Beef sauce places cake

Raw material: Thick broad-bean sauce of beef of? of rapid of Di Jia  , soya bean, lima-bean, agaric, chrysanthemum, xianggu mushroom, carrot, tomato, pumpkin, powder of green ginger garlic.


1. flour adds yeasty become reconciled to place one morning.

2. beef cuts end, hair of bubble of agaric chrysanthemum Xianggu mushroom cuts man, other raw material is abluent cut man.

The oil in 3. boiler burns powder of garlic of ginger of the green below heat, fry the flesh into boiler next.

4. is fried to become angry add dish to continue to fry.

Keep churning into sauce after 5. dish is ripe, to color Gong Liang can.

Bake in a pan of cake of face of 6. face make it is ripe.

7. incision cake goes in sauce clip can.

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