[Achieve formerly] blueness of food of green of Changjiang Delta tradition is round [maigre appointment 012]

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Still having a few days is tomb-sweeping day, inside this festival our Shanghai person can eat a kind of cake is black group, as a child I like polished glutinous rice and sweetened bean taste very much, so I like black group exceedingly, traditional green round method is first will tender moxa, grass of small thorn Mu put caldron, join lime evaporate to rot, float go limewater, in kneading pink of polished glutinous rice, make it shows the doughboy of aquamarine, the reason that likes it still has, it is it has distinctive color and special taste, be close to Pure Brightness every year in the past to just can have this black group only, want to eat to also have only so when this season, a few days ago I see carbonado earth up raw material inn to have juice of blueness selling wheat, I thought of I make black group at a draught, the thing that oneself do I always am at ease particularly, because of very much now businessman for usury embellish, did not use Mai Qing juice so, used dish juice or pigment, dish juice is a bit more not bad pigment is fearsome, xi Xi, so I eat every time outside bought blueness is round, I always can be heard first, if have very the Mai Qing of dense tastes I can eat, if not be me,can feed a doggie, ha! ~ I today also is use this kind of convention ” unripe do ” method, it is Mai Qingqing juice and pink of polished glutinous rice are kneaded together — the dough that can knead a grass green already, also the faint scent that mix enters field, again evaporate of the steam box on stuffing of the sweetened bean taste on the bag is ripe.

Raw material buys the land: Pink of polished glutinous rice, stick ground rice, sweetened bean taste (I am myself this those who do) large supermarket has
The friend of Shanghai of wheat green juice to food one inn is bought, of the other place can buy in order to get online
Steam box can reach terminal market of things of supermarket, food market, hotel

Very lovely green blueness is round, this is pure natural Mai Qing juice, need not worry so ate to be able to have a problem, xi Xi

Green round evaporate need not be afraid of very much can stick together, because beforehand steam box and blueness are round daub crosses an oil, put slightly after evaporate is so good cool hind can depart easily blueness became round

Inside incision, sweetened bean taste is very exquisite, cortical very sweet Mai Qing tastes

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