Green sweetened bean taste is sanded

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Green sweetened bean taste is sanded

Graph article / small fennel

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Material: Pool? white sugar Gan Guihua (candy sweet-scented osmanthus) Edible oil Water


1 Gram chooses foreign matter, clear water is abluent.

2 Water is added in boiler and one times of prep above gram. Big baked wheaten cake leaves, cook fire of the make down after 5 minutes, boil gram bead to blossom, desquamate, be like,the beans rots mud. Involve fire.

3 Fry boiler to burn hot oil, put gram sand to break up slightly, join candy, sweet-scented osmanthus small fire breaks up fry, cent letting water evaporates. Midway otherwise stops ground agitate, lest paper boiler.

4 The buy inside boiler is cool, cent is installed at lasting inside bag, press into the thin pancake that makes an appointment with 1CM, refrigerant save.

This is the sweetened bean taste after buy is cool

Bag of sweetened bean taste

This is refrigerant hind the sweetened bean taste that reassume gives

Small eat of green sweetened bean taste is wrapped

When * boils bean, should notice water quantity and bean boil sodden degree at any time, the otherwise when frying sweetened bean taste stops ground agitate, lest paper boiler.

When ** is saved squash of sweetened bean taste refrigerant and OK occupy a space less, and apply again when change aspic easily to break up.

*** candy oil measures the taste take into consideration the circumstances according to oneself to add. Oil of this the \ that taste candy added the 1/5 that sweetened bean taste measures each.

**** fries sweetened bean taste is a work that exercises person endurance really, this sweetened bean taste I am cent second fry those who come out. First time material is added sufficient fry go out to small Gan Cheng, put issue boiler to break up again the following day fry, successful. </b>

The hemp of current state pot-stewed fowl is hot phoenix claw wishs everybody National Day is happy

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The home is in a suburb, around a lot of factory, make garment trade especially most, making garment industry employer perhaps have an in part is Sichuan and Chongqing, so door mouth a driveway, have 100 meters long almost, have hotel of 56 plain flavour however, holiday business is very hot, if not be,have a meal to restaurant, if outside wanting, selling, avoid talk, because chef is busy,did not come over.

The plain flavour that just contacted to Guangzhou work first time is Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce, it is near senior bank road, had not built trestle in those days, there still is the southern large building of famed whole nation on the side, the person is angry also the fluctuation unlike today 9 reach Beijing road not anxiety lets more, the person of 779 time comes Guangzhou play, had not rambled not to calculate to southern edifice had come to Guangzhou, the dormitory that I stay in is south people road, walk along an edifice to still be less than a few minutes, trestle be open to traffic when, slowly a section of a highway all round this cold and cheerless came down, the neighbor of understanding says trestle keeps watch for fun water was destroyed. The result of cold and cheerless is a lot of inn were taken away, inn of Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce also does not know a footprint, how many have some of regret now, because of that Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce I had eaten the most delicious Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce, sweet, bright, dry, hot not acerbity mouth arrives I am in now other plain flavour inn also fails savor. Till the plain flavour that arrives in door impediment, basically be Sichuan person leave, those who fry is fish of pickled Chinese cabbage of dish of the daily life of a family, hemp hot phoenix claw, Mao Xiewang. Just know to eat before me no matter be,flavour does not consider plain flavour and Chongqing authentic, little a flavor Chinese prickly ash, chili doing is so little also that chili doing have pity on, reform the taste that fits Guangzhou person. The hemp of plain flavour restaurant of mouth of the door at the beginning of last year is hot phoenix claw 15 yuan a jin, those who go is masses course, pork rises in price, the carnivorous with other complicity also follows mad go up, hemp is hot phoenix claw also goes up 20 yuan a jin, especially fish of pickled Chinese cabbage from 15 yuan go up one dish 28 yuan, although price still can bear, but the drop in the heart is very big still.

The Spring Festival passes this year, I get the hot burden of a packet of big hemp that Sichuan sends, although be to take course of half another name for Guangdong Province in one’s childhood half Hunan dish (birthplace closes in beautiful, it is to be apart from the Guangdong with the closest Hunan to visit a town) , oneself also are can eat hot, still give frightened jump greatly, hot burden of really too much hemp, a lot of burden use large half an year in hemp hot ironed, especially the chili dressing of sauce stuff kind, use noodles served with soy sauce every morning to me ate, stayed several be responsible for a task unit until it is completed the burden that tastes chili bead, be anxious really do not know how to be solved, just remember in one’s childhood Hunan neighbour family expenses rolls pink of oily bubble chili later, join soy to be moved together, with will mix the meal reachs next noodle to eat very sweet. The result tries, the hemp hot dressing that follows plain flavour restaurant almost tastes, what use nevertheless is not rape oil however peanut oil. Thinking sometime to buy phoenix claw to boil will try, still worked really, the bittern that does not know plain ingredient should put what kind of flavor, oneself also are disinclined to get online search, just freezer safe has bittern juice, if not be to often boil bittern alimental to suggest not to withhold bittern juice, the hemp that became edition of current state pot-stewed fowl as a result is hot phoenix claw. The family member says not to eat to give a difference with restaurant, only difference is won’t the mouth works, because did not put gourmet powder, golden slab sugar is joined in bittern juice already enough.

1, gallinaceous claw is abluent drop does water, fly next water, the bubble in devoted ice water is cold after float water, again drop does water, such phoenix claw taste mouthfeel is more fragile.

2, old bittern flavour is very full-bodied, want a bit flavor only already enough. Little of the head of garlic, anise, small fennel. The person that the method of old bittern sees carnivorous additionally does not despise, pig head flesh (click examine) .

3, fry flavor with a bit oil sweet, taste after coming out, boil bittern juice.

4, in pouring gallinaceous claw into the bittern that already rolled boil next, move ammunition small, boil slowly, yield meat of pot-stewed fowl infiltration in. Used half hours probably, phoenix claw is not scooped after involving fire, bubble one bubble more tasty.

5, when the burden first time in bittern is boiled, burden can stay to be used next time, had better not exceed a week, had boiled the 2nd times scoop burden broken bits refuse, the bittern juice that has boiled next time so won’t cloudy same.

6, dry article there are chili of 2 kinds of burdens and Chinese prickly ash in chili bead, enter a bowl in, add a bit sesame seed, burn after rolling peanut oil, drench on.

The means lane hemp that uses oneself is hot, its are happy boundless, have Yan alizarin red, the head of garlic, sweet green. Teaspoon is 1/4 salt, unripe smoke, the chili that mature vinegar, sesame oil adds him flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil is oily, mix with respect to OK, oneself like to make food most coltish, want how with respect to how, that is met much more amused.

The course of a few shape that plain flavour restaurant often takes at the door the home, had sent in cate before, look for less than sticking child, send afresh again.

Mao Xiewang

My love fish of pickled Chinese cabbage most

Acetic smooth Chinese cabbage

Chicken giblets of bubble any of several hot spice plants

Flesh of improved edition cherry

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Eventually brief idle came down, can carefree in the morning before the thing that drinking a cup of coffee is a happiness; After husband goes to work, I am ticked off continuously those who tick off staring at a bed, so it also is such sex appeal; Holding a book in the arms to sit on swing, of course the content of the book is not serious, the great achievements of full courtyard, chinese rose flower is releasing its fragrance hard, so everything is such satisfied. . . . . . .
My so earnest decision: I still should be become borer, or fat fat great insect that eats books. . .
The Lu Cai with cherry very famous flesh, the cherry flesh flavour of cafeteria of a lot of Shandong is different, myself reforms slowly later below, added my distinctive piscine formula color, taste is exceptionally good. The deadbeat that comes to my home every time people should have taken this course only, nod surely next time, a when also be me small pride
Foreleg flesh, sesame seed, earthnut, candy, vinegar, garlic, aniseed, shallot
1: First scamper pignut, flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil is short sweet put cool hind pulverize,
2: Foreleg flesh stripping and slicing, shallot cuts end
3: Oily 6 turn into heat small fire puts white sugar to fry color giving candy, this duration is crucial. Garlic of fly into rage of the smallest fire and aniseed are used immediately after candy color comes out, fleshy piece is put to break up after garlic flavour comes out fry
4: Put often smoke, add water, pink of the five spices is boiled, water is certainly it is advisable to had done not have the flesh. Time just closes for water dry optimal
5: Move sweet-and-sour juice, acid is sweet degree comes by his be fond of, the starch that increase a point mixes divide evenly
6: Need not too much oil, oil is lukewarm 7 into heat what had boiled fleshy piece topples, sweet-and-sour juice breaks up a few times quickly on the horse, involve fire. Put pignut to break, sesame seed, shallot can


[Beautiful 3 eat on September 26 one fish of 004] two eat

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Say the fish is high grade protein, having a fish more is a kind of good food convention. Mom goes this morning the market bought 4 jins of heavy bighead, this nature became the protagonist of my home dinner, the first is the head of fish of chop any of several hot spice plants that becomes with piscine head, sweet tender hot bright, extremely delicious ~ is piscine body is done redly the 2nd carbonado, very tasty, I what eat extremely ~
Light has the flesh to be no good, vegetable also is little not leading role, the hyacinth bean that heats today, mixed white cauliflower and green cauliflower, two very simple Lenten, but nutrition really very rich ~ still has the young soya bean that boil to drink earthnut, do not know this calculates do not calculate dish, ah
Staple food, today is coarse food grain entirely, evaporate pumpkin, unbroken, sweet, the corn that boil, still have meal of food grains other than wheat and rice, there are all sorts of unpolished rices to drink all sorts of beanses inside, very nourishing ~
Finally is wax gourd soup, this day drinks a dot to warm warm boiling water, very comfortable really ~
Come first ~</b> of a piece of group photo

Head of fish of chop any of several hot spice plants

Strip off chili looks

Fish of braise in soy sauce

Heat hyacinth bean

Mix cauliflower

Earthnut of the young soya bean that boil

Evaporate pumpkin

The corn that boil

Meal of food grains other than wheat and rice


[Beautiful 3 eat on September 27 the content language of 004] shrimp- - 26 days of dinner

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Our home loves to have shrimp, often buy, put freezer to freezing, when it is good to eat to wait for the mood,
Ah, the line that pick shrimp is a very thorny issue.
And I am a little cranky, every shrimp blame is done neatly, ability takes next gut.
Finish every time shrimp, feel twice nigrescent, limply.
Can look at husband be popular heart, happy feeling immediately excessive has one’s heart filled with a head.

Of hutch happy, nothing is more… than looks at eater big fast a cheek, small achievement feels, hey

This is dinner do [bouquets of flowers and piles of silks-rich multicolored decoration- - bright shrimp cold meats]

Practice shrimp flesh of Bai Zhuo maintained the biggest fresh and tender, and already purify shrimp line, OK and easy hold shrimp remaining part one close lightly, match dish to be able to be used on the west dish of orchid, cucumber, Gao Li is waited a moment possible. . .

What everybody has fun at is OK do, on one dish is placed when home banquet, the relatives and friends that can let you certainly is favorable oh ~~~ is delicious, good-looking, delicate ~~~

This is [sweet hot black any of several hot spice plants bakes shrimp]

I and husband love to eat hot, when oven was not being bought previously, the food taken late at night that often goes out eats barbecue on booth, want a boss to be put more hot, ah

Ah, pretty good still, very delicious say,
And cheap, these shrimp, an ability 10 yuan of silver.
Pork may contain the impure hormone in raising to wait a moment,
But bright shrimp, be pure free from contamination 3 inferior seawater is raised big oh </b>

Very delicious rice skin

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Without permitting = to must not be reprinted

Cool skin eats quite more, introduce a more delicious than cool skin N~ N~ N~ today of times rice skin. And rice skin is OK cold heat two eat oh. . Although summer goes, can taste like delicate. We come first today cold eat, follow the spice like cool skin to have a way euqally namely actually. . . Have wondering, how can my rice skin be this kind of color. Be like La Fei blue, be like violet. . Cc, because I am to use violet wild cabbage to extract juice to come the ground rice oar of modulation, this thinking that the effect that come out will be very violet very aesthetic feeling is very artistic very who knows infection ~~~~ so can shallow drop. Nevertheless ~ does not cross ~ delicious ability is good sense, .

Today’s graph exceeds many. Look the head is greatly, although measure looks be like loaded down with trivial details, but actually complex not at all. Recommend strongly really, the absolutely meeting that falls in love with it is more than I and Guo Guo. . .

Rice skin makes:

1. rice immerses pass the night.

2. is added a few water (a cup rice adds 2/3 cup water) relapse a few times with arrange machine the rice oar with exquisite wear, filter.

3. joins one big spoon settleclear pink mix is even. Add unripe pink without settleclear pink. Did not add with respect to what really also did not concern.

4. takes 1/4 rice starch (actually not certain 1/4, a few OK) on boiler small fire boils ropy ripe rice oar, this measure must small fire, and want ceaseless agitate oh. Dropped very easily with respect to paste otherwise.

The rice oar that 5. has boiled is this appearance drop.

6. will boil the ropy rice starch that has made to join the rest rice thick liquid of unripe ripe rice is become inside the oar, agitate of reoccupy arrange machine is hit even. This moment adjusts the ropy rate of rice oar. If rare add bit of settleclear pink to perhaps give birth to cent again, stiff the water that increase a point. It is good that anyhow rice oar wants ropy place.

7. takes two steam dish by turns evaporate is made, be in above all evaporate dish on brush an oil.

8. fills oar of rice of one big spoon to be in evaporate dish on.

9. shakes even, oar letting rice bestrews whole evaporate dish bottom. This rice skin wanting evaporate is better than cool Pi Houcai, cannot aether is thin, otherwise bad to take bad also steam.

Evaporate of conflagration of the boiler on the rice oar of 10. general shake up 3 minutes two, it is same that this one pace follows cool skin, it is OK that evaporate has big bubble to the surface. The rice skin appearance that takes brushs an edible oil to prevent adhesion.

11. extends meter of hypodermic range with a chopstick, edge evaporate dish all around equalize circle is OK very easy take out rice skin.

The rice skin with 12. good evaporate.

Use sauce as cool skin, vinegar, salt, gourmet powder, face of Chinese prickly ash, oily hot pepper, white sugar, balm, chopped green onion mix divide evenly leaves eat. Want to put a bit vinegar more, it is very delicious really oh ~~

Saying rice skin is more delicious than cool skin ceaselessly, after all delicious over, what differs with cool skin?

Rice skin tastes soft soft. Of glutinous glutinous but won’t stick a tooth. Without cool skin in that way muscle path, do not break cool skin however in that way the feeling of QQ. Alas, did not know, anyway very delicious drop, cc. Try at once. Rice Pi Liang eats today, we will come again tomorrow rice skin heat eats.

You know piscine fish word:

1. preparation gives birth to the process scarcely of ripe rice oar to want to omit. This one pace is to decide rice skin Q is soft goluptious key, little the rice skin that evaporate of this one pace comes out can be hard rat-tat rat-tat, worked very quickly. Must be boiled with small fire nevertheless.

It is good that skin of 2. evaporate rice wants large drop. This follow cool skin different. When cutting water is touched on the knife first-rate cut, the rice skin that cuts still won’t be stuck.

3. does good rice skin to put freezer to be able to be saved 3 days two. My bubble a cup rice, I and Guo Guo ate 3 times. Every, someone has the power that grabs a thing to eat with me greatly.


The salt that I make Lucai explodes bright You

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Graph / article author: Qd sea Hqs
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

Salt explodes explode with Yan, see salt explode from the definition exploding with Yan is consistent, in actual unit process of cargo bandling, there is the distinction of appreciably between them; Salt explodes add skin of Chinese prickly ash, caraway paragraph little, yan explodes do not add skin of Chinese prickly ash, caraway is much. Demand of dish taste characteristic is weak, but either few is weak, want to notice when flavor. Can consult the card before me [Yan explodes gallinaceous silk] .

<a Href= Http://> has deep love for the life to enjoy cate

Open the sea to rambled to market that day, come to seafood city, full city is fresh squid everywhere. Build is not big, extremely fresh. The price is not expensive, 10 yuan 3 jins.

Bought two 3 yuan of money. The caraway that bought 5 horn fund again (but caraway is very expensive oh) . Answer family expenses squid piece do a salt to explode bright squid, do the hot squid that bake to eat with squid claw again. Flavour is delicious, economic material benefit. Salt explodes bright You cost does not spend 4 yuan of money, claw of the squid that bake is bilk ~ ~ is breathed out

the squid abluent, in take out abdomen east east not, rip go cortical, claw of take out squid makes it additionally use.
Will treat two clean squids piece change Dao Chengmai spic to spend a knife. The inclined knife interval that spends the left and right sides for 40-45 with included angle first makes an appointment with 3 millimeter to cut the 3/5 deepness of raw material, cut 4/5 into 90 degrees with straight knife and inclined knife next deep, cut strip finally stand-by.
Caraway is abluent, take out leaf need not, caraway stalk is cut paragraph. Put with end of ginger of water of wine of refined salt, gourmet powder, pepper, carry on, Chinese prickly ash, green, garlic piece, in the flavour juice bowl that wet starch of clear soup, a few moves.
Water is added to be burned inside boiler, put the squid after changing a knife piece rapid fish out accuses water after scald water.
Round-bottomed frying pan adds oil to burn to 7, 8 into heat, pour the flavour juice inside squid, bowl, rapid fall turns over round-bottomed frying pan, spot sesame oil is filled piece can.

With makings: Bright squid, caraway paragraph
Condiment: Silk of green ginger end, garlic piece, water of refined salt, balm, cooking wine, pepper, Chinese prickly ash, gourmet powder, wet starch, clear soup is right amount.

1, in the squid piece form of exterior Ji ear spends a knife, cut strip.
2, enter the scald in boiled water boiler next rapid fish out, accuse water to reserve.
3, right amount oil is added inside spoon, the squid piece, the flavour juice of mix up is joined, break up quickly fry even, drench balm can.

Characteristic: Xian Xian Fragile tender </b>

A bowl of potherb heats up noodles in soup

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I make this bowl of range in him a married woman’s parents’ home, a fellow-townsman that the word says one day that to family person manages a wedding helps, provide a meal midday, but I am not willing to stay over to eat, came back to eat with respect to oneself so. Cold boiler is cold in the home after coming back kitchen, do not have him method to search for circuit in vegetable garden, looked for a wild three-colored amaranth and two persimmon, boiled bowl noodle simply, flavour is honest, be the flavour that I miss.

Should say this is wild three-colored amaranth is to feed a pig to feed a duck here, I listen to old people to say that time in natural disaster also someone takes, bag steamed stuffed bun eats. It doesn’t matter of wild three-colored amaranth tastes, backward slip of the scald that use water is smooth, cold and dressed with sause is very delicate also. This thing vitality is tenacious, in me home town is everywhere, want to eat all the time, but the family member is not willing to eat, I feel they are the value that did not discover potherb, the netizens that my constant sees me go purslane also is dug in wild country, ever also saw those who sell have on the market, the price is very expensive, actually this dish also is feeding a duck over there my a married woman’s parents’ home, a lot of things are such, have do not know to cherish, lost also lost. . . .

A wild three-colored amaranth two small persimmon

Go old root takes tender page

Use boiled water scald

Heat is oily, chopped green onion explodes boiler, fine dried noodles falls after water leaves, add potherb finally, I still hit a poached eggs, I do not grudge all along to oneself


The element of go with rice fries acerbity beans horn

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Raw material: Acerbity beans horn, chili, garlic powder chopped green onion
Condiment: Salt, cooking wine, white sugar, gallinaceous essence </b> <br><br>
Horn of will acerbity beans is abluent, air, cut small-scale <br><br>

Garlic, green, chili cuts end <br><br>

Hot pot issues oil, oily heat puts garlic powder chopped green onion, chili is put after giving sweet smell, break up fry even, put acerbity beans part next, add one spoon cooking wine, salt of one small spoon, white sugar of one big spoon is fried together. After dichotomy bell, boiler goes out after the essence that put chicken fries divide evenly can <br><br>





<br><br> of super and simple super go with rice

Will stick dot autumn fat flesh of pumpkin pink evaporate [Yan Jia small shop]

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate
Flesh of pumpkin pink evaporate

The autumnal equinox passed, raining all the time these days, it is a Qiu Yu really cool ah, return a hope to have warm feeling, want to eat a dot to have caloric food, a small pumpkin that buys in the home has been put very long, a pumpkin just 7 wool money, errorring petty gain is really below environment of this kind of price, hate to part with a bit all the time open this melon, small, silently, stay in the kitchen one horn already two many weeks, in one’s heart is showing a rural interest, look at like, it how so cheap, do not spend make the best use of everything, of the talking around that it does not satisfy the mankind inherently namely desire, still be my adage, respect it well arrange it, add the classy steaky pork that I still remain last, get a meat of pumpkin pink evaporate, my true esteem this different feeds capable person. . . . . .

First last finished product graphs, see you like?

Raw material: 1. Pink of flesh of 200g of slice of steaky pork 600g, pumpkin, evaporate water of half not bag, hot fermented bean curd right amount, thick broad-bean sauce 2 small spoon, alone garlic powder 1

If the processing of pumpkin pursues

Flow: Try to locate sth by following up a clue please
The flesh that 1. has mixed. It is powder of pink of flesh of a flesh and water of fermented bean curd, evaporate, thick broad-bean sauce, garlic, add oil of a bit edible even additionally, added edible oil to compare good agitate, the flesh also is met mouthfeel is better, all material a mix is even, had better wear a glove to catch, better and even, because evaporate flesh pink and thick broad-bean sauce are very salty, so basic be to need not put salt, be soiled bloats after mixing left and right sides of a hour.

Good gauze is spread inside 2. a pot for steaming food, can buy a gauze guaze mask to ravel, I feel the special gauze that sells than the supermarket is used fortunately

3. spreads the flesh in the lay open on gauze, the gain that extended gauze is the oil that evaporate flesh comes out can drop goes down, but evaporate flesh pink won’t leak go down, the Kong Haiman that lies between because of evaporate is big

4. conflagration begins evaporate, water opens evaporate of succeed add conflagration 20 minutes

The good processing pumpkin after 5.2 minutes puts evaporate 10 minutes, still be used conflagration

Take pumpkin after 6.1 minutes preparation is placed dish, a bit more careful, pumpkin became ripe rot easily, the time of evaporate pumpkin can see your pumpkin size thickness decide to breath out neatly

7. continues to turn into flesh of small fire evaporate 20 minutes, small fire boils a heart

After 8.2 minutes, fleshy it may not be a bad idea, place in pumpkin above

After 9. water leaves, iron order dishes heart and medlar, place dish with

Had placed dish appearance, hang is the distance between dish heart cannot too far, basic it is the appearance that lies between 3 centimeters, adornment of a medlar is put on the head of every dish heart, additional again 啰 Suo why to put the meat in pumpkin directly above evaporate, because I visit a lot of hotel so do, but my individual does not like, because pumpkin is filled up below, drew oily share of the flesh completely, such pumpkin is already bad to ate, so I part different, final ability incorporates together, such processing, such placing dish, do not know you like?