The hotpot that bake is strung together

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Hotpot is strung together and beef plays a side is me what college age loves most is fastfood, classmates say department doorway at that time ” anonymous house ” hotpot is strung together the most delicious, the most expensive also of course, 2 money are in impression a string. Remember once assemble some of pin money, ran to anonymous house to eat hotpot madly to string together, that beauty oh. Think just like now yesterday, just 7, years of 8 years had gone stealthily.

See in ALIGRO very fresh hotpot is hit on the weekend fold, a pure thin hotpot of a kilogram of outfit (if pursue 1) sell 19 Switzerland franc, and it is the hotpot that has cut. Although do the hotpot that hotpot strings together had better be the fertilizer that take a place, when such baking, ability grow grow risks oil, do not cross me or buy below one. In condiment additionally bar bought a packet of CUMIN, namely Zi like that pink, this can be the incorporeal raw material that makes hotpot string together. The practice is as follows, what be authentic practice, satisfy a craving for delicious food just,

  1. Will hotpot piece uses pink of salt, ginger, garlic powder and cooking wine to mix divide evenly souse half hour, the hotpot that buys as a result of me is very thin, I am in souse when, mix inside the olive oil of 20ML (the deal of hotpot is a kilogram) .
  2. If pursue 2, the hotpot that has bloated is strung together bunchy medicinal powder on chili pink
  3. If pursue 3, medicinal powder go up Zi like that pink
  4. Oven most of the Bao Haoxi foil that lower level puts bake dish, baking dish in put little water, the end that such doing is, wait for meeting hotpot to string together bake the oily meeting below to drip to bake dish in because bake dish of temperature,won’t pass tall and fumy, the tinfoil paper on the bag is to clear easily bake dish.
    Be in temperature setting next ” barbecue ” block, fluctuation fire, after warm-up, string together hotpot the shop to enter oven on grill, because I baked more than 10 minutes unexpectedly cursorily temporarily, hotpot is strung together pass apparently old. Mouthfeel has bit of bavin. Because each oven is actual temperature is not quite same, here I give out very hard also bake accurately make time, when so everybody is being baked, had better be to observe at any time, the time that because this is baked,makes is envisaged so that want than average person short. Once hotpot turns after ripe color 9 minutes can be taken out.

Although not be very successful attempt, but bake the meat that give to string together still very welcome, I and LG add 3 friends additionally, do not string together so much hotpot to quarter ate off, ha.

Finished product graph, hotpot is strung together be baked so that work too a bit, taste is good still nevertheless, xi Xi

Simple and easy a cake

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I can make cooked wheaten food not quite, so if once greedy dumpling, cake of what, can run to meal of the loiter in northerly friend home. Discovered a kind again recently nevertheless ” dawdler edition coils cake ” , satisfy a craving for delicious food to go to the lavatory again. It is OK that he think at any time in the home oneself start work, ah

Roll cake is to be in the off-the-peg Mexico that MIGRO buys to coil cake skin, TORTILLAS, this thing often sees in Swiss blame, have all sorts of norms, what I carry is a graph 2 in thinner the sort of. 8 pieces a packet, price is franc of 4 8 Switzerland. Be equivalent to 6 wool money a piece, have little expensive, but it is very convenient really, ravel can eat directly, face cake muscle withy. Mouthfeel is pretty good.

Stuffing is the willow of ox of onion of black any of several hot spice plants that myself fries, also can be other the food that oneself like, bag of Beijing sauce shredded meat is very for instance delicious also inside.

A cake that such making, flavour and Mcdonald’s are new the Mexico that roll out coils very approximate, but the individual feels willow of ox of onion black any of several hot spice plants tastes Yuan Sheng crosses Mcdonald’s edition Mexico to coil the beef cake of li of clip, LG likes very much, also can use entertainment foreigner, after the friend has been tasted, having a this locality is to be profuse in praise, the taste that I think to because coil,the likelihood is cake and Liu Dou of onion Hei Jiaoniu belong to a foreigner to be able to be accepted.

Handgrip hand teachs you to become simple and easy roast duck

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In Switzerland, of the sale in Chinese meal hall ” roast duck ” be high-grade dish, the reason is to come cost is higher, the duck is in abroad far should come pity is expensively than chicken, price often is chicken is multiple, 2 come roast duck expends kongfu quite, the artificial nature with costly Switzerland should the upper part of the body come out now in price. Franc of 30 much Switzerland can change half not authentic roast duck only, it is to feel distressed a bit really. Then, get online examine a data, carried most the simplest prescription - the roast duck of simple and easy family of edition love hutch will try, did according to oneself taste some alter, share a result to be as follows.

The first pace: Prepare data

  1. Buy young mother duck, the duck is expensive, nature is to carry buy smally, CANETTE also is controlled 3 jins only only, for relatively big duck, the flesh is tenderer also, because be done for the first time,did not hold, my general duck from everything is in the middle of back 2, used half duck only (heft is a jin half) , will do ” experiment ” .
  2. Prepare a sweet sauce made of fermented flour (I am buy in Vietnam inn 6 reside a sweet sauce made of fermented flour surely) , with a bowl of green, Jiang Shui, the time that green ginger immerses in water wants two when above, the flavour that just can allow green a surname dissolves adequately in water.
  3. Clear duck. The duck surface that buys still has a lot of to do not have the duck wool that unplugs clean, need starts work it unplugs. A few diaphragmatic organizations that remain inside duck body and alobe of the lung also should clear.
  4. One teaspoon salt (5ML) wipe equably in duck body surface, next two spoon (30ML) honey and 5-10ML are unripe smoke (or barbecue sauce) will major mixed liquor is in after mix is even duck body feels divide evenly, put in glass to bake dish in catch souse 40 minutes.

The 2nd pace: Bake make

  1. Bake in glass dish on cover a tinfoil paper, enter oven (need not warm-up) , install temperature 175 Celsius, open fluctuation fire, bake make 45 minutes.
  2. Will bake dish take out, the tinfoil paper that refuse surface overspreads, mix the rest honey give birth to the mixed liquor that smoke to wipe the surface in the duck. Again duck body epithelial small part, include place of wing tip, ankle to be wrapped on tinfoil paper, the place with the largest grease also should put a tinfoil paper, generally speaking if withheld duck buttock (I had given cut next throwing away) if, need the tinfoil paper on the bag, because of the flesh thin place parchs easily, the local temperature with thick grease rises fast, easy and sear. Need to encase with tinfoil paper.
  3. Bake the duck then into oven, every other 15 be about to be examined to 20 minutes, if discover a certain position is relatively other,color passes late word for place, above put a tinfoil paper. If some places are too dry, the soup that will bake dish of bottom to gather together, oily dip was irrigated go up, the color that bakes whole duck in order to maintain moist to present bright yellow all the time can. This process needs a hour about.

The 3rd pace: Fried bean sauce

  1. Take out the duck that has baked, the Shang Zhihe that gathers in dish grease falls to fry pan, bake the duck oil that go out a lot of, if feel too fat, can cast aside go a few.
  2. The Shang Zhili in boiler adds green ginger water (150ML) with 20-25ML (about one spoon the appearance of half) a sweet sauce made of fermented flour.
  3. Medium baking temperature burns sauce, the edge heats to shovel agitate with boiler by the side of, till Shang Zhishou works to only the 1/2 of original heft is controlled to 2/3, involve fire.

The 4th pace: roast duck behead, and dip in makings fill together dish on desk.

Result a bit

  1. Baking in controlling a process, observe at any time, seasonable Bu Jiaxi foil is to make sure color of roast duck finished product is even, do not do not anxious key
  2. A stainless steel bowl can be put in the bottom of oven, half bowls of water is installed inside, can increase oven interior humidity so, bake the duck flesh mouthfeel that go out tenderer.
  3. Green ginger water and roast duck oil are joined to be cooked together in a sweet sauce made of fermented flour, the inspiration that I suffer Beijing sauce shredded meat to make is improved. Dip in so the mouthfeel of makings is more rich, also not so too thick stiff. Of course if pursue save trouble, can dip in directly with a sweet sauce made of fermented flour roast duck eats. But sensory face sauce eats to pass a bit directly salty too dry.

Finished product graph

Come a piece of panoramic graph, this roast duck is the flesh really tender skin is sweet, the reason with tender flesh may be raw material those who choose is young mother duck (Canette) , when be being baked additionally, bowl water was put in oven, the skin is not fragile nevertheless, because if want if the skin is very fragile, need passes the program such as airing of \ of very hot skin, I disrelish a trouble, without the attempt.

Come again close-up of a piece of close quarters.

Send BLAIXI: Green oily chicken

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BECKYBLOG does now, knew the friend on a lot of nets, have many is opposite among them I am accredit very, often question the method of a few dish to me. As a result of ignorant, some dish I had not heard of even the name, do not promote a practice, before two days, BLAIXI asks me green oil how to chicken is done, this I am met, why be met? Because I am on new tung and the website that love hutch,had seen, xi Xi. Here oneself starts work, referenced (ought to saying is copy word for word) Xin Tong’s practice.

Drumstick is bought in the supermarket two, do not carry too big drumstick, swiss chicken is industrialized circle is raised, so not very moves, gigantic thick gallinaceous ham mouthfeel is inattentive, gallinaceous flavour few is weak. This dish besides green sweet outside, basically be the former taste that has chicken, should carry as far as possible so a bit smaller buy. What I buy is it is the least two drumstick pork in the supermarket. The weight that connect bone is 285 grams.

Just as its name implies still needs green oily chicken green silk, the silk of pointed any of several hot spice plants that needs a few red additionally comes match colors. Green silk shifts to an earlier date 20 minutes bubble is in water, make it curly, so that ” kill ” drop a few too strong green flavour.

Drumstick get rid of drops bone, this is me to new tung cookbook alter one of, the reason is the knife that because of us the home can not throw bone easily, eating roast duck stripping and slicing last is I and LG one person of two people helps a knife up, one person breaks the back of a knife blade suddenly to just open roast duck to chop with hammer. Draw a lesson this, give pick character first, the job of behead piece is met from the back relatively relaxed dot. Additional, considering BLAIXI is to be the dot in the home to make this food, get rid of drops bone more was necessary.

Will go bone chicken (about 250 grams) with one teaspoon (5ML) salt and one teaspoon white wine mix quarter of divide evenly souse, after the water inside a pot for steaming food leaves, enter conflagration of a pot for steaming food 12 minutes to be taken out. Throw ice immediately in water. What this one pace and the process that make white behead chicken have different in approach but equally satisfactory in result is clever. The principle is to pass refrigeration, aperture of fur letting chicken contracts quickly, in gallinaceous skin colloid very fast also aspic lives, make mouthfeel more fragile.

After chicken is cooling, place with fast knife section dish and silk of the green on the shop and silk of red any of several hot spice plants. one spoon oil (15ML) burn heat to arrive with the sesame oil of one spoon fumy, drench slowly on gallinaceous piece, hear only ” whistle whistles ” sound, the fragrance of chopped green onion also is stimulated subsequently piece, can eat.

If not the word of bone, this dish is very simple really. The practice is actually change from white behead chicken and come. Reason flavour and white behead chicken are approximate, especially fragile fragile gallinaceous skin tastes very tastily. Added fragrance of full-bodied chopped green onion again at the same time. Compare white behead chicken more go with rice a few.

Process graph

Finished product graph

Illuminate a close shot

The kitchen tackles key problem the steamed bread of note, steamed stuffed bun piece

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Give all cooked wheaten food novice with this document sincerelyWhat need corrects here is: Dried Yeast can be put in Wen Shui to dissolve only, not be in milk dissolve Yeast, Because a kind of part that reduces yeasty active is contained in milk. If like to come with milk the word of knead dough, also had better boil milk boil put cool knead dough comes again after be being controlled to 40 degrees, otherwise milk also is met process of block up barmy. Want at this o’clock to notice especially when panification.

The 2nd pace: Knead dough

Before knead dough, want to buy the pink opposite side first. Generally speaking, the flour of the muscle in suggesting to choose. How dividing clear tall, medium, low flour is a knowledge, distinguish as follows probably

The distinction of tall, medium, low flour depends on their protein content, with 100 grams flour is exemple:
Tall muscle face: 11.5 grams above, also call Bread Flour
In muscle face: 11 grams are controlled, also call All-purpose
Low muscle face: 8.5 grams are the following, also call Cake Flour

Pink of tall muscle 麵. Albumen 質 content is high, because this muscle spends 強 , multi-purpose 來 does 麵 bag to wait.
In strength flour is multi-purpose making in 製 of heart of Chinese style 點 on: Be like 頭 of steamed stuffed bun, 饅, 餃 child the skin. And heart of 點 of major Chinese style is with in 製 of strength flour 來 makes.
Low muscle flour, multi-purpose the 點 of 鬆 軟 cake that 來 makes cake.

According to the experience of myself, want in Switzerland flour of the muscle in buying is very easy, because all bag mount keep the protein content that was clear about 100 grams flour, EIWEISS (German) / PROTEINES (French, there is one to cast aside on the first E in the word) / PROTEINE (Italian) , albumen contains to be overcome in 10-11 in buying 100 flour can.

The scale of face and water is me all the time very bemused problem, experiment through 4, flour of the muscle in using 100 grams every time will do a test, I discover basically of use 65ML of 100 grams flour rinse or milk comes knead dough is more appropriate, with that is to say 130ML of 200 grams flour rinses OR milk, 500 grams flour milk of OR of 325 milliliter clear water. With this analogize. . .

Because everybody’s taste is different, some people like to eat a bit better cooked wheaten food, somebody likes to eat a bit more loose, can be adjusted according to oneself mouthfeel, it is OK to maintain scale to rinse in 60-65 of add of 100 grams flour.

The 3rd pace: Knead dough

Prepare 500 grams flour, will dissolved first dry yeast (French name LEVURE, the shop such as MIGRO/COOP/MANOR, the bar that can selling sugar is found. ) 100ML mixed liquor falls into flour, measure the milk that takes 225ML to pour flour again additionally, with hand general pink and milk roughly below mix syncretic, after mixture forms conglomerate form, knead 300 times.

Again one teaspoon (5ML) salad oil falls in control, feel dough, knead 150-200 to fall again, OK. The key is rub the face it is OK to knead divide evenly fully. I am kneaded every time is below 450-500 the number that because knead,is afraid of is different, influential to finished product result. One the world comes, mixed 4 times face, give Ou Kezhen tired died.

Adding salad oil is to give kneaded comparison light the side. It is OK also to be not added.

From left arrive right ordinal be: 1, deliquescent and yeasty, the dry yeast in the graph has not dissolve equably 2, enter the mixed liquor of yeast and milk the area in 3, add again milk and into dough

The 4th pace: Ferment

Put dough in container, swiss weather is dry, need to build a wet towel to maintain humidity in container mouth. About fermenting time, experiment the room temperature that day is 17-18 Celsius about, I check the data on the net to say 34 degrees of need 45 minutes, then I the first time delivered two hours, the face has been sent completely, experienced barmy of heat preservation of electric rice cooker again next bitter failure. Do sth over and over again arrives the 3rd times when leaven dough, I discover the room temperature that spends in 17-18 falls, arrived the 50th minute, the area has been sent, main volume had achieved the requirement on the data ” was before double ” , I feel the wall of container, the temperature of temperature and person is very approximate.

Analytic reason, the likelihood is to ferment itself comes loose namely hot, if be in the environment that closes relatively,ferment so, ferment quantity of heat comes loose not to go out, raised temperature of the microenvironment inside container, 50 minutes can have been sent. Anyhow, in yeasty heft appropriate, temperature is appropriate (15-25 Celsius is indoor temperature) below the circumstance, ferment time does not exceed a hour, the area can have been sent basically.

From left arrive right ordinal be: 1, the range that had delivered a head 2, the steamed stuffed bun that goes out with evaporate of this kind of face 3, steamed stuffed bun bites an appearance after.

From left arrive right ordinal be: 1, through barmy of 50 minutes of room temperature face, send just just 2, with the steamed stuffed bun that evaporate of this kind of face gives, be successful!

The 5th pace: Knead dough plastic

the range that has delivered, knead 100 times forcibly again, The reason is to use yeasty leaven dough, bacterium group form a pile, ferment the size of the bleb of generation is mixed distributing inhomogenous. After hair is good bad to be kneaded well go up boiler, air bubble expands below high temperature, what the steamed bread sends is very big, but wear without gluten net (organization) support, high temperature is removed, steamed bread, steamed stuffed bun is about to collapse. Want so the steamed bread does not collapse, on should have kneaded before drawer, make bleb size (grain of rice is big) distributing even. As to the drawer on what cold water or evaporate good the little experience that does not drive a lid is not as good as substaintial east(this paragraph of word turns from ana of confidential fourth director, very regrettablly my leaven dough sends ability to search this paragraph on the net) .

As to be being kneaded 100 times is the feline toot in confidential child of the proposal, I count a move in chess or a movement in wushu to knead, kneaded 5 minutes about. Adroitness waits after I think, reckon is worn it is OK to knead 45 minutes.

The face rub with the hands that kneads strip, cut the small dose with even size child, I like to eat a circle to breathe out the steamed bread that breathe out, so them the spherule figure that rub becomes size of stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup. If make steamed stuffed bun, it is a small dose child to press into the skin, put stuffing, it is OK to can fold. The appearance of steamed stuffed bun that I make is very ugly. Everybody must not laugh. Today’s tackle key problem the project basically is leaven dough, giving steamed stuffed bun plastic is next thing.

The 6th pace: Ferment 2 times

This one pace is a novice often the problem of oversight, steamed bread, steamed stuffed bun is to need barmy 2 times, when on you one pace will redundant bleb is kneaded after going out, the structure in the face becomes very compact, need gives it a bit time recover from an illness slowly, such ability eat to have the finished product of exquisite fungous internal composition. 2 times barmy time masters in plant momently.

The 7th pace: Evaporate

Water leaves on evaporate of the conflagration after steam 15 minutes, the big steamed stuffed bun that if be,takes chopped meat may need to make an appointment with 18 minutes. What I use is BRUN special a pot for steaming food, decide good time 15 minutes, the lunt on lid of a pot for steaming food condenses easily into drip drop to arrive on steamed bread steamed stuffed bun, I add a dry towel with respect to the inter, such drip drip to go up to towel by sponge. The bamboo that principle and bamboo make evaporate drawer makes up drawer the lid can be bibulous same.

The 8th pace: Give boiler

Time arrived, open a lid, the lid still also can be lifted after 34 minutes (wait a few minutes to be indifferent to actually, the result is same. ) . Achievement lets yourself be looked at with new eyes certainly! Experienced barmy face 2 times to won’t appear the circumstance of cave in. Each for nothing fat, bit loose and goluptious, in-house bleb is exquisite, distributing even. Want a steamed bread to be able to succeed only, steamed stuffed bun won’t fail, feel even if go up in a place of strategic importance in the steamed bread stuffing is OK. The air standard of stuffing love somewhat, of my for private use is compound of Chinese cabbage, Xianggu mushroom, pork, dried small shrimps stuffing, add pink of cooking wine, ginger, a few to be born to smoke and often be smoked, sesame oil, arrive toward agitate of a direction have stickiness can. Flavour is OK still. Myself still likes very much.

Should explain finally a bit, the steamed stuffed bun that oneself make. The steamed bread is likely color slants a bit yellow, the flour that states you use does not have a course to blanch (Swiss flour is not blanched basically) , oneself is enjoyed need not too care about.

Make successful steamed bread, for nothing fat, open boiler lid to also do not collapse absolutely!

Bite look, quite exquisite, fail through 3, wait eventually come last basket successful steamed bread, be very excited really!

Take carbonado leg meal

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In Japanese dining-room, often have sell according to carbonado. Price does not poor, but the person that still eat however is very numerous. Reason nothing more than two words: Be delicious! I was not bought in the inn of a few Asias all round according to burn sauce, consult then the practice of cabinet of plum royal seal, did need not take carbonado leg according to what burn sauce, flavour still ases if dimly, part is alike in spirit.

The first pace: Dissection drumstick, go bone, the extraction in the method that character takes here and green oily chicken bone kind is different, can dissection gallinaceous skin, go the chicken after bone presents big state

The 2nd pace: Two teaspoon (10ML) often smoke, one teaspoon (5ML) unripe smoke, one spoon (15ML) cooking wine (what I use is white wine) , pink of a few ginger, an agitate is become bloat makings, put two drumstick meat among them souse above of about 4 hours, intermediate need searchs an area a few times, let two sides be bloated to appear.

The 3rd pace: Burn boiler heat, enter a few oil. If be to resemble me to use the word that does not touch boiler euqally, connected oil to need not be put, the one side that takes the drumstick flesh that has bloated the skin directly sticks boiler bottom, go to thermoregulation small fire, roast meat the face turns over drumstick flesh to roast meat again 3 minutes two after 3 minutes with small fire.

The 4th pace: Turn conflagration, bloat the rest expect and one spoon (15ML) honey agitate falls equably, break up fry bloat makings close dry become sticky stiff till, this process about one bell. Cut Duan Cheng dish.

The drumstick pork that has made matchs rice and cucumber piece, gallinaceous egg roll, a very big meal.

Zun Tu is the drumstick flesh in souse, right graph is medium drumstick is made in decoct

Match rice according to carbonado leg


The kitchen tackles key problem the PIZZA of note piece

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PIZZA is in Italian cookbook, the cooked wheaten food as China is same, the history is long and phyletic various, the light that tells in professional cookbook is the choice of CHEESE, its are phyletic various, with respect to acclaim as the peak of perfection letting a person. If want canvass to rise, from knead dough, leaven dough, how to put burden to etc etc the article can be done, knowledge can be told. What do here nevertheless is the simplest, used CHEESE also most most MOZZARELLO of popular of the daily life of a family, and outside the freezing PIZZA photograph that sell is compared, the biggest advantage can take the advantage of heat eat in the PIZZA that does at oneself, face cake is loose and goluptious have again chew a head, the vegetable that puts above is very fresh also, make a person true experience the fun of DIY.

The method that I use is the study on the Italian cookbook website that recommends from the colleague. When doing, forgot to wipe ketchup (also can be special PIZZA sauce) , but still very delicious. LG ate 6 suddenly. Say so, the person that likes to cook also must like eater to sing the praises, such cooking just can have fun.

From left to right ordinal be: The dough that just had kneaded, fermented in freezer dough of 24 hours, use other burden, include man of fourth dawdle of onion fourth tomato

The 1st pace: The scale of the water of 65ML of add of 100 grams flour prepares according to 500 grams flour and 325ML water. Take out 150ML water to heat with microwave oven tepid (40 Celsius are controlled can, cannot iron in order to pass) , join next be responsible for a task unit until it is completed yeasty pink (the just right that keeps on the specification is 500 grams flour is applicable be responsible for a task unit until it is completed yeasty pink) , the candy that adds one teaspoon a mix is even. Mix the rest water dissolved yeasty water is mixed together flour mix is even. The olive oil that adds one spoon additionally kneads the dough that Cheng Yiguang slips together.

The 2nd pace: Put the dough that has kneaded recipient, the surface is wiped on one ever thin thin olive oil, enclothe next last film, enter freezer 24 hours, freezer temperature is 7 degrees are controlled about. The reason is PIZZA ferments cultured is to ferment for long, such finished product flavour just is met pure.

The 3rd pace: Take out dough, look, whole one ferments exceeding feels kind! Western-style food and Chinese meal are different. Our home did not cut the knife of PIZZA, became dough branch 18 divide into equal parts directly so, roll is thin the cake that become an area, put in bake dish in. Bake dish of implementation to had spread tinfoil paper, besmeared a thin thin olive oil is on tinfoil paper.

From left to right ordinal be: 1, the small area cake with good roll, can see from the egg on the side biscuit has how old. 2, put away the PIZZA that burden prepares to enter oven. 3, enter oven

The 4th pace: the PIZZA special sauce that ketchup perhaps sells in the supermarket (still be ketchup is bases actually, was to add other spice nevertheless just) , even besmear is in face cake surface, brim part put apart need not besmear by the side of one centimeter. If be big PIZZA, need takes the side of 2-3 centimeter. This one pace basically is to flavor, because be inside ketchup,contain salinity. Other TOPPING data, for instance the vegetable such as onion, dawdle is weak, must add ketchup to adjust so taste. I am done for the first time, of hurry-scurry, give this condition unexpectedly forgot. The PIZZA taste of finished product is very so weak.

The 5th pace: The tomato man that will cut, onion man, dawdle man is put on face cake, come loose finally the PIZZA special CHEESE-MOZZARELLO that goes up to be bought in the supermarket. Wipe in face cake brim on olive oil.

The 6th pace: Warm-up oven arrives 220 Celsius, enter oven about ten minutes, the CHEESE that bakes the surface is a bit crisp yellow can.

Finished product

Bite, very loose and delicious face cake

Exterior CHEESE also is baked just just, bake again but with respect to this anxious. Additional, the olive oil of brim daub appears insufficient, so the brim did not present the crisp yellow in giving my forecast

Flesh of fermented bean curd

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Did not renew net part of a historical period all the time recently, the job is busy be on one hand reason. Add oneself to just learn cooked wheaten food additionally, the cooked wheaten food of very long period of time ate in the home so. Did not consider new course all the time. When entertaining guests before flesh of this fermented bean curd or a few weeks, make. Because two friends like very much,eat meat of braise in soy sauce at that time, made pork of fermented bean curd designedly. The practice that the reason is flesh of fermented bean curd and red carbonado very much the same, but because used juice of fermented bean curd, taste is so a bit more distinctive, as it happens is used entertain a guest.


  1. Want to had chosen the steaky pork above all, I am the flesh of 帶 of 5 beautiful three-layer that buys in ALIGRO 1.5 kilograms. (Must have fat and skin, otherwise not delicious cough up) . Cut 10 centimeter square piece.
  2. steaky pork piece enter cold water boiler, green is cut paragraph, ginger pats broken stripping and slicing, in devoted boiler, join cooking wine, small fire turns to boil ten minutes after big baked wheaten cake leaves. steaky pork fish out, develop dirty foam of the surface with Wenshui.
  3. The grid grain of mahjong size is cut in steaky pork surface with fast knife, cut fleshy thickness three 2 OK. Do not need to cut off. The flesh of fermented bean curd in traditional method is a very big head, I worry is not very tasty, so so handled.
  4. Have one deep pot additionally, will abluent flesh is put, add water immersion meat, and tower above two inches of above (my skillet is the 5L skillet that buys in IKEA, caliber 22CM, tall 17CM, , the flesh is put inside to just swarm boiler bottom. If be the boiler of large requirements, do not want two inches to add water to cross the flesh high. ) . Join cooking wine and the vinegar of half spoon next, the way that adds vinegar is Cong Meixi cabinet advocate over there learn. Action is to let the flesh pledge Peng loosens, burn more easily crisp.
  5. Conflagration is boiled after boiling 20 minutes, make down baked wheaten cake a hour. Add juice of fermented bean curd next, what I use is eat at ordinary times south breast (can use only south breast, can not use other red oily fermented bean curd of what will replace) the rest in can soup juice, it is 50ML left and right sides about. Also perhaps can use the milk-like liquid austral two chunk spoon to grind slimy shape, put boil in boiler.
  6. As a result of south galactic flavour is very salty, need not add salt so. Better to make skin chromatic, my general skin is gadarene, comprehensive soak is in boiler. Again small fire is boiled make 40 minutes, if you feel color is not quite red, also can join the red music rice of a few, I do not have red music rice, was forced to add some often smoke, the effect also is returned it seems that pretty good.
  7. Small fire is boiled after making 40 minutes, according to big 約 the heft of 9 rock candy adds a jin of meat rock candy. Turn conflagration, the shovel that use boiler is dialed carefully eat the meat. Wait for candy to melt, shang Ye is sticky stiff after rising, involve fire.
  8. Fill the flesh dish, surround with green vegetables dish, can get on Shang Zhilin to the flesh directly next, also can add starch of a few water to add in soup juice stiff (I used this kind of method namely) hind irrigating the flesh to go up. Can go up desk.

Flavour and red carbonado are very approximate, but increased south the fragrance with distinct breast, it is inviting very. The steaky pork that boiled two hours is to enter the mouth to be changed namely really, fat and not be bored with. Very suffer friends to welcome, became a food that is destroyed the most quickly.

Finished product graph

Zun Tu: The flesh that good figure cuts after scald crosses water piece. Right graph: I use south breast

The one desk dish that the friend ate that day, because weather is torrid, did not stir-fry so, a few cold and dressed with sause are only Lenten, with flesh of fermented bean curd, take carbonado thigh meat, grilled fish, it is the food that need not have oily pot.

Palace keeps gallinaceous man

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Appear recently luck became gradually good. Body cooks now superior picture also more and more handy. Before paragraph the new course that time tries for instance the cucumber of straw rain cape, man that fry element proclaim in succession failure, but did this palace to protect with one action of gallinaceous Ding Que to succeed yesterday. Look I am cough up of out of the depth of misfortune comes bliss.

Acerbity hot pink

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This is YESHUILAN is former achieve, very simple. But a very appetizing noodle. Rise very quickly in the popularity in friend circle so.
Raw material dispute the SPEGATTI of constant petty gain, drop of cold water of the feel well that boil works, mix unripe smoke / vinegar / little candy, next oil is burned tepid, put chopped green onion / chili face and Chinese prickly ash, fragrance drenchs one piece mix on the face divide evenly, do not like Chinese prickly ash need not put. Mix the man of hot pickled mustard tuber of dissect again. Drench a bit sesame oil can.
As to the heft of each burden, be put according to oneself taste, I like to put little Zhenjiang sweet vinegar more, special render palatable.
Summer when have a poor appetite, will get on a bowl, tastily appetizing.