Balsam pear shrimp is brewed

Very simple, a very beautiful also summer season food. The data that uses has balsam pear / freezing shelled fresh shrimps. It is better to if can buy fresh river shrimp,squeeze the shrimp meat that give of course. Balsam pear is bought in Asian inn. Every the chopstick is so only long. Want than country’s common balsam pear build it seems that short.


  1. ? a balsam pear abluent, cut one centimeter thick piece. Give the flesh inside with the penknife draw out. According to the amount of balsam pear annulus, according to the amount of a medium-sized shelled fresh shrimps comes to a balsam pear prepare freezing shelled fresh shrimps. And defrost of shelled fresh shrimps.
  2. ? Prepare the clear water of 500ML, join one teaspoon salt, agitate becomes salt solution, 20 minutes are in bubble of balsam pear annulus next in brine. At the same time the hull of shelled fresh shrimps defrost, take out shrimp bowel, cut Cheng Xirong next, join a few salt / pepper / candy / 5ML is amylaceous (5ML starch is corresponding is 11 shelled fresh shrimps) and toward bell of dichotomy of agitate of a direction. Notice among them the heft of candy is very few, main purpose is to carry delicacy. The 1/3 of the heft that so heft is salt about can.
  3. Heat one boiler boiled water, after water leaves, put balsam pear annulus boil fish out of about 40 seconds, rinse with cold tap water. Had better be to use glacial water to come bubble. But the tap water water that considers Switzerland already very cool, I am rinsed with tap water. This one pace basically is to let scald cross water balsam pear to cool quickly, be not given to carbonado by more than heat yellow, otherwise with respect to final finished product light color sends Huang Fa fade. Wait for balsam pear after be surrounded by mountains is fully cold, in filling shrimp flesh annulus, cheng Fang is in dish.
  4. Water is added in a pot for steaming food, after water leaves, balsam pear annulus puts even dish, conflagration evaporate 5 minutes can.
  5. Soup-stock 200ML is burned, join starch of a few water firing drench after shape of thin Gorgon euryale completed this course on balsam pear annulus. What I use is before two days of drinks remnant chicken broth in the home. If do not have, can come with the kind that gallinaceous pink imposes in clear water soup-stock of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine.

This dish way is simple, little lampblack of the process that make, mouthfeel is relaxed good taste. Suit summer to eat very much. Especially color is good-looking, now and then a friend comes in the home, also be pretty good entertain a guest dish.

Finished product photograph

Material photograph, the balsam pear length that buys here has the in part of length of domestic balsam pear only it seems that.

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