Beijing is deep purchase, the old fan shell of garlic Chengdu vermicelli made from bean starch of treatment coming home [scallop loves]

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What market of Beijing deep seafood can be fried very much recently is hot! 2 years short time, beijing is deep from signs of human habitation exiguous have replenish onr’s stock only, to nowadays one purchases three-layer to machine and the person is the billowy manner that have completely, be to ward off blows hard really!

Go to Beijing buying seafood or content of very exquisite technology greatly, a little one careless, JS of possible back is black together, but the competence that believes each housekeeping amounts to a person to cut price scarcely common, should choosing only and call heavy link much piercing eye, can buy already cheap fresh seafood cough up!

Should say Beijing is deep take a seat at standing by south the situation of 4 annulus, also can every night full fact is belonged to infrequent, cannot book, only able wait, the environment that three-layer machines is too noisy, the person is much, of treatment also coarse a few. Write down so that the Mid-autumn Festival wanted to taking pa Mom to go originally last year old rub with the hands, my good as a result will by spell the awkwardness of the desk with another and so undone that be in a complete mess… see this manner this year then, what does that still think, redemptive him home is done!

Raw material:
Scallop 15 (conch is about 12 centimeters wide, 2 one 5) , dragon mouth vermicelli made from bean starch 2 small groups
Complementary makings:
Juice of Chi of fish of any of several hot spice plants of garlic, shallot, colour, evaporate, salt, cooking wine Right amount


When buying scallop, can ask to sell the home take out of material of the black inside scallop, scallop flesh goes to cheek after recapture home abluent, with right amount salt and cooking wine souse a little while, scallop carapace is abluent reserve.

Lukewarm bleb vermicelli made from bean starch, reserve.
Cut end of garlic end, onion powder, colour any of several hot spice plants, cross oil to fry mature to 7-8.

vermicelli made from bean starch dish in scallop carapace go up, place shellfish meat again above, scatter on the end of any of several hot spice plants of colour of powder of garlic end onion that has fried, drench on juice of evaporate fish Chi, go up boiler evaporate 5-10 minute.

The close-up before evaporate, actually evaporate was over about the same also such ^^ | | | |

Taste of ~~ of cough up giving boiler is very delicious

Of salty still can drench a bit beauty is extremely bright, also be right choice.

Still can buy simple him seafood such as shrimp of skin of a few prawn, crab, skin to come home evaporate evaporate is fried, eventually, perhaps need not spell desk feel disappointed to the seat waits greatly in Beijing again and return, the family is surrounded sit one desk, drink bit of small wine again, enjoy seafood sumptuous dinner to the top of one’s bent!

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