Add bit of health for the life- - fry asparagus

Mother-in-law home is planted asparagus, this moment harvests the season of asparagus just about. Listen to grandpa to say asparagus nutrition is very rich, come back I am checked from the net, good gracious disastrous, asparagus has so high nutrition value actually. Can prevent malignant tumor and cancer, have very high officinal value, and the content of the vitamin also is to think those who become is tall. In the home buying the price is 3 many money, the sale price that I consider the market to go up should be in 4-5 piece money, fortunately mother-in-law home plants this, otherwise we can eat not to have so expensive vegetable every day, hey. Of asparagus viridescent and white, I ask grandpa why to be planted in the home of green, grandpa says asparagus yield is low, weight is light, and the price is low, plant all the time in the home Bai Sun.
Asparagus is green food, do not make agriculture chemical, because asparagus is long in clay, in just appeared the head has not appeared even when coming, was dug come out, do not need to make agriculture chemical.
When I eat asparagus for the first time, feel it hard, not very is delicious. Like to go up it is this year, the meeting is a bit bitter when just eating, can taste do not feel to suffer from, have even a tiny bit of sweet, fragile fragile, mouthfeel is very good.
Of asparagus fry a law very simple, since I took fried course, look to everybody!
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Material: The root of asparagus is general older, when eating, picked, after be being washed clean, cut inclined piece.
Cut green garlic into end, tomato cuts Cheng Ding, after the flesh has been cut, with chicken essence of life and cooking wine bloat a little while.
Oil is put in boiler, the flesh is fried after oily heat, tomato man and green garlic end are put after the flesh is hoar, drip next the dot often is smoked, put asparagus to break up finally fry, vinegar and salt are added when giving boiler quickly. <br><br>

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