Aubergine of evaporate of cold and dressed with sause

BECKYBLOG builds the time that has had half an year up to now. In the time of half an year, it seems that all off hours are beautiful was in make new food, take a picture, write cookbook, newer webpage to go up. Add the pleasure that is paid close attention to gradually to the hobby of cooking, let me be very happy with it.

Everything has the possibility periodic so say, begin to discover oneself suddenly last week all lives are spend before computer. Do not rise in the morning, began busy work one day before computer. The breathing space of an intermediate hour often is used to be in by me purchase raw material to go up. We come off work time is late, after coming off work at 78 o’clock afternoon, I prepare material to perhaps update a webpage with respect to busy move. Often did these to had arrived sack time. Then, a day of major while bubble was in before computer. Often feel giddy to the head goes up, devoid motion also brings about him grow stout many. Such going down, do not know oneself can insist to do the website really when?

“Resting is to take farther route ” , begin from last week so, I began the longest to go slow, full a chapel did not update a website. Issued a class, shuttlecock is hit after eating simple dinner together with LG, after coming home to be cleared away a little, slept early. I think so long hush also invites a lot of old friend certainly people be puzzled of heart be suspicious, so here specially explains. Go up new course, doing a website had been a very important part in my life, I can insist to be done all the time, but assure very rapid newer rate hard. Come of Switzerland make Chinese meal raw material finite, finish after many 100 dish, the difficulty of get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh is increased gradually. 2 come, it is Europe goes vacationing at present height, the colleague of our group often has default, one person also is on the job work a few people, strength is very great. Can beautiful compare hard in the time that builds a website to go up and energy once upon a time. Hope friends can forgive.

What go up today is a when I often eat recently simple fish and vegetable dishes — evaporate aubergine. The way is very simple:

Cut aubergine the strip of finger degree of finish, enter evaporate of medium baking temperature of a pot for steaming food half hour.

Evaporate while preparative flavour juice, 1: 1: The candy of 1, sweet vinegar, unripe smoke mix divide evenly, the Jiang Mo that joins a few to cut Cheng Xirong is moved into flavour juice.

Good evaporate aubergine is taken out, the evaporate that puts aubergine dish bottom water is dropped to decant, garlic pressing is into shop of fine fine and soft on aubergine, drench on flavour juice, spot sesame oil above, spreading for cooling. Before eating, mix divide evenly can.

The god-given place of this dish depends on this is aubergine has a way almost in a kind of the simplest health, generally speaking, aubergine need not the word of deepfry, mouthfeel hard soft glutinous, but this dish lets aubergine molten with the means of evaporate. Sweet aubergine of flavour and fish is approximate, but because do not have course deepfry, aubergine is not so fat profit, relaxed mouthfeel suits summer very much.

Finished product graph, because aubergine is of evaporate, not be deepfry, the skin presents puce beyond place, not be beautiful purple, but this kind has a way special health tastily, also be worth to recommend.

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