Cake of black soya bean

Busy move reads a novel, handy also be disinclined to consider new course, did shelled fresh shrimps to stew bean curd at random, asparagus shredded meat, boil miscellaneous greens, rice, do not have what to be able to be written, write the cake of black soya bean of decoct is breathed out before.

It is the practice of a kind of black soya bean of Cuba allegedly, flavour is very rich.

Practice: 1) the black soya bean that thoroughly cook a bowl, carry on the back with ladle pulverize. Add garlic powder, zi like that pink, salt, onion broken man2Big spoon, an egg, zhi person pink2Big spoon, mix divide evenly.

2) mix the group of mud of black soya bean of divide evenly becomes spherule, press again flat into small cake, next, the two sides small cake touchs corn face. Before making this one step, the attention adjusts the consistency of potato mud, should be very easy the feel that becomes a ball with respect to the group, if feel too rare, add a black soya bean again, if feel too dry, add an egg juice again.

3) open medium baking temperature, a bit oil pours in frying pan, the shovel that use boiler wipes divide evenly, touched two sides the small cake of corn face is put, one side decoct is become aureate when, turn over other one side of surface simmer in water again, two sides decoct is appeared can.

Note: My decoct when used oil is very few, if add a bit oil more a little, color will be oilier profit is a few nicer.

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