The sweetmeats of fruit of beautiful type mulberry of queenly kitchen

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The sweetmeats of fruit of beautiful type mulberry of queenly kitchen

The first time use pigment makes cake!
By heaven swims Heaven_Travel

Flummery of mulberry conserve yoghurt / mulberry conserve Switzerland coils

Made sauce last, take Tu Tu beyond biscuit, must consider to make provision of some of what spy type, when translating data as expected
Find inspiration.

Flummery of mulberry conserve yoghurt:

Material: Mulberry conserve is right amount and auspicious Ding Pian most piece raw ingredient yoghurt a cup (100-150G but)

1. Water is dropped to join hot water of 1-2 big teaspoon to put microwave oven to heat after bubble of auspicious fourth cold water is soft 30 seconds or lie between water to add thermosol to change
Agitate reserves equably
2. Raw ingredient yoghurt is entered agitate of right amount conserve is added inside the cup even, but not complete mix is even make pink clouds result
3. Enter into auspicious Ding Pian freezer is put to refrigerate hour or 6 pass the night after the mix inside yoghurt is even can

About auspicious Ding Pian: Use this data every time not little netizen asks me what this is, sell where, what is used
This has caky action to take those who do silk of jelly flummery admire with pink of silk of admire of pink of jelly pink isinglass. Nevertheless
Many person reaction take above powder kind do have fishlike smell, influence mouthfeel, I see when buying material say auspicious man
Piece be advanced dining-room does sweetmeats to use, because use this to won’t have fishlike smell, won’t affect the taste of sweetmeats. So
I am used up to now. Can buy in TB, price is commonly together 51, cost comparing pink kind should low

Mulberry conserve Switzerland coils:

Material: Bubble of 80G of flour of low muscle of 50ML of salad oil of 50ML of milk of 4 purple pigment lays the egg powdery 5G salt
Right amount gold gets 4G white vinegar butter is right amount mulberry conserve is right amount

1. The Switzerland that panada writes before according to me coils or program of relative wind cake can
2. The partial panada with take mix good drips into 2-3 probably former panada is entered after purple mix is even inside informal agitate a few
Do not want sedulous agitate to just can make grain so equably
3. Oilpaper is spread in the oven on tray 180 degrees of warm-up pour panada 10 minutes into tray inside
4. After oven changes middle-level of 175 degrees of oven to bake 10 minutes, change 165 degrees are baking 12-13 or so minutes can
5. Right amount gold is taken to get conserve of big teaspoon of butter and 2-3 to be hit to with dynamoelectric eggbeater when baking cake 9 distribute (back up spends condition)
6. Take out the cake that has baked oilpaper surface is torn apart slowly after spreading for cooling a little after sauce of the cream on even daub has coiled slowly
Put freezer to refrigerate a few hours to finalize the design can

Bought pigment of a few bottles of edible to come back to pound beat, flower of cake back up is done to use after the plan, noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch goes to cake recapture I complain heel
Cake is mildewy addle. Say another cake is done not have bad then, with respect to this broken regrettablly. I listened to ask — that
Cake coils to be done even early than this Switzerland, how likely? He says later — have purple mildew place, that conserve is like
Mildewy also become purple. . I listened to fall madly, that is the color of pigment and conserve, it is mildewy A far from. . . Result
After noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch listened, very happy ground and colleague are shared ate. . Day, be nerve is big person as expected!

The End Heaven_Travel

Steamed dumpling of stay of proceedings of hotpot acupuncture needle is delicious do not cross dumpling

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Material: Skin of stay of proceedings of hotpot stuffing, acupuncture needle, shepherd’s purse, dumpling, oyster sauce, Jiang Mo, salt, white sugar, balm


1. will join one spoon salt in hotpot end, end of one spoon ginger along same agitate makes a way, give muscle energetically till hotpot;

2. joins the acupuncture needle stay of proceedings that cuts broken end, shepherd’s purse in stuffing makings, join white sugar of the oyster sauce that one spoon measures, one spoon, continue to mix divide evenly, drench before the bag enters dumpling skin balm of on one cap;

3. writes stuffing material dumpling skin in the center of, next 50% discount into hemicycle, next will semicircular impaction of two upright furl;

4. arranges dumpling brim in a way again shape, perhaps include the other model that likes into oneself. After the gas on a pot for steaming food, on evaporate drawer in a way wipes bit of oil, put dumpling, use conflagration steam 10 minutes can.

I or deflection at eating steamed dumpling, mouthfeel is more bouncy. And after dumpling evaporate is over, the soup juice that stuffing expects often can permeate dumpling skin in, bite gently can Shang Zhisi excessive, special satisfy a craving. Was used to the friend that has steamed dumpling to might as well organic meeting reforms, it is pretty good really ha;

Dumpling skin can be bought in the market now, selling cooked wheaten food around. Will sell by weight, we need to tell booth only commonly advocate oneself should wrap how many, they can change weight automatically for us, very convenient;

What oyster sauce can promote hotpot is delicious degree, had better not use soy to replace, flavour is met somewhat difference. Add a few sesame oil finally, can increase the slippery tender mouthfeel that stuffing expects, but will not make vegetable premature again dehydration, this method does steamed dumpling to suit particularly, can try, mouthfeel is completely different;

The condiment of tie-in dumpling is very simple also, 1 spoon soy 1 spoon white sugar 2 spoon vinegar is smooth can, namely, the scale of soy, white sugar, vinegar is 1: 1: 2

The green pepper egg that I love to take piscine pill fries piscine bolus

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Graph / article author: ** is not one’s previous experience of ** of ** regular professional training
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

Did not post for ages, ah, come out to risk a hubble-bubble

Occasionally the piscine bolus that the home likes to eat stuffing of this kind of belt most, touch on supermarket sales promotion, bought one pile, take stuffing sundrily piscine bolus, ah, stir-fry usually, put also not common!


1 fish bolus one pouch, green pepper cuts little place, egg break up

Oil is put inside 2 boiler, had fried the egg of break up, reserve

3 green pepper, piscine bolus enters boiler, fry to 8 minutes ripe (add a few water, piscine bolus sticks boiler easily) , put the egg that has fried

4 break up fry, join right amount salt, gallinaceous energy can go boiler

The breakfast of not a second is to be lost [cate of sweet pig mood]

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The breakfast of not a second is to be lost [cate of sweet pig mood]

Graph / article author: Little little sweet pig

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

**** opens a language ****

Kitchen of sweet pig of <a Href= Http://>

Husband is a drowse bug, must sleep to must get up in the morning, rise can work him himself agile pretty good.

so lazy egg, breakfast is choice still, the breakfast that says unit dining room issues pharynx hard, breakfast cannot be bought after saying the unit moves, left say right say to want to say to let me cook breakfast to him namely actually.

The time in the morning is much more valuable, I should work fabaceous treasure, work myself, work even his breakfast, I feel I got up to arrive all the time at 6 o’clock go out to follow fight like.

Actually he has held out those who make do, should have peaceful type only sweet thick chili sauce, the thing of other is good say.

What I do at most is sweet pig hamburger, the hamburger semifinished product that buys, occasionally decoct piece chicken is discharged, occasionally decoct egg ham, or rawish dish or clip cucumber, sa Shangtai type is sweet thick chili sauce, europe!

I very those who admire him is, thing of this a few type, he eats every day, eat unexpectedly not be bored with.

Took fabaceous treasure to go to a supermarket yesterday, see such corn thin pancake made of millet flour, couldn’t help buying, want to do egg thin pancake made of millet flour to eat in the morning.

Fortunately fabaceous treasure can provide for oneself now, oneself wear the dress, oneself are pulled smelly, oneself brush oneself teeth wash a face, it is some slower, I am very then unfixed also ah, so just time cooks breakfast in the morning.

<img SRC= Http://>

Pan puts little oil, put in thin pancake made of millet flour, put a few to follow yourself, meal hidebound puts a drop less, meal generous puts a drop more. Fire must small, otherwise thin pancake made of millet flour is put in papered.

<img SRC= Http://>

An egg is laid on thin pancake made of millet flour, with ladle even ground lay open.

<img SRC= Http://>

Wait for egg in a way caky, turn over thin pancake made of millet flour carefully with scoop a height, moment can give boiler.

<img SRC= Http://>

This is me, the chopped green onion that the face sauce that wipe scatters.

<img SRC= Http://>

Ah, resemble the fruit of thin pancake made of millet flour here!

<img SRC= Http://>

This is husband, still be him those who be obsessed with is sweet thick chili sauce, I give him a few forked carbonado that I do, still have a few lettuce

<img SRC= Http://>

The thin pancake made of millet flour of a nondescript is born!

<img SRC= Http://>

Summary: If do not have abundant time, still do not do these in the morning east, otherwise, the meeting is very ugly when going out.

The relaxed meat cold and dressed with sauce in summer suffers from chrysanthemum [0806 cate challenge]

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Summer arrived, for appetizing, a lot of person likes to eat the food of some of piquancy, but very easy get angry, so best every eat deserves to have a few cool and refreshing go the cole of heat gift is nice.

Suffer from chrysanthemum flavour small suffering, the effect of reduce internal heat is very pretty good, the cold and dressed with sause that recommends a kind of bitter chrysanthemum so has a way.

Cold and dressed with sause suffers from chrysanthemum: セ of cereal of Piao of  of grave of son Ci 

1, give bitter chrysanthemum abluent body first

2, put 2 spoon salt to do saline bath to suffer from chrysanthemum, knead 1 minute (but purify a few acrid)

3, later strong Xian Gan is clean

4, put oil of 2 spoon camellia (balm or hot oil also but)

5, 1 spoon the salt of 4 minutes of essence of chicken of vinegar of saccharic, 2 spoon, half spoon, 1 spoon

6, mix divide evenly can
Also can do piquancy, add some of chili oil and garlic to break, taste will be better, but my feeling has a way without this kind delicate

[Community character] the pachyrhizus classmate of love

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<b> | Introductive | : </b>Pachyrhizus is known first, should saying is a 12 short of Wenshui River of accidental.5 · plain shake of 8 class earth, affect not only range is wide, disastrous, also affect the Chinese of the whole world at the same time, everybody acts in succession oneself one’s pygmy effort. And in eat and drink community, have a such young women however, body overseas however the heart fastens the motherland, after be informed the situation of a disaster, begin to raise money instantly the job, be in a few days short in, portable belt many 30 tent, sleeping bag, raincoat and a few medicines and chemical reagents goes back to the motherland alone, head for disaster area. So far, I knew pachyrhizus classmate.

Pachyrhizus is a serious situation not only heavy justice, warmhearted person, hutch art respect also has breathtaking talent, discipline of small off year can cooking all sorts of cate, because be Sichuan girl, accordingly also most be good at plain dish. Often go her rich, can be attracted deeply by fancy cooked food, in the meantime, there also is her feeling over there, let a person can enjoy the gluttonous sumptuous dinner on the vision not only, also can feel the life a bit of a young woman. In the cate magazine of Singapore, also have the column that recommends oneself about cooking and dining-room, be in with age person in, can have such result, can says infrequent.

In the kitchen, everybody is kind weigh her ” pachyrhizus younger sister ” , very congenial. .

<b> | Specially invite honored guest | : </b> pachyrhizus classmate

<b> | Honored guest | : </b>Maple1204
Yellow is ugly small duck

<b> | Compere | : SNOW of </b> Xue Wei

<b> | Direct assistant | : </b> Morning- -
- kite line -

<b> | Interview time | : </b>2008 year on June 11 on Wednesday 20: 00 — 22: 00

<b> | Cover a site | : </b> cate kitchen

The kitchen of pachyrhizus takes notes

The interview begins:

SNOW of interview compere Xue Wei (red) with classmate of pachyrhizus of specially invite honored guest (green) the dialog is as follows:

Each friend everybody good evening, I am dispatch fox salon propagandist station eats and drink divisional Xue Wei SNOW, today’s interview chair by me. Thank pachyrhizus be a guest above all station of conduct propaganda of salon of our dispatch fox eats and drink the interview column of the group, also thank at the same time in 100 busy in the friends that will sing the praises. The pachyrhizus of specially invite honored guest that we let welcome us with enthusiastic applause below comes on the stage.

<b>1. How do you come, how to meet those who eat and drink again? </b>
Because want the cate kitchen that study cooks and comes,I am, because feel to be used than SINA,will insist to come down all the time after that is more convenient

<b>2. You most be good at and most what is the food that often makes? Does the reason where? </b>
I most adept dish department is plain dish, still be home town taste is done after all most begin, the food that my constant makes is — cook again flesh and shredded meat of garlic liver mosses, because this is of pachyrhizus Mom and Chinese flowering quince respectively,love most

<b>3. Did you enter the activity of Olympic Games dish? What to take to attend? Have extraordinary sense? </b>
Had not attended Olympic Games course temporarily, had not edited good, before preparation is used a series of dish that concern with old Beijing, fastfood attend with the desert. As to special significance, ah, true still cannot say comes, also hope oneself can be an Olympic Games to the country is held and give bit of power in oneself nevertheless!

<b>4. Whether does the friend all round have the activity that attends Olympic Games course, how are you and they to see this activity? </b>
The friend all round is very active attend Olympic Games course this activity, do well than me: ) award is very absorbing also, the hope wins a prize finally by the sororal all draw together of our kitchen

<b>5. How can you think of to apply for the mottled bamboo of kitchen kitchen utensils and appliances? </b>
Applying for the mottled bamboo when kitchen kitchen utensils and appliances also is only actually temporarily actuation, want to do bit of thing very much, let more sister show the kitchen of own home come out to be shared with all of us, but I what this mottled bamboo becomes is bad, very bad really

<b>6. As the mottled bamboo of kitchen kitchen utensils and appliances, how do you define your layout? </b>
I feel kitchen kitchen utensils and appliances this board piece play space is very large, for instance everybody can be revealed here, share oneself the kitchen of different style, tableware; And communicate the small doohickey in a few kitchens and result experience, the hope will be the forum with an everybody very much communication after here

<b>7. Hold the post of the mottled bamboo of layout newly as, you encounter what difficulty, how solve? </b>
At present till my greatest difficulty may be he still is done not have fulfil his duty truly the ground has sent a few cards, there is a lot of to plan good thing in the heart, do not have time to begin to do, also do not have time to do good government recently, wait these days to had adjusted me to meet the sister that real with one one’s heart endeavors to be our kitchen to do bit of thing nevertheless, let forum become lively rise

<b>8. Hear seismic news, you at that time what is the first reaction? </b>
Seismic message is my gentleman called at 3 o’clock tell me, I am in friend home at that time, the first reaction also is done not have too put on the heart, feeling is the sort of very small earthquake only, see on the net more reports just worry after about 1 hour later rise

<b>9. How can you think of to go of Sichuan, because you are Sichuan person? </b>
Because I am Sichuan person,answering Sichuan is, hear in TV hear old Sichuan saying as a child, do not sit. I just cannot contribute bit of money to do such business, I feel I must do the business that I can do more. Contact a friend immediately so, the carry back of goods and materials such as media collect tent goes. It is OK to go because of be being answered to be carried by myself the time that big political integrity carries about, help the brethren that has lost home quickly.

<b>10. In Sichuan what is your feeling? </b>
In Sichuan when still hope this is to daydream, too horrible, my familiar a lot of places collapse ulterly changedly… see really honest those loses home people before me, can cry… the fact that still cannot accept Sichuan to be able to produce catastrophe

Compere, honored guest and netizen (red) with specially invite honored guest (green) free interlocution:
Cate Mike(chefzhang2000@sohu) : Pachyrhizus MM, is your nickname come how? Still have your home Chinese flowering quince, be come how ah? Still have, is this pachyrhizus red Chinese trumpet creeper or ground pear (be the pachyrhizus that our Sichuan person says) ah?
Because I love to eat sweet potato (yam) had this name so, have papaya first actually, one day papaya woke up midday a bit foolish, see my giggle wears say: “My papaya wife ” next I call him papaya husband, abbreviation Chinese flowering quince!
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) : Pachyrhizus classmate, you like what color most
White, sky-blue, foolish green: )
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) : Pachyrhizus, you like the which organ of own body most
I have forethought too ~~~~ still has wanted to be able to have problem of this kind of the Eight Diagrams really, result… the hand that I like me, boast passes someone oh
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) pachyrhizus classmate, you like the food of what taste least of all
My what is the ~~~~~ that it doesn’t matter does not like particularly like to be able to eat
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) : Consider the person of understanding most?
The likelihood is Miss Ma Wenyi: ) very good all the time strange she, listen about her message too much and too much, not self-conscious curious
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) : Say you most what is the defect that is fed up with a person?
Anger blueness, madcap, feel besides oneself the sort of person with bad others
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) : Mrs Zhang, what kind of is the lifestyle that you hope most?
I like current way, have the job that him portion likes, need not go to the office everyday again, if have 2 children again more perfect
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) : Mrs Zhang, what about is the happy life that says you?
Happy life? : ) the life stabilizes content with one’s lot; The other side of papaya and my feeling stability, care, care; Child health joy grows, a person’s mind is kind-hearted; Healthy life enrichs parents; My career makes me contented and happy everyday! Namely such!

The fat hutch woman of Home Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) : What is the expert dish of papaya? Do you like?
He is met only tomato scrambles egg, I am super like oh ~~~ is breathed out
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) : Mrs Zhang, what about is the happy life that says you?
Happy life? : ) the life stabilizes content with one’s lot; The other side of papaya and my feeling stability, care, care; Child health joy grows, a person’s mind is kind-hearted; Healthy life enrichs parents; My career makes me contented and happy everyday! Namely such!
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) : Mrs Zhang, do you plan to a few baby give birth to? ?
Two! ! !
Attractive love cooks (Dsdyhb@sohu) pachyrhizus, you prepare when to want children, want a few boys a few girls
The year after next! Best a boy a girl, do not cross submit to the will of Heaven: ) boy girl likes very much
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) : Send pachyrhizus fellow student, does Mr Zhang meet your home act like a spoiled child? Do you like him such?
Like! Often act like a spoiled child, I liked most super like, because this reason just likes him particularly,the likelihood is!
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) : What is the expert dish of papaya? Do you like?
He is met only tomato scrambles egg, I am super like oh ~~~ is breathed out
Sit see the 00(pipi_750505@sohu) since the cloud: Excuse me Mrs Zhang, the what food that you make does Mr Zhang like most?
Garlic liver mosses fries shredded meat, shredded meat to fry cake (connecting ate 3 days) , hahaha
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) : What is the chore that Mr Zhang does the most beautifully?
He does not do the ~~~~~ of what
Morning- - (Wwshang@sohu) : Below the disposition ego evaluation of pachyrhizus younger sister, how to suffer all round person welcome, whether to suffer GG love and esteem?
Loved and esteem me not to know, should not be nevertheless the sort of letting that what the person is fed up with, breathe out
Round pig pig (Zanza2006@sohu) : Pachyrhizus and Chinese flowering quince are how know.
16 years old when I know until new east goes learning English… breathe out, look like the tendency that loves a bit early, nevertheless we are in love of the ability after my high school graduates ha
The top of a kitchen range turns (Linghong1921@chinaren) : Pachyrhizus younger sister, from your character, can experience you the thick love to the gentleman, hold him in both hands so God, , too is be used to worn he? Be afraid of be afraid of can you appear like elder brother of a lot of childe illness ah?
Do not be afraid of! Have bestow favor on still have when treating ah, two tactics prepares to breath out!
Morning- - (Wwshang@sohu) : Pachyrhizus younger sister, so much good friend mentioned papaya, how are you known, does Dou Xin enjoy opposite party what? What oath does those have here? How value the other side?
Like him puppy of kind-hearted, care, love acts like a spoiled child to me; He likes me able, ah. Oath may want to go to a lot of places travelling together later namely, other did not have! Value the other side, breathe out, bad to say, I feel other people is good is latent capacity, he sees me foolish good cheat, I am guessed, ha
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) : Pachyrhizus, to be about to do you have the bedlamite of big marriage the blessing with chic what?
In my heart she is early marriage! If only her tenderness little, fair maiden little, a bit better to dish head gentleman, conjugal love hundred years haing ·

Wind wave wave wave (Bhxygsswd@sohu) : Pachyrhizus, resemble me such man, always cook, how you think
You are the good man that loves the home absolutely, absolutely! ! ! How is ~~~~~ encountered to plaint before me! ! !
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) : What is the plain food that you like?
Fish of pickled Chinese cabbage, water boils chicken of fish, hot pepper, Mao Xiewang
Xue Wei SNOW(shirle_yu@chinaren) : Pachyrhizus, in marital life, had had what dissension with papaya
Breathe out, too much, see this him problem wants to laugh. When just living together together for instance, each other so expose clearly before the other side, see disagreement knowingly to buy a what kind of boiler, too much and too much, that time quarrels every day, after 2 months slowly good, care about now when seeing disagreement, also can coordinate immediately united
Maple1204(zk_1204@sohu) : Mrs Zhang, , , see your card, the thing that is like confect is not particularly much, , , be not to like sweet food?
Like, also can get the figure that sees papaya! You say is not! ! ! ?
Maple1204(zk_1204@sohu) : Mrs Zhang, , , , tender and if Mr Zhang quarrelled, , who be commonly first sue for peace ah? ? ?
Have, half half! Who to basically see wrong nevertheless I feel ~~~~ to be like me 2 years to slant recently much, breathe out, lost face to you
Midnight flower is not a flower (Xinxin51219@sohu) : Pachyrhizus younger sister, hear you want to answer Beijing to do poineering work, it is little sweet potato after small perhaps Chinese flowering quince is born, still do poineering work first, want baby again?
Have this plan, but the arrangement that still should see papaya work, when he plans to answer Beijing, we answer Beijing, as to little baby, ah, the year after next expects him, her arrival
The top of a kitchen range turns (Linghong1921@chinaren) : Pachyrhizus, in your home, the chore that who does is some more ah, (Perhaps have baby-sitter, nonexistent this kind of phenomenon breaths out) , if you work much, what of your home husband wait for you to serve, can you feel to subdue?
It is me absolutely! Won’t subdue, for me because of him a person leaves parents a lot of years, I where does he go to where, think of this won’t be subdued so, and he goes to work to work hard than me, everybody should have division of labor

Divine pig treasure (Zhutoubao2008@sohu) : What is the job with current pachyrhizus? Like to need not go to the office again again? Writer? Or?
Hum, the magazine of a cate that gives Singapore writes column and cate comment, recommend, need not go to the office completely the sort of!
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) : Besides cook, what does Mrs Zhang like most?
See a movie, embroider, journey, read a novel
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) : Mrs Zhang, to where does you hope most and Mr Zhang cross boundary of 2 the world? ?
Bound of 2 the world? Honeymoon? Want to raise monkey loot to make a living on hill of high mountain eyebrow, the word of honeymoon… want to go cling to li island, leave very nearly, but had not gone
Wander alluring woman (Youzouyaojing@sohu) : Pachyrhizus, is the place that you like most over there? (be restricted China is breathed out)
Hill of eyebrow of Le Shan, high mountain, Beijing
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) : Pachyrhizus little sister, do you prefer Beijing or Sichuan?
Sichuan and boreal Kyoto like very much! An a married woman’s parents’ home a husband’s family! Different feeling

Wind wave wave wave (Bhxygsswd@sohu) : What reason makes you run quickly to Sichuan disaster area?
My home town is over there, I hear dialect to be overcome in TV, do not go back what to do truly I will be compunctious, this is not to contribute what dot money can convey to experience only
Sit see the 00(pipi_750505@sohu) since the cloud: Excuse me Mrs Zhang, go this Sichuan, is papaya classmate different idea? How to come to an agreement finally?
Hum, papaya took airline ticket to come back to just know till me! He very object, very angry also, one day did not manage I, the following day I go to a company looking for him, if do not remand rescuing goods and materials personally,say, do not go back do bit of business that I can do, meet all one’s life in the heart disturbed, that is my home town… make sure 2 mobile phones do not close next machine, do not do the business of dangerous impulse, so slowly papaya also agreed
Sit see the 00(pipi_750505@sohu) since the cloud: Excuse me Mrs Zhang, the feeling with different what does the travel of Sichuan have this?
What do not feel living what to spy is fastened previously is good, it is so not active, very malcontent also sufficient but after coming back, I feel, can mix everyday papaya, be together with pachyrhizus Mom, we are very healthy, we live stable rich and popular, I am very lucky!
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) : Pachyrhizus returns Sichuan this, when encountering aftershock, be afraid of be afraid of?
Be afraid of, be afraid of so that within an inch of drops tear, I went directly to Sichuan 17 afternoon Jiang Yan, before dawn at 1 o’clock when produced aftershock of a 6 class, just lay to the bed at that time, although preparation is very sufficient, thought preparation is very sufficient also, but still frighten was stupefied a few seconds. The break that sees a wall go up later just a finger is thick, was used to the following day later
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) : When fearing in the heart, what is a word that wants to say most? Still want to know to think papaya not?
I think at that time, papaya and my Mom still wait for what I go back in safety in the home, I can do not have a thing certainly! Also think quite at that time, after waiting to be nodded calmly a little, called to him immediately.
Round pig pig (Zanza2006@sohu) : Pachyrhizus younger sister, go this what is the business that disaster area allows you to be touched most?
It is a lot of people that do not know, they delivered tent for the brethren of Sichuan, of the Sichuan of the Shandong of the Heibei that has Singapore, of embassy, the colleague of my company… I am in arrive from preparation in the process that go back, the help of the authority that gets all the time, do 4 when consign old man students together in the airport and me especially, I have not enough time even the thank to say with them… I feel so the native place that the person is helping me helps our Sichuan villager, want to bow to everybody very much
Morning - (Wwshang@sohu) : Pachyrhizus, you go this Sichuan, see the one grass over there one wood, one scene one content, had cried > how be the ~ that want has cried in the heart?
Had cried, cried a lot of times. Because be before this earthquake, I had never thought Sichuan can produce the disaster with big what, see my familiar a lot of places, especially Jiang Yan becomes a remains, in the heart very sad, particularly sad. See a grandma especially, head see things in a blur is white, very thin and small, sit on the remains of her home, completely dull appearance, I besides toward money of a place of strategic importance in her hand I do not know what I still do, feel very faint

Sit see the 00(pipi_750505@sohu) since the cloud: China is in the Singaporean’s eye what kind of?
This not quite good say, it is bright probably agree to bear hardships but some are tricky not quite sincere letter and love fund, had heard such criticism!
Morning- - (Wwshang@sohu) : Pachyrhizus younger sister, do you go up in the network is the good friend much? Have what development often contacts to in actual life
Some, not little! For instance of Singapore strange the small duck elder sister of strange, Beijing and carry child, of Sichuan fat fat the wheaten elder sister with ursine, Dalian… after be being known in reality more feel kind
Wander alluring woman (Youzouyaojing@sohu) : Pachyrhizus, you are original love a kitchen, still love a kitchen because of love
Reply: Latter, absolutely latter
Wander alluring woman (Youzouyaojing@sohu) : Pachyrhizus: Do you like that respect of cate kitchen most?
Those who like great master is enthusiastic, right of new friend affable, sister mutual between can learn style of a lot of new course
Wander alluring woman (Youzouyaojing@sohu) : Pachyrhizus: For the angle with the Eight Diagrams, do you think 8 kitchens most which?
Without doubt, be wheaten! ! ! !
龍 兒 (Longsy714@sohu) : Pachyrhizus = Mrs 張 of papaya, 歡 of 請 問 your happy event follows very the person of 麼 樣 makes friend
Reply: The person that I like must love his country, kind-hearted, humour, have any places that attracted me I am willing and he, she becomes a friend
Attractive love cooks (Dsdyhb@sohu) : You like sweet potato most the man in the kitchen is whose woman who be
My cannot say comes to the man, after all the man that I know is not much!
The woman is too much, the wheaten elder sister with the small duck elder sister that likes frank rate most, kind-hearted the fat fat elder sister that visits the home, enthusiastic very doughty still diligent, bright rice bucket, candid elder sister that spend a flower… very a lot of more, I said to come nevertheless

Morning - (Wwshang@sohu) : Pachyrhizus, be what makes you are waited for all the time in forum? Friend, responsibility, atmosphere, what to still fasten? Do you like forum
Should be everybody’s friendly manner and well-meaning opinion, I like such atmosphere very much; The communication below forum is very much also between the friend… as to responsibility, ah, I did not feel to have what responsibility
Xue Wei SNOW(shirle_yu@chinaren) : Pachyrhizus, why the meeting is such, why can leave at that time, why can stay again now
Breathe out, because play game ~~~~ raised 2 cats later, go to school is worn how to serve a cat, dived rarely again, because have,write tribal check now, turn into to send the card to forum so, and here knew a lot of very good sisters, had care often also came

Xue Wei SNOW(shirle_yu@chinaren) : Pachyrhizus, the activity of Olympic Games dish has had wanted what to display, this dish has what sense
Those who have very great sense, the magazine that also works for me wrote the column of Olympic Games dish, it is the series of dish of a few Beijing. Just want to change image size, the special subject that has not sent a net to go up goes ~~~~
Morning - (Wwshang@sohu) : Pachyrhizus younger sister, this Olympic Games is, it is motion of the whole people, you have attend Olympic Games course together with papaya
Advocate make Beijing dish and Beijing snack! ! ! ! Probably this also is the thing that we can do exclusively for the Olympic Games

To the evaluation of pachyrhizus
The fat hutch woman of Home <b>Betty (Betty20060223@sohu) : </b> of I and pachyrhizus younger sister get acquainted with the misunderstanding that results from a beauty: I think she is the daughter of my master, as a result I harvested a warmhearted friend, although small but very sensible and considerate, outside show intelligent in, good looking and talented, papaya good good luck is breathed out
<b> sits see the 00(pipi_750505@sohu) since the cloud: </b> I am to the evaluation of Mrs Zhang, tender but person, love immensity greatly. The heart is deft, beautiful and moving. Verbal deficient is breathed out, temporary with respect to these a few words. Authority is additional
<b> wanders alluring woman (Youzouyaojing@sohu) : The pachyrhizus younger sister in </b> my heart, just came kitchen when, see the card of pachyrhizus younger sister, a pachyrhizus and Chinese flowering quince are one pair marries long husband and wife (sweat ~~ ) , discover later, had not married. After waiting for them to marry, I just discover, ah, this girl is very little. Adore to hers next upgrade again. Arrive again the earthquake this year, let me see this girl is the ace in the kitchen not only, it is the girl that a heart is a country more. Pachyrhizus younger sister, I love to love you very much very much, hope you are happy happiness forever.

<b> Maple1204(zk_1204@sohu) : The acquaintance of </b> and pachyrhizus is pure belong to individual reason, have nothing to do with kitchen and cate, discover to so this is so provoking the female baby that love - enthusiastic, optimistic, virtuous. Although age is small, have a great heart however, when the earthquake comes, her courage and boldness let me be inferior to from ashamed, so, pachyrhizus younger sister, tender it is the God in my heart breaths out ~~~
Complain incidentally, the issue that I put my dove to pachyrhizus still be troubled Yu Huai, brought psychological shade to me, 55555

<b> midnight flower is not a flower (Xinxin51219@sohu) : I do not follow </b> to go up seemingly, say the view to pachyrhizus: Do not know the people with married pachyrhizus, the first feeling this is a girl that birdie depends on a person. But actually in this little heart, hiding tremendous energy. She loves the thing that everything can have deep love for, she is altruistic and dauntless, sweet when she is sweet of dirt grime, when dedicating of fire of fire of her wind wind, she should do a wife, person of a Sichuan should do a Chinese, achieved perfection. Differ only at present give birth to a baby, also accomplish mom acme, nevertheless I believe she is met.

Element fries crackling bean curd to know a kind to feed capable person newly

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

Understanding crackling bean curd feeds capable person this kind is to be before two months about. I and husband or wife go recover road free market of agricultural products, in the sells condiment house that opens in person of a Hangzhou, discovered our family loves to eat, but the baking bran that cannot buy basically in this locality and bamboo shoot. These things are from Shanghai by the elder sister hard land is brought back before. I told an elder sister this good news, later before long I take her went over there. The elder sister bought a lot of southern special local product that she likes gladly, after saying again also need not be put into trouble is gone to from Shanghai a belt. At this moment, sold the home to introduce crackling bean curd enthusiasticly to us, say this kind of thing tastes mouthfeel is fragile fragile, can fry also can do boiling water, I and elder sister had not seen this kind of thing, bought a bit less. That evening, I two respectively in him family expenses it made food. But, because do not have experience, good without bubble, taste very hard, did not feel delicious. I go there again later buy the bran that bake, buy again incidentally a few come back, changed bubble to send a means, the result succeeded, fry the dish that come out as expected very delicious. A few days ago, the picture was taken when redo, the record comes down, share with everybody; ) the friend that southern meeting becomes this dish, the hope gives advice or comments more, I still want to learn a few kinds of ways more; )

Element fries crackling bean curd

Raw material: Crackling bean curd

Burden: Ginger of carrot, agaric, green pepper, green

Condiment: Pink of vegetable oil, cooking wine, the five spices, unripe smoke, salt, gourmet powder

Practice: 1. Hot water is heated in boiler, put flat skin bean curd one minute to involve fire, build stew to come without hard heart (at least 1 hour of above) , wash with cold water after bubble is good clean, crowded go moisture, cut the form that likes into oneself to reserve.
All sorts of 2. burden are abluent also, had handled.

3. boiler heats up oil, explode sweet green ginger, put carrot to fry about half minutes, join crackling bean curd to continue to fry divide evenly, add agaric to break up again fry.
4. pours cooking wine to go fabaceous smelling of fish, add the five spices pink, unripe smoke and salt fries divide evenly, add gourmet powder to turn over divide evenly to give boiler finally.
Occupying bean curd of crackling of introduction selling the home is make by soya bean (I do not have textual research) , contain a lot ofprotein of high grade vegetable, deserve to go up the green such as agaric of high grade fungus and carrot, green pepper is vegetable, nutrition is rich, healthful.

This dish characteristic: Mouthfeel is sweet fragile, nutrition is rich.

Drumstick goes spirit old law

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Remember rice bucket elder sister a drumstick goes before of bone, I also am done, of lane bad must not jest, growl

Drumstick abluent put on raw meat chopping board, the knife should use the knife that cuts raw meat technically, unripe ripe departure.

Particular way: Drumstick has 2 paragraphs of big character, dissection the flesh along bone, let bone be shown, next before a hand is being taken paragraph the termination of bone, a hand uses a knife slowly the flesh that shave drops bone to go up, arrived the tail end of this bone, careful cut out gives bone head, this bone is taken

The 2nd bone: Begin shave from tail end, mixing on one is to return way, the hand obtains the termination of bone, knife from outside to among slowly shave. Take care next cut out gives bone termination. Last rest and reorganization, redundant bone broken bits and adipose eliminate with respect to OK.

Finished product:

The good year of dish of Olympic Games health detains a guest sufficient chicken pig

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Advocate makings: Platoon of pig costal region, egg
Complementary makings: Cardamom seed of green, ginger, cassia bark, anise, dried tangerine or orange peel, beans, caoguo, 13 sweet stew expect
Spice: Oily, yellow rice or millet wine, salt, old smoke, gourmet powder, candy
The method that make: 1, water flies 3 minutes in discharging the costal region with good behead boiled water boiler fish out, the bath that use heat accuses water completely; 2, take one soup Bao to put all complementary stuff, add right amount water to sit on small fire; 3, take fry boiler to sit fire is burned to a few oil to 8 into heat, put green ginger to explode boiler, the costal region platoon with enter scald good breaks up fry moment, join yellow rice or millet wine, old smoke break up again fry a minute, fill already sat in soup Bao of fire, add water to had done not have chop to build a lid to turn conflagration, boiler leaves turn small fire stews 1 hour; 4, decorticate the egg that has cooked, with the penknife vertical stroke delimits 5 the path so that tasty, put into soup Bao, join right amount salt, lid lid stews 30 minutes again, add candy, gourmet powder, involve fire, outfit giving boiler dish go up desk can.

Dish tastes the introduction: This dish made the perfect tie of pork and egg. Finished product exterior is ruddy, chop flesh is soft rot bone, sweet tasty of bittern egg flesh, hold the double nourishment that provides the flesh and egg concurrently, contain a lot ofcalcium to pledge.

Recommend reason: Pork supplies high grade protein and indispensible fatty acid for the mankind. Pork can offer blood red element (organic iron) the half Guang ammonia that absorbs with stimulative iron is acerbity, can improve anaemia of the sex that be short of iron. Filling kidney raises blood, moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood; The egg contains human body to need almost all nurture are qualitative, those who contain element of protein, adipose, yolk, lecithin, vitamin and iron, calcic, Potassium to wait for human body place to need is mineral. Outstanding characteristic is, the egg contains the most admirable protein in nature. Reason is called by people ” good nutrient library ” , dietetics home says for ” completely protein mode ” . One of prolong life experience of many macrobian old people eat an egg surely everyday namely.

Sweet hot water boils frog

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Did not eat frog for ages, be written down or had eaten in one’s childhood, perhaps be the cause in north, have rarely here sell.

Write down so that the husband when my birthday takes me to go this year street of a round-mouthed food vessel with two or four loop handles is very popular hot frog, very expensive, I wanted to be come up against in supermarket as it happens today, quite fresh still, bought a place then, already came home oneself start work do, unlike outside poor.

Material: ⑺ of Sha of adze Π Guo fights ń of ⒒ of two of benzene of unlined upper garment of ⒏ of Gao Chu of arch of Xin of  of ③ of Suan of ⑺ of  of small ⒔ of ⒋ of bowstring post 

Practice: 1. frog abluent, put starch of bit of salt, cooking wine, pepper, a few to wide 5 minutes. Towel gourd is cut reserve.

Right amount oil pours in 2. boiler, issue dry chili first, chinese prickly ash explodes sweet, put green ginger garlic to fry again sweet, put Pi county thick broad-bean sauce again, fry a red oil, enter soup-stock, the towel gourd that has cut put, in waiting for the boiler below the good adj/LIT wide frog after water leaves, put salt, gallinaceous essence. Fire involves after 3 minutes.

3. is installed dish namely good!

Note:  of raw meat or fish of  of adze ο deer is planted aurelian spring? is not boiled too long, otherwise not 嫰 .