[5 edition call for paper the gift is much] elegant Li Xiu is self-confident (the kitchen has a share) already revised

Spring came, shuck off thick winter clothes, advocate fashionable us, want to be changed beautiful beautiful spring clothing, show oneself youth and self-confidence before everybody. However because now of standard of living rise, of life rhythm accelerate and now of youth food not regularity, brought up a batch to slant fat crowd. Fat apply for a job to a lot of person look for a partner in marriage brought not little worry, a lot of fat sisters are thinking some day, can change nifty short skirt, long already long canister boots is envied on collocation, to the top of one’s bent the self-confidence that shows oneself.

A lot of people in us to reduce weight, request good plan hard, eat suffering to endure the torments of hunger still the effect is not apparent. Common saying says: “3 smelly cobbler, carry a Zhu Geliang on the head ” this second activity, invite all friends that have experience reducing weight to attend! Provide authority a mutual study, the opportunity that encourages each other! Reduce weight, believe you can succeed certainly!

[Mobile layout]

Salon reducing weight

Wife and mother concerns

Cate kitchen

Hairdressing protects skin

True my elegant demeanour

[Mobile time]On April 4, 2008, on May 31
[Criticize minute of time]On June 1, 2008 - on June 5
[Prize-giving time]After waiting for mobile fund to allot, award prize

[Mobile requirement]
1. work asks to achieve a hair formerly, past other forum must not be sent during the activity. Once discovery borroweds,cancel to take part in the match instantly qualification.

2. Stick piece beautiful oneself, the photograph can enter an activity one piece, it is OK to consider for individual privacy PS drops facial ministry, content basically introduces next his methods reducing weight and result, the word counts not less than 300 words

3. photograph must true, forbidden PS cheat, once discover, cancel to take part in the match qualification oh!

4. Make clear before caption [the graph is beautiful reduce weight] , the title can draft oneself from the back, attribute is common. Take part in the match work head sends salon reducing weight, at the same time 5 edition are sent entirely neat, cannot participate in otherwise choose. Unite by salon reducing weight collect number. Undertake selection according to the number order of salon reducing weight, This second activity explains authority puts in salon reducing weight ’s charge all.

5. Every ID can send 3, uniform add elite to save, recommend according to quality take into consideration the circumstances! Everybody can draw up his thin body food is arranged, give authority in order to consult; Also can draw up oneself everyday athletic arrangement; Perhaps oneself small doohickey is waited a moment etc, the wisdom that exerts authority. About rewarding a respect, can weigh recrudesce to put money reward.

During 6 activities, the card that plays an activity cannot transmit arrives the layout beyond mobile layout, cancel mobile qualification otherwise. Next is in is arranged in a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender that chapter of salon place dispatch is reducing weight immediately after each player sends each printed sheet please other link of chapter of dispatch of each layout place, can get only otherwise share award.
PS: Be afraid that authority is not clear, citing is as follows:
Http://px.club.sohu.com of relation of wife and mother (your address in chapter of dispatch of place of relation of wife and mother)
Cate kitchen Http://food.club.sohu.com (your address in chapter of dispatch of cate kitchen place)
Hairdressing protects skin Http://hufu.club.sohu.com (the address that you protect rule of skin place dispatch in hairdressing)
True Http://myphoto.club.sohu.com of my elegant demeanour (you are in true the address of chapter of dispatch of place of my elegant demeanour)

7. Because reduce weight,matter to the individual’s health, must reduce weight for health so, cannot be unscientific method, the following kinds of kind are very illicit: One, put an end to similar 21 days of laws, the behavior reducing weight of the extreme such as cucumber egg, 2, the method reducing weight that puts an end to onefold food, this kind of behavior is more than and easy rebound, also affect healthy; 3, likewise determined boycott is urged spit wait for behavior, the means reducing weight inside fast short time, can quicken cutaneous ageing only, lose cutaneous luster. 4, stop drug reducing weight, the medicines and chemical reagents reducing weight that is oneself to using this activity makes conduct propaganda, cutout does not have condone. We reduce weight is for better life, have better life quality, what perhaps make oneself change is more perfect, go after weight painstakingly and abandon health, the loss outweights the gain. Reducing weight is a kind of manner, it is to let us more enjoy the life and cate. So, important is: Health reduces weight!

8. commissioner that asks for literary grace to use comprise by 5 mottled bamboo of joint forum, use dozen of cent to make, full marks 10 minutes, withhold 1 decimally, total cent is cumulative. If appraise through comparison is final cent is identical, criterion with taking part in the match serial number ranks order, arrive to win a prize first first, for fair for the purpose of, of short duration does not publish commissioner list, commissioner friendship takes part in the match, be obliged to share award.

[The activity rewards] :
Special grade award 1
(the fox in this objective concerns by wife and mother special assistance, thank fervent PX, ) 8888 2008=10896

First prize 3 (2008 1000 1188)*3=12588

Second-class award 5 (888 1188)*5=10380

Third class award 7 777*7 =5439

4 wait for award 7 288*7 =2016

The 1st participator is rewarded 1 288
The 2nd is rewarded to the 28th participator1 88*27=2376
The 77th participator is rewarded1 77

Commissioner each. 1188*5=5940
Add up to 50000

Fund ID: Sohubbsjianfei@sohu

This gift is rich and generous, welcome everybody to take an active part in


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