Barren of equipment combat readiness is girl


Girl girl was about to arrive home tomorrow night. Girl girl says, mom should be in charge of doing dish to eat to go to her only. I enquired in the phone she wants to eat what today, girl girl is like already hungry must do not have direction, she says whats want to eat. I will prepare to rise early in the morning tomorrow stew bloat earnest is bright, hoof fat, bacon, bamboo shoot. Cole field basically cannot have bought bamboo shoot, asked circuit on Sunday, discover one booth suddenly. Bamboo shoot already very uncomely, but be bright bamboo shoot, I was bought rapidly 3, 4 jins, price also paid no attention to. Be being put in deepfreeze is incorrect actually, also do not have method, want to last. Look today bad, take rind, boil with clear water boil stand-by.

Vivid chicken is bought on the road this morning, the United States has chicken to sell, but that chicken is too insipid, how to do won’t good. The girl of girl of vivid careless chicken of Shanghai likes to eat very much. I know that person that sells chicken, it is driveway guerrilla, archives of husband and wife. Their chicken is delicious cheap, show a balance to be killed now. I carried a careless hen a spring chicken, look at them to whiz whiz deal with whizzingly. They and client are suddenly noisy rose, it is a woman bought chicken to went back on his word not to want so, twist a head to go, and chicken has been killed, very hot wool almost do well. Also do not have method, the someone did not pay, length of foot is on her body. Gallinaceous woman is very furious, say oneself eat, come home oneself eat. She sees me say later, do 18 yuan sell how do you do? Cheap 2 yuan, I say to be no good, I should buy 3 chicken to work. Actually they feel distressed won’t oneself eat, shanghai person eye sees for solid, they sell this chicken to be not dropped for certain. I ” loot a burning house ” , use stock market law, draw out filling storehouse of demand a low price of 16 yuan of cash, make the average price of 3 chicken falls.

The colleague sees 3 chicken laugh at my recapture dead, ah ah, they say, girl girl comes home to also do not want growl of so urgent growl. They do not know, 3 chicken calculate what in our home, made a white behead chicken tonight, bright soy of United States pole dips in, beer is drunk drink already dispose of. Spring chicken will steam girl girl tomorrow also eat. Still an aspic rises, lie between a day to be taken do a chicken broth.

Will buy a jin of vivid shrimp tomorrow even, do briny shrimp to eat to girl girl. Girl girl hears my newspaper to give these a few menu in the phone, ah ah laugh ceaseless, good ah good, good. Girl girl throat is dumb, went out to delimit caique still is what boat with a gang friend yesterday so. The youth is really happy, prodigal oneself youth, not plan sequential. She says, all over muscle bone ache, the plane on tomorrow takes a few acetanilide piece, sleep shut-eye goes to Shanghai. This farfetched child is about to come home, I say you are big one year old, is this meeting a bit better? She says stoutly: Won’t!

I get invigorative preparation. Leaf through the diary last year, girl girl come back to go vacationing 6 weeks, from Shanghai that day, her pa loosened tone, say, thank people government, give birth to a child to us only. Hahaha!

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