The dinner that curry chicken man does not remember which days ~

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The curry chicken that writing down must not be where day is fourth, but knowing is early is put below
Evidence? Saw last pieces of photograph know, that is to do what curry illuminated that day…

Most the curry powder that begins to had bought flavour good beauty
Plant with this next ” 100 dreams are much ” curry piece
Still bought the oily curry with bottle very beautiful flavour
Feel temporarily nevertheless or curry piece is being used compare convenient and easy to use

Goods in stock does not have pigeon breast, then go bone drumstick flesh cuts man
Still prepare carrot man at the same time, potato man
(trashy onion, it is to be disinclined to issue a building to buy food first, it is pair of onion second not quite cold, can not eat)

Have oily pot, play gallinaceous man when oily low-grade fever
How a finger is illuminated went in? Myself does not illuminate this piece of affirmation

Gallinaceous man becomes angry put carrot and potato to break up fry small conference (1 place)
Say to need not be used normally add any condiment, but I or ground of ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous added point point to be born smoke and salt, hey
Add water to be boiled next, like soft boil more a little again so meeting

Material is not little, used a curry completely so

Put into boiler to boil to fused, agitate agitate continues to boil equably
Begin to change direction apparently when juice of the soup in boiler ropy, OK conflagration closes receive juice, have pot next (2 place)

Indicating two place do not have PP, hey, because of camera very not good report is done not have in crucial moment ~~~
Fill good report to be taken again take finished product
Irrigate very sweet on rice oh, fasten polite oh ~` : )

The desert after the meal gives on everybody a few fresh the egg whip that gives heat
The egg whip flavour that I feel become reconciled benefit comes is about the same, xi ~

Come to a piece to prove goods in stock finally probably the photograph of time
Look carefully, still be in snow ha, that explains at that time should be Feburary, with a ha breath out ~

Turn over cake of candy rose wedding

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** allows without author snowflake, stick a character to the picture must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** originally

Today on June 13, it is the birthday of my very good old friend. She is the little sister in the middle school inside our country, english name is mixed like me. But very long do not have contact, do not know she moves now, change the job. Every arrive on June 13, I can think of her, can have ashamed regret, did not keep in touch with her. If this my friend you, saw the word of this article, this cake calculates celebrate for you was born, must write Email to give me Oh! Birthday joy!


Before a period of time is curious, went going up cake illuminative course, very amused. Cake of complete a course, be this double deck " bridal cake " . The way of rose of the introduction turning over candy is winded on, use those who make this cake namely. Altogether did 38 roses, light is this one spent me at least 3 night, tired I am terrible. Understand eventually, those bridal cake that turn over candy why so expensive! It is really too expend time.

Former the rose that should do with big mould is on book. As a result I see an eye, did with middle-sized mould. Wait for discovery problem, also did not have time to be corrected again. Who makes me old love to take the issue to the last moment? Tell the truth, even if early a few days of discovery, I also am not willing again redo.

We did not blather, how does this long-winded long-winded decorate the cake that suits wedding to use.

What I do is the cake of double deck, a 10 inches big cake is below, it is rise high into the air is wearing a 6 inches small cake above, such ability size look to be mixed quite _ humorous. (I am dizzy, this card was sent on rich guest last night, and with humorous be together repeatedly, rise to look this morning, the article gives a lock concealed, because some kind of matter cannot be published publicly,say! Enrage me dead! This not blind do sth over and over again? Gas scolds broken HU I am continuously)

Each cake wants a bit taller, make gift good-looking. I baked 2 6-7 respectively centimeter 10 inches of tall cake, with 2 6-7 centimeter 6 inches of tall cake. Cold after appearing, repair every cake to 5 centimeters again tall, must ensure cake level off, ability won’t have the appearance of cake level discretion.
The cake of two same size, fold together, frost of in syrup of a butter should be wiped flatly among. Cake is exterior also should wipe frost of in syrup of a butter, can make so the appearance of cake more level off. This are very important, because turn over candy skin,conference report gives candy all bumpy of hypodermic face. Wipe with frost of butyric in syrup after making the same score, offerred to skin turning over candy smooth " foundation " , is not direct there is not smooth detail easily in that way in cake surface.
Candy frost is wiped after making the same score, air at least 30 minutes, make candy frost appearance a bit dry, enclothe skin turning over candy in order to facilitate later.
Frost of butyric in syrup should bear fruit than the weak butter that dismiss, also won’t easily by cake sponge, and last below room temperature time is a few longer. These suit bridal spot to reveal beautiful cake for long quite. Of course, frost of butyric in syrup is delicious without weak butter, can be for good-looking, we am forced to sacrificed to tasted. (Of frost of butyric in syrup make click here please)
<IMG SRC= Http://>

Cake should be worn it is compared in slightly on small platform, it is OK to look for a smooth container casually, I used a round messtin.
Take one chunk to turn over candy, roll becomes the ply that 3 millimeter control. Turn over the diameter of candy skin, want to be more than (cake diameter 2x cake height) .
The skin turning over candy with good roll enclothes cake to go up, help cake coping margin gently single-handed, the turn overing on one handgrip edge candy is perpendicular downward drag. This go up, cake of my disclosure square should compare circular cake to be done easily much. You can see, I pursue medium and did not pull very of level off.
Repair with the penknife go turning over candy skin redundantly.
Cake surface takes a few slippery powder (corn is amylaceous candy pink 1: 1) , with the hand or scraper, brush face turning over candy gently smooth.

This is one big one small two lids are good the cake of skin turning over candy, and already the rose turning over candy of airing and leaf.
Two paces jumped among: 1, cake move arrives beautiful board board go up. 2, board board should compare cake big 2 inches, can squeeze so above adorn. The frostlike powder of butyric in syrup that uses white also is here those who squeeze is lacy. Weak butter is not applicable here, because weak butter cannot adhere to on the vertical plane that searchs candy.

Of cake of built on stilts, it is the special post that buys. If you do not want built on stilts, want to fold small cake on big cake directly, that cuts the small club of a few cleanness with respect to need, insert big cake inside. Such won’t because of the cake above illuminative weight, give the cake next collapsed.

Put the rose to cake surface finally.
Can secure a rose with frost of butyric in syrup. Nevertheless I just placed a rose to pat according to, patted get off of the rose, did not secure truly so. Hate to part with the rose that my hardship does!

The close-up of superstratum cake

The close-up of lower level rose.

Our teacher has said, if somebody to you custom-built and bridal cake, must not see the picture of this rose cake to them. The end that has seen is: You are gotten probably tired make this cake to death partly. Fortunately I am not accepted book, hey.

Welcome everybody to click a picture, enter the fossa of snowflake

The mud of sweet chili oily potato of Ka Ka kitchen

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The classmaster of the class that Ka Mr. Ka teachs is Shanxi person, talking around nasal is not divided, be troubled by gave a lot of jest. .

Once he says, student Meng can like to listen to me to say their word.
Ka Ka people ask, what do you say?
He says, I tell the history to them, next I say, I fall, my Yong. I say again, I fall again, I Yong.
One’s voice in speech did not fall, office laugh pours.
Evermore, in the office uniform say ” I am dizzy ” for ” my Yong ” .

The name that their class has a child registered permanent residence to go up originally calls high official position, he calls to the Dean’s office say, her registered permanent residence this getting on Yong calling blueness, the Yong of blue sky white Yong.

A day, the child of their class comes to the office say their classmaster lets him seek teacher of the Song Dynasty, we are very strange, which have the office those who surname the Song Dynasty ah? The child says again is 4 classmaster, my Yong, 4 classmaster are surnamed grandson ah ~~~~~

I attend class in their class, I say, computational problem answer is need coal 50 tons, boy in chorus repeats next, 50 Dong.

Ha. . . . . .

Mud of sweet chili oily potato

Potato mud is Western-style it seems that eat a law to be in the majority, what puts butter to add milk.
Ka Ka super love eats potato, still also go, nevertheless he does not love to eat butter and milk, the child that says that is to did not ablactation has east. Then Ka Ka original creation suit already ablactationed this kind, local born and bred Chinese eatsMud of sweet chili oily potato .

One, raw material

Essence of oily chili of chicken of potato, green red yellow sweetbell redpepper, old dry Mom, Chinese prickly ash, salt, chicken.

2, measure

1, it is one minute tomato patch 4, put high-pressured bowl in, jet hind involve fire 8 minutes.
2, hot pot cool oil, put Chinese prickly ash, after scamper gives oil of sweet thick Chinese prickly ash, cast aside Chinese prickly ash except, oil of Chinese prickly ash is stand-by.
3, potato flay, press into mud with ladle, join Qing Gong to fizzle out oily chili of chicken of essence of sweetbell redpepper end, salt, chicken, old dry Mom, Chinese prickly ash is oily, agitate divide evenly can.

Ps, 1, if be afraid of hot, need not add chili.

2, the vegetable type inside is OK and some morer, mouthfeel better, nutrition is richer.

The daily life of a family is simple and easy the shrimp of skin of skin of a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt of edition

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“Leather skin shrimp how many money a jin? "Leather skin shrimp how many money a jin??
“15. “15..

“Is dead still vivid? “Is dead still vivid??

“Half-dead. “Half-dead..

“Can cheap dot not? Half-dead. Half-dead..

“Cannot, this is half-dead price. This is half-dead price..

Then, clinched a deal. I carry this half-dead leather skin shrimp came home.

Forgot to say a focal point, I begin to learned to take a picture, today’s process graph and that piece of finished product that appear finally give the claw of ego, my individual feels, still can bear!

Raw material: Leather skin shrimp a jin, end of green garlic ginger right amount, a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt chili of right amount, of all kinds a few

Process: 1 chili is mincing reserve;

Oil pours inside 2 boiler, bit more than stir-frying at ordinary times, the leather skin shrimp that washs clean below breaks up fry to become angry;

3 fill piece, end of ginger of garlic issueing green and chili are broken break up fry, enter leather skin shrimp again, fry ah fry, scatter on a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt, fry a little while more, ripe, give boiler.

Why to call the daily life of a family simple and easy edition?

I had looked normally the practice is to want a shrimp to wrapping starch to put the bomb in oily boiler, the individual thinks to be bothered a bit, and, oil is too expensive now. Used the daily life of a family so simple and easy edition, (*^__^*) Xi Xi…

Come finally a piece of finished product that I take:

How the practice kitchen of steamed bread of leaven dough + 0 start

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Kitchen 0 start - - - - how the practice of steamed bread of leaven dough +

Click enter ” cate kitchen of Wen Yi “

At the moment, I am in Guangzhou, the bosom is putting disappear of be good at stomach to feed piece, with a day fat 3 jins go situation, satisfy a craving for delicious food everywhere, I am thinking over to put enough 10 jins must be gotten return country, otherwise repatriate must calculate fund by excess baggage.

Guangzhou interpose abuttals, how so hot? Plane, followed to be sealed by model like, heat must say a tongue quickly, slouch head climbed the ground to go up. What had not done, sit there dry perspire, never mention it cooked, eat buccal meal, kubla khah of all over the body, do not know my person, reckon nobody becomes me those who eat seafood, to resembling is a thump wear those who scoop up seafood. Previously, I have a meal to want to perspire only, does my elder sister take finger beetle my head ” you pull a cart ah? ” , so, at present should have a meal perspire, I am especially nervous, be afraid of revealed a vocation.

Become reconciled friend receives above in Guangzhou eventually today. She is really good to me, behave this not common, the fat cheek that did not pinch me child, pull Huang Zhenlong to give directly bought cup cool tea, call it by a good name of says is satisfy one’s thirst, embellish voice. Admire neck one fill, my face immediately screwy. About cool tea how? Of short duration is not decomposed. Anyway, my promise she goes to Beijing, I feed a fermented drink made from ground beans to her fully the hemp bean curd with old Beijing. Want to eat roast duck? The door also do not have!

This one afternoon, from Guangzhou wineshop, the apricot that had the Milky way spends a village, arrive again Xu Liushan, send me finally, spread out in roadside again rub bowl of Yun Tun. My this abdomen is to do not have have leisure momently, will begin to still have from early tea tomorrow full a day. Nowadays, I go out rub meal, do not take watch for a chance. The friend feels I lose face to them lose face, the sort of soul-stirring index not under belt one foolish the girl goes into town.

Be in Guangzhou, the most incommensurate, still be a language. Want to say, I hit children to did not listen to stable-companion and Beyond less, songs of those language of another name for Guangdong Province, the good move that I called once upon a time, experience deeply now ” the book arrives square hate is little when using ” . Actually, do not boast ha, with my language endowment, throw in Africa maybe can understand a few, can be in Guangzhou, it is one does not understand. What does the someone say, I nod. Does the friend ask ” are you understood? ” I still nod. Her immediately praises me ” oh, very marked. ” (interpreter, be in markedly the means of language of another name for Guangdong Province: Clever. This not name-calling? )

Late at night, chatted no longer, the person is in an alien land, a bit did not remember with concern, also do not remember with concern I, I am quite good, maintain especially namely, belch ~~~~

Suitable wish, happy on the weekend, belch ~~~

How leaven dough:

Raw material: Yeasty 1 teaspoon (5 grams) , the water of 200 grams of Wen Shui 50ml, flour, knead dough makes an appointment with 150ml


1) enter yeast Wen Shuizhong, 5 minutes are placed after mix is even.

2) flour is put in big bowl, will yeasty water is divided slowly second fall, the edge pours water, the edge uses chopstick agitate, until see flour begins to form piece.

3) relapse with the hand right now rub is kneaded, when waiting for flour to knead a group, perhaps last with wet cloth bowls of film will be great lid is tight, put in warm place, quiet place is controlled 1 hour (winter needs the left and right sides 2 hours, if be put in central heating edge, it is 1 hour)

4) dough expands double big, and when interior fills bleb and beehive tissue, leaven dough calculates finished.

5) want the steamed bread that evaporate has given, best can continue to knead with the hand right now press dough, squeeze the air inside piece, last on the lid next film or wet cloth, after waiting for dough to expand again, reoccupy at the steamed bread, steamed stuffed bun, leaven dough cake, steamed bun stuffed with sweetened bean paste make.

Super 啰 Suo:

** melts the water of yeasty pink must use Wen Shui, lukewarm not very hot hand is water principle, adjust yeast is put again after good temperature. Water is warm exorbitant meeting irons microzyme dead, temperature is too low cannot activation yeasty, do not have barmy objective, same argument, yeasty water also cannot be put into microwave oven to heat.

** dough should be put in the place of warm moisture, can put in in the winter rely on central heating all round, but should prevent sun point-blank, impose cap without fail, lest dough airing craze.

** usually, flour and yeasty scale are: 200 grams flour joins white of 5 grams yeast.

I like ** at ordinary times the yeast that with An Qi Angel little paper bag of this yeasty brand packs, what pack than polybag is good with, individual preference stopped.

The practice of the steamed bread

Raw material: Ferment dough 400g, a pot for steaming food, gauze


1) scatter on face plate on dry flour is wiped smooth, take out the dough that has fermented to exert oneself to do sth. rub is kneaded, till dough till the surface is slick

2) take right amount face rub with the hands to become strip model, cut ping-pong size piece, namely: Next agents child.

3) the dose that will cut child make an appearance with the hand, put on dry flour to ferment again 10 minutes;

4) cold water is added in a pot for steaming food (the 1/5 that is a pot for steaming food about highly can) , after crossing gauze water, crowded dry shop is on bamboo or wooden utensil for steaming food, put a steamed bread to give birth to embryo.

5) conflagration boils water, see vapour is risked outside in boiler, tone becomes evaporate of medium baking temperature 8 minutes (if pot is big, or the steamed bread is much, between proper overtime)

6) fire involves after the steamed bread is mature, do not open lid immediately, quiet place gives boiler again after 5 minutes, such word, the steamed bread won’t be answered shrink.

Super 啰 Suo:

The face embryo that ** steamed bread needs is course barmy, also say: “Vivid face ” . This kind of face is made ripe hind, mouthfeel is very soft, chew rise can feel the belt is bouncy, in-house organization is very fleeciness. This kind of face, still suit to make leaven dough cake, bag steamed stuffed bun, bag steamed bun stuffed with sweetened bean paste is waited a moment, stay after waiting for, we introduce one by one again.

** evaporate steamed bread has 3 keys: Medium baking temperature, flameout hind must maintain to build stew to make after the boiler below cold water, water leaves.

Tomato egg dumpling

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[millet bucket] exceed detailed and graphic inside stuffing practice - - tomato egg dumpling

*** is permitted without the author forbidden reprint or extract and compile ***

Tomato egg dumpling

Common saying says: ” comfortable be inferior to wearing, delicious be inferior to dumpling “
This word is respecting really 裡 of my the bottom of one’s heart ah. . . .
I am the sort of can sit not to stand, the big dawdler that can lie not to sit
And all 麵 are fed kind in, what I love to eat most is dumpling and green deep-fried dough cake

Lord is in with me Singapore when
We often solve dinner in school dinning hall (exceed what Ha Xiancao water follows meaning rice water. . . . ..
Have one vendor’s stand among them 麵 of fried bean sauce of monopolistic old Beijing (the business but good Lie. . . . ..
The 嚇 嚇 that they sell cries besides 麵 of fried bean sauce, still have tomato egg 麵 and tomato egg dumpling

Wow. . . . I return the novelty that becomes aware really at that time
Arrive as a child big I know the tomato scrambles egg only, it is a vegetable that adult, child loves
Did not think of to still can mix unexpectedly 麵, even at it is to wrap dumpling

嘖 嘖. . . . . . . . . . . . . I am a clodhopper really. . . . . . . . .
So delicious tomato egg dumpling, there just is favour that 29 years old years to eat in me
And eat. . . Still let my fetch pull a dream jade-like stone

Ha. . . . Clavier made word of a fetch, jump out to fly then soul comes loose
Kill my all but to nod a fetch to pull a dream jade-like stone Hit into be frightened out of one’s wits. . . . . . . That with respect to powdery horror. . . .


Dumpling of this tomato egg is I pound those who rouse at random by memory
Alas. . . . I can say only
Delicious thing, 確 fact is more weighty. . . .
The tomato wants first flay has been handled, squeeze juice again come out (otherwise stuffing can spend wet bad bundle)
Next I myself still must knead skin of dumpling of 桿 of 麵, 糰
My ah. . . . .
Dumpling is wrapped. . . . . . . My both hands was abandoned quickly also (the 麵 charter flight that yearns for me. . . ..
Not bad nevertheless, below a chain of torment
Final I still eat melting fruit. . . . . . The hand is again acerbity. . . Worth while also. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Tomato egg dumpling
Cookbook origin: Rice bucket is done hard

Material: (Plainspoken. . . . I am done not have special the scale that goes thinking the flesh and tomato, everything is probably probably)
The pig wrings the flesh. . . . .450g
Tomato. . . . .8 (every are even smaller than fist)
Egg. . . . .3

Meat stuffing flavoring: All be below right amount
Mashed garlic

My altogether included this deal 70 many dumpling, every dumpling build returns pretty big
If be the dumpling skin with the off-the-peg carry out that use town, should OK the bag is controlled to 90
The pig wrings the flesh to be able to replace chicken, shrimp. . . Etc
The friend of abstain from eating meal Can single bag enters tomato egg, do not join wring the flesh
Or be with bean curd (press mud) replace wring the flesh, also be very great choice expression of pain

1. crosses gently with the knife at tomato bottom, put into rolling water, iron about 1 minute to rise to leather 捲
2. is scooped, divest tomato skin, dissection with the knife, squeeze a juice again (juice not 丟)

The close proposal of small millet bucket:
The tomato has not been boiled long, lest tomato flesh bate
If afraid meeting packs the tomato,rot, after can dissectioning the tomato so
Dig the part with central soup much juice rise (the juice of this part also stays)

Cut tomato flesh lump of about 1 centimeter, mix again fried dish of 1 big spoon mixes with oil divide evenly, reserve (with balm Yi Ke)
The egg joins right amount salt and agitate is hit even, fry maturity to come loose into boiler next shape

The close proposal of small millet bucket: (Have a key. . . . Have a key. . . . Want to look. . . ..
◎ egg should be fried male a bit, but benefit at absorb juice of overmuch meat stuffing soup
The tomato that ◎ has cut mixes oily reason, because,be by the tomato that oily wrap up stays in, can give water more not easily
And won’t let inside stuffing passes at wet soft, bad bag, and the tomato cannot have been cut small
Once boil,can lose sight of tomato flesh 囉 , so. . . This is a key. . . . Want to be sure to keep in mind. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The pig wrings the flesh to join flavoring to mix after divide evenly, divide tomato juice second, edge agitate edge is joined
Let meat stuffing have the share that drink water, boil the dumpling flesh that come out so won’t male bavin, and still can have soup juice
Everybody can look reach the feeling of flesh of 2 pieces of graphs is very different

Tomato diced meat is added after the pig wrings the flesh to had mixed, scramble egg mix divide evenly, it is tomato egg meat stuffing namely

The close proposal of small millet bucket:
If mix,good chopped meat still passes at wet soft, can put chopped meat freezer, freeze a bit hard
I am to use last bag cent outfit freezes 3 bags, because rectify boiler to freeze together, wait for a bag to arrive second half paragraph when
Meat stuffing 隨 is worn time and temperature, again bate, cent outfit is so freezing
Can wrap a packet of stuffing, reassume is wrapped another packet

In freezing meat stuffing while, I use time to knead skin of dumpling of 麵 糰, 桿
Wrap dumpling again finally, thoroughly cook into rolling water, finish namely

Ha. . . What dumpling wraps is honest too ugly. . . Include more please ha. . . . ..
I become aware the skin that derives from personal 桿 can compare easy bag, because can 桿 becomes intermediate thick, edge thin, but more weighty
And although off-the-peg skin is handy, but. . . Skin relatively without flexibility, and come up against Shang Zhiduo inside stuffing, boil very easily broken
So 囉 . . . . . . Each have advantages and disadvantages

This dumpling should show a bag to be boiled now, the package is nice place too long, the skin will be wet defeat easily
So I am an edge Bao Bian puts freezer 裡 to freeze (dumpling should be free every unoccupied place, can touch otherwise sticky)
Until when wanting to eat, take out a part to thoroughly cook, remain continue to freeze hard
Next reoccupy lasts bag of amount that cent holds one secondary to eat

Dumpling of white 裡 rubicund is touching the sauce with the hot area in acid. . . . Thick. . . The world is delicate
Really pardonable also meeting says. . . Delicious be inferior to dumpling. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Deserve to bake gallinaceous roast meat to bloat oneself makings

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Achieve formerly deserve to bake gallinaceous roast meat to bloat oneself makings

** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

The Kendeji in the home bloats makings is gone, still always think redo, but buy what sell without the place besides the net, get online checked of countless

Data, see a not complete recipe eventually (the family is secret then, can making us complete know that is not secret) ,

The bout that this recipe matchs to come out is exhaustless, I later is diploid deserve to come out to be being put, wanted to use when what very convenient used.

It is better to if have thyme, basil, ox,come, each puts 1/2 small spoon, my home was not put, do not cross such doing

Those who come out is exceedingly delicious also, I had done the wing of the barbecue, chicken that bake, wing that bake to follow with this, leg of the lute that bake, had eaten come to an agreement or understanding eats.


Flour ground rice 20 grams, salt pink of 15 grams, chili is 50 grams, black pepper pink of 10 grams, mustard pink of 10 grams, ginger 15 grams, white sugar essence of 15 grams, chicken 5 grams, Yu Guifen 5 grams,

The root of Dahurian angelica 6 big, aniseed two, 3 Nai 4, lilac 3, powder of fennel a handful, garlic leaf of 20 grams, bay (sweet leaf) ten

Smash with disintegrator mill, dry mint is broken (fresh careless abluent air, with disintegrator molar) chicken flavors essence, mix, outfit reserve in container.

The roast meat of the chicken that bake that has distributed bloats makings

Also need not abrade above these, with 13 sweet, or pink of the five spices with respect to save trouble, it is better to if have thyme, basil, ox,come.

The appetizing food that cucumber skin makes [favorite your mouth]

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The ★ of appetizing dish ★ that skin of ★ ★ cucumber does [favorite your mouth]


With Jing colourful cate dotes on your mouth,
Start work formerly, be not reprinted please or extract and compile.

Summer came, have a poor appetite of a lot of friends
Be inferior to eating take this simple appetizing course

Appetizing cucumber skin

Raw material: Cucumber 2, the condiment such as candy, vinegar
1, after cucumber is washed clean, the skin that use planing machine implement become cucumber skin planing machine

2, the taste according to oneself, put right amount candy, vinegar and little salt
3, freezer is refrigerated 1, 2 hours can eat
Acerbity acid is sweet, cool cool fragile fragile
Appetizing really

Sweet clew
The cucumber of flay can make other food, must not waste
My relevant log: </DIV>
Without the luxuriant face about of the mosquito ****** remnant noodle of professional morality
2008-06-11 | Bake the vegetable that earth up a root to coil
2008-06-02 | Black congee of meter of Yi benevolence gram
2008-06-10 | Formula reducing weight
2008-06-08 | 2 minutes of 30 seconds do steamed bread of ****** of calm nutrition dinner to place pork leg
2008-06-06 | Encounter Bai Le ****** when inferior horse side of lovely letter meaning

With Jing colourful cate dotes on your mouth,

Eat kidney bean opportunely

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Eat kidney bean opportunely- - still do not grow the flesh simply tastily again already
Graph / article author: Gluttonous small hutch woman
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

** ** of my cate rich guest
Summer enrage hot very much person to not be willing to have a meal every day, especially of big fish big meat, look at queasy, at this moment cold dish became a indispensable scenery on table. I do not know how everybody eats kidney bean commonly, our home besides kidney bean of dry stir-fry before stewing, it is the kidney bean potato that stew. Again good thing, changeless change pattern is washed out easily also. Go with the friend some time ago snow mountain eats chicken, wanted kidney bean of a dish of cold and dressed with sause, I lean to me this kind is fond of is the world simply for the person that has the flesh delicate ah. This does not come home I also am pounded accordingly be vacated. Tell the truth those who do is pretty good still, the family member also likes quite, share with everybody today. The way is super and simple, and need not sootiness fire burn, eating to return tastily, the key is not long flesh.

Kidney bean is the food with rich nutrition, a kind of poisonous protein is contained in its seed bead nevertheless, ability must fall to be destroyed in high temperature, so edible kidney bean must be thoroughlied cook boil fully, remove adverse factor, hasten benefit avoids kill, produce its nutrition beneficial result better.

Raw material: Wen of ⑾ of poisonous  of ⑽ of lofty of ⒀ of Cong Ting of billows of Juan of hole of ⑽ of Suan of scepter of ⒋ of  of scull of ⒙ of collapsing Kang a low bank of earth between fields

Manufacturing process: ?
1, kidney bean is abluent, take out the old muscle of two side, on boiler evaporate is ripe (with water the mouthfeel that boil is differred far) , air is cool (before doing not have evaporate)

2, hemp juice adds agitate of water, balm, soy, salt even, garlic pounds mashed garlic, kidney bean cuts what control into 5 centimeters paragraph
3, 2 in all material that has handled is put into the basin, join gourmet powder agitate even, install dish can

**** warmth hints:
1, kidney bean must choose tender white kidney bean
2, it is evaporate certainly do not boil
3, kidney bean must evaporate is ripe

[Monograph] the bright and beautiful a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of warm popular feeling - China year

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[write down]

In cate kitchen, have a busy mottled bamboo, the disposition of fire of wind wind fire does not break feminine tenderness however, she is mottled bamboo of time of bright and beautiful a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument, numerous edition friend has doubt to like small scrip of bright and beautiful spot, want to have time only, bright and beautiful spot can be solved enthusiasticly. Make me original change careless to her think of a way, it is her the comprehension in rich guest. Such woman, resemble family and career cook is euqally outstanding, with the five flavors can the cooked food with the best v. . .
The bright and beautiful a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument in the life is flatly light, but be in forum the mottled bamboo as cate kitchen, such low-key, total however meeting lets a person have the feeling of warm heart, pardonable a lot of people like to cry ” elder sister of bright and beautiful a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument ” .
Actually early wants to cover bright and beautiful a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument - time, but before because such or it is in that way former fail to succeed consequently, of course among them the mainest still is bright and beautiful a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument wants to accept not quite all the time interview, want to be in only unknown to public of behind the curtain, this nevertheless it may be said achieved what one wishes. [Warmth popular feeling] . . . .

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