Cake edition strings together pearl sweet circle

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This sweet the circle is simpler method, did not ferment, the biscuit edition with complex to the process phase, saved a lot of time. Of flavour and biscuit edition differ somewhat, compare, of biscuit edition more fleeciness and soft, this one paragraph criterion continous is close thick, two each has his strong point.

******************** String together pearl sweet circle *********************

Material: Low pink 240 grams, the butter that do not have salt 30 grams, egg 2, fine saccharic 80 grams
1, after butter room temperature is soft, add fine saccharic in a way to dismiss
2, cent second add egg juice, after wanting sufficient agitate divide evenly every time, continue to add again
3, low pink sifts oily egg fluid in, mix with rubber knife divide evenly
4, bake paper carries small diamonds, become panada group roundlet ball, place on paper to become anadem state in turn
5, oil is burned to tepid, put even bake paper into oily boiler together, small fire fly into rage fizzles out to gold color can
6, put on kitchen paper to absorb redundant oil share after fish out

1, after panada has mixed, may compare wet stick, if with the hand bad group becomes a ball, can load panada back up beautiful bag, squeeze each spherule.
2, not make it pearl clusters form, can press panada into ply of about 8 millimeter, with sweet the circle imprints extrude appearance, be a tradition is sweet circle. If panada is wet, upper berth of preexistence work station lasts one layer film, better operation
3, when deepfry, want to use very small internal heat, otherwise very easy anxious those who drop
4, the surface can be decorated at will, tu Qiao overcomes the force, pink that scatter candy


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