[Beautiful 3 eat on September 27 the content language of 004] shrimp- - 26 days of dinner

Our home loves to have shrimp, often buy, put freezer to freezing, when it is good to eat to wait for the mood,
Ah, the line that pick shrimp is a very thorny issue.
And I am a little cranky, every shrimp blame is done neatly, ability takes next gut.
Finish every time shrimp, feel twice nigrescent, limply.
Can look at husband be popular heart, happy feeling immediately excessive has one’s heart filled with a head.

Of hutch happy, nothing is more… than looks at eater big fast a cheek, small achievement feels, hey

This is dinner do [bouquets of flowers and piles of silks-rich multicolored decoration- - bright shrimp cold meats]

Practice shrimp flesh of Bai Zhuo maintained the biggest fresh and tender, and already purify shrimp line, OK and easy hold shrimp remaining part one close lightly, match dish to be able to be used on the west dish of orchid, cucumber, Gao Li is waited a moment possible. . .

What everybody has fun at is OK do, on one dish is placed when home banquet, the relatives and friends that can let you certainly is favorable oh ~~~ is delicious, good-looking, delicate ~~~

This is [sweet hot black any of several hot spice plants bakes shrimp]

I and husband love to eat hot, when oven was not being bought previously, the food taken late at night that often goes out eats barbecue on booth, want a boss to be put more hot, ah

Ah, pretty good still, very delicious say,
And cheap, these shrimp, an ability 10 yuan of silver.
Pork may contain the impure hormone in raising to wait a moment,
But bright shrimp, be pure free from contamination 3 inferior seawater is raised big oh </b>

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