[Beautiful 3 eat on October 7 005]1007 dinner

*** [is beautiful 3 eat] 1007 dinner ***
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Transient the press wells balanced, think of suddenly for ages to did not read evening paper, bought:
“Master, come portion evening paper “
The master says: “Oneself are taken “
“Wait a bit, I see the pocket money that has 5 hair breath out “
The master says ” one yuan, without the newspaper of 5 wool “
“Ah, rose in price? ! How long? ! !!
“Half many month. “Half many month..
Then, I paid a yuan of money to buy portion paper.
Good gracious, newspaper rose in price, I do not know, and went up one times, there are a few comrades to also taking a yuan of money beside me picking newspaper, because sold the master of newspaper to say " newspaper one yuan, do not have 5 wool ” .
Write down so that roadside sells the master hand of evening paper the pocket money that this is taking very much wool before, change in the hand now take one yuan.
Rise in price 100% , prices is really flying go up, the gas that news says Beijing again today is waited a moment general goes up 1 wool is much! The car also leaves not to rise!
Hey, what moment goes up the salary of 100% ah.
Return dinner, do today burn beef, this chunk beef just 16 yuan many, be less than 17 yuan, with husband two people did not eat, a variety of Chinese cabbage 1 yuan, probably dinner spent 20 yuan or so, substantial, and still have a lot of flesh, breathe out after breathing out!
Raw material: Garlic of ginger of sirlon, green turnip, green, anise, Chinese prickly ash, dry chili
Pi county thick broad-bean sauce


A variety of Chinese cabbage

Staple food: Rice
What rice is guessing this? Is honey peach rice still pineapple rice?

Ha, it is yam rice, the yam color that buys this is a bit light ha, but taste is good. It is OK that rice and yam man are boiled together. </b></b>

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