[Beautiful 3 eat the lunch that a day of cate recorded 001] river source on October 10

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Receive go up a ~

Ate Niu Za, we turn immediately went eating lunch…
The food of this restaurant is very good also, assist!

Go up first one earthen bowl ” soup of wax gourd of evaporate lean lean ” , pork is farmhouse pig, boiling water is very clear sweet very clear sweet, I drank a bowl another bowl…

Look be like very common ” decoct bean curd ” , but very tender very slippery, I ate another…

“Bao of green vegetables taro ” , taro very continous is very slippery the Shang Ye inside Bao of very goluptious ~~ is pretty good, but had not drunk fell: P

“Green oily chicken ” , the chicken with good evaporate, explode on shop of burden of first class of sweet ginger, green, green, aroma is tangy!

“Heart of clear fried dish ” , fragile, tender, sweet! Finally is by me this meat animal solved it entirely unexpectedly!

This one really special and unusual drop is satisfactory ~~

Unfinished to be continued. . . . . .

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[Beautiful 3 eat the breakfast that a day of cate recorded 004] river source on October 10

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The name of a place that river source is Guangdong breaths out ~

Accompany a friend to answer the peaceful county that a married woman’s parents’ home goes to river source city the day before yesterday, set out to come home afternoon in the morning, how didn’t time haste play, but eating is not little, renown accord with actually ” beautiful 3 eat ” , early midday is late 3 ha! ^O^

The order that we develop by time below records the brigade of cate of below one day: )

About much at 11 o’clock when to peaceful county, this time has a thing, do not know to be breakfast or lunch really!
The friend takes us to take place famous ” tripe Guang ” , it is a bit strange that this name is listening be, what take a cattle namely actually is splanchnic, niu Za and so on

Tripe Guang has sold, do not have the luck to eat sth delicious to be tasted!
This bowl of full thing, be Niu Za, have bowel ah abdomen ah… still have other the position that I say not to come out: P

Place trimly on the desktop on call bowl, rely on what the wall is putting to have chili, mint, unboiled oil, soy, chopped green onion…

Niu Za scald is ripe

The Niu Za with ripe scald is put in the bowl, irrigate the soup that goes up to had been boiled beforehand to calculate success again ^O^

A bowl of so simple ox is miscellaneous, put the mint with one appetizing gather unexpectedly (beautiful nevertheless beautiful classmate says is jingjie likely)
Soup is the Qing Dynasty that comparative sweet, not at all be bored with, still have the faint scent of sweetgrass

See the shingle of this small shop

Putting 4 pails of coal, it seems seems those who had burned

Corresponding past is 4 coal furnace, 4 bowl contain respectively above the boiled water, clear soup that has boiled, sirlon that has stewed, still have an outfit what?

There is a bowl unexpectedly in this boiler!
This can’ts help letting my be filled with deep esteem!
Although alexipharmic means is very vulgar, but put in alexipharmic ark compared with those bowl, but the restaurant that did not open electrify source however, is this to come so that have sincerity more? !

Unfinished to be continued. . . . . .

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The lunch that a day of cate records river source

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Earthnut walnut is crisp [hutch of lubricious dirt word]

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= of = of = of = of = of = of = of = of = of = = =
More and wonderful click the rich settle or live in a strange place that enters lubricious this world please

= of = of = of = of = of = of = of = of = of = = =

Husband said with me into the door yesterday: Afternoon when hunger must be no good, prepare those who eat to nod to me.

Oh, after the eggbeater since my home became bad, did not make snack all the time. Previously most the afternoon tea site that often prepares to husband is biscuit kind thing, what he loves to eat most is the small mug-up of a Qi Hexian flavour. Do not have time to buy new eggbeater, be forced to do to need not dismiss the mug-up of the egg heads an unit to husband.

Say to do do, dinner hind clears away good cuisine to start work. The simplest mug-up is peach crisp. The recipe is an edge do an edge to experimenting to go to in those who add the record side raw material. Feel this peach crisp finished product is very delicious, have a drawback namely, ah the ~ that breathe out ~ is salty. Husband does not have sweet, I did not put sugar, the salt that add. First time and the salt that when oily, egg mixes, I added 5ml (the friend that often sees my rich customer knows to breath out, of my home saying 10g is the following is inaccurate, so I dosage spoon) , after wait and becoming dough, I am tasted, how to taste a saline taste how? Added the salt of 1ml again then. My day ah the finished product such as ~ gives heat cool after coming down, taste, really crisp, really sweet, namely saline taste is big. With a ha breathed out haing ~ ~ to consider a matter a long time, to flavour is done not have when what begins gustation to, added 1ml salt so salty? Be in finally face oneself gave an answer before sleeping: When raw material kneads dough, salt did not melt, saline taste is inhomogenous in dough. Actually if do not add final that 1ml, the flavour of finished product should appropriate.

Haing ~ for test and verify this my idea, I decide according to me redo of this scale recipe, do not add this final 1ml namely, is same.


1, put in the bowl: Oily + of 140ml sunflower seed salt of 5ml of + of half egg fluid

2, smoke with the egg child fluid of will oily egg hits divide evenly

3, preparative 200g flour (the standard noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that I use) , 2.5ml bubble makes pink and 1ml sodium bicarbonate noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch

4, mix 3 kinds of pink even hind sift out

5, flour falls into egg oily fluid to break up mix even

6, earthnut goes red garment, put 150 degrees into oven to bake 20 minutes or so to be taken out together with walnut, load last in bag, crush with rolling pole

7, break earthnut walnut in adding an area, mix divide evenly

8, the squash after taking 15g raw material to knead a group, put bake dish in, brush on egg fluid. Oven bakes 15 minutes 180 degrees first, take out brush egg fluid again, put oven to continue to bake 5 - 8 minutes can. </b></b>

I also do steamed dumpling [0810 cate challenge]

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Saw in community yesterday the friend does steamed dumpling, come home I also was done, the sense is good still, ah, go up quickly pursue,
Will prepare meat stuffing first:
1. meat stuffing. Leek. Celery. Xianggu mushroom. Green.

2. burden mincing, put together,

Add an egg again. Join condiment (can depend on individual taste) , mix divide evenly

3. knead dough: Φ of ┘ of right suddenly of adze of Ya Di expose sb’s misdeeds or crimes gathers up? can make face skin tastes so more muscle,

The face of become reconciled

Save a little while, rub is become, cut size moderate with the knife piece, next again roll becomes face skin,
The bag becomes dumpling state, go up next boiler evaporate 15 minutes,

See a finished product pursue

The side that allows everybody to see my roll again piece, ah

Thick chili sauce of old dry Mom fries a cycle of sixty years

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Original plan National Day resigns afterwards, the Lian Shen before the section has been written please, can arrive crucial moment, cannot open a mouth namely! Think of to want to apply for a job to feel a bit confused afresh later, also do not know after all the job of what just suits him, it seems that everybody is advancing, and oneself are in however place footfall. . . . . . Think of oneself go straight towards the person of 3 quickly, return this model, true distress!

Alas, do not say, serving! The entree tonight — thick chili sauce of old dry Mom fries a cycle of sixty years!

Hearing of a cycle of sixty years is a kind of seafood, flavour is delicious, and price is cheap, 5 sell here a jin (the ability 3 years two ago 2) , the individual feels this dish wants to have the ability that nod juice delicious, I am fried this so that did a drop a little, taste is very good still nevertheless!

The way learns to mom, although not quite professional, can taste likeness is spent have 80% however!    

Material: Two jins of abluent, purple perilla reach a cycle of sixty years the head of garlic is right amount and mincing, small chili 3 (viewport flavour increase and decrease) mincing

Condiment: 1, 1.5 spoon of Chi of beans of gust of old dry Mom, salt is right amount

2, oil of arrack, Chi, unripe pink, white sugar, water each are right amount, put a bowl completely in smooth and stand-by


1, because a cycle of sixty years is testacean food, water treatment should fly before boiling:

1) turn on the water in boiler burn, enter a cycle of sixty years that washs clean.

2) the conch that boils a cycle of sixty years searchs entirely, can see there is white bubble on surface at this moment.

3) fall a cycle of sixty years cistern in, boiled water bibcock is rinsed clean (a piece of picture forgot when spelling a plan, him everybody is envisaged) .

4) a little drop doing enters the water, stand-by.

2, burn boiler hot, receive oil, put the head of garlic to explode sweet.

3, break up into a cycle of sixty years fry a few times, put purple perilla and chili bead to break up fry, till smell the fragrance of purple perilla.

4, join right amount salt to fry divide evenly, ordinal put flavoring 2 reach thick chili sauce of old dry Mom.

(the practice of my mom is explode old dry Mom, purple perilla and chili bead first sweet, put a cycle of sixty years again next, fry so allegedly come out to be able to taste the meeting is sweeter, nevertheless I disrelish such chili flavour too choke, be overcome, moved order so)

5, break up ceaselessly fry, till juice closes almost, install dish!

Taking a picture is illuminated with the mobile phone, hope everybody put up with!

Come Zhang Jin of a bit!


Delicate chocolate cake

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The breakfast on *** train- - delicate chocolate cake ***
Graph / article author: The ice September
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

See the prescription of a chocolate cake on the net a long time ago, feel not quite sweet, so oneself changed, became the prescription below, often do, quite welcome also. 11 go phoenix, did a belt to cook breakfast to the train.
Material: (round model of 8 inches of cake)
1. Butter of + of force 220g of heart Fu Hei Qiaoke 60 grams
2. Albumen 120g of 6 + candy
3. Yoke 50ml of 6 + weak butter
4, low pink 90 grams pink of cake of Zhu Gu force 90 grams
Practice: butter of chocolate 220g + 60 grams are mincing, lie between Shui Xiaohuo to melt, wait for cool.

I use this butter

120g of 6 + candy makes protein to rigid epispastic, make albumen candy sauce, as a result of too urgent, busy flap the photograph of albumen candy sauce.

yoke weak butter 50ml joins 6 + to already put cool chocolate, butter slowly in, when adding, otherwise breaks agitate, until become black completely.

Sift again already the low pink of sift out chocolate cake pink, turn cake into sauce.

I use noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch of this kind of cake, go filling in last class when buy, do not cross a net to go up also some selling.

Dig one big spoon to make good albumen candy sauce first, mix with cake sauce divide evenly, differ because of the density of both very big, albumen of this one spoon basically is to adjust density, need not worry about disappear bubble so, usable force agitate comes even. The albumen candy sauce that go divides 2 ~ 3 times to join chocolate panada, light hand agitate comes equably invisible albumen stripe, also precipitate without chocolate till. The hand wants light, lest albumen disappear bubble.
Fit a pattern, oven warm-up goes to 150 degrees, penult layer, the 60-70 that bake minute, the actual temperature of the Xiang that bake that inspects you and course of study.
Baking the cake in Xiang

Bake good cake, did regrettablly so for many times major moment or craze. . .


The daughter wants foretaste taste, did small.

[Beautiful 3 eat on October 7 004]1006 dinner

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*** [is beautiful 3 eat] 1006 dinner ***
Graph / article author: Sun is bright
Achieve formerly** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **
The wild rice stem on the market is not expensive now, saw others buy, I also bought a few, come back not to know to make what food again, wanted a long time not to think of today’s dinner leading role, flesh of braise in soy sauce burns wild rice stem, do not know to belong to do not belong to achieve formerly (ah ah) .
Make pork of braise in soy sauce first namely actually, join wild rice stem what the flesh burns almost, very simple

Still agaric of a dish pumpkin scrambles egg

The staple food tonight is flapjack of the daily life of a family, in us the method that be as follows does home handiwork flapjack, the baking pan that use phone is not to be done so, if use electric baking pan very can hard, so if somebody has fun at the word of this prescription, but must not use electric baking pan.

1, boiled water knead dough;
2, flapjack is in common fry boiler or pan, cannot use </b></b> of electric baking pan

[Beautiful 3 eat on October 7 005]1007 dinner

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*** [is beautiful 3 eat] 1007 dinner ***
Graph / article author: Sun is bright
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Transient the press wells balanced, think of suddenly for ages to did not read evening paper, bought:
“Master, come portion evening paper “
The master says: “Oneself are taken “
“Wait a bit, I see the pocket money that has 5 hair breath out “
The master says ” one yuan, without the newspaper of 5 wool “
“Ah, rose in price? ! How long? ! !!
“Half many month. “Half many month..
Then, I paid a yuan of money to buy portion paper.
Good gracious, newspaper rose in price, I do not know, and went up one times, there are a few comrades to also taking a yuan of money beside me picking newspaper, because sold the master of newspaper to say " newspaper one yuan, do not have 5 wool ” .
Write down so that roadside sells the master hand of evening paper the pocket money that this is taking very much wool before, change in the hand now take one yuan.
Rise in price 100% , prices is really flying go up, the gas that news says Beijing again today is waited a moment general goes up 1 wool is much! The car also leaves not to rise!
Hey, what moment goes up the salary of 100% ah.
Return dinner, do today burn beef, this chunk beef just 16 yuan many, be less than 17 yuan, with husband two people did not eat, a variety of Chinese cabbage 1 yuan, probably dinner spent 20 yuan or so, substantial, and still have a lot of flesh, breathe out after breathing out!
Raw material: Garlic of ginger of sirlon, green turnip, green, anise, Chinese prickly ash, dry chili
Pi county thick broad-bean sauce


A variety of Chinese cabbage

Staple food: Rice
What rice is guessing this? Is honey peach rice still pineapple rice?

Ha, it is yam rice, the yam color that buys this is a bit light ha, but taste is good. It is OK that rice and yam man are boiled together. </b></b>

Relaxed not fat zephyr 3 article fish mixes meal [millet bucket]

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[millet bucket] relaxed not fat - - - [zephyr 3 article fish mixes meal]

*** is permitted without the author forbidden reprint or extract and compile ***

Zephyr 3 article fish mixes meal

The flashlight is redemptive the home exceeds half an year, the number that uses is counted with 5 隻 finger. . . . Still have surplus
Basically be to won’t be used. . . . How is the lamp hit, feel not right, exceed factitious
The service instruction storytelling that flashlight place adds. . . . . It is this a book from heaven that do not have a word simply to me
Look do not have me a few times mad gape. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Drip. . . . Want to sleep
Can consult without elder more beside, be forced oneself are frowsty head fumbles (still do not feel give what east)
Before long. . . . Flashlight with respect to lay aside and neglect
This 週 wants to jump over not reconciled to more, the SB800 that does not become me hard is redemptive home tribute the move is good-looking
Still be a manual take reread. . . . . . . But oneself comprehension is real too poor


Take lemonade this to practice
Main light source still is given priority to with natural light, the flashlight fills with Wu Zheng face smooth
It is with left the wall is hit originally jump the lamp, but my wall is weak orange
The light that jumps out is orange, affect Bai Pingheng badly
(I do not want to order Bai Pingheng oneself, the hope maintains the atmosphere with original spot)
Change so jump the ceiling (be white fortunately)
Alas. . . Camera is patted continuously, the angle of the flashlight returns really difficult bridge
(Think rank from machine shined. . . . . . Can not know this where to have the wiring outside selling that. . . . Incomplete reads aloud. . . . . . . . ..

Xi. . . . . . Can very factitious? An useful flashlight that look?
Still will get great exercise henceforth, the limitation that need not be taken a picture later by the cloudy day
Ye. . . Cheer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Lord of the Mid-autumn Festival swam to Japanese Kyoto with me last year
Eat buffet among them once, 裡 head has the meal that 3 article fish mixes
I still ate at that time very big a bowl. . . .
Asperse the oriental cherry shrimp of crisp of one big spoon especially. . . . Wow wow. . . . . . . . Be too delicious really

This today zephyr 3 article fish mixes the meal is me the 3 article fish that dining-room has modular 擬 at that time mixes meal
Oriental cherry shrimp should add when suggesting everybody eats (for instance: Taiwan east the) of oriental cherry shrimp of harbor, eat to mix now now
Should be to cannot buy oriental cherry shrimp really, can changing those who put and so on of 3 islands sweet 鬆 also is pretty good eat ^^

※ the oriental cherry shrimp that I indicate It is city carry out is packed tear open namely edible the sort of
If cannot be bought really,can fry dried small shrimps sweet hind, mix also go into the meal

Zephyr 3 article fish mixes meal
Cookbook origin: Rice bucket chaos is done in disorder

Material: (Make an appointment with 3~4 person portion)
3 article fish. . . . .200g
Small cucumber. . . . .1/2 root
Egg. . . . .2
Plain cooked rice. . . . .1 1/2 bowl
Oriental cherry shrimp. . . . . Right amount (The Yi Ke of and so on of 3 islands sweet 鬆 )
White sesame seed. . . . .1 big spoon (beforehand with small fire male fried means is fried sweet)
Citric. . . . .1/3
Salt. . . . . Right amount

Sauce of 3 article fish:
Rice wine. . . . .2 big spoon
薑 piece. . . . .2 piece
Very light blue. . . . Paragraphs.1 is small
Salt. . . . . A few

Egg flavoring:
Rice wine. . . . .1 small spoon
Day type firm fish meal. . . . .1/4 small spoon (for instance: Of and so on of boil Great Master. . . Or replace with 塩 directly)

1. egg infiltrates flavoring agitate is joined to hit in the basin even hind, fry maturity to come loose into boiler shape, reserve
Scrub of 2. small cucumber male cut Xiaoding completely, the salt that adds 1/3 small spoon mixes divide evenly, quiet place after 5 minutes
With portion of salt of scour off of cold boiled water, squeeze again gently go water portion, reserve
3 article fish cuts 3. to make an appointment with 2 centimeter piece shape, join flavor with makings, into boiler after evaporate is ripe, flay smashs broken record
Again impact lemon juice mixes divide evenly, reserve

The close proposal of small millet bucket
What can replace 3 article fish fry in shallow oil is crisp the sweet man that earth up a root, ham man, or it is has flavorred ripe chicken man

4. general practice 1.2.3. fish of egg, small cucumber, 3 article and rice, white sesame seed, salt, mix even
Asperse at the surface before edible on right amount oriental cherry shrimp, can(If cannot be bought really,can fry dried small shrimps sweet hind, mix also go into the meal)

The close proposal of small millet bucket
The account that just puts before edible of oriental cherry shrimp, it is the mouthfeel that should maintain its crisp
If mix together with all burden beforehand, also be possible

Relaxed not fat delicate 3 article fish mixes meal. . . .

[Beautiful 3 eat] two festal big eat of the individual

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National Day holiday is a busy holiday, home of mother-in-law of home of grandma home grandmother, also cannot little. Meet with the friend even, shop, looked for us one day eventually two go to market buying food, oneself make big food to oneself.

Bought fresh gallinaceous gizzard, this wanting that do gizzard of chicken of white any of several hot spice plants, but Beijing buys white chili very hard really. Changed black pickled Chinese cabbage to fry gallinaceous gizzard.

Very simple way, gallinaceous gizzard uses Shui Chao, take out section, immerge cold water is stand-by. Black pickled Chinese cabbage is washed, otherwise easy very salty, cut Cheng Xiaoding. Oily boiler explodes below green ginger sweet, issue gallinaceous gizzard stir-fry before stewing to fry next, fry gallinaceous gizzard fast ripe when join pickled Chinese cabbage and any of several hot spice plants of a few wild hill, do not like hot need not put. Fry together next ripe can give boiler.

It is scallop next, garlic Chengdu vermicelli made from bean starch politics, bilk a dish of not tire of.

Vermicelli made from bean starch leaves with lukewarm bleb, press a garlic into garlic Chengdu, the half uses deepfry, scamper joins a few salt, seafood soy, oyster sauce, candy to mix afterwards divide evenly. Scallop takes the flesh from housing, after cleaning conch clean, put the vermicelli made from bean starch with posse good bubble, put Chengdu of a few unripe garlic and the scamper garlic Chengdu that had mixed, shellfish flesh superpose, add Chengdu of oily garlic on shellfish flesh again. Next 6-8 of boiled water evaporate minute, close evaporate of the empty after fire 4 minutes.

Steamed fish, did not buy mandarin fish fish this, those who use is weever. A ginger is put in the abdomen after the fish clears clean a green, 6-8 of boiled water evaporate minute (depend on piscine size) , close igneous empty evaporate 4 minutes next, the double deck a pot for steaming food that I use, scallop and fish are done together. Place the fish after evaporate is good dish in, piscine body is scattered on green ginger silk and caraway. Oil and oil of evaporate fish Chi are put inside boiler, heat jointly, the mixed liquor inside boiler involves fire after body is boiling, irrigate in piscine body.

Finally even a green vegetables, come the chrysanthemum food that I like, do not cross me very be afraid of wash it, because inside have slug easily, today is the dish that husband washs, meal is so sweet all the more.

Come again bottle of fruit juice, very big festival late banquet.