[Beautiful 3 eat] two festal big eat of the individual

National Day holiday is a busy holiday, home of mother-in-law of home of grandma home grandmother, also cannot little. Meet with the friend even, shop, looked for us one day eventually two go to market buying food, oneself make big food to oneself.

Bought fresh gallinaceous gizzard, this wanting that do gizzard of chicken of white any of several hot spice plants, but Beijing buys white chili very hard really. Changed black pickled Chinese cabbage to fry gallinaceous gizzard.

Very simple way, gallinaceous gizzard uses Shui Chao, take out section, immerge cold water is stand-by. Black pickled Chinese cabbage is washed, otherwise easy very salty, cut Cheng Xiaoding. Oily boiler explodes below green ginger sweet, issue gallinaceous gizzard stir-fry before stewing to fry next, fry gallinaceous gizzard fast ripe when join pickled Chinese cabbage and any of several hot spice plants of a few wild hill, do not like hot need not put. Fry together next ripe can give boiler.

It is scallop next, garlic Chengdu vermicelli made from bean starch politics, bilk a dish of not tire of.

Vermicelli made from bean starch leaves with lukewarm bleb, press a garlic into garlic Chengdu, the half uses deepfry, scamper joins a few salt, seafood soy, oyster sauce, candy to mix afterwards divide evenly. Scallop takes the flesh from housing, after cleaning conch clean, put the vermicelli made from bean starch with posse good bubble, put Chengdu of a few unripe garlic and the scamper garlic Chengdu that had mixed, shellfish flesh superpose, add Chengdu of oily garlic on shellfish flesh again. Next 6-8 of boiled water evaporate minute, close evaporate of the empty after fire 4 minutes.

Steamed fish, did not buy mandarin fish fish this, those who use is weever. A ginger is put in the abdomen after the fish clears clean a green, 6-8 of boiled water evaporate minute (depend on piscine size) , close igneous empty evaporate 4 minutes next, the double deck a pot for steaming food that I use, scallop and fish are done together. Place the fish after evaporate is good dish in, piscine body is scattered on green ginger silk and caraway. Oil and oil of evaporate fish Chi are put inside boiler, heat jointly, the mixed liquor inside boiler involves fire after body is boiling, irrigate in piscine body.

Finally even a green vegetables, come the chrysanthemum food that I like, do not cross me very be afraid of wash it, because inside have slug easily, today is the dish that husband washs, meal is so sweet all the more.

Come again bottle of fruit juice, very big festival late banquet.

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