A thick soup of crucian carp fish that I do crucian carp fish

I do *** the *** of a thick soup of crucian carp fish of crucian carp fish
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**** often makes cooked food of fish of a few crucian carp, arrange the photograph previously now come on hair, serve as today by order, from the back **** of ~ of ~ of to be continued
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I do the flesh of crucian carp fish to make crucian carp fish

Crucian carp fish, the top grade in fresh water fish. Produce all the year round.2 ~ April, what 8 ~ will produce in December is most fat. Its flesh is qualitative delicate, flavour is delicious, be full of nutrition. Every 100 grams have the flesh to contain protein 13 grams, adipose 1.1 grams, quantity of heat 62 kilocalorie, calcic 54 milligram, phosphor 203 milligram, iron 2.5 milligram. Have dietotherapy effect. According to [renown cure does not record] account: Dimming? sex is lukewarm, flavour pleasant, avirulent, in be being moved with the stomach, beneficial the five internal organs, prevent floods by water control is swollen… . Bloated to body empty, alvine wind issues blood, gastric disorder causing nausea is spat feed, the puerpera is galactic lack, chronic gastritis has remedial effect.

The flesh is qualitative exquisite, flavour is delicious, be full of crucian carp fish of nutrition, it is the fresh water fish that likes occasionally. Be in every year early spring, deep autumn season, often buy doing eat.

Yuan Mei is in [feed sheet along with garden] in say: &Fish of Nbsp; crucian carp wants be apt to to buy first. Choose its are flat personally and the person that take white, its flesh is tender and loose, ripe hind carry the flesh namely discharge bone and below… . . Tear open next flesh to be able to do a thick soup

Take the place of in Qing Dynasty allegedly be current of cooked food of fish of capital crucian carp at city, a thick soup of crucian carp fish also makes palace name food.

Bought fish of two jins of crucian carp today, did an a thick soup of crucian carp fish. Cruelly oppress is fresh and tender, juice of a thick soup is grumous tasty, ~~ of eating satisfy a craving

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With makings: Crucian carp fish 2 jins

Practice: &Nbsp;
1, choose of choose and buy its are flat personally and the crucian carp fish of the person that take white, go scale, go cheek, go splanchnic, raze inside abdomen black film, clear water is abluent.

2, water is added to be burned inside boiler, put the fish scald ripe.

3, carry piscine fish out with the hand tremble, go fishbone. Cruelly oppress is stand-by.

4, fresh and tender bamboo shoot, water sends Xianggu mushroom, the burden such as ham cuts into shreds.

5, fry boiler to burn heat, put lardy burn ripe hind, add Xian Shang and the boiling water of scald fish, put silk of cooking wine, bamboo shoot, Xianggu mushroom silk, ham silk next, burn, add salt, gourmet powder, put fish and meat of ripe crucian carp, reoccupy water starch ticks off thick Gorgon euryale.

6, scatter finally on pepper, spot sesame oil is filled piece can edible.

Characteristic: &Nbsp; color is white, cruelly oppress is absolutely tender, juice of a thick soup is grumous tasty. </b>

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