Candied floss make 6 steps

One. Choose makings

Choose makings, it is the first requirement that makes good food taste. Those who make candied floss food advocate makings, flesh of optional animal sex kind raw material, if the pig is fat fat flesh, pig tenderloin flesh, gallinaceous breast flesh, clean cruelly oppress. Optional still and fresh fruit, dried fruit and ministry classify plant sex raw material, wait like lotus seed, longan, apple, pear, peach, litchi, potato, yam, horse’s hoof, lotus root. In addition, wait like bean curd, egg, rice crust, sweetened bean taste, also be the commonly used raw material that makes candied floss food.

Make the burden of candied floss dish, have egg, starch and flour normally. When choosing these burden, should pay attention to quality, it is the quality of flour extremely, had better choose the common flour with small biceps.

The condiment that makes candied floss food has one to plant only — white sugar. We know, white sugar has soft white sugar and Bai Sha sugar two kinds, and make candied floss dish had better choose soft white sugar. Because be contained in soft white sugar,this is of 20% change candy, and change candy to be able to check syrup boils the crystal in controlling a process to form (the brightness when the influence is forming amorphous vitreous body to syrup and brittleness) , affect the result giving silk of candied floss dish finally.

Choose grease, should with alcohol of lubricious Dan Qingliang, odour salad oil or it is lardy and advisable to change.

2. Raw material changes knife take shape

When making candied floss food, small-sized raw material can maintain original appearance, do not make knife labour processing; Large raw material needs to do processing changing a knife.

The knife is versed in processing has two kinds of methods:

1. Use different knife method, cut raw material four diamonds, dominoes piece, hob piece, comb back piece, or it is to be cut paragraph, , or long cut pellet contrast. Pay attention to: Why to no matter cut raw material,plant appearance, all ask to be cut size is equably, accident is consistent, still cannot have even the knife.

2. A little candied floss dish still needs to use roll, the different technique such as bag, wine, first shape of cylinder of make it of raw material green compact, fingered citron shape, calabash shape, spring silkworm form, this needs a raw material slice or chop becomes mud, a requirement size thickness here is consistent, mud of fine and soft also wants exquisite. The bag is made after shaping, size also wants about the same.

Additional, the raw material that brown of enzymatic to after labour of a few knives is handled, happening easily hurried changes (be like potato, aubergine, lotus root) , it is good that need uses clear water or citric bleb first, in order to assure its bright-coloured colour.

3. Pat pink to hang paste

Make the raw material of candied floss dish, must go again via deepfry first candied floss. When deepfry, some raw material need not pat pink to hang paste, be like a few dried fruit and rootstock kind raw material; Some must pat pink to hang paste, for instance Xian Guo is mixed the flesh kind raw material. Because raw material is in-house,this is after moisture classics deepfry, not can its full blast works, and in entering sugar juice candied floss when, water divides meeting separate out, the sugar juice that makes already had been fried because of moisturize separate out grain, do not unplug thereby give silk to come. So taller to water content raw material, need to pat pink to hang paste, and low to water content raw material, need not hang paste.

The paste that uses in cook is more, have entire egg paste of burnt, egg white paste, egg bubble paste, soaked noodles made from beans or sweet potatoes, crisp paste is waited a moment. We make candied floss food, should mix according to the character of different raw material dish asks to go make choice of. But must pay attention to: Distribute taller raw material to exterior water, before hanging paste besides wanting to do moisture with clean towel wipe or dab to sop up liquid, still ought to take a powder, let its absorb a few moisture of the surface, also be to make its become coarse at the same time, hang paste easily. No matter use the sort of paste,do not pass, when modulation agitate of avoid by all means hits energetically, because once,be papered energetically, raw material hangs divide evenly very hard.

4. Scamper is made

Scamper makes raw material of candied floss course, must hold good oil lukewarm. Do not hang burnt dry fruit raw material, need to use the flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil of 34 oily lukewarm dip that become heat only; And rhizome kind raw material, criterion with the 5 oil that become heat lukewarm advisable. To hanging the raw material of paste, general metropolis divides second deepfry, answer for the first time with the 6 oil that become heat lukewarm reach raw material blast 9 maturity, the oil that the 2nd times scamper makes is lukewarm be in 78 into heat between.

When scamper is made, the raw material that hangs paste should leave boiler dispersedly, in case raw material felt goes to, wait for stock chart face to written guarantee flip through again when housing hair is good, lest take off paste. When scamper is made, still need pay attention to duration closely, when the colour and lustre that needs raw material and maturity achieve a requirement, should rapid fish out, lest scamper burnt.

5. Fry syrup

Fry what syrup place uses to conduct heat medium is different, method also each different, here author fries water law, oil fries oil of law, water law and dry fry a law to introduce everybody respectively.

Water fries a law this kind of method is with water to conduct heat medium fries refine sugar oar. The scale of water and candy is 1 ∶ about 3.

The method is: Put white sugar, water round-bottomed frying pan inside, on buy small fire, when with hand spoon gently scramble is dissolved to white sugar and having white bubble, continue to fry even disappear to bubble, syrup becomes rare, colour and lustre is weak yellow, this moment just can expect below candied floss.

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