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The good friend that today is me is young delicate community birthday, she today 3 years old, was acquainted 3 years here insensibly,

In us north spends birthday is to want those who eat noodle, macrobian face, birthday is happy oh small beauty! Wish you forever youthful and beautiful! Forever happy!

Advocate makings: Noodle


Stay of proceedings of Bao of horn of potato, beans, carrot, yam, onion, pumpkin, Xianggu mushroom, apricot, garlic bolt, collop (dish is piled up or abound quite ha)


Essence of valve of edible oil, aniseed, soy, chicken, dawdle essence, salt, balm


One, cutlet uses cooking wine. Soy. Oil of pepper, edible bloats be soiled, reoccupy pink Gorgon euryale catchs divide evenly to reserve.

2, the muscle arteries and veins that fabaceous horn picks both sides, wash clean cut Cheng Ding, potato, carrot, yam, pumpkin, also wash clean flay,

Cut Cheng Ding, clear water of stay of proceedings of Bao of Xianggu mushroom, apricot is rinsed, like cutting fourth, onion and garlic bolt abluent cut Cheng Ding.

3, in doing boiled water boiler to put fabaceous actor man into boiled water, scald a little while, put potato man and yam man, again scald puts carrot man a little while,

Put pumpkin man next, all scald comes the fish out after eight maturity, next Ding Yechao of stay of proceedings of Bao of Xianggu mushroom, apricot fish out reserve.

4, change one boiler clean water, in after boiler leaves, putting noodle into boiler, use chopstick agitate, build boiler shell, reopen boiler chooses cold water twice, can involve fire.

5, when heating water of the surface that boil, fried dish pot takes in the meantime, put edible oil, put an aniseed piece, put next had bloated to get sliced meat,

Fry become angry to cutlet, put Jiang Si. Onion powder is fried sweet, put cooking wine soy to break up fry, every bits of bit vinegar breaks up quickly fry outfit dish, boiler

Scrub one, put edible oil anew, put onion man to fry a fragrance next, all ampling man puts the vegetable that has ironed to break up fry, next

Put essence of soy, salt, chicken, dawdle essence to be fried, put right amount boiled water, did not pass course can, a little stew, put garlic

Miao Ding, involve fire, drench bit of balm.

5, fill in the bowl on the noodle that thoroughly cook, irrigate serving to pile up actuate!

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