Simple and easy decoct 3 article fish

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My pig some year the dumpling that boil when not obedient, I say already ripe, let him fill piece, he does not listen, want the much meeting that boil ability is safe, continue to boil secretly over, boil one boiler finally piece soup, enraged me die partly.

After that, he boils dumpling again, say whats do not agree oneself are done advocate, ask every times surely, can you fill come out not? Tell him a lot of times actually, should see dumpling is roused fatly only fat float rises, be ripe for certain, he seems to also always be not comprehended, want every times to ask. Does the pattern that does not know to answer gas to must die partly then because of me leave the reason of psychological shadow to him?

These days I fell ill. The day before yesterday his dumpling that boil, still be Babade lets me look can fill come out not. Tell to him again how judgement dumpling is ripe, he says or ask me ability is safe.

But, ability does not press a body, still should know how judgement dumpling is ripe do not have, which day when I died, not nobody can ask anxious.

He says, do not die.

Life and death has a lot, be I can say those who calculate? Nevertheless, I still say, good, that is not dead — ― is like, like saying to won’t not die really.

Say the practice of 3 article fish breaths out a simple and easy decoct, the practice that follows the cutlet of simple and easy decoct that did that day actually is about the same, just, this lazier, do not bloat repeatedly, lose boiler directly in (boil) decoct.

Practice: A soy is put in small skillet, brown sugar, sesame-seed oil, garlic powder, agitate divide evenly, cut 3 article fish a great place, put bowl in, dial with the chopstick pull a few times, let cruelly oppress all sides touch sauce, build boiler shell, open medium baking temperature, wait when risking energy of life, turn small fire is boiled a bit, open boiler to build, turn medium baking temperature closes a little receive juice can (the area can search a few times in the process that controls juice, allow each sides color is very good-looking) .

Match rice to eat, very sweet.

Handy 148: Orchid + caraway fries shelled fresh shrimps and biscuit + dried small shrimps on the west smoked bean curd

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Butyric nut strawberry

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Feel embarrassed quite the ground, the friends that give a care me say, I actually early had felt those who had held out, without what uncomfortable, still do not have namely lazy enough, do not fall in love with a net, also do not want to keep rich customer, continue all the time so lazy move was not written. This kind of circumstance, if let my pig describe, that borrows namely machine make a scene — – — resemble, when have nothing to do of at a loose end wants to seek a thing, even if be not taken care to come up against by his finger, I also can does one buttock grow tottering (is be like commonly to be grown directly? Nevertheless, I not dare that pose is flat, I am afraid of the head that bumps me bad) , first possum, lie again there talk about a condition to say a demandYock .

Anyway, I thank everybody’s attention and care to breath outAdulatory

Since delicious strawberry was bought in the farm last month, my this mouth nags and be affectedly unconventional rise, feel the strawberry that buys in the supermarket does not have a law to eat. But that farm is so far, want impossibly also when to eating, be bought, still must buy store in. Look at quite beautiful, can do not have flavour of how many strawberry namely, squeezed a bright butter that dismiss (Whipped Cream, it is to install in iron jar had dismissed, squeeze directly it is OK to come out, do not need oneself to be hit again) , add a happy fruit, feel much more delicious, at least a lot of a lot of sweeter.

Nevertheless, think this is bright in butter so much adipose, also dare not squeeze more, did so a bit, lend a flavour meaning the meaning.

Tendril jumps over berry to invert corn cake

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I think the tendril that bake jumps over berry to invert corn cake. Say, toast eats, how appearance? My pig says, be good!

Is of the flour that bake still the coarse food grain that bake? My pig says, be good!

Hey, this is special question, cannot use a good word answer back and forth. My pig says, what? Is chocolate bread good with butyric biscuit which good? Good, good.

Endured after be being hit suddenly, he says, of flour of half of coarse food grain of the half that bake?

Good. I am agreeing, went baking this tendril to jump over berry to invert by original plan corn cake, flour of trashy a bit. Hum, opinion this thing, it is have nothing to do of at a loose end when asking for play, whose regulation asked for an opinion to had be toed carry out?

The simple and easy bread of this coarse food grain is very good, soft and wet, acid is sweet dainty, this does not love even me to have the person of the food of corn face make it, also feel quite delicious still. Important is, it is a healthy recipe, be worth to try ha. If do not have tendril to jump over berry (Cranberries) if, also can be done with other fruit, for instance, apple, pear, mango, pineapple is waited a moment, and, with other if not quite acerbity fruit will do, direct store base will do, need not boil achievement sauce first. If using other fruit, what can consult had been written before me is simple and easy and pinchbeckMango inverts cake(what I bake is alleged ” cake ” it is jerry faker mostly, because cannot leave the thing of the and so on of egg white sugar that the hand puts full amount really, so the banner that plays a cake with thickskinned, feeling a little ashamed. )

The way that this corn cake sees in light of: 1)2The cup is fresh or the tendril of quick-freeze jumps over berry, add half cups of water, right amount brown sugar. Put candy to estimate the increase and decrease of taste take into consideration the circumstances according to oneself. This tendril Yue Mei is particularly acerbity, need more sugar so, nevertheless, I put Debuduo, duo shiver Suo fell a long time, how much to also put.

2) in leaving small fire, boil about8Or so minutes, boil come sticky stiff conserve shape.

3) flour of a cup of half corn, half cups of wholemeal, 1Teaspoon (Teaspoon) bubble makes noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch (Baking Powder) , pink of half teaspoon soda (BakingSoda) , one small hold salt, put in a big bowl together, mix divide evenly. In another bowl, a cup of milk, 3Big spoon salad is oily, a big egg, 2Big spoon brown sugar mixes divide evenly. Enter the powder mixture that has mixed next in wet makings bowl, mix divide evenly. (this pace forgets take a picture)

4) bake dish wipe an oil, baking the conserve shop that has boiled first dish on, wipe divide evenly, next, it is the burnt paste of mix up above conserve. Put warm-up to Fahrenheit375Spent oven, bake20-30Or so minutes, or bake insert to the knife panada is not taken when going in to be taken again can. Take out, air5Minute, buckle in dish can. If conserve is stuck in the word that bakes dish of bottom not to come out, never mind, with drawknife or ladle is blown come out, wipe in corn cake surface can.

5) stripping and slicing, eat.

PS: If be to resemble young black fellow student dare not having sweet fellow student euqally, I think, elliptically sauce base, bake that cake directly should pretty good also?
Because of this cake, taste is small sweet, soft and wet, have the faint scent with peculiar coarse food grain, my home two people feel pretty good to eat. Dare not take sweet word really, omit brown sugar of that two spoon also is not had cannot — ― hum, above is me guess, if have,not agree with, can not beat me to breath out.

Nut currant cornmeal

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When I am sitting recently, it is serious, back is held out continuously straight.

My pig praise says, so smooth straight ground is sitting, much better! With respect to this so sit.

I say, that is! You also discover I am in all the time learn from good examples, be in all the time progressed!

True condition is, i. . . The waist aches, dare not resemble again previously in that way 7 twist 8 crooked ground to sit casually. Also do not have dare complaint says the waist aches, be afraid of by control.

Think the peanut butter that bake is oaten cake, did not bake cake shape, bake those who go out is in a state of disunity. Reason, should be the reason that cannot leave a hand to put enough peanut butter and honey. Fortunately, this dish comes loose to taste quite sweet still dene, can regard as nutrient cornmeal, bubble milk or soya-bean milk is drunk very pretty good, additional, my pig still becomes it snacks, take ladle dip to wear eat directly. I say, is the nutrient cornmeal that I bake pretty good still? Also telling him is to want to do cake to do not have make it originally formerly — if ― tells him, he says for certain, clutch of cut cut clutch still is fastened not to put enough stuff when doing a thing later, should put what to put what! Be disinclined to listen to his be favored with. Do not know the thing of feel grateful, am I willing so is calculate worn cook?

Although be unsuccessful cake, but, should be successful cornmeal. Say a way so: 1) peanut butter and honey each1/4Cup, put in skillet, open small fire a little dissolve leaves.

2) boiler involves fire. a cup of half oatmeal, 1/3Cup currant, flour of one big spoon, half cups of mincing walnutmeat, 2Spoon olive oil enters boiler in.

3) after mix is even, booth is not being stuck bake dish on.

4) put warm-up to Fahrenheit375Spent oven, bake12-15Minute, or bake to oaten ripe can.

With milk or soya-bean milk bubble is worn eat.

Tomato of piscine dry bean curd is oaten soup

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When be being done originally, be think go off with attends sunshine that[In summer strange think of crotchet soup]Of the activity, because feel although this soup is likely cannot say is peculiar, but, be a little strange also? Anyway, the thing that has in the home namely wants empty when, pull the thing of a few type that leave to do casually, feel to still like quite, and do very fast, should calculate suit summerly weather to await the quick worker boiling water that do quite.

But, I forget pat material to pursue, collect does not pursue on 3 pieces piece, be forced to wait to considering again later do to enter an activity.

This summer has made the way of this several simple and easy soup: Boiler heats up oil, fry sweet small fish to work, enter mincing tomato, fry paste, add water, add bean curd, add oatmeal a small, boil to oatmeal ripe, take into consideration the circumstances scatters salt and pepper, add a chopped green onion again, also can add an other green vegetable to iron before giving boiler ripe.

[sprout together] lentil bud

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[sprout together] lentil bud

Lentil, english nameLentil, have red, viridescent, what I use is green.

See a picture, this bean but really enough flat, build is small also, be worthy of crying ” lentil ” this.

Lentil is one of the earliest crop that have historical account, once had discovered in Egypt pyramid within. Inhabit the Himalayas area with healthy longevity celebratedIn the food of Hunza person, include many lentil. Allegedly of a lot of soldiers is to rely on the lentil that thoroughly cook to maintain life everyday during Ou Zhan. Note: The average life of Hunza person is 90 years old, some people can live 120 years old even above, and all one’s life keep healthy. Hum, the antediluvian person in fokelore ” life even more is 100 years old, die without known cause ” , be of Hunza person this appearance probably?

Want to send all sorts of bean sprouts suddenly recently, like to sprout very much, see bean is long sprout, always feel amusing. Oneself send bean sprouts in the home, can play again, can get healthy provision again (the most complete food that bean sprouts is regarded as the mankind to be able to be enjoyed, protein level is not defeated at the flesh kind, vitaminC content and most orange kind the fruit wants to wait) , kill two birds with one stone, does our everybody sprout together play?

Bean differs probably, gemmiparous nevertheless method however very much the same, namely first bubble water, next waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, next above on the lid wet cloth, pour water 3 times two everyday, can see shoot people ground of strive to be the first came out, simple amusing. I like to eat meal bubble bean in the evening commonly, the following day morning waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, on the lid wet cloth, begin to sprout, the time that pours water every time is fixedder, it is me before every meal cooks.

Send the method of lentil bud: Lentil of clear water bubble10 - 12 hours, waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, on exterior lid wet cloth, pour water everyday 2 - 3. 1/2 grows in bean sprouts centimeter - when 2 centimeters grow, eat. I am frying it eat, still ate raw directly some.

The battalion nurturance that lentil bud place contains divides:
Vitamin: A, b1, b2, b3, b5, b6, b12, b15, b17, c, k, choline, Folic acid, Inositol, PABA
Mineral: Boron, calcium, chlorine, copper, iron, magnesium, molybdenum, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, sulphur, zinc

Benefit: Clear nephritic system, strengthen heart health, enhance body energy, contain a lot ofsolubility fiber, can conduce to reduceLDL level (alleged ” bad ” cholesterol) , blood pressure and blood sugar, normative insulin level.

Chili shelled fresh shrimps is broken

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When following small blueness to send short message in coffee towards evening yesterday, I say, I am baking oaten biscuit, this is answered some more carefully, do not bake paste. My thing that bake is replied on, when sending short message with her namely, smell one share flavour, develop a kitchen to look, papered as expected.

As a result she says to wait for the biscuit that after waking up, early in the morning is about to see me bake.

But I am disinclined to tinker with a photograph really, biscuit is sent today did not come out, handed in an exercise to get to her. Original isChili fries chicken to break, the Gong Gong that small blueness fries is green green evil spirit it is bright and good-looking, look at know delicious.

Any flesh are done not have in the home, be forced to change to fried shelled fresh shrimps to break (shelled fresh shrimps is mincing fry, dial at the same time, fry green ginger, fry pointed any of several hot spice plants, fry red any of several hot spice plants to break, nod soy and salt, fry divide evenly) , very good also eat. Additional, what I fry is not good-looking, do not cross good I, I give the reason push my pig head to go up. He is so-called like to eat soft meal to take soft course, my riveting interest lets much fry by meeting, result, this is strong, not careful with respect to riveting big, fry redly any of several hot spice plants becomes this kind.

Caraway fries smoked bean curd

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Caraway fries smoked bean curd

Practice: Boiler heats up oily a few, fry pointed any of several hot spice plants of sweet garlic powder, enter silk of smoked bean curd, add soy salt, fry divide evenly, add caraway paragraph, fry divide evenly can. Because like hemp piquancy to, still dripped finally an oil of Chinese prickly ash.

Meal of ham spinach braise

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I do not daydream recently, but, so not very daydreams, dream also write down my pig that does not get content, daydreamed however.

This expresses slow thing lispingly, early in the morning is catching me to say, I made a dream of amusing.

Hum? Say.
Special amusing.
How amusing?
Hey, but amusing.
My fire is big, after all how amusing? Say rapidly, said me to must cook to you!

He is told so that grind the Ji that grind Ji messy, I give Baconian below: He dreams of a woman, this woman should look for prince of a white horse, next, still was found by her really, this two people are riding Bai Ma with respect to, just rode, do not know why to be hit, respective clutch is worn the neck of the other side does not let go, everybody cannot move, also do not divide. Again next, two people became chicken, a cock, a hen, do not pass, mutual still clutch is worn cent does not leave. Again again next, a lot of years a lot of past, two chicken grew the white beard that often grows, still can be mutual clutch is worn the neck is not divided.

Listen to cannot help bursting out laughing, still hold out amusing really. Laugh, think again, not be to one’s liking, the symptom of this dream is incorrect! This dream, give this person with respect to reflection for nothing obviously the despair to love, to marital dissatisfaction! My where bit bad? Hold high? You say however!

He says, fart Le, what does your where know to make refract? I do not understand, nevertheless, I must take this dream to ask small Gui Na Ya to the head goes rapidly!

Today loiter arrives8The dot just rises, did set flavour Ceng Zhi person bakes 3 article fish, boil miscellaneous greens, pointed any of several hot spice plants fries smoked bean curd and Xianggu mushroom, heated up remnant rice, treat as handy, feel a bit ashamed, is this handy do more how can you make do more? If do not give an accident, begin to be done to my pig intention next week handy.

A moment ago translated the photograph of the braise meal that does with leftover the other day. Write casually: 1) prepare data: Abluent spinach leaf a bundle, cut into shreds. Western-style ham changes a knife to cut flake, onion young man, remnant rice2Bowls small, salt and black pepper each are right amount, zhi person pink2Big spoon, the fried dish is oily1Big spoon.

Boiler heats up oil, fry soft onion man. Enter ham flake, fry divide evenly.

2) the spinach that falls to cut into shreds, fry soft.

3) add salt, black pepper, rice, break up after frying tasty, add Zhi person pink, fry divide evenly can.