[Achieve formerly] the magical function of electric baking pan- - egg of Chinese toon decoct

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Egg of today’s Chinese toon decoct is made with electric baking pan. Baking pan of our home appliance besides do cake to remain decoct egg. Its advantage although you are a novice,also can spread out namely the egg cake of circle giving a circle. What I use is last year the Chinese toon of souse, so need goes down the Chinese toon bathe of the half to go salt, ability is made. If use fresh Chinese toon or leek can not forget to add salt!

Learn to take the advantage of Chinese toon together with everybody first.
[nutrition and edible] Chinese toon head contains an extremely rich nutrition. According to the analysis, in head of Chinese toon of every 100 grams, contain protein 9. 8 grams, contain calcium 143 milligram, contain vitamin C115 milligram, in listing vegetable before cogongrass. Additional, still contain phosphor 135 milligram, carotene 1. 36 milligram, and the nurture such as little element of a group of things with common features dimension of iron and B is qualitative.

[sexual flavour returns classics] the gender is cool, flavour suffering is smooth; Enter lung, stomach, large intestine classics.

[effect advocate treat] clear heat is alexipharmic, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it of be good at stomach, embellish skin bright eye, kill insect. Advocate the ulcer that treat skiing ulcer, trichomadesis, eye bare,

Look to everybody first see finished product

Raw material: Φ of muddleheaded arc ⒓ ah ⒋ thanks ā ⑹ balance rotten
Manufacturing process:
1. Chinese toon is a bit more mincing, join egg agitate even.

2. report baking pan can pour a few oil, turn baking pan, make oil adherent and even. Put the chopped green onion that has cut, fry sweet. This can be delicious key!

3. agitate enter Chinese toon bud and egg, booth divide evenly, bake in a pan of the baking pan on the lid is ripe. Remember need not when the lamp of baking pan destroys can ripe

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