The hand rips airing chicken

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To be warm, LG begins to drink bottle of iced beer in the evening everyday, the edge drinks an edge to plaint, it is good to if have,nod cole of go with wine. The cookbook that saw this hand rip airing chicken on the net that day so is enchanted. Come the author says this is a very good assist wine meat, 2 come raw material is chosen drumstick, this raw material that in Swiss dispute Chang Yi gets. Then I bought 4 fresh drumstick this at a heat in ALIGRO, the meat above is very abundant. At ordinary times this kind foolish the drumstick with big thick foolish lets me be at a loss what to do all the time, it do not know how to should make gift is good to do not know how to should make gift, it is this to have at long last settle way!

Practice also not difficult, the place of only trouble is the time that expends possibly longer.

  1. After the first day is bought wipe the surface of chicken immediately on salt and Chinese prickly ash. The part that takes a skin is wiped a little a bit thicker, facilitating salt flavour permeates the flesh in, saline heft is piled up according to taste weight of everybody, it is the heft that 3-5 of a drumstick overcomes about, adscititious a big Chinese prickly ash (if you have time,grind them wear delicate last stage of course the effect is better) . Put last bag, do not need heal. Save a day into freezer.
  2. The 2nd day arrived towards evening, take out chicken put on frame, one night is played in window edge. Because difference in temperature of weather day and night is big,choosing nightly airing is, the appearance that nightly air temperature also is in 20 degrees at present, constant still cool breeze slowly, use airing chicken appropriate. Air temperature is high by day, the sun is point-blank go up in chicken, my concern can make chicken degenerative. Putting chicken on frame is to avoid chicken is mixed dish of end is immediate contact, otherwise this part collects lunt easily. If do not have little frame work, the area searchs after you also can pass airing one side, then airing ensures additionally at the same time chicken by comprehensive airing.
  3. The chicken after one night puts airing of the 3rd day of early admiral to last in bag, do not need heal, reentry freezer saves two days.
  4. Take out chicken, the Chinese prickly ash that uses water general face and a little salt rush, put in window edge to perhaps play hour of one or two with electric fan next, make the surface dry.
  5. Put chicken on the steam box that takes aperture directly, do not need to spread dish below chicken, otherwise the drumstick that evaporate gives is damp, as been boil, influence mouthfeel. Cooking wine of gush a few is in chicken surface, next evaporate of medium baking temperature a hour is OK.
  6. Good chicken takes out evaporate to put cool, the ribbon that use a hand, bone and skin can be mixed the Yu Shang that stays in a pot for steaming food is stewed again together boil a hour, next filter drops bone and skin, use hot spot small greens to eat, perhaps issue noodle very pretty good.

The saline teal of flavour and Nanjing / gallinaceous flavour is very approximate, but because passed the course of airing, chicken contracts somewhat, the flesh is qualitative more compact, taste have chew a head, with will do cole of go with wine is very appropriate really.

Cookbook origin: Shop of food of egg Mom confidential

Left go up graph: Souse (is real operation in the souse in freezer) ? ? ? Right go up graph: Airing? ? Left next graphs: Is evaporate made? Right next graphs: The Yu Shang inside the chicken with good evaporate and a pot for steaming food

Finished product graph

Forum high-quality goods: Truite two eat - steam a By Yeshuilan

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In fish of Swiss try to win sb’s favor difficult. The fish that sells inside the supermarket. Great majority is not us in home when often eat. And there is a few before ” elder ” remind me to buy piscine caution, because a lot of fish are special raw meat or fish. Do so that I arrived Swiss a long time had not bought a fish all the time. The commendation that later also is course others just has eaten a few kinds.
The trout that uses here is me in Switzerland most a kind of fish that often has. Have in Migro sell pass without careful textual research, belong to what fish after all. Be being bought at that time is to feel to resemble weever quite. French name cries ” Truite ” . Consulting a dictionary is trout it seems that. The supermarket sells have two kinds of trout. A kind of meat is red, a kind white. I had bought white only, call it white trout for the moment.

1. The fish goes scale, abluent. The scale of this kind of fish is very fine, do not pass or want to scrape carefully, the surface is otherwise satiny of be bored with, very accurate.
2. Delimit in the two sides of piscine body mark of a few knives (a few deeper but not penetrable) , brush a few salt and a few gourmet powder respectively in skin and abdomen (or gallinaceous essence) . Brush even, salt is OK and many somes properer. Because be fresh evaporate, not easy tasty.
3. Put the fish dish in, cut silk of a few ginger, green paragraph, ham silk, one part a place of strategic importance takes piscine gut, another part covers the face in the fish. Asperse on beer a few.
4. Heat water, evaporate of the boiler on the fish, a jin of right-and-left fish is general conflagration evaporate 10 minutes OK. If not be at ease, evaporate 15 minutes also won’t piscine evaporate old.

Ham was used here, itself takes a bit fertilizer, need not cheer additionally so. Also no longer free captive animals is smoked, otherwise the fragrance of ham comes out now without the body. The fish that final evaporate comes out, there is the scent of ham in fish and shellfish as food, very delicious.

[remarks] if do not have ham, want to take the word of steamed fish again. Still can be done according to above cookbook. Just alter a little finally. Impose the 5th condition.
5.After piscine evaporate is good, asperse in the surface a few unripe smoke, irrigate on hot green is oily.

Forum high-quality goods: Switzerland buys piscine result By Sam

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a few markets that with respect to Switzerland the fish sells, only Aligro is in the individual’s impression have true Wet Market, besides, take in downtown, the fish of Migro is the most inexpensive, tone is the most general also, coop photograph is close friends than rising a few, the goods shelves of Manor had better see sort over this much also, dan Bing bright degree is insufficient. And likewise phyletic in Globus fish marks a price is a few in highest, allegedly delicacy is spent best, but I look and of Manor about the same. Come back to say the piscine file of Aligro, put way is most accord with last of the requirement, also have many good fish variety among them, if can understand,know Aligro cold chain to carry truly new arrived time, should can in time buy delicacy to spend best fish.
It is cheap and fine that the fish that sells here seems what to do not have, but say from the point of view that compares character, have 3 kinds of two fish should opposite at costly luck bright mark a price be content to be worth somewhat.

The first, tuna (nod this to enter cruelly oppress picture) , mark a price than flatfish (Sole) is even cheap, carry go up newly buy when goods want some of ice bag to take direct make it to give birth to slices of fish meat outside again, 10 having 89 is even cheaper than eating in home (except of gun of blue fim gold) .

The 2nd, much treasure fish (English name Turbot, ) , mark a price to also compare flatfish petty gain in Aligro inn, likelihood and Swiss person move back and forth more easily the appearance of flatfish is concerned, (because be illogical,French has not made clear Hunan flatfish price is expensive whether to mix feral about) . As a whole, inside sea fish besides spot kind beyond the good fish that waits for cay to go up, the fish of maritime space of out cold water especially plaice kind fingerling, great majority has better meat to be mixed character flavour, among them much treasure fish is before last anthology. The mouthfeel side the circuit fim of this fish is admirable, contain a lot ofcollagen albumen. The pattern of another name for Guangdong Province that practice head turns former juice raw ingredient is steamed (a piece of steams much treasure fish data picture in nodding this to enter MOMI website) , deserve to be mixed with right amount Jiang Cong Chi is oily can. When the individual thinks to should spend the money of as much, this is best choice. But should have in the kitchen a big a pot for steaming food so that at the operation.

The 3rd, it is some cheaper that I had seen in Aligro another kind wants than much treasure also is plaice left-eyed flounder kind fish, there is the spot of some of yellow on brunet back, flavour and mouthfeel are very pretty good also, will do with white wine very delicious, one should be carried here, the method doing a fish of dish is worth the Italy in Western-style food likewise praise highly, here recommends a very famous Italian cookbook website to everybody, there is detailed fish cookbook inside.

Allude again additionally at 2 o’clock,
If want to do fish of pickled Chinese cabbage,be, had better use fresh water fish, there is the carp that sells France here, if if cannot be in,black carp angling in the lake, this is the easiest choice, snow dish does a fish to be able to use sea fish collocation, but should try to compare, after all here without homebred yellow croaker, saury, pomfret. . .

2 it is to be in a supermarket to buy when hitting the fish that lose, flay goes the slices of fish meat of bone is spent by delicacy be close friends at the fish branchial did not draw out the whole fish that put several days again clean with abdomen. Go up of course what goods sells special offer is fresh whole fish is very good also.

About having a fish among them a literary quotation is, the Christian era 7 centuries when Dutch from Aberdonian over there the method that learned to machine edible Herring, result Dutch fishs from smack in the following time development becomes a powerful nautical state. Check This Out

Woman’s head-ornaments of Chinese type oxtail soup


The breakfast breed of Wuhan is various, besides chicken of the hot dry face that introduces before, polished glutinous rice, beef face is like still having / pink. Just before price is compared both want expensive piece a few. When reading an university, it is to take the ability when fellowship to want to be able to be in commonly rise early buy on one bowl of him reward with food and drink. Have a holiday come home happier, because the expert good fun of my grandmother is beef soup pink, has had person each assist! A friend that remembers my mother comes to our home to play, had eaten the bear in mind constantly after the beef soup noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that grandmother makes, I encounter him in Beijing, he often still mentions that bowl of noodles in soup, say why he himself the put a lot of beef noodles in soup that family does, although true material fact expects, but why to taste total is there panada taste? Then I ask a family member for his phone, old Mom says: That is simple, and play a side a truth, the water of the face that boil is no good, the bittern boiling water that gets the beef that use stew in soy sauce does a prescription for a medical decoction.

Is the principle simple? I am reading a friend to borrow me recently ” face of beef of handed down from the older generations of the family ” cookbook, sundry beef face practice introduced inside, but remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes, all a prescription for a medical decoction that introduce in the book are to be boiled alone make.

The oxtail soup woman’s head-ornaments that everybody introduction should give taste of a Chinese type here. The beef range that Wuhan breakfast sells is with the ox big character comes stew does a prescription for a medical decoction, what spread on noodle is the bittern beef section that prepares additionally. The reason is soup is close friends drink, need is long stew, but cutlet cannot be boiled more, come loose easily otherwise form. Come so, can both prepare separately. Because come,choice oxtail is this thing is in here Switzerland is cheap and easy, oxtail flesh is old, long stew do not come loose. Additional inside return some muscle, have an opening pretty good. 2 will avoid to prepare a prescription for a medical decoction and cutlet separately, oneself cooks, come how simply.

The practice is simple, clean (the worry that won’t have any lampblack)

The first pace: Oxtail is put in cold water boiler, add two the cooking wine of a few, ginger, conflagration boils dichotomy bell, oxtail fish out, develop surplus end of the surface with Wenshui.

The 2nd pace: In arenaceous canister add clear water additionally, enter cooking wine, put Jiang Pian and bittern makings to wrap (the mother that I use is the complete flavour bittern that domestic post sends me makings, everybody also can buy him raw material to make up in Asian inn, bases is anise, cassia bark, clove, small fennel) . Also put oxtail arenaceous kettle, after be being boiled along with all the others, in turning, small fire is stewed boil about two hours.

The 3rd pace: In Shanglijia salt flavors, those who like soy taste is OK also add often smoked increase sauce sweet with mix colors. Such a prescription for a medical decoction had been made.

The 4th pace: Remove one boiler additionally to boil a face, the face that boil while, like to eat hot friend to be able to make hemp hot red oil (this recipe by achieve formerly really, first-rate with) . Put pulverize of Chinese prickly ash in a small bowl, put chili pink and dry chili again, spill the 8 sesame oil that become heat, make it hemp is hot red oil.

The 5th pace: From the fish out in the stockpot the noodle that has boiled Cheng Fang arrives in soup bowl, enter oxtail soup, spill on hemp is hot red oil (cannot eat hot friend to be not put) , medicinal powder go up chopped green onion can.

This noodles in soup cooks breakfast pretty good also, prepare a prescription for a medical decoction ahead of schedule. Rise early to want to boil good side, hot good a prescription for a medical decoction only, can eat. Heat up hot Shang Shang water, eating at ease. Just preparative work of a day needs the head floriferous dot time just.

Gizzard of duck of the five spices

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Once YESHUILAN comes to our home play, took the gizzard of duck of vacuum-packed the five spices that she takes from home to me. That delicious, make me resolved, available must oneself make a bowl big come, satisfy a craving for delicious food thoroughly!

A few months went, sell the duck that has cleared clean the gizzard in the discovery in the bar of ALIGRO eventually, look very fresh, buy, in the GOOGLE on the net several prescription, did according to the material of at hand. Oneself feel very satisfactory still, prescription is as follows:

  1. Put duck gizzard into boiler, add water to had done not have duck gizzard, big baked wheaten cake opens dichotomy bell, duck gizzard fish out, develop surplus end of the surface with Wenshui, pour the sewage in boiler, boiler abluent.
  2. Rinse in the infuse inside boiler afresh, join a few anise, cassia bark, Jiang Pian, put duck gizzard, those who add touch is old smoke, add salt, add salt to measure the candy of the half. Add pink of one tablespoon the five spices according to his taste finally. Small fire turns to stew after big baked wheaten cake opens quarter boil 2 hours.
  3. 2 hour hind involve fire, do not take out duck gizzard, place wait for cool hind edible.

Result a bit:

  1. Stew when boiling, salt, candy can be put more appropriately a bit, because duck gizzard is not very easy tasty. Also be to consider to make duck gizzard sufficient tasty, do not leave directly after had been boiled so eat, make it static it is better that buy tastes after period of time. If not anxious if eating, pass the night had better be set in freezer.
  2. If duck gizzard is done much, eat to be taken out every time, the rest still should let its bubble be in soup, otherwise chapped of meeting drying shrinkage cracks duck gizzard surface, bring about mouthfeel to become poor. Saving about 3 days in freezer do not have a problem.
  3. Duck gizzard cannot stew the time that boil to grow too. Experiment twice through mine, I boiled 5 hours, duck gizzard was boiled to rot, eat soft in the mouth collapse those who collapse, did not chew a head. Two hours feel small internal heat is just good. Of course everybody’s taste may have distinction, somebody may like a bit soddener, but the proposal stews boiled time to also want control to be in 2-2.5 hour.
  4. Make the ingredient of duck gizzard the five spices that come so very thick, also have quite chew interest, very delicious. But the briny duck gizzard that somebody likes to have clear opening, such word does not need long boiled, the method can be checked in each cate websites.

From left to right: ? , the French label of mount of duck gizzard bag pursues 2, the brand on duck gizzard, above support icon of duck of a flat mouth, I decide of li of biscuit is duck gizzard. Graph 3, bubble is in the duck gizzard in water.

Finished product.

Balsam pear shrimp is brewed

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Very simple, a very beautiful also summer season food. The data that uses has balsam pear / freezing shelled fresh shrimps. It is better to if can buy fresh river shrimp,squeeze the shrimp meat that give of course. Balsam pear is bought in Asian inn. Every the chopstick is so only long. Want than country’s common balsam pear build it seems that short.


  1. ? a balsam pear abluent, cut one centimeter thick piece. Give the flesh inside with the penknife draw out. According to the amount of balsam pear annulus, according to the amount of a medium-sized shelled fresh shrimps comes to a balsam pear prepare freezing shelled fresh shrimps. And defrost of shelled fresh shrimps.
  2. ? Prepare the clear water of 500ML, join one teaspoon salt, agitate becomes salt solution, 20 minutes are in bubble of balsam pear annulus next in brine. At the same time the hull of shelled fresh shrimps defrost, take out shrimp bowel, cut Cheng Xirong next, join a few salt / pepper / candy / 5ML is amylaceous (5ML starch is corresponding is 11 shelled fresh shrimps) and toward bell of dichotomy of agitate of a direction. Notice among them the heft of candy is very few, main purpose is to carry delicacy. The 1/3 of the heft that so heft is salt about can.
  3. Heat one boiler boiled water, after water leaves, put balsam pear annulus boil fish out of about 40 seconds, rinse with cold tap water. Had better be to use glacial water to come bubble. But the tap water water that considers Switzerland already very cool, I am rinsed with tap water. This one pace basically is to let scald cross water balsam pear to cool quickly, be not given to carbonado by more than heat yellow, otherwise with respect to final finished product light color sends Huang Fa fade. Wait for balsam pear after be surrounded by mountains is fully cold, in filling shrimp flesh annulus, cheng Fang is in dish.
  4. Water is added in a pot for steaming food, after water leaves, balsam pear annulus puts even dish, conflagration evaporate 5 minutes can.
  5. Soup-stock 200ML is burned, join starch of a few water firing drench after shape of thin Gorgon euryale completed this course on balsam pear annulus. What I use is before two days of drinks remnant chicken broth in the home. If do not have, can come with the kind that gallinaceous pink imposes in clear water soup-stock of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine.

This dish way is simple, little lampblack of the process that make, mouthfeel is relaxed good taste. Suit summer to eat very much. Especially color is good-looking, now and then a friend comes in the home, also be pretty good entertain a guest dish.

Finished product photograph

Material photograph, the balsam pear length that buys here has the in part of length of domestic balsam pear only it seems that.

Fleshy bone tea

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“Fleshy bone tea ” , very may much person can consider as the name of an article of a kind of tea to say by accident, actually, this ” tea ” blame those ” tea ” , this is soup of a chop medicinal material in southeast Asia widely known, do not have any relations with tea. Why can be this soup called ” tea ” ? It is the emigrant effect that Singapore suffers inchoate tide Shan to be taken only actually, local words address is similar wet Shan language ” tea ” pronunciation, so ” fleshy bone tea ” name all the time continue to use up to now.

The medical data inside this used yam, a surname child, longan flesh, angelica, the rhizome of chuanxiong, dangshen and ginseng, be like any of several hot spice plants of dried tangerine or orange peel, Bai Hu, licorice, cassia bark, anise to wait with a few flavor, the material that because involve,arrives is really too much, so the handiest method nothing is more… than resembles me to buy the condiment of fleshy bone tea that has matched to was done in Asian inn so. There is a packet of farinose to bloat in a packet of big condiment that the graph shows 2 times makings and makings of two packets of soup, can use stew the chop that boils a kilogram.

Respecting practice, be in originally ” fleshy bone tea ” condiment has in the bag define, but inside used ” plain very hot ” wait for term, gossip here so a few, show my process that make.

It is to choose above all makings, “Fleshy bone ” it is the costal region platoon that uses a pig (common weighs chop) , will cut good chop to put boiling water boiler to boil 9 minutes first, next fish out, this process is called is ” plain very hot ” , also cry ” flying water ” . The foreign matter that uses face of Wen Shui general and in-house hematic water are cleared and clean, use namely bloat the material in makings bag (it is pepper actually) mix with chop divide evenly, souse half hour.

Flay of 56 valve garlic, use lukewarm deepfry to golden color, fly again oily portion of water take out. two packets of flavoring / 6 do Xianggu mushroom to 8 / the head of garlic of deepfry throws boiled water boiler together inside, join chop next / of one spoon often smoke / of 3 spoon unripe after smoking conflagration to be boiled, turn small fire is stewed boil 45 minutes. If feel flavour is not quite salty, salt of the dot before can having pot flavors.

This food sweet smell is full-bodied, fetching appetite. Because be done for the first time, I admit to be executed step by step according to the specification really, how many premium comes to use consecutively according to shows the quantity in to put the Shang Dou that boil. Feel the Shang Shui in this dish is not much, basically stewing when boiling, surface just has built chop and tower above inch make. Also make fleshy flavour of Shang Li very thick so, with will mix the meal has very sweet.

The data that goes up according to the net says ” the effect that this soup has blood of heart’s-blood, flourishing, filling energy of life, terribly grow take a tonic to build up health colour, men and women of it may be said all the cordial of appropriate ” , after eating, feel to appear to do not have so exaggerative, but mix really the feeling of general bittern soup a prescription for a medical decoction has very big distinction. With will change taste is pretty good.

Fill mark the proposal according to netizen JUST EAT IT, fleshy bone tea (when Bak Kuh Teh) eats, can match a few soy that put fresh small chili to touch makings, still have aromatic rice. Additional, the oil in tea soup should be cast aside entirely, boil after been make, can fill heat in small arenaceous bowl on desk, still can add the fried bean curd that cuts small bubble or it is to match small deep-fried twisted dough sticks to eat soup. Chop had better cut small, not too much flesh above, the part of clingy bone is the sweetest. The likelihood because the cause with popular drug, feel this thing the four seasons all appropriate, also can eat when the weather is hot, match iced ‘ cool tea ‘ . Regard as breakfast or it is alone edible feels very good, place in with other thing lump prandial in appear not quite came out.

The condiment that buys in the Asian inn beside COOPCITY is wrapped, a packet of price is 4.5 Switzerland franc, can use the chop that does a kilogram or pig hoof.

Finished product. I am the photograph that comes to flesh of the uppermost in boiler and soup fish out to pat, float oily all is centered in this bowl, look at fatter. Top right corner a white east east it is to boil sodden garlic. Not be fat.

Aubergine of evaporate of cold and dressed with sause

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BECKYBLOG builds the time that has had half an year up to now. In the time of half an year, it seems that all off hours are beautiful was in make new food, take a picture, write cookbook, newer webpage to go up. Add the pleasure that is paid close attention to gradually to the hobby of cooking, let me be very happy with it.

Everything has the possibility periodic so say, begin to discover oneself suddenly last week all lives are spend before computer. Do not rise in the morning, began busy work one day before computer. The breathing space of an intermediate hour often is used to be in by me purchase raw material to go up. We come off work time is late, after coming off work at 78 o’clock afternoon, I prepare material to perhaps update a webpage with respect to busy move. Often did these to had arrived sack time. Then, a day of major while bubble was in before computer. Often feel giddy to the head goes up, devoid motion also brings about him grow stout many. Such going down, do not know oneself can insist to do the website really when?

“Resting is to take farther route ” , begin from last week so, I began the longest to go slow, full a chapel did not update a website. Issued a class, shuttlecock is hit after eating simple dinner together with LG, after coming home to be cleared away a little, slept early. I think so long hush also invites a lot of old friend certainly people be puzzled of heart be suspicious, so here specially explains. Go up new course, doing a website had been a very important part in my life, I can insist to be done all the time, but assure very rapid newer rate hard. Come of Switzerland make Chinese meal raw material finite, finish after many 100 dish, the difficulty of get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh is increased gradually. 2 come, it is Europe goes vacationing at present height, the colleague of our group often has default, one person also is on the job work a few people, strength is very great. Can beautiful compare hard in the time that builds a website to go up and energy once upon a time. Hope friends can forgive.

What go up today is a when I often eat recently simple fish and vegetable dishes — evaporate aubergine. The way is very simple:

Cut aubergine the strip of finger degree of finish, enter evaporate of medium baking temperature of a pot for steaming food half hour.

Evaporate while preparative flavour juice, 1: 1: The candy of 1, sweet vinegar, unripe smoke mix divide evenly, the Jiang Mo that joins a few to cut Cheng Xirong is moved into flavour juice.

Good evaporate aubergine is taken out, the evaporate that puts aubergine dish bottom water is dropped to decant, garlic pressing is into shop of fine fine and soft on aubergine, drench on flavour juice, spot sesame oil above, spreading for cooling. Before eating, mix divide evenly can.

The god-given place of this dish depends on this is aubergine has a way almost in a kind of the simplest health, generally speaking, aubergine need not the word of deepfry, mouthfeel hard soft glutinous, but this dish lets aubergine molten with the means of evaporate. Sweet aubergine of flavour and fish is approximate, but because do not have course deepfry, aubergine is not so fat profit, relaxed mouthfeel suits summer very much.

Finished product graph, because aubergine is of evaporate, not be deepfry, the skin presents puce beyond place, not be beautiful purple, but this kind has a way special health tastily, also be worth to recommend.

Flesh of saline simmer in water

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Dish of a the daily life of a family that this is our home, be delicious! Often do so often eat. But because sell the photograph is not quite good-looking, did not get on it to the website all the time, also not very entertains a guest with it. But this dish special go with rice. Flavour and cook again flesh have similar place, the way is more simple however. Not tall to requirement of duration, craft, fail very hard, cannot help then or take SHOW SHOW, share with everybody. Ah
Finished product graph

Cutlet by small fire after slow decoct, grease already take out is major, taste not fat so.

Jin Shangni (GIN TONIC)

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In Switzerland, having a profit is very easy sundry wine is found in large store, breed is very much, if good friend just in time uses exchange wine be pregnant this a little bit,oneself start work modulation a few simple cocktail.

GIN TONIC suits the cocktail that makes up in the home so namely, british DRY GIN is bought in the shop, with TONIC WATER, according to wine and TONIC WATER are compared 8 (from 1 than 8 to 2 comparing any 5 scale between is possible) after proportional mix is even, enter mixed liquor the cup of replete ice cube, it is OK to be thrown into a fresh section lemon.

The GIN wine that uses here, allegedly although GIN wine is the slinkest Yu Helan, but the Englishman promotes GIN wine with the advanced technology that make wine however to a higher administrative levels. Bud of wheat of corn of their in order to, Ke, barley is main raw material, use successive distill method, distillation gives firewater, rejoin prevent the recipe such as pine nut, citric skin, cinnamonic, dried tangerine or orange peel, each different manufacturer have his secret recipe. Make up the GIN wine that gives rich and distinctive taste finally.

Although GIN wine aroma is strong, but because do not have sweet degree, entrance a bit not be bored with. Besides can allocate a lot of famous cocktail, means of first-rate pure drink, if vodka is same,be, put in the refrigerant ark of freezer to freezing to drink, an one cannikin, swallow abdomen in, celiac medium baking temperature is hot, tone however elegant a faint fragrance.

TONIC WATER, sound very complex, actually TONIC is quinine, call golden pheasant accept the skin again, drink rise a bit sweet, after mixing with GIN, drink in the mouth, you can feel small sweet the bleb that takes pain is in the ground of a bead in the mouth to broaden, spurt prevent the faint scent of pine nut, compared with summer beer of people tipple ground, the contains quantity of heat of GIN TONIC is negligible. It is a cup of easy mix is able to bear or endure again really drunk excellent cocktail.

Friendship reminds: Must use the TONIC WATER that just unseals come modulation, otherwise the bleb in TONIC WATER can run, this cocktail is drunk rose to do not have the aftertaste completely.

GIN wine and vodka are same, do not stress year. Wine business does not need capital of deposit of high specified number, so the price too won’t expensive. Famous brand of a few worlds, mostly out England, be like BOMBAY, BEEFEATER, TANQUERAY, the price is more likely also, belong to the masses to be able to consume those who rise. The cannikin cubage in the graph is cup of one ounce =1/8.

Enjoyed bout GIN TONIC in bar with the friend last, the result is one cup is about 15 Switzerland franc, photograph comparing rises, still be in the home oneself start work modulation comes substantially much.