still solved fast overdue shredded coconut stuffing and cornmeal, make very simple also, expend butter namely. Make crisp kind what mug-up wants to let butter put on the ice is a few harder, unluckily not hard, want to let butyric bate now, say what it changed, do not think the cramp that gets the hand again, put cream 15 seconds bit in microwave oven. Cold water is put to dismiss again below.

Feed capable person: Butter 80 grams, white sugar 70 grams, egg one, low pink pink of 200 grams, coco 麥 of 3 big spoon, swallow piece 60 grams, 鮮 suckles 1 big spoon
Measure: After 1 butter bate, hit to loose hair to bleach with white sugar.

2 eggs break up becomes egg liquid, join course of action 1 in mix 勻 , the sieve enters flour agitate all 勻 , enter coco pink and swallow 麥 again piece mix 勻 ,
3 with ice-cream spoon dough each emits into what already spread good silver paper to bake dish in, put into oven middle-level, bake 20 minutes or so with 200 ℃ can.

Sunflower egg fries shelled fresh shrimps [the egg is delicate]

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Sunflower egg fries shelled fresh shrimps

Raw material: Egg 50 grams do 2 shelled fresh shrimps green 3-4 (or onion 50 grams) carrot, cucumber each a paragraph small Pea bead

Condiment: Salad oil Jiang Mo (or ginger pink) pepper Cooking wine Salt Gourmet powder Wet starch

Practice: 1. Shelled fresh shrimps, Gan Cong, carrot, cucumber is abluent the bead that cuts corn bead size. Pea bead is thoroughlied cook reserve.

2. egg puts wine of the feed in raw material in the bowl, salt, pepper, gourmet powder and divide evenly of wet amylaceous agitate.

3. boiler heat puts a few oil to turn boiler, make boiler touchs entirely thin thin oil, enter half egg fluid, boiler turns on the horse. Small fire simmer in water comes the surface is caky, search surface simmer in water gently ripe go up in chopping board. Become skin of another piece of egg with likewise honest legal system.

4. cuts skin of a piece of egg with the knife a bit wider, cut place again, one by one will cut two corner directly, by the side of do sunflower; Skin of another piece of egg is cut a bit narrower, make the range of sunflower. The leftover pieces that cuts is mincing, wait for dish to use with shelled fresh shrimps.

5. boiler heat puts oil, ordinal put stir-fry before stewing of Jiang Mo, Gan Cong, carrot, shelled fresh shrimps to fry, see shelled fresh shrimps becomes angry add cucumber and egg to break, wine of feed in raw material, salt, pepper, gourmet powder turns over divide evenly to fill serving dish quickly among.

6. is used narrow on the dish that egg bar code been fryinging, every between leave a few gap. Turn again 90 degrees pile up the 2nd, attention, every write matting check with an across of ground floor. The yard of egg skin one by one that will do sunflower side again is in all round circuit, ripe pea bead is placed in the aperture of grid finally.

Characteristic: Figure collocation of element of full-bodied, meat or fish, nutrition abounds vivid, fragrance

Blunt-snout bream of peacock spread its tail

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Blunt-snout bream of peacock spread its tail: This hires Cong You Guan to guide horsefly サ suckles excuse me of wisdom Buddhist templeput on the brakes

Blunt-snout bream of spread its tail, those who look quite fearsome, be being done actually still is pretty is easy, is this is fokelore medium ” paper tiger ” ?

On home banquet, the modelling of this dish is very of act artfully to get what one wants, the individual thinks to suit very much new suitable daughter-in-law pleases a mother-in-law, growl!

Do not say this food, insert broadcast a paragraph of ad first.

My home pieplant is ill recently, the pathogeny says according to him himself is to go up to go to what arboretum hair drier blows Saturday, believe for the moment.

After disease the first day, chinese rhubarb classmate becomes aware derive from personal get angry, had relieve internal heat or fever of a few bezoar then piece;

After disease the following day, chinese rhubarb classmate becomes aware derive from personal agnail, ate a few Li Junsha then;

After disease the 3rd day, chinese rhubarb classmate feels he caught a cold, drank medicine to be taken after being mixed with boiling water of cold of chrysanthemum of a packet of mulberry then;

After disease the 4th day, chinese rhubarb classmate went to a hospital directly, I feel he made a right decision eventually, after all Chinese rhubarb classmate is not a doctor, though be ailment only, but also cannot be without fundamental ground to do clinical test on him body with respect to such abruptly.

Today is disease hind the 6th day, the illness has a bit improve, can go up say, my old day, weight falls continuously 4 kilograms, become as me (must making clear me is not fatso) , then the family asks strongly to have meat or fish, before asking I reply in his weight, abandon similar the other interest that spells cloth to wait.

How can you do? Not only should let a family have meat or fish, let a family look to have appetite even.

Actually this fish just spent 6.5 yuan, ha, someone thinks got defecate appropriate. Ha, my great laughs.

Raw material: Blunt-snout bream, sauce of flavour of delicacy of oil of Chi of fish of green Chinese onion, ginger, green pepper, young red any of several hot spice plants, shallot, white pepper, evaporate, United States pole, cooking wine

Process: The 1 blunt-snout bream that has killed is cleaned clean; (the person that kill a fish to be able to ask fish of market carry out helps finish. )

2 cut equably from abdominal face back, but should make sure abdomen is linked together ceaseless, a salt and souse of pink of Bai Hu any of several hot spice plants are wiped equably 20 minutes after been cut;

3 preparation is right now other complementary makings. Silk of green Jiang Ju, cut green Duan Hejiang additionally again piece;

4 young red any of several hot spice plants and green pepper are mincing do adornment to use, red any of several hot spice plants can cut paragraphs ornamental is small;

Silk of ginger of the green on shop of 5 dish bottom, Jiang Pian, also can fill up 9 green paragraph;

The 6 blunt-snout bream that will cut are put on dish, arrange to place, piscine head and piscine end are placed at head end respectively, place into shape of peacock spread its tail;

The 7 black red any of several hot spice plants that place jacket act the role ofing to use, sauce of little taste of oil of Chi of fish pouring evaporate, United States pole, cooking wine of drop little a few, 6-7 of evaporate of the boiler on boiled water minute, boiler is not uncovered after involving fire, continue empty evaporate 2-3 minute;

After 8 fish produce boiler, scatter on shallot end, irrigate on hot oil, can edible.

Must notice ha:

The 1 fish that I buy is a jin, if the fish is big, boiler fire is big, big, need to adjust the time of evaporate according to actual condition;

2 courses experiment for many times I feel to compare flavour of black pointed any of several hot spice plants to be close friends with sweetbell redpepper a few, I am lazy today nevertheless used black pointed any of several hot spice plants.

Simple and relaxed seafood face water chestnut small beautiful hutch

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Come back this from Dalian, I brought many dried foods, the reason is bright can’t help eating, dry can eat slowly, ah, the practice of these dried foods is very much delicious, really cheap my LG. My LG loves to eat this area quite, he says very bright, that is of course, seafood seafood, although be a dried food very bright also

Raw material: Dry Xian child the flesh, do small whitebait, do dish of connected through one’s relatives, knife tangent plane

Condiment: Olive oil, salt, cooking wine


Scamper small whitebait: Small whitebait is abluent accuse to work, oil pours in boiler, small whitebait is put after was being heated up, small fire breaks up fry, give boiler when small whitebait becomes fragile to become golden look.

The face that boil: Water falls to be burned in boiler, scatter bit of salt and olive oil, put noodle, after boiling the soft rigidity that likes to oneself, fish out crosses water, accuse water to reserve.

The soup that boil: Abluent Xian child in boiler falling after bubble is good, the conflagration that add water is burned, in food of dry connected through one’s relatives is being put after boil, small fire continues to boil, right amount salt is added after boiling 20 minutes probably, cooking wine, can involve fire next.

Finally soup is irrigated go up in the face, scatter on small whitebait can. Although simple, but taste is very little really.

Disclose a plan:

Scamper small whitebait pursues:

The face that boil boils Shang Tu

Final finished product:

PS: Scamper small whitebait when fire must small, the meeting is otherwise burnt, also should break up frequently at the same time fry

Had better fly plane of oil absorption smoke of course, because there can be a bit raw meat or fish in the process of scamper, when eating, did not have, ha

Xian child must wash clean, can have sand otherwise, having cough up tooth, the word that uses LG calls gritty ^_^

Soup need not impose gallinaceous fine, because be,be seafood, itself delicacy is spent enough, can put a bit balm, but not much, much with respect to cover in delicacy flavour.

Appetite is big brace up menthene cake

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Summer arrived your epiglottis is fed — appetite is big brace up menthene cake

Mom was planted on the clearing before the building a few mint, annual we meet this time a few pickedder eat. Eating method is very much, it is scamper is worn before a few eat or scramble egg. Discovered a kind of more delicious way recently, assure to let a person eat to still want to eat. Most the most crucial is treasure of my wife and children also likes to eat very much. And field mint still has officinal the action with health care.
Summer arrived, in inappetence when taste this menthene cake, the feeling of the sort of faint scent assures to be able to drive away your anorexia mood, let you eat to still want to eat ∩ of ~~~o(∩ _ ) O. . .

Material: Field mint, flour, oily, refined salt.
Add flour water and reserve into dough.
field mint mincing add a few salt to reserve.
Press dough into round cake, wipe above on a few oil is scattered on the mint that has cut, coil. In press into round cake.
Put electric baking pan to two sides golden can.

Dumpling of Shao Yang egg

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Dumpling of Shao Yang egg
Material: Egg, meat stuffing
Practice: Meat stuffing cannot too thin, also cannot too fat, had better use manual cut, do not use a machine.
Inside meat stuffing according to individual taste mix up, install dish of preparation. The egg is broken into pieces, must hit very brokenly, the dip that use spoon rises, topple gently, should become even clipper-built, cannot have bulgy.
The egg skin that such remove doing is even, good-looking. In drip egg skin when, had better use a bit thicker iron bowl, because iron bowl be heated is some evener. Oil should be wiped even.
When wrapping egg dumpling, best cut away of the horn side egg skin.
Wipe unripe pink.
When cutting, inclined knife is cut, beautiful.
When using deepfry, hold with the hand, lest came loose. Scamper comes outside golden OK.
Enter steam box next, evaporate is ripe, give boiler to irrigate soup, eat by heat. Delicate.
Finished product



Iron egg skin, the demand is weak, or, eat an egg namely, we still basically eat the meat, hahaha

Wrap egg dumpling, one piece can wrap 2-3 root

Inclined knife is cut

Deepfry process was not patted
Install a bowl directly

Enter basket evaporate, ah
On the lid, cannot see, hahaha

Appear, irrigate soup, scatter bit of chopped green onion, highest grade

Hope everybody likes

Swedish meatball

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[Wen Yi] do not go to appropriate home also can eating—-[Swedish meatball]

Click enter - - " cate kitchen of Wen Yi "

Do not go to appropriate home also can eating—-Swedish meatball

Fleshy bolus raw material: Beef stuffing 50 grams Pork stuffing 50 grams Biscuit is branny 100 grams Egg 1 Soy 2 spoon (30ml) black peppery broken 1 teaspoon (5 grams)

Sauce raw material: Butter 30 grams A kind of dried mushroom 4 Weak butter 4 spoon (60ml) Soy 1 spoon (15ml)

Distribute course raw material: Lettuce 2 Small tomato 4 Yangtao is optional Mayonnaise 1 spoon (15 grams)


1) biscuit branny in pouring a bowl, put black peppery broken, enter 4 spoon (60 grams) clear water and soy, about 10 minutes are placed after mix is even, make biscuit branny sufficient imbibe;

2) after mixing beef stuffing and pork stuffing, infiltrate an egg, biscuit is entered after mix is even branny, again mix is even;

3) lettuce and tomato are abluent and mincing, yangtao flay cuts Cheng Xiaoding, after using mayonnaise agitate, put dish in;

4) a bit oil is wiped on the hand, small a round mass of food of meat stuffing make it. A few oil is entered in pan, wait for oil 5 when becoming heat, one by one puts small ball, in be being moved small fire will be filled after decoct of a round mass of food is ripe dish in;

5) move Cheng Xiaohuo, put butter, wait for after melting, put cut piece a kind of dried mushroom is fried soft hind, transfer into soy and weak butter (if doing not have, milk of usable a few is replaced) , continue to be boiled with small fire thick after stiff sauce, drench go up in fleshy bolus can.

Super 啰 Suo:

I like ** the thing that has color to be weighed quite, immersing so 2 spoon soy was put when biscuit is branny, if you like a round mass of food of light color, it is good to put 1 spoon.

** had better mix make it meatball with two kinds of meat stuffing, if cannot buy two kinds, use a kind of meat stuffing to also do not have a problem alone, but taste and mouthfeel are likely a little a bit more inferior. Pork is carried sweet, join beef stuffing to be able to make mouthfeel good.

If ** feels to make trouble of a round mass of food, press meat stuffing into small hamburger with the hand, double-faced decoct is ripe OK also, save time quite.

** a kind of dried mushroom can grace to the flavour of sauce many, need not not breath out elliptically. Without weak butter, be replaced with milk.

** this dish, used sauce 2 times, because this does not put salt, meet otherwise very salty. Match the salad of dish, can choose all sorts of fruits and vegetable to breath out according to his taste.

** biscuit is branny there is carry out in the supermarket, not be the place that selling biscuit, selling starch to wait namely around, search search look. If do not have, can sop, cut quadrilateral, in be being put in pan (do not put oil) , the small fire park that bake is double-faced and brown, after waiting for refrigeration, use into broken end with rolling pole roll.

Wing of the new orleans chicken that bake congratulates beforehand a child 61 joy

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Graph / article author: Tung Mom kitchen
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

New abstruse Er bloats expect redemptive home also has period of time, at the outset for the graph avoid mail to be given again, purchased a formula, after coming home, oneself stayed a few, of the others is to send friend and fellow worker. Age is old, did not go up Kendeji for ages, also do not know the new orleans outside bakes a wing to taste how, that oneself comes a DIY, anyway oven buys the light that is about to develop it adequately and heat, had baked a few times, flavour very assist ~ has little little hot, regrettablly ~ of not feel like eating of tung of my home tung
Of the others bloat makings or else is used expired, bake, waste much more disgraceful ~

Photo is taken in the evening, because do not have the special prop of certain classmate, take theory, put up with nods everybody ~


1, material: The wing in chicken, new orleans wing that bake bloats makings.
2, the wing in chicken washs the face with clear water first, burn one boiler hot water to go in next iron, again slowly rub goes the bilge on gallinaceous skin.
3, a little filter dry water divides abluent gallinaceous wing.
4, the one side transversely in gallinaceous wing two knives.
5, the container that takes big a little bit, gallinaceous wing is put inside, 1/3 wraps new orleans to bloat makings (about 40 grams) .
6, chicken wing and bloat makings is sufficient mix all. (bloat I did not add water in makings, the moisture because of gallinaceous wing works without complete filter)
7, will mix all gallinaceous wing is put last bag is sealed, put freezer cold storage next.
8, lie between a day to be taken out, bake dish on put silver paper, discharge gallinaceous wing baking dish on.
9, oven 200 degrees 40 minutes, chicken the wing turns over a face to bake among.
(before baking, I am used bloat expect a few water, brush the surface in gallinaceous wing to sweep on one to bloat again with wool makings. The individual likes, this one pace can be breathed out elliptically)

Did not hesitate, expert comes, late drop did not have ~

Welcome to my rich guest

Cake of delicious leaven dough

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Graph / article author: ** is not one’s previous experience of ** of ** regular professional training
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

The most authentic good of electric baking pan, flapjack, come, bake in a pan two cake, not anxious unemployment does not have a meal to eat, open a cake store, sell flat bread ~ ~ ~

Course of action:

1 will dry yeast leaves with lukewarm to hydrate, fall into flour, mix dough, ferment to double big, if pursue the sort of porous look is good

The face of 2 become reconciled is divided into the agent child, roll becomes small cake, OK also stuffing of the sweetened bean taste on the bag, sesame seed cake of make it sweetened bean taste

Warm-up of 3 baking pan, put the small cake with good roll, build upper cover, steam appears all round baking pan, cake is ripe

Flat bread, flat bread, fresh the flat bread that gives boiler ~ of ~ of ~ ~ ~