Again the brigade 5 of battle Xi’an taste bud [Wen Yi]

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Between the cate of Xi’an, have same thing, it is to let me how also eat not be bored with, more or less to eat insufficient, eat a bowl to think two bowls, one day does not eat to make a heart, if using my dad, say ” with smoked opium like addiction ” rice face skin, abbreviation rice skin is breathed out.

Will had had very much home last, be in (the brigade of taste bud 1, the brigade of taste bud 2, the brigade of taste bud 3) had been explained according to the facts with everybody. My nostalgic style is more serious, hold a ground normally eat to death according to 100 years, but can differ this. After all when lie between 1 year many, the stay away from home that gets Xi’an taste bud upgrades version, add a patch what incidentally.

This not, in my Xi’an friend guide below, the city of Xi Mu head that will to this leave powdery alley very close 17, inn of skin of face of rice of bright red constituency.

Shaanxi person loves to take rice skin, dote on the rice skin of a town of prefectural the Qin Dynasty especially, because of this kind of Mipiguang slippery muscle, cool and goluptious, acid is hot in still taking pure and fresh taste. Allegedly door the rice skin history that prefectural the Qin Dynasty presses down is very long, can restrospect to the 2000 many the Qin Dynasty year ago face. I ask the friend of longevity 40 years old, she says she is small still in those days, do not understand this very, I am forced give u. That is inferior to, let me use ” Shaanxi name eats an encyclopedia ” medium account introduces simply to get.

By the way: If you are interested in Shaanxi cate, can buy simple character of press of travel of a Shaanxi ” Shaanxi name eats an encyclopedia ” , 22 Qian Yiben, I am bought over military forces tomb figure. In the meantime, still bought ” the central Shaanxi plain is dialectal ” , very interesting, learned many Billingsgate, so that better understanding my Xi’an friends are ferial to me in ” compliment ” .

When v/arc be on the throne of Qin Shi emperor, have big on land of a year of the central Shaanxi plain, door rice of generation of town of prefectural the Qin Dynasty is sere, feudal official still urges farmer people accept tribute rice. Everybody does not have method, be obliged to dig a well to irrigate the ground in Tian Li, good grew a spike of rice not easily, after can be being reaped, grind the pity with the small rice that give, tribute of accept of emperor of the essential Xiang Huang that do not have a law.

Have cry plum duodenary person, plant with this small the rice of dried up grinds rice face, evaporate appears personally skin, everybody eats to feel very arrogant afterwards. Then Comrade Li is taking rice face skin and rice of other tributary support of the people, come to Xian Yang. Qin Shi emperor sees that small the rice of dried up, immediately anger, pass decree accusatory.

Plum 12 attack Tong fell on his knees ” this meter although differ, can make a cate however, act according to today above skin, hope banzai drive is tasted ” .

Comrade Laoqin, after eating, published ” rice skin this thing, let me how also eat not be bored with, more or less to eat insufficient, eat a bowl to think two bowls, one day does not eat to make a heart ” similar expression of one’s political views. Accordingly, ask Comrade Li eats a few pieces to his evaporate everyday.

Later, plum 12 in some year the first month of the lunar year dies 23 numbers, the people that Qin Zhen takes to commemorate him, in annual this day wants evaporate some face skin. Pass a lot of years a lot of again, continue up to now, became a prefectural the Qin Dynasty to press down celebrated fastfood.

The story says. Alas Mom, tired dead I. But this shows, I and comrade of old the Qin Dynasty still have what common interest likes to breath out.

Old Qin Yitian eats several pieces, I eat 2 bowls one day, should calculate luxury?

Along Xi Mu head city goes forth probably 100 meters, can see this Qin Zhenluo remembers store of rice face skin. The foreigner that has a meal in this inn is very few, basic it is local.

The home and this Zhu Xuanmin that a moment ago introduced that rice skin is very delicious, equal. If you can eat not quite hot, say with the boss certainly, put chili less, soya bean bud and green bean sprouts are OK also the be fond of according to oneself, choose at will, but remember saying to breath out to the family ahead of schedule.

Take two rice skin, mom of taxi belt pa went wading Shaanxi museum, because last 3 in had introduced, here not gibberish.

Those who be worth to recommend is, come out from the front door of Shaanxi museum left-hand rotation goes many minutes 10 continuously, enter the grade austral emerald green flower, 229 are a very delicious noodle shop - - - 2 roll child bowl face. Besides to should go the comrades of Xi’an corruption introduce besides, in the friend of Xi’an, if had not eaten, also be worth to taste, be in 85 middle schools on.

The face with this bowl of not breathtaking appearance, call a banner beautiful face. Because,my woman says is rhombic face piece the flag with flying elephant, I feel this explains, very close nevertheless, but this flavour, inapproachable pass a barrier.

Banner beautiful face is Shaanxi gest county is fastfood, also be called ” queer beautiful face ” or be ” 7 flowers face ” . Face end comes up, should colour is trenchant, egg skin and float of chopped green onion above, look at as beautiful as, instigate with the chopstick come a face, seem one side flag. “Be like,instigate banner, putting down is a flower ” , this ability is the origin of name of banner beautiful face.

Present banner beautiful face is done not have so exquisite. These things cut tomato, potato, onion, carrot, chili, egg, diced meat completely Cheng Ding with respect to Ok.

Have the person of understanding a bit to Shaanxi cate, one choose a site for the capital knows hemp assorted. Rub hemp assorted can be a technical work, each child that is brought up in Shaanxi, won’t forget to help the experience of assorted of mom rub hemp in one’s childhood?

Hemp assorted, a bowl of water of soup soup water, have boiling water, have a side, have food, the home and every every method are different, at hand has what to can put, be together again common the cate of the daily life of a family that does not pass.

Although the person is in Beijing, but get assorted of a bowl of good hemp with can be being done all the time and be pleased with oneself, sometime says a way, you yourself also are done, taste, we do not pass eye strong interest solely.

This bowl of face, it is you go to what this inn must nod - - - wide range. The flesh, delicious, face, muscle path, total mouthfeel, aroma is small hot, but a bowl enough, because the volume is too large really.

2 roll child the face in house of cooked wheaten food has a lot of kinds a lot of, we tasted these 3 kinds just. I have a meal in Xi’an, when discovering everybody likes to having a meal very much, one yuan buys on one bottle of soda water that puts a peak on the ice, I also was bought try, pretty good still, very the soda water of the Arctic Ocean that drinks in Beijing in one’s childhood like me.

If you are a Beijing child that is born at 70 time, come Xi’an, did not forget to drink a bottle, that luxury that recalls childhood again is breathed out.

Be in 2 roll child on the side of bowl face, have flesh of a Fan Jiala juice. I do not know it and Xi’an ” Fan Ji ” it is what relation, but the photograph that there is old store of Fan Ji of bamboo basketry city in inn, should be a bit associated.

I am famous to Xi’an ” Fan Ji ” hit last too good with respect to it doesn’t matter impression, the flesh is held out really sweet, but flesh places 5 money steamed bun, the pity with the little pork inside. Catching up with is not a meal bit, steamed bun heat is not heated up, sell you.

Because here is not the place that foreigner often comes to, because steamed bun of this flesh clip is substantial not little.

Eat the flesh to place steamed bun, will go up blood of sheep of soup of a bowl of pink, or wonton, rice line, congee, summer matchs a bowl of cool skin or oar water fish, element of meat or fish is tie-in, be person of a lot of Xi’an have a way.

The 饹 of ovine blood 饸 here is pretty good, be worth to taste very much, ovine blood still has go poison and the action with hot Qing Dynasty.

Come last Xi’an, the ruler of heaven not cooperate, always drive fluctuation rain, because the fountain of tower of this wild goose did not see, became my sore point. Also must go this anyhow try one’s luck.

Oh, missay, must not blind try one’s luck. Catch up with a day to had been enraged, the fountain here, zhou Yi arrives Zhou Wu, it is midday mixed at 12 o’clock open at 20 o’clock in the evening, with respect to time of 20 minutes.

Catch up with holiday, the open time of fountain is: 10: 00, 12: 00, 14: 00, 16: 00, 18: 00, 20: 00

I suggest you had better go up late, in those days, this complete Asia’s biggest fountain, can be mixed by music of lamplight set off more imposing manner is grandiose. Enough also by day shock, let the person’s excited feeling that wants to cry a little! But I estimate, go in the evening, I need not think one certain repeatedly, cried.

Periphery of wild goose tower has a lot of to be able to take the place that visit, see fountain go forth directly, beautiful scenery of along the road countless.

At the back of circle wild goose tower, a quiet place, admire wild goose tower from another angle, do not have taste one time.

Wild goose tower only then build at the Christian era 652 years, it is old a title of respect for a Buddhist or Taoist priest of black big and thick allegedly from India (Gu Tianzhu) after homecoming of go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures, be engaged in the place of interpret classics and Tibetan classics technically,

Go to this honour bronze, basically wild goose tower also calculates ramble. A car is made in roadside, a few money can arrive big Tang Furong field. Count experience that takes a taxi in Xi’an with me, besides railway station doorway rental scurvier besides, had not encountered a driver that gives you detour hole foreigner.

Big Tang Furong is in field the side of wild goose tower, but hold out on foot tired, still listen to me, take a taxi.

It is China the first all-around the Lin Shiwen of large and royal garden that shows Cheng Tang scene transforms thematic park. Go up early in the history, lotus garden is long the royal drive of negative great reputation encloseds ground for growing trees, today’s big Tang Furong is built on relics of garden of lotus of former Tang Dynasty field, entrance ticket 68 money.

Although be man-made landscape, but inside Cheng Tang’s imposing manner still can be experienced trifling. There is 12 scenes area inside, if can ramble completely, basic person can be poor on one big, this also is why I eat so much cate madly everyday in Xi’an, the place of angular with each passing day still reason.

Besides view scene, here still has a lot of free shows. Sit to enjoy performance of a strains of music accompanied by drumbeats here, faint cross those who make an appointment with time and space to cut off, returned that ages ago flourishing age it seems that big the Tang Dynasty.

The show ends, for a long time has not answered a god come. Body of twist of if it were not for, see from the back buffet is worn the Tang Dynasty outfit, in the hand order 100 yuan of big paper money madly ” small lady-in-waiting ” , I still am answered from Cheng Tang really did not come

Big Tang Furong the entrance ticket of garden is 68/ , if you want to see ” the dream is answered big the Tang Dynasty ” show, buy a piece of ticket of 80 money more. Lamplight, music, theatrics, with dancing it is very pretty good.

I have everywhere the abuse of find fault, feel to be over this happiness, if scale can be again a few larger, more beautiful gas (the Shaanxi word of new learning is breathed out, it is perfect meaning) .

Watch a show, everyday in the evening at 8 o’clock, here still shows water act motion picture, need not only beautiful fund, contain in 68 money entrance ticket. But I did not look, chose noctivagant lotus garden however, and ramble by day garden, having disparate feeling.

The big Tang Furong that goes in this lights brightly lit field, together of thoughts or recollections flashing across one’s mind, can’t help the heart gives birth to feeling, sent a short message to give husband:

“Do you say why is Qin Shi emperor so favorite Yang Guifei? "Do you say why is Qin Shi emperor so favorite Yang Guifei??

“Why ~~~ , the child, it is Tang Ming emperor is breathed out, do you eat was being maintained? Do you eat was being maintained??

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, a slip of a pen is breathed out, a slip of a pen, do you say Tang Ming emperor why so favorite Yang Guifei? Do you say Tang Ming emperor why so favorite Yang Guifei??

“The truth is very simple, yang Guifei does not throw his husband in the home, oneself a person outside belly-worship, make a sightseeing tour, indulge in pleasure and forget home and duty. . . . . . . . . ..

Tomorrow, acquired, the brigade that will be this Xi’an taste bud most two cate introductions of the grand opera, if you 11 should go travelling, do not want to miss! </b>

Again the brigade 6 of battle Xi’an taste bud [Wen Yi]

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The chop of lotus root soup that take along sth to sb goes to longing for [Yan Jia small shop]

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Chop of lotus root soup

Enter autumn, what arrived to recollect again is seasonal. . . . . .
When the university, the lotus root that the Wuhan girl of the dormitory always says Hubei is how delicious, chop of lotus root soup how good drink, she present also is the wife of others. . . . . .
Stew on this boiler soup remembered her, remembered that side girl of the dormitory. . . . . .
Wish all of us can happy, must happy! Regular meeting is happy!
Take along sth to sb of chop of soup of a bowl of lotus root goes my longing. . . . . .

The left of chop is the good thing that everybody often may desertion—-Lotus root section

Raw material: 20g of 500g of powdery lotus root, chop 500g, ginger
Pretreatment: 1. Lotus root does not want to cut, resemble patting cucumber in that way after rotting, break right amount size again, lotus root is to use up
The quantity sticks ironware less, stew the Shang Secai that go out good-looking, won’t nigrescent
Water of blood of eliminate of water of 2. chop scald
3. ginger is patted sodden
I withheld 4. the thing that same everybody can desertion possibly, [lotus root section] , but lotus root section is good
Thing, have convergence, remove the effect of gore, so the root that lotus root section locates needs ream, put into
Shang Li is stewed together ha, the color on unripe lotus root is a few deeper is lotus root section

Flow: Try to locate sth by following up a clue please
1. puts oil to burn to 7 into heat
2. is fried into chop sweet
3. enters many water, add enough oh
4. turns into arenaceous boiler, begin to stew into lotus root and ginger
5. material all ready began to stew, 10 minutes of conflagration after water leaves, medium baking temperature turns 15 minutes after, small fire turns to stew to you after
Favorite rate, I am small fire stewed 1 half hours or so, lotus root very pink, chop is very sodden
6. puts salt, give boiler


The sauce of home of boss of soya-bean milk inn burns needle fish

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The sauce of home of boss of soya-bean milk inn burns needle fish
Graph / boss of inn of article author soya-bean milk
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
Advocate makings: Needle fish;
Burden: Green, ginger, garlic, salt, thick broad-bean sauce, oily, cooking wine;
1, the fish has been handled (this kind of fish is very delicious, a big thorn, island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty calls needle fish) , cut paragraph, join little salt and cooking wine to bloat a bit;

2, boiler burns heat, join oil to be burned, put a fish paragraph, cuticular decoct becomes yellow, mix thick broad-bean sauce, green, ginger, garlic.

3, burn to about 20 minutes, boiler goes out when juice closes more stiffly;


0809 cate challenge cole hot aubergine of the autumn

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The hot aubergine *** of *** autumn
Graph / article author: The four seasons (alias: Strontium small cup receives Zheng therefore
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
As seasonal metempsychosis, the autumn already early come to us here, there is diffusing autumnal flavour everywhere in air now so, this not, the uncle brought small aubergine, chili from the country, so my raw material cost was saved, I remembered the chili that sees this Gong Gong the autumn. But what I should do today is not chili, however aubergine, chili is complementary makings only, but this dish does not have chili also is no good.
It is here, characteristic of metempsychosis of the four seasons is marked, arrived the autumn must bloat a lot of cole, namely pickles, because the time in the winter is too long, the tarry that the likelihood thinks an autumn is permanent. Pickles bloating previously is appearance of that order of seniority among brothers or sisters, what salty cucumber, a knot in one’s heart of leaf mustardleaf mustard, and 齁 is salty, with eat salt about the same, and the cole that bloats now is exquisite taste, colour and lustre, resemble going up the hotel that has class has a meal should have like pressing desk dish, bloating now sauce of chili end, beef, acerbity hot cucumber, what I like to do is this hot aubergine, academic, and not troublesome, also need not recipe, it is raw material of a few appearance, wanting your taste according to oneself and sensory lane only is, and good later, achievement feels very strong, everybody loves to eat very much, this does not give old Mom go off with this morning, old Mom is complimentary still.

Raw material: Phlogistic?nbsp; of male ∏ of Lan of a unit of weight used in ancient China Chili (must use peppery chili) Shallot head 4, jiang Yi is small, saline a few Soya bean sauce a bowl small (the supermarket has carry out)

1, aubergine chili abluent accuse water, aubergine goes the base of a fruit puts evaporate of the conflagration on a pot for steaming food 20 minutes squashy, air is cool.
2, chili is mincing reserve, onion ginger cuts end to reserve.
3, fry boiler to put oil, oily more or less to decide according to individual taste, nevertheless aubergine has oil quite, still put more some, such comparison sweet, put end of onion powder ginger to explode next sweet (leave powder of a few onion, Jiang Mo even, use at the back) , chili breaks up into boiler fry, fill when 7 maturity piece, put aside stand-by.
4, fry a few oil is put again inside boiler, put end of onion powder ginger again, enter soya bean sauce, wait for sauce to bubble effervescent when put parched chili with scoop agitate even, put one spoon salt next, gallinaceous essence of life is put after a minute, OK gives boiler.
5, aubergine from the sliver intermediate, put the chili that has fried next among, in ready recipient is being put after sufficient confluence, air is cool put freezer, otherwise meeting acid drops aubergine. This very go with rice.

How, have appetite very much.

[Sweet clew]
1. aubergine must evaporate was appeared, affect mouthfeel otherwise.
Of 2. oil how many must can accuse, I put oil namely much, do not have method teem a few.
3. must be put aerate cool place, otherwise easy acid is dropped. Ke ten million cannot acerbity, waste my one valuable time in the evening, say prices is much more precious now again, much regrettablly is not. </b>

The salty yoke assorted of blame fries a meal

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[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

Midday do not have eat freezer to turn over a leftover to still have two salty eggs
Fry a meal. . . . .

Rice of banger of powder of celery yoke onion

Leave boiler first a bit rice is fried with soy stir-fry before stewing by piece carry delicacy to use

The yoke below bottom oil a little stir-fry before stewing fries equestrian fluctuation rice to be able to appear otherwise a lot of oily bubble

Put sausage

Issue chopped green onion

Fry a meal of soy of end of green sweet celery to be put in together

Break up fry a boiler twice to nod thick chili sauce

Come to a piece illuminate very salty egg nearly sweet full-bodied ah

Cheese macaroni

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** without author joy the small license that breath out Mom, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **
*** cheese is hollow face ***

Graph / article author: Joy is small haing Mom

My rich guest: Http://

**** opens a language ****
Say the child went to abroad taste can change, just as one would expect. Small breath out its honest nursery school has Mr. Zhou Wu to offer lunch only every week, ourselves takes lunch the rest time, but her taste or change are very sharp. When just coming, with respect to discovery she likes to have the thing of cheese and so on, now more very. The thing that takes Cheese takes particularly spicily. She likes to eat cheese macaroni very much, cry to love to eat most with me all the day " Macaroni & Cheese " .
Today dinner Macaroni And Cheese, orchid adds cold and dressed with sause on the west red food boiling water (oneself are improved edition) , ha!

See the meaning side of my dinner and boiling water.

The way that says meaning area!
Raw material:
Butter 6 spoon, flour 3 spoon, milk (lukewarm) 2 cups, cup of Cheddar Cheese 1, cup of GRUYERE CHEESE 1, butterfly shape is hollow 1 pound

This is the face that I use today, a whole as it happens 1 pound.

Prepare cheese material first
1.Butter is put in clean boiler, medium baking temperature melts, if pursue (1) .
2.Join flour agitate, if pursue (2) .
3.Agitate enters milk equably, still be ceaseless agitate, if pursue (3) , until thick stiff if pursue (4)
4.Graph (5) in good to brush Cheese, leave half cups of Cheddar Cheese, the rest Cheese all is put into boiler, jump over agitate at this moment, the mixture in boiler is thicker stiff, mushy like paste, if pursue (6)
Salt, peppery flavor, such cheese paste had been done.

In the meantime, the face is boiled in another caldron. (the procedure is very simple: Heat one caldron water, water opens the salt that increase a point, put in macaroni next, conflagration boils 10 minutes)
Load face air clean water in a big basin, paper afore-mentioned cheese and mix divide evenly, fill next bake dish in, scatter the rest Cheddar Cheese in the surface, 180 degrees of oven bake 20 minutes.
My husband still took the side in oven a piece, ah.

Look to just baked the appearance that come out!

The sweet scallop that bake

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The sweet scallop that bake—-Italian arrange

** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **sohu

Raw material: Scallop 4, small tomato

Condiment: Olive oil 5 big spoon, lemon juice 1 big spoon, the salt of a few and pepper, breadcrumbs, basil leaf
1. uses the appearance of scallop brush clean down
2. uses fan shell of cutting tool general commissural cleavage
3. cleavages
The digestion purify of 4. general scallop, this is the appearance that has made
5. puts scallop meat into the bowl, use the salt of a few and pepper souse 5 minutes
Olive oil 5 big spoon, lemon juice 1 big spoon mixes divide evenly
6. carapace of scallop flesh replace in, drench on mixed liquor of olive oil lemon juice,
Add mincing small tomato, scatter on breadcrumbs and basil leaf are broken
After oven warm-up, 250 degrees, bake 7 minutes can.

Be delicious! Scallop is very tender, suit to receive a visitor very much


Contracted agaric chicken man is thin mad small lazy kitchen

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Saying Orphean point is contracted
Actually disclose is lazy ha
When the word says to considered dinner that day, prepare to use the gallinaceous brisket in freezer
Most beginning is to want to do palace to keep gallinaceous man a bit, because some is stupid,had carried carry
Feel troublesome later, that converts Qing Gongjiao or asparagus lettuce of what fry a flavour of the daily life of a family
In kitchen fling later, the food that discovers and so on of red without blueness any of several hot spice plants, remnant is worn potato Chinese cabbage of what, MS follows pigeon breast flesh not quite take tone…
Use one of dried foods of inventory—–Agaric will match gallinaceous man
Because. . . Because I am disinclined to issue a building to buy food really, I calculated lazy S (again small him BS 3 seconds of ~ )
Accomplished finally now this dish

Next again for name saying food incident.
Look at me busy move is patting finished product to illuminate some is stupid ask, you prepare what to call this food
I, apparent, what can you still call?
Some is stupid, are you to prepare to call agaric chicken man?
I, that. . . . . Cry black and white match?
Some is stupid, over there us black and white matching is to show agaric and tremella make food together. . . . .
I, you say to should have a what kind of food renown
Some is stupid, I also do not know, think you can do the name ~ with an a bit more acerbity literature
I, for instance?
Some is stupid, use and so on of word of a poem for instance will name
I, i. . . I when so acerbity over- ? If you do not have good proposal, I still hold to original name
Some is stupid, don’t you feel too straight Bai Jian is odd really?
I, also have profit simply in vain continuously, everybody be clear at a glance. You did not remember, the person with plum so simple JJ takes dish name about the same also such style ~
Some is stupid, … … … informal you
So name of type of this dish solicit comments is—–Agaric chicken is fourth.

Gibberish one pile, should begin to say food.
Cheng Ding is cut after pigeon breast flesh changes aspic (match agaric to cut a better ~ actually, but my knife result. . . . . The ~ of technical content bit that cuts man)
Add next amylaceous, salt and unripe smoke still edible oil mixes divide evenly, quiet place. Can handle agaric at that time.
Agaric must use cold water bubble, after bubble is sent, clean clean, ministry of take out root and bad place, cut or rip piece, oneself feel proper size goes.
Have oily pot, the Chinese prickly ash that put a drop and dry chili are fried sweet.
Enter gallinaceous man, delimit medicinal powder, after becoming angry, the fish out on the horse reserves.
Pour the agaric of portion of drop dry water into boiler, break up fry ripe. Fry agaric to skip particularly easily everywhere oily, must take care. The action in my within an inch of: (
The chicken that enters glide next is fourth, put again unripe smoke and salt, fry divide evenly. OK ~~
It is OK to before giving boiler, be returned briefly scatters white pepper or ~ of render palatable of a few balm

Give boiler ~~

Again the brigade 4 of battle Xi’an taste bud [Wen Yi]

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The course is without nocturnal jolt overnight, one year many is lain between when, t43 pullbacked me again Xi’an. Never had arrived in me when Xi’an, was full of a kind of indescribable feeling to this city, came to here for the first time last year in May, that indescribable feeling, became a kind naturally hold fan not the endearment of regret.

Once somebody asks me, “If let you abandon the life of Beijing, wait for all one’s life in a place, cannot leave again and until often go, where can you be willing to choose? ” my answer ever was ” wheat wraps up a story ” in blue sky Bai Yun, coconut forest cultivates an image, shui Qingsha’s white Maldives, and now is—-Xi’an! As to why, I have my reason naturally!

Young fan, but the ground that does not prepare to state me with many vocabulary, or else begins to introduce the cate here, in any case gets hold back to die I.

When coming last, I sent 3 corrupt cate in Xi’an (the brigade of taste bud 1, the brigade of taste bud 2, the brigade of taste bud 3) , before these 3 in: The place that play, introduced academy of classical learning, city wall, shaanxi museum, qin Huangling, military forces tomb figure. Eating thing: Introduced the hemp hot pink of powdery alley, the barbecue of the Huis street is strung together, rinse tripe, fill dumpling, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad hot boiling water, buckwheat 饸 饹 , thick gravy bean jelly, parched rice of pickled Chinese cabbage, place steamed bun with a lot of delicious flesh, rice skin is waited a moment.

So hold this, we ever had introduced, do not say, say less perhaps. Preliminary ~~ , begin! !

Xiaolao the name that 3 hot rice skins are this inn, will how eat last insufficient, delicious arrive, forgot to take a picture, arrived this so Xi’an, the first thing is fast fast come here to report.

I live in be located in belfry on the west ave bamboo of basketry city like the home, besides petty gain, still pursue its situation is convenient meal of my a place of strategic importance. Come out from hotel gate left-hand rotation, you can arrive soon drum-tower, cross a street again, walked 3 minutes to arrive the Huis street. And go out right-hand rotation goes 3 minutes, it is powdery alley. Wear alley giving pink, do not go again, be academy of classical learning and city wall. The thing north and south of belfry is like an inn, you can choose according to your demand.

Remipi is Chinese medium countryside pure, the evaporate after been grind with rice is made and it is become, thin delicacy of muscle of quality of a material, deserve to go up sweet hot makings juice, with the yellow bean sprouts of clear opening, carrot, of warm eat on one bowl, enjoy an index to be climbed all the way litre till 7 stars ah.

Friendship clew: This inn is the place that I want to swing cheek hate to eat everyday. If you and people come together, or one person wants a bowl, otherwise shallow taste, do not pass absolutely addiction.

Inn of the 3 skins that heat up rice is in Xiaolao the street of Xi’an has a lot of, see this sign, go in to ate to go. Different inn, flavour is same.

Bean corrupt, it is this inn besides Remipi, be worth eating thing most. It is the bean curd that nods with acerbity oar water, have a kind of distinctive sweet smell. The mouthfeel soft of bean curd, the taste of soup is very weak, every drink, the sort of light acid is sweet the gastric Ao Ao that can let you cries ” still drink, still drink, still drink! Still drink!!

The cole Xian Xiangwei that bean corrupt matchs is hot, a dish a bean curd, lump eats, sweet hot goluptious, delicate tastily.

Friendship clew: Heat of hot rice skin is hot slightly fat, bean corrupt is tepid tastily, this different thing deserves together to eat, solid belong to match absolutely.

The Xiaolao that I eat inn of the 3 skins that heat up rice, with it on this places noodles in soup, be in powdery alley a of this road fore-and-aft small market, cart home alley. Need not too toward in go, these two inn are in the market opening of this street, you go down powdery alley, can see.

Door the taste that the county places noodles in soup, not be everybody likes allegedly, taking be anxious to get on a bowl, discover however very delicious. A bowl of black Laoshang, there is mincing leek above, after noodle has been boiled, bubble to be carried to you in hot water with green vegetables, when eating, should carry noodle a rinse in coming in Laoshang a few times to eat again, estimate because of this movement, just make place noodles in soup so?

Noodle interest, shang Weier is not very dense, not fat also, the Qing Dynasty that adds leek is hot, tastily very. Of this inn those who place noodles in soup to do is not best, but to a foreigner character, pretty good also

Although had reached this place last, but taking parents this to come along, academy of classical learning still wants to ramble.

The academy of classical learning of early morning, the person still does not calculate much, but the store of street both directions had opened, the small vendor’s stand among the road also was placed, writing paper inkstone, jade article, tea service, various Shaanxi toy everywhere are visible.

In academy of classical learning on this road, have a respectful form of address for an old person of oily towers of such a line selling gold, will place vendor’s stand here all the time for years, do not rely on children to feed allegedly, earn one’s own living. Because prices rises now, her golden line oily tower also goes up to 2 money, be worth to taste.

Walk along in the end down academy of classical learning, left is tablet forest, right is a city wall. Mount a city wall last, hired a bicycle, risk one’s life needlessly rode 13.9 kilometers, the beautiful scenery of Xi’an all stops eye ground. Cannot miss tablet forest this again, regrettablly inside cannot take a picture, ramble circuit, saw these bolt horse place of businesses, pat a piece foolishly casually, the souvenir that also is pair of tablet forest.

My woman asks me, what is this? I tell her, this is the parking space of the ancients home.

But bolt horse village has cultured, see the sculpture above, can differentiate the identity of master home and position. The thing that folds above lionet is more, explain this master extraction is more celebrated.

To travel this thing, I am actually right ramble famous places and historical sites does not have what interest, heavy head still eat. This not, stroll is over feed, reduce the Huis market again. The boy of cake selling lens is quite beautiful ha, basically the Xi’an man that I know, facial feature such, thin thin edges and corners is trenchant. Zhang Yi is sought, gu Changwei, with the Xu Wei that I adore, trenchant breath out a little badly again.

The Huis street is just like the well of king government office of Beijing, of front door what, it is foreigner comes to the place that Xi’an goes to surely, and right Xi’an person is already bright have what have a meal here again. And this inn, it is me that Xi’an friend, up to now, a when eat exclusively still.

6 money a bowl small beef foul smell child face, the face is sweet, shang Nong, the flesh is much, dish is miscellaneous, flavour indeed pretty good. Although this, my grand opera introduces the Huis street no longer, but this face, I still suggest you will have a try.

Inn of hotpot of dried meat ox compares Tie Zhijian famous, the hotpot of dried meat ox here, you should be bought early in the morning, passed to sell light basically at 11 o’clock. If you want to bring back the home, can add one yuan more, let a boss help you vacuumize model is sealed, but my proposal is, had better buy in the last day of your journey, because its expiration period has 6 days only. If refrigerant word, can put at least first half of the year.

If you feel, the hotpot of dried meat ox of this inn that I introduce is best, that is wrong. Although it is already enough delicious, but all along There is always someone stronger than a seemingly strong person. , we will want that shop of the introduction the day after tomorrow, that manner ability regret person.

On the Huis street, have the vendor that choosing a bicycle to sell boiler armet so, cut to taste certainly, whats do not need, so white mouth is being chewed eat, experience northwest some of spy of cooked wheaten food is sweet fragrance.

Boiler armet is not easy bad, save time very long, but do not cover in polybag, otherwise the word of to be warm, bring back the home, one certain grows hair.

Fry bean jelly, it is the thing that I like to eat not quite all the time. The likelihood is the sort of mouthfeel that I myself like Qq not quite, but you can have a try. On the Huis street a lot of inn sell fry bean jelly, taste is good, buy a bowl to be able to go at the same time, plunging into with toothpick at the same time eat.

The friend of the stay away from home that has visited the Xi’an taste bud that writes before me still remembers this store certainly, smooth child bakes butcher’s, I still let everybody be being turned over watch this board, I feel special to resemble ” child is baked inside inn ” .

Did not become want, come this, see more of Lei Ren, “Darling is baked inside inn ” .

Mix in the Huis street on the west the place of ovine city interface, have a such small the structure of an organization that sell fried dough twist tea-oil tree, sweet sweet soft glutinous, pretty good. This has the board that time feels extremely, add shabby door plank, very much the feeling is breathed out.

A few people buy to eat it is OK to eat, otherwise is a bit fat, hamper a little while the thing with other gather, with respect to lose money in business.

All the way a lot of buy pasty, two kinds of stuffing, one kind is beef leek, one kind is beef hotbed chives.

Buy on one piece, cut a few, the edge walks along an edge to eat, sweet. Cortical crisp crisp is fragile, the stuffing inside, the flesh is sweet juicily.

The flesh of Xi’an places steamed bun, world-famous. Calculate you to had done not have Xi’an, I think you also had heard of for certain, in the city that you are in, if catch up with a pretty good Shaanxi restaurant, can eat porky flesh to place steamed bun, fat not be bored with, lean lean not bavin, can when seldom solution satisfies a craving for delicious food.

But sell on the Huis street dried meat beef places steamed bun, can eat so not easily outerly, suggest you buy certainly.

Dried meat in the fleshy clip steamed bun of beef, the flesh does not have soup, it is dry, steamed bun must buy hot steamed bun, cortical it is crisp, and inside sweet soft is mixed.

By the way, the Huis is used do dried meat the steamed bun of beef clip steamed bun, call 饦 饦 steamed bun, and the steamed bun of the steamed bread of porky flesh clip that the Han nationality makes, call Bai Ji steamed bun.

In the Huis street, still I did not want introduce on the west ovine city, big skin courtyard has a meal, I suggest you do not buy the bucket that drinks at ordinary times to install water, drink plum juice. A cup of one yuan, icy, appetizing solution be bored with, still can promote digest, prepare to leave one war.

This kind of plum juice sells on on the road a lot of booth, most flavour is about the same, besides individual inn. I drank this to had exceeded drunk plum juice, flavour extraordinary, nevertheless, wanted to introduce ceremoniously in the last day.

Besides the plum juice of full street, what sell roasted seeds and nuts with respect to number is much. I also am to be bought casually, do not look for a certain inn-keeper, because flavour is very good.

Left on 1, it is fresh unripe walnut, pare that tender skin, eat directly, the walnut raw ingredient of faint scent, aftertaste of for a long time. Want to bring back the home? Then you should note a problem, because fresh walnut has moisture content, put in polybag, the train of one night brings back the home, walnut will be mildewy, become sticky, did not have a law to eat, but thorough airing is taken again, time does not allow again, accordingly, my proposal is, bright walnut is bought eat in Xi’an only.

(remarks: Just netizen Snow leaves a message as follows below, those who thank her share: Fresh walnut, I have an idea that saves time to grow. Last bag of package is nice the freezer compartment that puts freezer, defrost is taken to go when eating, notice how much to eat how many defrost, repeatedly refrigerant meeting affects mouthfeel. This method can save several months to be able to eat tender tender new walnut. My Mom is had saved walnut those who bring me so. )

Left on 2 and right below 1, it is to fry the walnut of a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt that make, if want to take, take this to plant. Inside a jin of walnut, if have 1, 2 bad, that also is constant thing, not too block a heart up to breath out.

Right below 2, the roasted seeds and nuts here is very a lot of more, almond, melon seeds, crisp skin horsebean is waited a moment, each buy a bit to taste went, eat much of suffer from excessive internal heat.

Like to eat sweetmeat and sticky the friend that feed, scarcely should forget buy cool zhongzi of a honey to eat. Sell this the thing, it is to be on small go-cart commonly, I tried a few, feel to taste Dou Lei is the same as, you are informal accost.

Persimmon cake, it is I never had arrived when Xi’an, what listen to a friend to recommend is fastfood. But truth truth, look at really very pretty good, flavour still also goes, but be too fat. Mouthfeel is soft and sweet, but think of this persimmon cake in full suck fully full oily, I am a bit small still be afraid of.

The assemble of relations with people of the Huis street of night is moved, it is appetizing cate everywhere, the small retailer that sells toy sees those who seam give or have an acupuncture treatment place touchdown to spread out, the thing is not quite cheap, want bought word, remember chopping chop valence to breath out.

Wherefrom when Bacchic and busy the Huis street comes out, curtain of night already came, full street Dou Liang had the light, compared with diurnal drum-tower and belfry, right now, more a few minutes grand with charm.

So, what to still wait for? Sit on the pew of square, silent enjoyment of set off of this colorfully decorated lantern flowery, breathe here far very more severalfold than Beijing air, carry a bright month that visits high above in the sky, raise one’s hand counts the star that blink, think again:

Will want where to go to tomorrow, should eat then bit. . . . . . . . . . </b>