Already did chop any of several hot spice plants oneself

Chili appeared on the market now, can do chop any of several hot spice plants. See what I do first.

Raw material: Chili, ginger, garlic.
Condiment: Salt, wine (liquor, I have a plenty of a strong spirit usu. made from sorghum)

Practice: Chili is washed will accuse to do water, cut Cheng Xiaoding (had better take one-time glove, can be overcome otherwise) , garlic, ginger cuts end. Put in the salver that does not have water to do not have oil.

2, put salt, garlic ginger, liquor mix is even.

3, load last in box or clean bottle.

I am put in freezer, because do not have too big abundant really to his technology,grasp.
Attention: Chili must accuse to do water, there cannot be water to have oil in the container of outfit, salt wants corresponding much place. The fried dish can be used after been do, evaporate fish, if can eat hot, still can use clip steamed bread, when we go to school in one’s childhood, the winter often eats breakfast so. </b>

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