Beijing is deep purchase, the old fan shell of garlic Chengdu vermicelli made from bean starch of treatment coming home [scallop loves]

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Graph / the little love with not good article
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What market of Beijing deep seafood can be fried very much recently is hot! 2 years short time, beijing is deep from signs of human habitation exiguous have replenish onr’s stock only, to nowadays one purchases three-layer to machine and the person is the billowy manner that have completely, be to ward off blows hard really!

Go to Beijing buying seafood or content of very exquisite technology greatly, a little one careless, JS of possible back is black together, but the competence that believes each housekeeping amounts to a person to cut price scarcely common, should choosing only and call heavy link much piercing eye, can buy already cheap fresh seafood cough up!

Should say Beijing is deep take a seat at standing by south the situation of 4 annulus, also can every night full fact is belonged to infrequent, cannot book, only able wait, the environment that three-layer machines is too noisy, the person is much, of treatment also coarse a few. Write down so that the Mid-autumn Festival wanted to taking pa Mom to go originally last year old rub with the hands, my good as a result will by spell the awkwardness of the desk with another and so undone that be in a complete mess… see this manner this year then, what does that still think, redemptive him home is done!

Raw material:
Scallop 15 (conch is about 12 centimeters wide, 2 one 5) , dragon mouth vermicelli made from bean starch 2 small groups
Complementary makings:
Juice of Chi of fish of any of several hot spice plants of garlic, shallot, colour, evaporate, salt, cooking wine Right amount


When buying scallop, can ask to sell the home take out of material of the black inside scallop, scallop flesh goes to cheek after recapture home abluent, with right amount salt and cooking wine souse a little while, scallop carapace is abluent reserve.

Lukewarm bleb vermicelli made from bean starch, reserve.
Cut end of garlic end, onion powder, colour any of several hot spice plants, cross oil to fry mature to 7-8.

vermicelli made from bean starch dish in scallop carapace go up, place shellfish meat again above, scatter on the end of any of several hot spice plants of colour of powder of garlic end onion that has fried, drench on juice of evaporate fish Chi, go up boiler evaporate 5-10 minute.

The close-up before evaporate, actually evaporate was over about the same also such ^^ | | | |

Taste of ~~ of cough up giving boiler is very delicious

Of salty still can drench a bit beauty is extremely bright, also be right choice.

Still can buy simple him seafood such as shrimp of skin of a few prawn, crab, skin to come home evaporate evaporate is fried, eventually, perhaps need not spell desk feel disappointed to the seat waits greatly in Beijing again and return, the family is surrounded sit one desk, drink bit of small wine again, enjoy seafood sumptuous dinner to the top of one’s bent!

Above. </b>

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Corrupt, also meet oneself be done with one’s own hands a few simple delicious, come family of reward with food and drink and friend ~~

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Banquet of birthday of Home ★ pig — ★ of wing of the chicken of & of pizza of seafood of the & that earth up a root that bake
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[Bask in the bowl NO.17] lovely abnormity that basks in me

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The person that loves the life loves cate certainly, the word says: Cate matchs the United States implement, I love the life, also love cate, same love is beautiful implement — beautiful tableware always can let me fondle admiringly.
When the small home that writes down so that be oneself purchases the first batch of dinner service, we still live in the rented house, do not have the tableware of redemptive a complete set of so. Although be a few so fragmentary and redemptive, but also noticed design and color, and later additional moment, carry an original some to be the same as tableware of design and color as far as possible.
Be in such 0 in buying, have the abnormity dinner service of different convention now and then, the meeting because that one joker is lovely and be held in both hands to come home by me. Still the individual brand in the supermarket can be in sales promotion when give a few tailor-made dinner service, also became the target that I love.
Here reveals a few when I collect lovely abnormity bowls.

This is the bowl of ancient painted pottery of an antic face, that outstanding round head nose is the most lovely.

This is the vitreous bowl that a glittering and translucent get rid of appears much shuttle, I am used commonly fill syrup to drink.

This is a polygon is lovely small bowl, weak I like green color very much.

This is the coloured glass bowl that has horizontal grain only, it is the booty of sales promotion activity.


The quatre soup with the ruddy complexion of the Shang Shui that the woman drinks surely

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Of the Shang Shui that the woman drinks surely: The quatre soup with ruddy complexion
Graph / article author: Peaceful _yz
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
The woman drinks soup water series surely, around a theme ” warm ” , the purpose lets blood move namely smooth, cannot silt block is illogical, then you also are met ” complexion is ruddy luster ” . Respecting ” warm ” , I first appreciably is carried to it contrary ” cold ” . “Cold ” point to not simply cold second or the food of iced and so on, also point to cold sex food. Arrived summer, a lot of MM like to eat ice-cream, bought watermelon to also want to put freezer, taste cool in the heart, sensory spy bright. Return some MM to like many draft fruit, the fruit is actually medium wait besides the grape of a few, longan, litchi, other it is cold sex. Although be smooth sex,connect an apple, but also slant slightly cold. “Cold ” the taste that of the most immediate harm is you, “Kidney is a priori this, taste will be the day after tomorrow this ” , the stand or fall of taste function matters to you to eat the alimental that go in to absorb directly digest, just think: If you eat to be digested what go in,be not absorbed, do you return a hope to eat what filling what?

This quatre soup has the effect that enrich the blood, suit anaemia particularly or the MM of hematic depress, tipple of normal person classics also is to the more the better, on a few days must be drunk after period passes especially!
Click the rich settle or live in a strange place that enters me:

Love cate loves preserve one’s health

Material: Red jujube 12 (two people portion) ormosia, earthnut is right amount Brown sugar one small spoon
Process graph:

1, 12 when I use red jujube, even give presents my woman
2, after ormosia water leaves, put again, and midway adds cold water twice, rot very easily so;
3, brown sugar also can be not added, it is 3 red soup. </b>

Cake of kidney bean of kidney bean darling

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Without permitting = to must not be reprinted

Before feeling I had been carried, enter 50 hind (be born the fifties) psychological state ~~~

The fellow of Guo Guo says, the person is in young when just can be willing to think of change, when live after 40 years old without mood environment, working environment, human affairs environment these a variety of. Arrived again a few older, a few somes of slight changes in often can living day after day are not willing. So. Old person most fear a change. . .

And I, I present. Be less than me 30 years old, very special and contented current condition, do not want to know new friend, do not want to go to new place experiencing the life, do not want to have any small fluctuant, take a walk not to think another way, have a meal not to want to use another bowls, the desktop does not want to change new color. . . . I present had lived in mood of 50 years old. . . .

Let me carry this kind of mental state a few somes of moment, fill report I can answer me young again, be willing to think of change which I, should put a ~~~ of false cough up to the heart

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Acquire a mug-up the other day. Leading role is kidney bean ~~~

Kidney bean is the burden that in one’s childhood mom takes Bao pig foot only in memory. That moment goods and materials is not resembled now such diversity. Bao pig foot uses besides ormosia be kidney bean. And kidney bean price often crosses ormosia high, so if go to a country, master home end gives foot of pig of Bao of one boiler kidney bean to come, be highest to the guest entertainment. . .

Eat kidney bean, I should pare kidney bean skin eats the beans inside only every time, when having a meal so, always see I eat two meals to put down a chopstick to pare again a few beanses, mom says I eat very disgustingly. Total meeting check I, then I secretly pare, secretly eat, ha. . . Ten years had not eaten kidney bean, this snack just in time is to use pared kidney bean make it of the skin, need not I am again furtive *^_^*


1. looks, can share what going out is, 4 option: The kidney bean darling that water of bubble of? of carry on Kang is brought up overnight. Take off the darling of naked kidney bean of the dress. The kidney bean appearance that is taken off. Can right go up date *^_^*

2. does kidney bean half jins to immerse after one night, the naked kidney bean of the appearance that be taken off.

3. adds water to boil. If be high-pressured boiler can be boiled very quickly,rot, I boiled half hours with electric meal Bao.

4. boils good Yun Dourong, take the advantage of heat to join a few white sugar agitate to leave. Some beanses were not boiled completely sodden, but I did not crush it, in Jia Zaiyun sweetened bean taste now and then eat two very pretty good also.

The gauze that goes up clean is spread in 5. escape unpunished.

6. goes in kidney bean sand.

7. receives the mouth of good gauze. Squeeze a redundant moisture. Do not squeeze too dry, otherwise kidney bean sand can come loose, cannot shape.

8. does good kidney bean sand. Increase the likelihood that on a few red sanded him make it like. The mouthfeel after putting freezer to refrigerate is first-rate. Icy.

It is to want to do a bit more beautiful, when who knows plastics screwy, make sinister in appearance appearance appearance, violated me completely to want to convey the idea of lovely smiling face. Break down ~~ breaks down ~~~

A thick soup of crucian carp fish that I do crucian carp fish

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I do *** the *** of a thick soup of crucian carp fish of crucian carp fish
Graph / article author: Qd sea Hqs

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

**** often makes cooked food of fish of a few crucian carp, arrange the photograph previously now come on hair, serve as today by order, from the back **** of ~ of ~ of to be continued
I do <a Href= Http:// > green relies on one of crucian carp fish crucian carp fish is clicked look please
I do the flesh of crucian carp fish to make crucian carp fish

Crucian carp fish, the top grade in fresh water fish. Produce all the year round.2 ~ April, what 8 ~ will produce in December is most fat. Its flesh is qualitative delicate, flavour is delicious, be full of nutrition. Every 100 grams have the flesh to contain protein 13 grams, adipose 1.1 grams, quantity of heat 62 kilocalorie, calcic 54 milligram, phosphor 203 milligram, iron 2.5 milligram. Have dietotherapy effect. According to [renown cure does not record] account: Dimming? sex is lukewarm, flavour pleasant, avirulent, in be being moved with the stomach, beneficial the five internal organs, prevent floods by water control is swollen… . Bloated to body empty, alvine wind issues blood, gastric disorder causing nausea is spat feed, the puerpera is galactic lack, chronic gastritis has remedial effect.

The flesh is qualitative exquisite, flavour is delicious, be full of crucian carp fish of nutrition, it is the fresh water fish that likes occasionally. Be in every year early spring, deep autumn season, often buy doing eat.

Yuan Mei is in [feed sheet along with garden] in say: &Fish of Nbsp; crucian carp wants be apt to to buy first. Choose its are flat personally and the person that take white, its flesh is tender and loose, ripe hind carry the flesh namely discharge bone and below… . . Tear open next flesh to be able to do a thick soup

Take the place of in Qing Dynasty allegedly be current of cooked food of fish of capital crucian carp at city, a thick soup of crucian carp fish also makes palace name food.

Bought fish of two jins of crucian carp today, did an a thick soup of crucian carp fish. Cruelly oppress is fresh and tender, juice of a thick soup is grumous tasty, ~~ of eating satisfy a craving

<a Href= Http:// >** welcomes to my kitchen sees **

With makings: Crucian carp fish 2 jins

Practice: &Nbsp;
1, choose of choose and buy its are flat personally and the crucian carp fish of the person that take white, go scale, go cheek, go splanchnic, raze inside abdomen black film, clear water is abluent.

2, water is added to be burned inside boiler, put the fish scald ripe.

3, carry piscine fish out with the hand tremble, go fishbone. Cruelly oppress is stand-by.

4, fresh and tender bamboo shoot, water sends Xianggu mushroom, the burden such as ham cuts into shreds.

5, fry boiler to burn heat, put lardy burn ripe hind, add Xian Shang and the boiling water of scald fish, put silk of cooking wine, bamboo shoot, Xianggu mushroom silk, ham silk next, burn, add salt, gourmet powder, put fish and meat of ripe crucian carp, reoccupy water starch ticks off thick Gorgon euryale.

6, scatter finally on pepper, spot sesame oil is filled piece can edible.

Characteristic: &Nbsp; color is white, cruelly oppress is absolutely tender, juice of a thick soup is grumous tasty. </b>

egg handleless cup

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This dish is very good do, and the accurate mammy that nutrition abounds the darling that suits chief body and everybody to be pregnant.

Hey, defeated a Xin Dongdong of the kitchen again recently, it is new-style oven, although the shell is mortar constant drop unlike, but be oven really, more than and OK bake east east still can stew egg and evaporate crab, ka Ka, in still studying now as to other drop.

Good, return to the subject, come first the Pp that Zhang Cheng tastes, my drop camera is bad, can pat with the mobile phone only, faintness having a place also does not have what aesthetic feeling, but taste of handleless cup of this 焗 egg is very good drop

焗 egg handleless cup

Egg, cheese pink, salt. Carrot, onion, xianggu mushroom (everybody uses bright Xianggu mushroom or dawdle is OK)
Ham, cheese silk

Everybody does not see lot so much, actually Ka Ka is baked dish very small, so 1 baked dish of quantity of an egg to be able to be used
Onion, carrot cut half only

1, egg break up, add little salt and cheese pink, the card husband that I use had had salt to need not be added so, agitate reserves equably

2 onion, carrot, xianggu mushroom cuts man

3, fry with a few oil into boiler ripe

4, mix with egg fluid again divide evenly, put bake dish

5. ham cuts into shreds and cheese silk is spread together on, was opposite, the egg should take tender place, when laying an egg can a few adds bit of water

6, when. . . When. When. . . When. . . New-style oven came
Oven after 180 ° warm-up, put bake 10 minutes, with respect to Ok

7, hey, transparent drop goes to the lavatory namely, what can watch provision at any time is dynamic
Absolutely won’t sear ha

Golden, handleless cup of egg of reeky drop 焗 gives furnace cough up

Turnip doing is fried bacon and abstain a turnip to work

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen



( ̄ (labour)  ̄ ) the friend that haing everybody is able to bear or endure in person, old gal good ~

The turnip doing that uses here is the ~ that small female specified amount makes by hand personally

Have above all please luxuriant beautiful leading role comes on stage—-Delicious the Lilliputian ginseng of home of cheap and so-called poor: Zhuo exemplaries

————————–Abstain a turnip to work detailed solution——————————

1. is rectified: &Nbsp; Bai Luobo is abluent, expurgation root is needed, scarcely wants flay oh oh oh ~ ( ̄ of ╬  ̄ Min) ~ cuts strip wide piece, avoid by all means does not want too thin, do not have after otherwise insolation model mouthfeel is bad also

2. is put on the ice: &Nbsp; next the turnip piece had plunged into with polybag, put 12 hours into freezer freezer compartment, refrigerant purpose is to quicken a water of the turnip here=====> > small doohickey <<=======

3. is basked in: &Nbsp; takes out the turnip that has put on the ice, look for a clean household utensils, put the code with even turnip above, place the air below sunshine to bask in to 78 into dry (I basked in 3 days of right-and-left time)

4. bloats: &Nbsp; cleans clean turnip to work, twist dry, undertake bloating with pink of chili of Or of any of several hot spice plants of liquor, salt, candy, bubble be soiled, flip through everyday 1-2 second. Because the jar of be soiled did not bloat in the home, I am buckled with Le Koule will replace, the effect is OK still

… (⊙ ﹏ ⊙ ) … (A, bloat patiently in be soiled process)

Bloat through what a week controls be soiled, the turnip is dry very tasty


(> mouth < ) should firing eventually use shovel

1. Will cut piece evaporate of the boiler on bacon, because bacon is general relative salty and fat more difficult also ripe can have compared below evaporate first so, the cured meat with good evaporate is made a bit clear put cool be used

2. turnip works to be washed with Wen Shuiqing, twist dry, cut paragraphs small

We still need 3. a few garlic piece, scallion paragraph / garlic bolt, bubble any of several hot spice plants

4. firings, do not cheer inside bowl ( ̄ of ╬  ̄ Min) , had better be iron bowl after pulling ~ to burn hot pot, join, the turnip works, right ~ doing stir-fry before stewing does exterior moisture content to evaporate to the turnip, show piece. Bubble any of several hot spice plants, bacon repeats measure of dry stir-fry before stewing

5. heats up boiler cold oil to fall, put garlic piece, duration does not want too big lest garlic piece paper.

6. garlic piece give sweet smell, put bubble any of several hot spice plants to be fried together, rejoin bacon breaks up quickly fry, put a turnip to work, conflagration is fried quickly, the fragrance that should do bacon and turnip is fried come out, put a few sugar, a few soy (not be the sort of very salty) , break up fry ~ to add sesame oil, put scallion, break up fry ~ 2 times to give boiler ~ general situation to need not flavor additionally again, because bacon and turnip do itself,flavour is compared sufficient ~

╰ ( ̄ ▽  ̄ ) ╭ Loud call rice, rice


. . . . ≤ of.o(≥ ω ) O. . . .



Did not come for ages ~ my Hu Han 3 came back again ~

The friend that welcomes to like cate to like music comes Susan kitchen, click enter

Hemp hot Xian Xiangshuang is fragile be conquered by you so

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

[apparently severed] lotus root already disconnected, lotus root silk still is being connected. Compare apparently disengage, still have embroil actually. Point to affection of male and female more not absolutely, difficult give up. In the school explain still clear, often see lotus root, can you also think of this term? Think of the person is worldly hard a lot of affection of give up?
Unripe lotus root has disappear Yu Qing Dynasty to heat up, divide irritated satisfy one’s thirst, hemostatic (nosebleed, hematuria, n/med having blood in one’s stool, uterine haemorrhage) , expectorant, treat pneumonic, all disease such as collapse of blood of the have diarrhoea below tuberculosis, enteritis, lienal empty, woman. After lotus root course is thoroughlied cook, quality by cool become lukewarm, lost the property with disappear Yu hot Qing Dynasty; And turn into beneficial to taste, have the method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood that raise a stomach, beneficial blood, stop the effect of have diarrhoea.

We come a hemp hot lotus root: Additional kind have a way, absolutely hemp hot delicacy is sweet, ah

The leading role with abluent flay, beautiful? (prevent lotus root to become angry, can put in the bubble in the water that added white vinegar to wear, do not fry with pure iron bowl the meeting is nigrescent. )

Lotus root cuts reserve:

Oil pours in boiler, small fire fries pink of sweet chili pink, Chinese prickly ash, (must small fire, papered influence colour and lustre otherwise more influence appetite, master dosage according to individual taste) put lotus root, drop little is white vinegar (come lotus root won’t become angry 2 will hold lotus root fragile bright) , the salt that increase a point, a bit candy breaks up fry a few times, balm of a little dawdle essence, drop gives boiler—-

Go up desk, eat ~0~ Hemp hot Xian Xiangshuang is fragile be conquered by you so

Cool cake of old Beijing fastfood polished glutinous rice

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** is attractive cook, without the license, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

Live in Long Fusi in one’s childhood in the street, old name of Long Fusi snack bar, white chief. . . . . . Inside fastfood much

Incomputable. The home is moved now far, long Fusi is fastfood also do not have again in those days flavour, not be my taste changed,

However over there true quality is too poor. Want to eat now fastfood, can go only Niu Jie, flavour is original still

Same, just traffic, time is no-go, also cannot go one year a few times, person greedy how to do? Be in the home


Raw material: Stuffing of polished glutinous rice, beans, cake of green red silk, gold and melon, I also did not put this a few kind, have more than is needed is done in the home much

Little, bought do, the time that go must be thrown. Have in sesame seed home off-the-peg, had fried go,

There is paddy sweet village in freezer of as it happens fry the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn to want to go up in order to use.


1, the bubble after Xian of polished glutinous rice is clean is controlled 4 hours, drop evaporate of the boiler on water 30 minutes, take out, add water agitate

Even, this one pace is called ” take a starch ” .

2, get on the rice that has mixed again boiler evaporate 20 minutes, take a starch twice repeatedly, at this moment softness of criterion of polished glutinous rice, interest having pliable but strong.

3, relapse the polished glutinous rice that evaporate crosses, enter the agitate in the basin again, at this moment of polished glutinous rice agglutinant very big. (of old Beijing

Practice, it is to use wet gauze to touch water to include meal of good polished glutinous rice soft all, I feel such not quite clean, change so in the basin

In agitate)

4, the oil that takes a dish to apply touch, spread meal of a polished glutinous rice, spread stuffing of a beans again, spread again next

Meal of polished glutinous rice stuffing of a beans, cover meal of a polished glutinous rice finally

5, above scatter on the sesame seed that has fried, scatter again on the nutlet that you like and fruit makings, cool cake considers do good, this

Can be to want what cool move eats!

Clew: This fastfood and unfavorable do more than, cannot eat to put the word of freezer, polished glutinous rice can harden, influence mouthfeel


[Beautiful 3 eat the dinner that a day of cate recorded 002] river source on October 10

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*** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ***

Receive go up a ~

Say strictly, this is not to be in what river source eats any more suddenly

When returning afternoon, cry through ” Ma Bei ” place, the fleshy bolus here is very famous, hear of flourishing period, can a lot of person opens a car to often run far to buy fleshy bolus greatly.
The fleshy bolus in fokelore is in rub when let it growing a small tail designedly, in order to become one distinguishing feature of local, play a tooth tastily.
Since we come here to pass, by the way Mu Mingyi is tasted!

Take a shop sign at will

Choose a fascia course ” fleshy bolus soup “

Really ” famed do not meet ” ah!
The fleshy bolus small tail in fokelore disappeared, the meat is very real, play a tooth tastily not at all, soup is a very heavy peppery flavour, fail!

“Brew 3 treasure ” , have aubergine of wine balsam pear, wine and composition of the any of several hot spice plants that make a top. Make a coarse food!

Taste is good still, juice is very grumous, but why to say it is coarse?
Because make the pork inside, it is to do not have chop to pass unexpectedly, a posse round ground is random a place of strategic importance goes in!

“Steamed catfish ” , this dish not result do not pass, quite delicate still. Him friend does not love to eat catfish, because we love to ate to also be nodded, touch!

“Qing Dynasty fries sweet wheat ” , be the green vegetables that gets recognition fully! Fragile, tender, sweet!
Finally still is I clean ground, how can I eat so, alas ~ ! ^@^

A day when enjoy cate, did not draw full stop at this point, because answer me excellent, still drank two bowls of amah Bao ” coco chicken broth ” , hey hey ~ !

- be over - the thank is viewed and admire!

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The dinner that a day of cate records river source

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