A bowl of potherb heats up noodles in soup

I make this bowl of range in him a married woman’s parents’ home, a fellow-townsman that the word says one day that to family person manages a wedding helps, provide a meal midday, but I am not willing to stay over to eat, came back to eat with respect to oneself so. Cold boiler is cold in the home after coming back kitchen, do not have him method to search for circuit in vegetable garden, looked for a wild three-colored amaranth and two persimmon, boiled bowl noodle simply, flavour is honest, be the flavour that I miss.

Should say this is wild three-colored amaranth is to feed a pig to feed a duck here, I listen to old people to say that time in natural disaster also someone takes, bag steamed stuffed bun eats. It doesn’t matter of wild three-colored amaranth tastes, backward slip of the scald that use water is smooth, cold and dressed with sause is very delicate also. This thing vitality is tenacious, in me home town is everywhere, want to eat all the time, but the family member is not willing to eat, I feel they are the value that did not discover potherb, the netizens that my constant sees me go purslane also is dug in wild country, ever also saw those who sell have on the market, the price is very expensive, actually this dish also is feeding a duck over there my a married woman’s parents’ home, a lot of things are such, have do not know to cherish, lost also lost. . . .

A wild three-colored amaranth two small persimmon

Go old root takes tender page

Use boiled water scald

Heat is oily, chopped green onion explodes boiler, fine dried noodles falls after water leaves, add potherb finally, I still hit a poached eggs, I do not grudge all along to oneself


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