Abstain taro cake

Oil falls in boiler, medium flame fries the pan below taro, add boil in a covered pot over a slow fire of a bit salt, water next ripe. Still can add a bit pepper of what, saw oneself like. Lazy word, taro need not be fried, add directly from the back in the powdery oar of mix up. Parched taro tastes sweeter a bit softer. Do not have parched to taste a little a bit more delicate.

Equipment is good stick ground rice, water.
Move pink with clear water first, into mushy.
Heat half water additionally, pour boiled water to paste inside, mix divide evenly, become unripe ripe thick liquid. A few oil, salt, candy is added in the oar, still can add a few pepper (this sees each one like a decision) , mix divide evenly.

. . . . . .

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