[Beautiful 3 eat on October 7 004]1006 dinner

*** [is beautiful 3 eat] 1006 dinner ***
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Achieve formerly** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **
The wild rice stem on the market is not expensive now, saw others buy, I also bought a few, come back not to know to make what food again, wanted a long time not to think of today’s dinner leading role, flesh of braise in soy sauce burns wild rice stem, do not know to belong to do not belong to achieve formerly (ah ah) .
Make pork of braise in soy sauce first namely actually, join wild rice stem what the flesh burns almost, very simple

Still agaric of a dish pumpkin scrambles egg

The staple food tonight is flapjack of the daily life of a family, in us the method that be as follows does home handiwork flapjack, the baking pan that use phone is not to be done so, if use electric baking pan very can hard, so if somebody has fun at the word of this prescription, but must not use electric baking pan.

1, boiled water knead dough;
2, flapjack is in common fry boiler or pan, cannot use </b></b> of electric baking pan

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