Love to cook when the whole people — relaxed cooking brief summary

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Of contract of 300 thousand yuan of acting word ” especially rich dragon is boiled move hit out ” network hutch art true person beautiful Http:// had a result eventually. Result not unexpected — because enter final phase to spell the more than 10 people that grab to be not,cook ace, but however cooking undeserved the person that answer a thing to dare to try and gets pleasure from which, also according with ” relaxed. . . .

The back adds coffee, a cup one cup — Cantabrigian PASTY

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Always expect each back turns give a legend every day in the morning, I can pull open a curtain, watch today’s sun. If sunshine is beautiful, in the heart first cold half; And if haze, then immediately a lot of more relaxed. The winter here, ability will be cold when sunshine is bright biting; And if be spit unbroken, that can bestrew warm meaning. This. . . .

If do not have love, rich it may not be a bad idea ah — earth up a chicken that bake

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About family of an England middle class on the weekend the record of dinner
Want one individual him love, do not hope he cannot leave himself accordingly namely such result. Why be always still to nag such issue so: Because love him,I am after all and cannot leave him, be because cannot leave him,still and love him? She remembers word of Yi Shu all the time: If do not have a lot of love. . . .

So this is British afternoon tea — classical CREAM TEA

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Open a picture: Go to England to need not learn English, but have to drink afternoon tea. The longing to British afternoon tea long-standing. I feel that is most extravagant life: The time consumption big is drinking tea to talk about the sky is what kind joy then. And the afternoon tea in impression also should be extravagant — rare tea, various refreshments. But, be in eventually when me Cambridge one. . . .

The Chinese goes abroad to explode with respect to self-confidence canopy — wisdom soup

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This is my value a lunch of 35 yuan of RMBs — the friend that the coke of vegetable salad He Jianyi of cheese having a place thanks bradawl looked for a such first-rate schools to learn a language for me. Best place depends on: This school does not have Chinese student almost. So needless concern every day full ear is Chinese is breathed out. But the student that comes from each country also. . . .

The life that the woman leaves weight to say — Chinese meal self-help of Cambridge

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Perhaps be in your eye it is very common, can be common to be different from for me

On the world most what is dread affection.

It is you know the thing is occurrent, but place oneself is like have no regard for again however among them euqally unidentified truth.

I am experiencing such dread condition: Spellbound — I discover suddenly, in Cambridge this 3 months will be me heretofore is doing not have a paragraph of downfallen spellbound day most.

Adv unimaginably, a woman left weight to say how to will live!

Day, I leave the time that weight weighs namely now.

Rise in the morning, I feel to eat very every day suddenly accurate, but eat very more however, this was not to arrive home fortunately: Eat badly already, still eat fatly, is this the most depressed thing?

Then I run to toilet to say to weigh. This ability discovers, this family of 3 men did not say unexpectedly! ! ! ! !

Day, when a person not only cannot the palm accuses him, cannot know who oneself are even, when understanding oneself, will be how horrible. Be opposite when one individual woman oneself weight can utterly ignorant when, she will be how helpless.

I want so namely so helpless and be fear of the ground to live 3 months.

So I already was determined, HOMESTAYsince the meal is bad to did not eat, run out to take bit of minimum simply delicious the thing that gain flesh ah.

Hey, decide belly-worship in me that day, a Korea little brother asks me to eat Chinese meal self-help, after then I eat here, have most full bilge a meal of feeling.

Following: Chinese meal self-help. Lunch self-help each6.95, have a fruit (basic it is potted) with ice cream, but drink is bit odder. Of mineral water and coke and so on basic be a many pound. Affirmative somebody should ask me, pound and RMB are basic according to1: 15Conversion.

The Chinese meal self-help that our Cambridge sees in light of, hey.

1, the first dish of thing that I have, ha, give priority to with the flesh, look to have a rough time namely many days.

2, langouste many have imposing manner.

3, do in Rome as Rome does, tomato patch also place into Chinese meal self-help.

4, shang Pinji is solid also very westernize flavour.

5, I see these dish feel hot to the tear is filled with ground of the socket of eye immediately kind.

6, saline crisp chicken is rare not sugary hot food.

7, anyhow, foreign Chinese meal runs basically not to go out old flesh piece, a movement in martial arts of old cutlet, ha, I still discovered old shredded meat.

8, take the eat stage that feed not to calculate big

9, but dining-room is absolutely not small, have the feeling of hollowness, cantabrigian dining room is main not big, visible Chinese meal is much more welcome.

10, station design still must let me feel to have friendly feeling than meal — with home the dining-room style of and so on of the sort of dish of Guo Lin the daily life of a family resembles more.

Wedding is more important than the marriage certificate — river of ox of the daily life of a family

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Bradawl says, he does not like me to write a story, because look at tired. He likes to see me or pretend to be relaxed or pretend dark informal introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad say a few words. Hey, I feel he is correct always. So, I still continue bullshit. Know a river that fry an ox, fry the most essential difference between beef with a rice and onion? This difference is absolutely and more than be river pink and rice is different. . . .

Groan bridge of Cambridge

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This is me the groan bridge that in Yi Shu the first time in the novel hears of, with the imagination completely different. All comments mix the · with when say very important first leave a message I look, just, excuse me to make reaction record one by one without time and method really: ) I do not know · photograph why to be put on rich to appear than primitive picture actually the person became poor. In me the scale in computer is not. . . .

The first time that makes in Cambridge — aubergine dawdle ground meat

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Open a picture: Have a meal together with two such handsome little brothers every day

I never think of, my generation illustrious name is destroyed actually was in on rice!

I know only, rice it is rice, do not know rice also is mixed however the person is same, although namely eye size the difference that is by no means an amount, but moral however simply great difference. Rice also is! I regard Indian rice as the result of Chinese rice as regarding a falsehearted person as the good friend is same, indescribable later it is suddenly be enlightened: Ah, original India rice is not evaporate ripe drop!

When the meal that begins to do a Shu Xin for oneself in Cambridge absolutely eventually when me, HOEMSTAYOne family belongs also follows benefit from association with sb or sth like that, he should do rice very enthusiasticly still to cooperate my Chinese meal. This makes me unusually happy. There is rice of a packet of big India in his home. When I cook, he just is not in the home. I also did not see a specification, becoming it is the has accidentally before Thailand rice in the home is taken in that way with respect to evaporate. Result — a hour, that rice does not have ripe hey! It is rawish feeling. I give male master explanation very awkwardly, chinese rice and India rice is too different, too different. May, used a pot for steaming food also is different, so duration has a problem, ripe not. Whats did not say male host at that time, still say that rawish rice is very delicious.

Be British gent really. The 2nd day, my saw with one’s own eyes sees he cooked rice, just understand such doing to so the Indian rice of his home is drop: Do one boiler water, scatter bit of salt and olive oil next, put rice to boil10Minute, be like us to do rice boiled in that way, drop rice water next, pour boiled water, with respect toOK.

This kind of rice is done curiously not only, I see the foreigner eats curiously also. Begin to just see a FranceMMOlive oil was irrigated to mixing when having rice eat, see thisHOMESTAYTwo of the home handsome little brothers also are to have rice so.

Although rice is curious,be a good excuse, but the first prepare food to suffer failure, did not get even rice ripe experience or contused badly my enthusiasm, I am familiar with not accustomed to the climate of a new place deeply is to be no good then.

Here not only fellow thing is inferior to the handy in the home, that firepower also is unimaginably queer very: Look flame is very old, but fire however not flourishing, do not suit to make Chinese food very much.

But even if is such, I am small still did, not be presentable, but already the stomach that enough comforts recently of my so much to be upset by unkindness all the time.

Very simple, very goluptious, I consider the appetite of family foreigner even, did lettuce of chicken of dawdle of rotten aubergine of egg tomato, flesh, curry and garlic Chengdu only so. I do not have curry chicken have the nerve is patted, because the curry sauce here and home are different, the result is done very rarely by me, but they feel delicious that they must be no good however, grab light entirely, nevertheless curry is joker, used off-the-peg flavour material, also of good contented of it doesn’t matter; Garlic Chengdu lettuce I feel delicious that I must be no good, the foreigner is incommensurate still, apparent they do not like, my person ate off most dish. Dawdle of rotten aubergine of tomato egg and flesh special also suffer reputably.

Domestic comrade is certain very distain, so I leave the way of fleshy rotten aubergine with respect to simple record.

Still have, the first time Cambridge that also is not afraid that fie-fie report issues me prepares food:

1, let my illustrious name destroy at once rice.

2, the tomato egg that everybody can make. The foreigner also loves to eat, but they won’t be done unexpectedly.

3, I love eating garlic Chengdu lettuce, they prefer the method of salad it seems that.

4, rice with respect to aubergine, cambridge is delicate. Nevertheless the photograph is patted badly.

5, have a meal so every day, very simple.

6, Lovely kitchen

·Fleshy rotten fruit uses cooking wine, soy, unboiled oil, candy and gallinaceous pink, green, ginger to bloat now. Hey, I had not found oyster sauce here, if use oyster sauce best. Considering foreigner taste, I still added onion.

·Aubergine flay stripping and slicing, the fish out after with simmer in water of oily slow fire soft, decoct gives moisture reserves.

·Dawdle also wants decoct to give moisture, decoct to give sweet smell, carry in a few wine pouring a drop when conflagration next sweet, pour render palatable of a bit soy. Because dawdle is not covered,inhale smell, but aubergine very inhale smell, let dawdle have bit of salty weak taste first beforehand so won’t aubergine is too salty but dawdle does not have flavour.

·After boiler heats, pour a few oil, put garlic bead to fry sweet, enter the flesh next rotten break up fry, want big firebrand moisture to be fried basically after going out, go into a few cooking wine raw meat or fish, put soy next (or oyster sauce) , candy and gallinaceous pink flavor.

·Break up into aubergine and dawdle fry, move next flavour again according to taste.

·It is good that aubergine admits taste thoroughly.

PS: The aubergine here is not delicious.

The destiny of good woman why little dignitary — fermented bean curd is hollow dish

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I am sent from inner ground it is to like fermented bean curd so.

Can cool move eats: Besmear fermented bean curd in steamed bread, deep-fried twisted dough sticks even on the egg, perhaps mix in congee; Also can heat up edible: Flesh of the fermented bean curd that stew, fry dish of fermented bean curd. Anyhow, fermented bean curd and meat or fish and element, can cool can hot. And, return very cheap material benefit. Want you to want to eat only, can buy one tin none hesitantly the fermented bean curd that you like variety. When eating, needless also buckle buckle shrink shrink the ground is hated to part with always staying, putting.

The happiness of life is not OK so follow one’s inclinations — for instance, want to eat!

But, so good thing however the price is low, let a person be its defend sb against an injustice a bit really. But if the thing is good,must sell expensively, so our life is not very miserable — major while is in major thing of consumption if because not costly very extremely, why does the fun of that life come.

The need in the life is many not expensive but very good however thing, this makes us OK be infatuated with the space that we exist. We can have deep love for the life so, because to there is such too much letting in the life the person has felt,be actually and what can enjoy easily is cheap free even thing, be just like sunshine, be just like flowers and plants, be just like deep-fried twisted dough sticks, be just like this fermented bean curd, still have those people that make the living.

It is good person held absolutely great great majority certainly in the life, so ability lets us be mixed in the in living feeling of the crowd by safe gentle. But, the person is nice differ however name is valuable, so much so much good person, namely very prosaically lives a life.

In these people, have a man, also have a woman of course.

So can so conclude, good woman actually very a lot of more also. In love, always have so much so much very good woman. Good nevertheless woman may not can pass on the day of dignitary, also may not can by the person precious be like baby. The reason is depending on this: Not be good thing regular meeting is expensive, cannot make each good thing expensive rise more. Because be born,have in work and need is too much good not expensive however thing.

So, because oneself are a so good woman,need not fail however lifetime is showily and piteous, the normal of the life is actually by figure fermented bean curd in that way, although was not thought precious but like however, support, remembering with concern.

And for good to woman more abstain from, cannot ” good ” regard as oneself the greatest charm and entice that individual, because live in, what lack least of all is good woman — everywhere is visible, have easily.

Hollow dish is abluent, the stalk ministry with root a little old ministry wants cut away. If your boiler is insufficient big, cannot fry with whole, be about to cut course into bisection.

Garlic is patted with the knife first medicinal powder again mincing, a fermented bean curd (many somes less and optional) juice of the fermented bean curd that increase a point, add a few water next, little candy carries divide evenly.

Boiler burns heat, enter oil, garlic is put to break after oil is lukewarm fry sweet.

Put dish stalk ministry to fry first.

Appreciably breaks up fry put dish leaf.

Fry a few times can enter juice of fermented bean curd.

After frying divide evenly can.

I like olfactory of fermented bean curd extremely dish. Look at a photograph now very greedy ah.