Biscuit of white sesame seed

Biscuit of blacker-than-black sesame seed is baked before, this comes home Li Baizhi hemp runs rampant again, so do sth following a set pattern of version of a white sesame seed. More healthy, the way is very simple also.

Can feel occasionally, combine a few material at will, resemble playing the feeling of mud in one’s childhood a bit. Different is, play mud in one’s childhood, adult saw can be scolded, and play flour now, what can get head of my home pig is favorable.

Practice: 1) white sesame seed a cup half, mixer batter. Common flour a cup (sift out is better) , candy 1/2 cup, soda pink 1 1/2 teaspoon (Teaspoon) , put in a big bowl, agitate divide evenly.

2) preliminary 2 eggs, juice of 4 teaspoon orange. I am the orange juice that squeezes now with orange, if do not have the word of orange juice, it is OK also to use clear water.

3) enter egg and orange juice in flour mixture.

4) mix the compound in the bowl even, on the hand thin touch an oil sparsely (because dough is stuck quite, won’t stick a hand quite so) , the small pellet that kneads dough into each (about 14) , squash, put in the small small dish that installed sesame seed bead to be stuck next.

5) put oil to perhaps be not stuck bake dish on.

6) oven warm-up arrives Fahrenheit 350 degrees, bake 15 minutes or so can. Low oily little candy, more healthy.

With the word of black sesame seed, should a few more healthy? I think.

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