Cake of fleshy rotten rice

Still did what look to the good friend, suit the small cake that children has, adult eats of course also but, ah.

Practice: 1) preliminary data: Fleshy Mei Yi is round, increase follow the flesh about rotten the rice that waits for a quantity, add egg of an unripe chicken again. If be the word that to adult big perhaps child takes, can add a chopped green onion, cooking wine, salt, soy flavor. Additional, what use here is turkey meat rotten, nevertheless, become the word that takes to lesser child, I think, with chicken Mei Ying this more digest easily a few? Of course, if if be to do big child to perhaps Your Excellency,eating, also can use porky or beef.

2) all material agitate divide evenly.

3) become Hai Tai with scissors needle flake, good agitate meat mashed vegetable or fruit takes small cake, put in a Hai Tai piece on, a Hai Tai is built again above piece. If do not have Hai Tai piece if perhaps doing lesser child to eat, hai Tai piece elliptically.

4) boiler heats up oily a few, put hamburger.

5) two sides decoct is ripe can.

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