Beijing green fries hotpot [the cate of Changjiang Delta talent]

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Sent last [buckwheat flour of hotpot green pepper] (Http:// card, have a friend the requirement is best hotpot fry make a method stick come out to had been compared, because do not have those who pat next hotpot to fry at that time,control a process, fill it today on, excused me please.

Because we are located in south, the hotpot that does not have chunk sells, cut only piece hotpot is bought, the hotpot that so I use is the instant-boiled mutton with the visible everywhere in the supermarket piece, this kind of cutlet slants quite big, take a bit that the home had better cut so, such benefit at frying ripe.

Xian Xiuyi issues finished product to pursue:

This is I use the hotpot that makes food today:

Besides hotpot, still need a green Chinese onion, a few chili, chengdu of water starch, salt, red wine, beer, garlic. A few of ginger juice, soy, vinegar, balm.

1, join a few water starch, salt and red wine hotpot to mix divide evenly bloats be soiled.
2, green Chinese onion goes very light blue of green leaf continue to employ is abluent cut hob paragraph, chili cuts into shreds, abluent mushroom becomes garlic flay garlic Chengdu.
3, oil is put to burn heat in boiler, put stir-fry before stewing of garlic rice, chili to give sweet smell, fry into cutlet stir-fry before stewing below to become angry, join stir-fry before stewing of juice of beer, ginger, soy to tasty;
4, put very light blue, vinegar finally, drench balm is become namely.

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