Potherb mustard young soya bean fries shredded meat to add way of souse of potherb mustard family

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Young soya bean of *** potherb mustard fries shredded meat to add ** of law of souse of potherb mustard family

Graph / article author: Cabbage caterpillar

** life let me know cate, cate lets me more have deep love for the life! ~ **

Shanghai person is preferred in summer eat pickles, because go with rice is delicious, I had seen a MM had done a kind of pickles inside jar previously, oneself also try to had made taste pretty good still, this is new learning today, the practice tastes simply special still sweet, time of souse of the mainest pickles is short, potherb mustard of general 2-3 day can eat, I feel I do potherb mustard to be at ease quite, farfetched thing won’t be added in souse process, so everybody can try to do do look, the way is exceedingly simple also, I open jar this morning, a fragrance came out immediately, add young soya bean and shredded meat, the classical dish of Shanghai person gives heat.

Saline 50g adds the water of 400g, I matched such proportion 2, small mustard 2.5 jins abluent, put salt solution in a tank, put small mustard, pass a few minutes to flip through, spend 2 hours so, small mustard is met shrivelled was dropped, put even water belt food finally last in the box, enter day of freezer souse 2-3. (the hand that notices souse and container do not stick oil, it is easy to have oil bad. )

The potherb mustard with good souse is rinsed, cut Cheng Xiaoding next, prepare man of a bit young soya bean, chili, wine of feed in raw material and little give birth to pink inside shredded meat, put in 5 minutes with divide evenly hind.

Oily boiler delimits below shredded meat medicinal powder, outfit basin reserves, chili man explodes sweet outfit basin reserves, the boiler below young soya bean breaks up fry moment, issue what potherb mustard and chili keep all the time to break up fry, till fragrance comes out, next shredded meat and candy, gourmet powder flavors, need not put salt again, because potherb mustard is salty, good Gong Gong is green a green dish is OK edible.


The candy limp and numb that flying cake does is beautiful

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The candy limp and numb that flying cake does is beautiful

Very long did not send a card, come out today ~~~~~ of lazy muscle of pull out pull out

Buy flying cake recently many, use up very fast also, flying cake is refrigerant actually 1000 crisp dough, besides with it the tower that make an egg, fruit is sent besides,
There still can be a lot of changes on the practice. See the simplest candy limp and numb spend today.

Raw material: Small sweet flying cake

1, a little after defrost, use round of knife to delimit on cake a few parallel, divide cake into 1 centimeter wide strip

2, can small cake take directly make up plait of fried dough twist

3, OK also small cake rub is round, again loose loose ground makes up plait of fried dough twist

4, the figure that sees two kinds of braid, asperse gently on braid on Bai Sha candy

Oven warm-up 200 degrees, 12-15 minute, had better defend after 12 minutes observe by oven, color is golden take at once.

Hum, taste is good still.


The crystal evaporate dumpling that I do

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The thing is done not have to do in the home on Sunday, the prescription that reflecting girl girl Mom did crystal dumpling. Feel pretty good flavour is very good also.

Raw material: Settleclear face 1 bag, corn is amylaceous 2 spoon, egg 2, salt of the boiled water with shrimp, 1 root, celery, right amount carrot, one small spoon, lardy 2 small spoon, starch is right amount (my home does not have a balance to do not have accurate gram to count, myself adds by the feeling)
The practice of stuffing
1, the egg has been fried crumb some
2, carrot, celery is abluent and mincing
3, shrimp is abluent with cooking wine and saline souse 10 minutes can go fishy smell. Next mincing.
4, starch of a few salad oil, salt, balm, water is joined to begin to mix next in pouring the data that all getting ready into the basin stuffing.

Knead dough measure
1, still have salt and settleclear side first corn starch mixes together
2, in pouring the water little that just burned into compound face. Arrive at the same time at the same time agitate. The proportion that water does not want a range is similar can.
3, the face in waiting for a basin begins knead dough after not quite very hot hand, join when those who mix is about the same lardy continue knead dough. Mix the face smooth hind good face lid with cap. Wake 15-20 minute
4, after the area has waked, begin to wrap dumpling. The other ways such as roll skin and the way that wrap common dumpling are same.
Below the attention: Dumpling skin wants roll a packet. Stuffing should not not allow to be cracked easily greatly too. The dumpling that has wrapped is put should go to beforehand in dish some of oil is wiped in dish. Such notting allow that stick easily.
5, 7-10 of evaporate of the boiler on the dumpling that has wrapped minute can.


Bead of salty fish chicken fries meal early formula

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** is permitted without the author, be not reprinted please or extract and compile ** of.sohu cate kitchen

The two big regrets of match of these two days of Olympic Gameses, it is to make popular feeling tide rough really. Was last night firstly Cheng Fei’s match suffers a defeat, because the injury quited the race,be Liu Xiang secondly.
Cheng Fei is the player that gold of capturing vaulting horse has actual strength most absolutely. When remembering previous reporter interviewing, she has said, she is unaccustomed come on the stage in front, I think vaulting horse final the created her mentality orderly tension of the 2nd, include to be added in the pressure that is controlled on her body to gain the championship, it is to cause the one big reason that suffer a defeat.
“Because come on stage prematurely,cannot consult the expression of main rival, she can be in only at the beginning with respect to exert highest difficulty ensures no risk at all. And the characteristic according to gymnastic competition, come on the stage in individual final often be developed to the movement afore and notch finally metropolis generation is affected certainly. World bright and beautiful was surpassed 2007, cheng Fei is the last in vaulting horse final appear, develop as a result of the adversary before all imperfect, chengfei is well-advised reduced behavioral difficulty to make sure the success of 100% leads successful Wei Mian thereby, but 17 individual final, cheng Fei can anticipate the enemy. Cheng Fei can anticipate the enemy..
A variety of reasons, the play that causes her suffers a defeat, fall in this kind of circumstance namely, she still took bronze medal, enough shows her actual strength!
Defend the game that watchs Liu Xiang beside TV this morning, accident making a person and because the injury quited the race,aching is him. I believe this is the regret of the people of the whole country, it is the regret of his lifetime more. Although he quited the race, but I believe the people of the whole country is had a plenty of to him more understanding are mixed blessing, expect he has the show of the beautiful on more in the match henceforth.
Anyway, august 17, 2008 is to make Chinese people cheer absolutely the day of caper, one day seized 8 gold, created Chinese Olympic Games to seize golden new page, be to make a person happy too really!
The early formula that offers on one special club to everybody — bead of salty fish chicken fries meal & formula of yoghurt of 7 colour grape, hope everybody likes!

[origin] ” fry a meal. Braise meal ” (have alter)
[breakfast breed] (1 person deal) bead of salty fish chicken fries a meal 120ML of yoghurt of 150 grams, grape.
[raw material]
** fries a meal: 400 grams, salty fish does ripe rice of of the previous night 40 grams, chicken bead of 70 grams, corn 50 grams, egg 1, on the west orchid 20 grams, shallot 2.
** grape yoghurt: Grape of mare’s milk of yoghurt 250ML, 7 colour is 200 grams, unripe pink 1 big spoon (clean with) .

 fries a meal: Little taste of corn oil, United States pole shows 2 big spoon, salt small spoon of 1/2 of essence of small spoon of 1/2 of small spoon of 1/2 of small spoon of 1/4 of pink of 1 small spoon, ginger, candy, unripe pink, chicken.
** fries a meal
Graph 1: Will salty fish works with lukewarm bleb soft.
Graph 2: Decoct of the knife that use fry in shallow oil becomes small diamonds.
Graph 3: Boiler burns heat into oil, do small fire simmer in water into salty fish ripe.
Graph 4: Orchid rips small on the west, green cuts a flower, ripe salty fish cuts Xiaoding.
Graph 5: Burn half boiler water to burn oil, will orchid scald irons half minutes of fish out on the west.
Graph 6: Continue to join corn bead to boil to ripe.
Graph 7: Chicken cuts bead, join essence of blueness of salt, unripe pink, egg, chicken to mix tasty of divide evenly souse, the rest of egg agitate are hit into egg fluid.
Graph 8: Boiler burns heat into oil, join chicken to fry sweet break after be born, fill piece.
Graph 9: Reentry little oil, after frying moment into pink of chopped green onion, salty fish, ginger, join egg fluid to fry sweet hind fill piece.
Graph 10: Boiler burns heat into little oil, join rice conflagration to fry submit inattentive form to grain of rice.
Graph 11: Join egg of ripe chicken bead, corn bead, salty fish, salt to fry divide evenly quickly.
Graph 12: Join finally on the west essence of delicacy of orchid, United States pole, candy, chicken mixes divide evenly can.

** grape yoghurt
Graph 1: Clear washed grape is joined to immerse 15 minutes or so after 1 big spoon is being joined to give birth to powdery agitate divide evenly in water.
Graph 2: Food joins yoghurt and mare’s milk grape in treatment cup.
Graph 3: After agitate hits 50 seconds to control can.

[experience and recall with emotion]
** salty fish is dry can change potted fish. My mother-in-law bloats salty fish works, the way is simpler, but sweeter oh!
** rice had better use of the previous night oh! Such rice slants hard spot, fry the feeling of a bead easily.
The recipe that ** fries a meal deliciously depends on the first want high temperature, “High temperature fries the rice that give ability won’t be sticky boiler, and high temperature fries the rice that give soft let grain of rice easily submit inattentive form. ” recipe the 2nd depend on conflagration be being fried quickly. “Of conflagration conduct heat rate is rapid, meal bead is fried more easily fully, but want fire only one big, if give the meal very easily too slow,multiply fried rate fry old, be being fried quickly so is very important, mouthfeel just is met delicate. Mouthfeel just is met delicate..
** gives birth to powdery water to wash a fruit is special environmental protection really, special also to human body health oh! Had better not wash with the essence that wash clean oh!

The welcome clicks the Sohu that enters me is small ^O^ , hope everybody likes oh! </b>

The sweetgrass relative wind of the maiden show of new pattern

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New pattern is defeated come back to cannot let its at a loose end certainly, otherwise I can feel to I am sorry that 200 much ocean, what also can draw on certain person is derisive ha, so, I must fight bravely, fight bravely, fight bravely again! ! ! Xi Xi. Although the Qi Feng before already was passed,close, but after all model of this professional relative wind all along trashy over- , what chart also is done not have in the heart, everything wants cautious, from most of the foundation make, although failed, wasteful raw material is little also, unapt special feel distressed ha, then, chose wind of this herb relative. Be in allegedly western country, high-grade herb cake can see the sweetgrass mashed vegetable or fruit that black bit nods, there still is the sweetgrass pod that did not use in home of as it happens, of course of follow a rational line to do some work well take play.

What must say is, model of this relative wind is good, use all the more conveniently, finished product is beautiful, high temperature bakes the Qi Feng that come out to bake the cake that come out more for long than microtherm delicious, very won’t wet, but mouthfeel still extraordinary profit, more important is, time is short, the of 1/3 time that needs common mould merely is done easily calm, economic energy resources ah ~~ of a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing is, the first time practice, cake bottom drawing of patterns was not handled good.

Finished product:

Raw material: (model of 17cm relative wind)
Yoke is burnt: Yoke 3, candy 20 grams, salad oil 50 milliliter, water is 50 grams, low pink 1/3 of pod of 80 grams, herb
Albumen is burnt: Albumen 4, candy starch of 50 grams, corn is 5 grams, white vinegar a few

1, sweetgrass pod from the incision intermediate, use the sweetgrass mud of little grain of black of small knife general to blow, reserve
2, yoke adds 20 grams candy, agitate is hit even
3, cent second add salad oil, mix is even
4, add water, mix is even

5, the sieve joins low white, add sweetgrass mud, cut with rubber drawknife mix even, yoke paste is finished
6, the drop in albumen enters a few white vinegar, divide compound that mixes candy and corn starch, use dynamoelectric eggbeater to dismiss to rigid
7, smoke with the egg along a direction gently agitate a few, condense albumen, albumen paste is finished
8, in taking 1/3 albumen paste to join yoke to paper

9, fast, gentle cut mix even
10, rejoin 1/3 albumen is burnt, cut mix even
11, answer cake batter albumen basin
12, with the rest albumen paste is cut mix even, cake batter is finished

13, in falling cake batter the mould quickly, after pressing chimney with the hand, in the shake on the table a few
14, oven warm-up, 180 degrees, lower level, fluctuation fire, 30 minutes
15, after giving heat, buckle instantly go up at upturned cup
16, after complete refrigeration

17, encircle along mould equalize with small knife
18, reoccupy knives is encircled along chimney equalize, take out cake
19, stripping and slicing is installed dish

Can you see mashed vegetable or fruit of high-grade small macula herb?

1, in albumen basin must anhydrous does not have oil, otherwise albumen cannot dismiss
2, the cake that buckles must thoroughly cool hind break up again, if be done in the evening, still be pass the night is good
3, the egg had better be taken out from inside safe, add a few vinegar again, also conduce to albumen dismissing so
4, of the craze after authentic Qi Feng has been baked namely, perhaps should not pass too high only low good

Come again a piece of PP
> </b>

Cake of stripping and slicing of jujube sweet chocolate

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** of ** Sohu West Point without author joy the small license that breath out Mom, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **
*** of cake of stripping and slicing of *** jujube sweet chocolate

Graph / article author: Joy is small haing Mom

My rich guest: Http://blog.sina.com.cn/carolinvancouver

**** opens a language ****
My that ” BAKING ” the book can be a good book really, above from cake, to biscuit, wait a moment to biscuit, noodle is basic all completely. This book is leafed through when I do not have a thing all the day, wish above the mug-up that feels delicious is trying to do. Yesterday, see the prescription of cake of a diamonds, it is certain that husband looks to say delicious, blame let me do. I do cake not to like to copy all content on prescription completely every time, like to be added one time according to the thing in the taste of ourselves and home alter. Because always like a jujube sweet, used this prescription to cooperate the flavour of the jujube again so, made myself ” cake of stripping and slicing of jujube sweet chocolate ” .
The mouthfeel of this cake is very exquisite, taste resemble cheese cake a bit the sort of satiny.

Raw material:
Jujube 1 cup (use milk bubble beforehand soft, next mincing) , flour 1 cup, butter 1 cup, egg 3, butter 60 grams, chocolate 100 grams, cup of brown sugar 3/4 ********

1.It is treatment jujube above all, it is jujube bubble namely in milk a few hours, wait for milk works for nothing after the jujube became soft, cut the jujube into small shiver.
2.Some of water is put to be burned in pannikin, involve fire next, the butter with mincing traditional Chinese clothes of a basin and chocolate, frame go up in boiler, (make sure basin bottom does not want hot water of bring into contact with) agitate.

3. agitate melts adequately to butter and chocolate.

4. adds brown sugar and butter in butter chocolate subsequently.

5. sifts flour in a big basin, mix jujube.

6. Mix chocolate fluid into flour finally, mix burnt.

7. is baked dish in wipe grease, spread good oilpaper, go in burnt paste, wipe calm surface.

180 degrees of oven bake warm-up 30 minutes, give furnace to put the refrigeration on grill overnight. (in can putting freezer, cool)

Get up to run to see my cake this morning, the incision on the horse looks. Pretty good! The quality of a material that goes up with the book exactly like. Be delicious!

Of rape Xianggu mushroom exceedingly sentimental 亞 亞 edition

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Hanged good night phone. I love you to say so that swing to enrage ileum.
Listen so that link psychological range of pleasantly sweet. Ah. With him only so tender ground accuses after narrating words from one’s heart, ability sets his mind at to fall asleep.
I think he also is same. In the years of brawl. Two people cannot fall asleep. Mutual torment suffers each other.

This dish was that day Uphold says to want to eat delicate when do together.
Dine together in the home today. busy cerebrum is fumy. Do not have there’s still time to take a picture. Uphold still asks I take a picture.
I say busy. Do not have there’s still time. He feels very regrettablly.
Ah. What is there regrettablly? ! The picture of much beauty also is a vision nevertheless it seems that enjoy.
And I most enjoy. The good friend that is Uphold is admiring to my everybody.
Saying Uphold is the happiest man.
Uphold is a vegetable maniac. Although look,he resembles is a carnivore.
He likes Chinese cabbage most. Asparagus lettuce leaf. Like Xianggu mushroom to like carrot.

He should have a meal. I do of course he loves to eat.
Also I do cold dish remnant to come down that carrot. Cut caution. He is open-eyed ask I am many a carve a long time.
This babyish child. Fool!
Waste is not goodness. Managing ability is the most important.
I think I also want to begin save money.
My pitiful Uphold study unexpectedly neither one back cushion.
He is lazy want to taking a rest is hard good place. So much bad.
Wait for me save money became enough money. Buy to him greatly soft soft back cushion.

After his friend went back in the evening, he stays to clean sanitation with me.
Ah. He says him very ashamed remorses I cook his what is busy busy do not go up.
I laugh at him foolish. He helped me cut half potato. I feel very contented.
There should be me in the heart only, enough.

Most the fan that he of remain fresh in one’s memory wore a white unexpectedly today is taken. Extremely handsome ~
Ah. Seeming is the cough up that bought to him last year. He always hates to part with the clothes that I buy to him those who wear.
White is to be afraid of more wear dirty. Cough up rises on the west of the sun today!
Wear today rise. fill in. Outstanding! My home Uphold is an old handsome young man.
Think of this has the sick at heart that nod acid in my heart.
He always is so economical. Unlike I am so extravagant.
But want me only. He does not grudge however again.
Oneself feel the dress is done not have bad however need not buy new.
Distain him to have the syndrome that buy a shoe and xylose mellow syndrome nevertheless.
Just feel he is very managing. But think of him the shoe with that one expensive in pairs. OH. If beginning to say when me, be psychedelic.

Ha. Uphold says. Darling does this is the most outstanding.
See him eat so happily. Have only probably and the person ability of place experiences so tremendous and sharp happy move like me.
And I the happiness that this pursues all one’s life.
Can illume for Uphold everyday namely a lamp that puts in the home ’s charge. Fall asleep peacefully in his bosom every night.
Although just part a hour. I still long for you in insanity.

Raw material: Xianggu mushroom. Carrot. Rape
1: Oil of a few in boiler fries sweet green. Join Xianggu mushroom
2: Take out green paragraph. Add a few water.
3: Add salt. Gourmet powder. Carrot piece with rape.
4: Okl. .


Cheese macaroni

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** allows without author snowflake, stick a character to the picture must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** originally

Have a song I like very much all the time, reason, achieve is me it is silver of one great convention, I like Money.
Achieve of song drop name is: If I Had A Million Dollar ~~~

Write in the song:
If I Had A Million Dollars (if I Had A Million Dollars)
I’d Buy You A House (I Would Buy You A House)
If I Had A Million Dollars (if I Had A Million Dollars)
I’d Buy You Furniture For Your House (Maybe A Nice Chesterfield Or An Ottoman)
If I Had A Million Dollars (if I Had A Million Dollars)
If I Had A Million Dollars
We Wouldn’t Have To Walk To The Store
If I Had A Million Dollars
We’d Take A Limousine ’cause It Costs More.
If I Had A Million Dollars
We Wouldn’t Have To EatKraft Dinners
But We Would, we’d Just Eat More.

Stop! Stop! Is interpose Kraft Dinners what east?
Kraft is famous " card husband " this brand. This Kraft Dinners, it is a their very classical product: Convenient the Macaroni And Cheese that pack. Translating Chinese basically is the meaning of cheese macaroni.
This east, basically be North America person eats as a child big, with us convenient cover is the same as the food of first-class class. Each carton is packed, buy, boil in water, add milk and along with pack add sent Zhi person pink includes one mix, be dinner. This east east many have nutrition? Hum, estimation compares convenient cover only a little a bit better, milk products is very much! Do not have fleshy meat without vegetable nevertheless. . . . . . , so I say, it is good to compare convenient cover only so a wee bit.
Because the price is low, the operation is simple, so this east, be very a drop of broad and careladen people is lived to welcome to drip in capitalist an abyss of suffering. (Let me change a tone, ah)
Above that song, let me like so, namely by this one We Wouldn’t Have To Eat Kraft Dinners. But We Would, we’d Just Eat More. Those who let me feel these people is honest and lovely. (This band advocate sing a hand to because suck is held,drugs is arrested recently, let a person be surprised! Let a person be surprised!!

Actually, macaroni And Cheese this east east before food is industrialized, once also was North America housewife people a staple food that loves to do very much. Because anew delicacy feeds material to be made, do not compare the Kraft Dinners that buys in the supermarket to bother actually. Distribute on a few other cooked food again, be a more healthy delicate Western-style food!

What I demonstrate today, also not be most the most authentic practice, also not be best material, just should use up cheese of the rest in the home piece just.

Raw material: 4 people portion

Macaroni, it is the small meaning side in the graph. This meaning side is more special is it does not contain an egg, and appearance is an abduct account that opens a heart. A few manufacturer of American, call it directly " upper part of a leg of pork " (Elbow) .
Cheese, what I use is this is planted a shape cheese, because domestic Liduode does not eat,be over. Amount to with new car actually (Cheddar) will be more delicate.
Can add person pink of a few Zhi additionally (Pamesan) , if have fresh, him pulverize, that is extremely clever. It is to clear goods in stock is coming here nevertheless. Everybody also need not not use.
Do not cross these two kinds of cheese that I set an example, home mostly the place can buy allegedly.

Practice: (My speech is tired, pron yourselves sees a graph talk)

Baked a few shrimp additionally, clear water boiled dot vegetable, so simple!

I that cut, it is after all as a child here is grown, this east east he loves to eat especially.

He sees at the moment this piece of graph, say, he hungry!
. . . . . .

Small stick person:
•If the flavour of unaccustomed cheese, I persuade you or do not try this meaning side easily.

Welcome everybody to click a picture, enter the fossa of snowflake

Sweet glutinous slips tender coke chicken wing

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Sweet glutinous slips tender coke chicken wing
Graph / article author: Xie Feng carries on his shoulder or back
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
Guest of rich of the person that examine clicks here please
Think those who had eaten not to want to expend kongfu again again, what does the choice do at that time? That with respect to coke chicken wing, province thing delicious, serving –

Say to get the materials ready first, say according to the graph
1, gallinaceous wing (a jin) 2, powder of garlic of Jiang Mo of chopped green onion
3, soy and cooking wine Coke chicken wing filled less of course coke, the graph does not go up here.

Make: 1, root of pointed wing of the wing in Chengchi of gallinaceous wing chop 3.
2, gallinaceous wing preexistence rolls Shui Lichao. The gallinaceous wing that scald crosses puts cooking wine soy to pile up flavour, souse makes an appointment with 20 minutes. (I am lazy, did not pile up flavour)
3, the oil inside boiler is hot, powder of garlic of the end that put ginger is fried sweet, leave gallinaceous wing, break up fry to incarnadine and golden.
4, big baked wheaten cake leaves after next coke, cooking wine, soy, salt, chopped green onion, small fire stew (my be addicted to is hot, put a dot to do chili so, it is ordinarily ought not to put) , after waiting for coke to become syrup state, install dish.

[Sweet clew]
1. chicken wing can go already with scald rolling water raw meat or fish, go to the lavatory again ripe.
Can fall with knife equalize on 2. chicken wing, convenient take taste.
3. coke begins to be not put too much, inspect a circumstance to add. </b>

Delicious and juicily garlic sweet chop

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Delicious and juicily garlic sweet chop
Graph / article author: Xie Feng carries on his shoulder or back
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
Guest of rich of the person that examine clicks here please
Long for star to long for a moon, long to be hit to chop eventually folded. Say one jin goes back, I should do a garlic sweet chop, see finished product first — want to eat?

Say to get the materials ready first, say according to the graph
1, chop (a jin) 2, powder of garlic of Jiang Mo of chopped green onion
3, soy and cooking wine 4, powdery Gorgon euryale

Make: 1, chop preexistence rolls Shui Lichao, this one step is very crucial, otherwise chop can have fishy smell of a flesh. The chop that scald crosses puts cooking wine soy to pile up flavour, souse makes an appointment with 20 minutes.
2, domestic oil is hot, powder of garlic of the end that put ginger is fried sweet, issue chop, break up fry to incarnadine and golden.
3, big baked wheaten cake leaves after next cooking wine, soy, water, salt, right amount white sugar, small fire stew. (my be addicted to is hot, put a dot to do chili so, it is ordinarily ought not to put)
4, divide evenly of agitate of water of add of powdery Gorgon euryale, wait for chop to boil boiler is entered after rotting inside, burn upper eyelid giving crab, after Sa Cong is spent, install dish.

[Sweet clew]
1. chop must use scald rolling water, have fishy smell otherwise very insipid.
It is better to be put after 2. chopped green onion, fry easily otherwise black, affect visual result.
Water of powdery Gorgon euryale is put to be able to make dish looks glittering and translucent when 3. receives juice get rid of is appeared, increase appetite. </b>