Annual and tuitional the British noble school of 18 thousand pound

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Adv unimaginably, the field that this is the school just

Have a fellow worker, resign immigrant went to Canada, reason is: For the child.

This staff agrees to work with one’s shoulder to collar, public praise is wonderful.

He just is come up against before he goes on a long journey, talked about a few then. Having deep feeling land greatly is he says, my sweetheart elder sister is to be in Canada to live, taking the child to go back to the motherland will play, that child is one face is simple and relaxed, always get drunk so happily a thing, this is I grow in home rarely what experience on dot face is truly carefree. That child learns knowledge and study to be an upright person according to happy ground completely, disposition is so extraordinary also good. He fears domestic pressure can let the child cannot enjoy the happiest childhood adequately, so the heart below firm comes to emigrant Canada.

Have pity on heart of the world parents.

Plaint likewise a leader that comes from me. She says, she does not want to let the child learn really so thing, she also is willing the child plays easily. But the state of mind of other parent is to driving dozen of move,the child learns English, learn piano, learn maths, your child if whats won’t be mixed in the school fool is same, him child is met self-abased, the teacher also won’t dote on he, so you can let the child learn this to learn that only, without method.

So, what go to England when me2Day, be in distance London when not remote small town sees this school, I am Jing lived simply, say to bradawl short message immediately ” find the school to our son, hey hey ” .

Of course, the place that the children that this school also is not the generation that is aimlessly can read — a year1.8The tuition of 10 thousand pound is not every Englishman since the burden. I had not gone famed Eton is fair learn, this school is allegedly publiccer than Eton nevertheless learn but big and air.

Because be to just go to England2The day takes a walk this school, had not regained consciousness completely from inside time difference so come over, of the gramophone record that take very few. Although such, the air of the school also enough is appreciated. Go again next time that small town when, pat more again some.

Letting what I envy extremely is, here, the child has enough field study how to play: Rugger, football, cricket, wait the field classify that wait a moment a moment; If you like music, the musical teacher that is very special major absolutely will teach.

Be in Beijing, I also am had been to a few alleged ” aristocratic school ” , tuition also is number a year more even. But by comparison, those do a group of things with common features the person of the school is not to had not seen market is self-dramatizing, aristocratic school is just should be opposite so. And the big money parent that those indulge send aristocratic school the child, if you have bit of money again, be inferior to sending this true noble school to come the child simply –1.810 thousand pound add up to a RMB to be less than3010 thousand, the total charge such as tuitional, accommodation can include in this charge nevertheless, compared with home of those alleged noble schools collect fees, be quite reasonable.

1, the school is located in so quiet small town, go to London passing a few minutes by train.

2, significant rally activity has in cathedral, the auditorium that is equivalent to us. During there is World War II on the wall outside church the school student of be killed in battle.

3, the library!

4, the dining room of children.

5, let the sports ground that the person feels extravagant. Alleged noble is about above all can extravagant ah.

6, go to school here want joyless difficult also.

7, the house that school teacher stays in

English breeding perhaps is a kind of indifferently only — French dish is enjoyed in England

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Before very appetizing eat fastfood, oneself boil shrimp with tomato, put some of vanilla cream estimation to also be not differred, sometime tries a report!

I am the sort of lazier, greedier person. Play to a place, it is the dining room that should take that place above all, as to the tourist attraction, had become completely without time really — the landscape that sees in TV anyway often is returned than be personally on the scene beautiful. But dining-room, be not head for personally cannot, and in dining-room, actually more discrepant region amorous feelings: Different person and different flavour.

Nevertheless, the it doesn’t matter with British true course is delicious.

I ask landlord, Beijing has dining room of a lot of each country. I laugh say, of course, do not have British dining-room nevertheless, have flower type public house only. Landlord also laughs, of course.

Pass a few days, put some of his home dishes to go with rice again you knew.

I all the time be used to still measures one the individual’s situation with the person’s taste business. Always feel to lack a passion to having apathetic person. So, my assume Englishman lacks sensitive, and the Chinese should be very sensitive nation. Ah, so I think, I should be more sensitive than bradawl — when he eats me to make the food of hand of gain and loss, also can feel very sweet.

The Englishman in impression also is the sort of indifferently more it seems that. True. The bus here according to want interval normally10Minute, but often should wait for half hour towards evening even40Minute, but show an anxiety without the person,perhaps criticize fair car to the company should not use scientific method and be brought about wait time is too long. And when getting on a car, examine tickets, buy a ticket very leisurely, because count,you worry surely far from pocket money delays too much time and be urged by the person from the back. When getting off, you can wait for a car to decide with installing a person’s mind reliable rise from the seat again get off, the person that gets on a car is certain on the very quiet ground ability after you get off, although the family has been stridden,come step, you rise suddenly get off, person getting on a car also can remove a the lower part of the body self-effacing you, won’t censure ” what do you do early ” went. In commute time, in downtown station, the car is over there berth10Minute longer even await the each car on the individual, getting off is very common really. Because,often be can this individual draws out money to buy a ticket, issued an individual to be driven again, I had been experienced the longest unexpectedly sufficient 20 minutes.

This is breeding really, but I think, send the breeding from the heart to be concerned with education not only, also be disposition only then like that. Probably, the person here is such disposition, not urgent not impetuous, watch weak everything, expression comes out is breeding.

Ha, myself flimflam. Do not follow me truer.

Nevertheless British dish is indifferently gets coma, basic and recumbent salt and peppery flavor, few is weak it is everybody can eat, unlike chili, some people cannot be accepted.

Even so, be in England, saying exactly is I also must have some of dining room in Cambridge, besides street fastfood, seemPASTY, also want to enter some of dining room that local likes, eat to was mixed Beijing’s different thing.

Local is preferredPIZZAWith meaning side. See a lot of dining-room buys these things. Of course also a lot of sell a fried dish the sort of thing.

The friend of bradawl asks this France that I eat in Cambridge to stir-fry to make me quite happy really: )

This France dining-room is in downtown, there has been the position when going, ability rambles to come back to sit again first after ordering good place then firm.

With all major dining-room here, this dining room is not big, not new, but in compact and old in make a person very comfortable, and very agile.

The one big aspic that plunge into ice can serve lemonade after ordering dishes, one basket biscuit and a bowl of such olive.

Very cold that day, the friend gives extremely chose this onion boiling water, very sweet. What floating in soup is toast piece, cheese melted above. When doing Western-style food boiling water next time, can draw lessons from: After soup has been boiled, sprinkle cheese on thin biscuit face to put oven, contain boiling water into the bowl next, put one melts the fragile sop of cheese enters Shang Zhong. Very different echo.

This inscribes that dish of the graph namely, with the shrimp that tomato and herb stew, very open flavour.

It is cocktail likewise, cheese 焗 dawdle. Nevertheless besides cheese, still put a kind of herb, ability comes out after such into oven putting delicate all the more.

Although make the thing of salad, but hot. Basically be the banger that has heat and potato. Salad mixes something namely actually, irrigate makings juice next, cold of course heat all but.

The fish of entree. My individual thinks, the cooking method that still is Chinese food fish more get my heart.

The baking mutton chop of entree. That hill of mutton chop lean is potato mud. Basically, the staple food here is potato. Had potato, need not take bread, do not eat noodle.

The entree that I eat is leg of orange flavour duck. Ha, the leg of duck of a fruit flavour that wants the introduction later with me is really very picture, can say heroic place sees only be the same as slightly. This dish anyhow very cook like Chinese meal, include to sell even. So I very puzzle, need not soy, they are what to use to come chromatically and v the sort of very salty mouth of sweat and agreeable.

Brush with color gave a small blackboard, coloring strokes gave adornment to draw, very simple, but not pallet, have a kind of taste additionally.

The seat of two people is very much, did not waste a space. Although,do not pass compact but without unwell feeling.

This is upstairs, about the same with respect to such size. Still have one downstair. In a word is not big.

The forked carbonado that the Englishman does

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When having, we always felt too simple to lack a design, blame what to do to just feel feel at ease and justified, do finally bring owls to Athens. Can brief and those who change is how old self-confidence then.

Ha, see the forked carbonado that the Englishman does.

Before I come, the pork that a lot of people give me to tell here is not delicious, fishier. Because butcher method is discrepant,be allegedly cause, what bloodlettings or do not bloodletting.

This family that I stay in does not like pork, basic it is chicken of flocks and herds, myself also is disinclined a person does one chunk flesh to stew half days, do not have what experience so.

The elder sister that is this male host delivered her that day to make pork of ancon of one chunk pig, I ate pork for the first time.

Nevertheless, I feel that tastes pink is pretty good. Perhaps, because I did not eat pork for ages,be, just feel sweet all the more so? , still be the taste because of me also indifferently.

English cooking, at least culinary art of my this folk, do not tell what condiment almost, it is salt, peppery with olive oil, put some of herb at most.

The result is this score a lucky hit, this flesh fine long hair is sending out without loss ground full-bodied flesh is sweet, simple and alluring person.

Allegedly, this flesh just wiped salt, dropping a point next salt, peppery and thoroughly cook in the olive oil, bowl that put leaf of a few herb, final daub olive oil and pepper are put bake in oven. The most important of course is when eating, must cut very thin piece, sample slowly, flavour is the aftertaste really boundless.

When having, we always felt too simple to lack a design, blame what to do to just feel feel at ease and justified, do finally bring owls to Athens.

Have second with Chinese torreya, to buy most the simplest white skirt turned daylong, finally also is empty-handed and return.

Actually, can brief and those who change is how old self-confidence then.

So, I am extraordinary all the time the person that those do adore not to explain to err, hold the post of you to say, I manage to be paid no attention to, one person is in the United States so moist that nobody can reach.

Hey, certain dope out who.

I am adore she must be no good, discipline of small off year, too Oh, too Oh.

The practice is so simple

Must cut a very small talent sweet

Look at very lively table

My dish. Dinner eats Debuduo, but the sweet food that I like here, so body can care.

Hate a person more painstaking than loving a person — walking along England is him everywhere

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If you like this, grant please1Pound;

If you love this, grant please2Pound;

If you hate this, that pays please50Pound.

Ha, of how deep sense ah.

Love a person to should pay more than liking a person;

And the price that hates a person is the biggest.

Perhaps family innocently, it is my resembling only in those days blame of teaching material of elementary school Chinese gives family celebrity the name piece section summary clou is same, it is one photograph completely willingly from with profound.

Ha, without giving thought to how, I still feel this group of photographs hold out intended flavour.

A lot of city can see this individual — not be a person of course, seeming is a what organization ha. I forget to look according to the network address above after all.

The month is summed up eventually

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Time is very fast ha.

In an instant, with respect to a month. Summary falls.

The first, who says the foreigner pays no attention to lady age. I had been asked many times, no matter British gent still is each country classmate, total somebody meets me, you are how old. Hey, I myself sneer at first below myself: Those who see me be familiar with what person.

Nevertheless, the family won’t see I ask for the first time, but also was to just see a few times, when still calculating ripe contact absolutely, asked such questions that let me feel very awkward. I know, I should reply only, the family does not have evil thought to me. Ah.

Not bad, the person grows bit more youngly to still calculate gain extra advantage unfairly, in those it is more20In the child caboodle that come forward, still can make up the number quite.

The 2nd, who says “SORRY “Be hanged not always on mouth edge. I remember editing clearly ” Olympic Games English ” say in the manuscript, I remember editing clearly ” Olympic Games English ” say in the manuscript,, SORRY “Err thing states apology just says, let a family allow a way, if also say,borrow a light “SORRY “That is Chinese English, family foreigner says “EXCUSE ME “. Ha, just not. I listen to a family to say to me every day “SORRY “.

The 3rd, fat. Ha, here although prices is very precious. But such I wanting, since prices is precious, have those home certainly expensive also, but here is compared and character does not calculate expensive stuff instead. For instance, the Greek yoghurt that I love most, home has an import only, one dock-glass wants40Multivariate, and here is common yoghurt also is1Pound is some more, greek yoghurt is about the same, ha, drink one big pot every day. Still have sootiness 3 article fish, 100Overcome a bag about3Pound, home also is close friends a few, can be here sandwich of ham of a cheese also wants2Pound is much, so my lunch goes to a supermarket buying 3 article fish and Greek yoghurt simply. Of course, still have Hagendasi, 2Box5Pound, be of the sort of big disclose. Ha, can get along very much. What makes can get along, not be not beautiful money, can spend money however. Breath out like me, this is. Such eating, fat of course.

The 4th, the Englishman does not spend thanksgiving day, at least the person here does not pass. So, the thank sends one’s respects to my thanksgiving joy, but had been done not have occasionally.

The 5th, the thank reads full text patiently, ha, saw be clear about the photograph of the dot a little. Take the chance below narcissism: ) still not be to satisfy you actually, say small plan looks for certain not clear. Hey, really intentional person, narrow fore-and-aft scale2%, that is primitive photograph. I am honest, I look how to feel oneself not pleasing to the eye, give spun2%, ha, the number is good.

Still be that word, the photograph gets beautiful, pleasing to the eye to let a person look namely, what to do according to it otherwise. If achieve not the effect is returned not PS, what to want a number to work? Growl!

Curious really nevertheless, same picture is very fat really on my computer, how to put appear very long and thin here? ? ? ? Perky. Ha, it is sina crafty plot certainly, make a person infatuate send a picture with rich.

When Oxford PK Cambridge — the small advertisement on Oxford street and small small retailer

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In the actor side all streets, he is most hit moving. He is pulling musical instrument to look at the female tourist that takes a picture to him so at the same time at the same time.

Every place is the greatest different, depend on a person actually.

I cannot become lively person, but I prefer lively person. Tell from this meaning so, I prefer Oxford.

Oxford is me to the 2nd city that goes after here, perhaps still can I prefer, I believe — for instance London.

When I giving the telephone call before bradawl sleeps, I am strolling Oxford street, he asks: Do you feel Oxford is amused?

Do you feel Oxford is amused?? Good, good, I feel Oxford is more amused than Cambridge! I feel Oxford is more amused than Cambridge!!

Bradawl feels I can manage scarcely analogy: “How to meet, cambridge is much better, much more beautiful than Oxford. Much more beautiful than Oxford..

Cambridge is beautiful, so beautiful that seem to leaf through ” national geography magazine ” , the United States is gotten so perfect and unruffled. But photograph comparing, oxford however more attract me, because be so lively on the street, so vigor, and this is going up at the street so much amused person.

In Cambridge, it is rare this lively.

1, ha, I am done not clear what does he do. What because I see he is in a little while,is on pavement, stand in crossing to gesticulate to the car again a little while.

2, ha, see Oxford street the small advertisement that go up — live body advertisement.

3, it is a ball a little while, it is an apple a little while, anyway 3 kinds of things are changed change.

4, he is the small small retailer on the street, the goods that he is demonstrating him seriously — down the thing in his hand I search all the way, it is extremely simple so small kite, but fly well to breath out.

5, old on Oxford business market far the music that hears him to perform. Listen suddenly beside familiar mandarin: “Ha, how is this person here year after year. ” I turn the Chinese boy that the head says that forward is straight happy, he also laughed, tell me to say, he is in Oxford two years, this person reached Oxford street before the Christmas last year played wind instruments.

6, in the place of extraordinary hollowness is illuminated far left so quiet picture.

7, next, anyhow puts the view of a group of Oxford, ha.

PK of British handsome little brother earths up root nut Xi Qin 3 Chinese dish

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Favour, below the answer, through oneself the license takes the picture, and still be put on my this rich by strong demand.

So, should requirement of that two handsome little brothers, the photograph them again post bout. I say to his show off, occasionally rich is the most fervent Chinese cate rich, every day the Chinese able and virtuous belle of tens of thousands of will click, then he asks strongly to put his brilliant cheek photograph feature article or story. Before they are cold-shouldered a few days of that Zhang Xian that I put do not give their Shuai Ha.

Be very brilliant. Let them two oneselfPKBelow, who is more brilliant. Guess, who is an elder brother, who is just over too19Year old birthday.

The little brother has loved my Chinese meal dead, nevertheless he loves eating spring roll most, I am done however do not come. Hey.

Nevertheless, actually he also did not take the course that I do a few times.

I am in Cambridge, it is really how to cook.

Begin to want to do, it is for rich of the guest newer, but be in Beijing like me in that way, the meal is done eat to the family, is not a performance, so I fear landlord whole family cannot understand me to cook at the same time take a picture at the same time, expect to after issueing each angle to illuminate, just eat to the family in family anxiously even after dish became ripe, and also do not have sincerity very much so, do at this point so.

Also want to do later, because landlord often is shouting to want to take Chinese course,be, but after was being done, discover, I just have tremendous patience and interest to bradawl meal only, was disinclined to cook really then.

Accidental also nevertheless meeting is done, because some moment want to eat all the more,that is very the daily life of a family very homely dish, for instance tomato egg, for instance Qing Dynasty fries spinach, although be here,cook so, also want to do these the most ordinary course to breath out only. And because did not go to Chinese supermarket all the time, do not have even vinegar, exclusive Chinese condiment is soy, such I rely on soy and candy basically to make the world only namely.

The report leaves recent 3 appearance food: Earth up a hyacinth bean and tomato cauliflower, still have the nut celery that recommends ceremoniously.

Get everybody to be able to be done easily.

Nut celeryEat them basically foolish, they a stew celery that celery eats Shang Li only, seeing I am the flesh is nut ground and celery are fried together, and do Chinese dish to did not put soy for the first time unexpectedly.


Actually, that nut, buy it to make sock originally, really bad to eat, take make food, the result is really right still.

Practice easily:

Celery is cut paragraph, do boiled water, it is good to put celery to be not boiled, rapid fish out crosses cold water, next drop does moisture.

Nut provision is good, if use big Brazilian fruit, cut. Walnut, fruit of almond, cashew, Brazil, filbert, very good. Feel to put earthnut bad.

Fry nut with oil first a fragrance, remember must fire is small. Kitchen of this bit of foreign country and China are shown on the different horse of kitchen, I fry nut in the home, much smaller fire discovers nut wants to paper very quickly also, such quite old flame but a long time reaction of it doesn’t matter

Next fish out nut reserves, Earth up a root to cut flake. Put earth up a root to fry sweet

Put celery to explode with conflagration fry, put nut, put salt, a few candy, as good as render palatable of pink of a bit chicken.

Very sweet really.

HereHyacinth beanExtraordinary and delicious ha, very tasty. Say next ways simply:

? / P>

? / P>

Boiler burns heat, oily, put garlic valve to fry sweet;

Earth up a root to break up into what cut small fry become angry;

Break up into hyacinth bean fry;

Pour soy chromatically;

Pour little wine less to add sweet;

Pour a few water, had better be chicken broth, add salt and candy attune flavor next, it is good that the juice that need boiling water closes slowly;

Mix rice eats very sweet.

Tomato cauliflowerIt may not be a bad idea is done, the foreigner likes this to breath out:

Cauliflower is abluent cut small, after doing boiled water, put cauliflower to boil one bell, next fish out crosses cold water, drop doing reserves;

Boiler burns heat, pour a few oil, put onion to break fry sweet;

Enter cauliflower;

Manage into tomato sand, transfer into according to taste salt and candy, remember adding a bit soy the meeting is very sweet;

After cauliflower is infected with adequately to taste OK.

In London act as regent street kisses all previous to break out incident

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Below the imagination, if this is in well of king government office, you can think what to produce.

Be in I from be located in London when shop of articles for use of a on the busiest business street famed household goes, a man helps my arm excitedly suddenly, shouting to me. State rapidly in him in, I what be done indescribably suddenly understood two words only: YOU and NO.

My this ability discovers, two counterjumper also begin to stand in the doorway to ask a guest not to go out. My smell head goes, see at the same time, a patron wagon has arrived, a police has begun to take walkie-talkie. There are any pedestrians inside a paragraph of road outside the shop.

I still heard fire engine and patron wagon by far and sail nearly come.

What to produce?

I look at the person that helps me absently then, express to say oneself did not listen feel sorrily clear, he was told slow to me again then. During he gives what I explain, he returns of one mind 3 helped additionally two people again with the ground.

I understood to be on the act as regent street with busy London eventually, in lockup of this shop a week of the latest Zhou Si in the evening, 4:30 p.m. just about when the shop is the most lively, happen after all what
In this shop upstairs, see the thing that seems board together suspension supports in the building, be about to fall immediately it seems that. Accordingly counterjumper calls the police immediately, stem from safe consideration, dissuade people to keep away from this one area.

Help my person, it is a client nevertheless just.

I see next tables, was at 4 o’clock right now half. This inn I had rambled 20 minutes, it what do not have really is good to what do not have really rambled. The area with my then insecure steer clear of arrived an adjoining shop.

When after I choose goods meticulously and be being packed, going, I discover situation is more serious: Fire engine and patron wagon had amounted to several, the police also has ten people, and the spot pulled cordon, a flock of people are surrounded view, one caboodle car is blocked up
That board still is in sky, somebody stands in the building to support to take away it.

Not bad, the problem is solved entirely after ten minutes. Cordon is removed, everything returns to normal.

This is the sudden incident that I ramble when London experiences in flourishing and street place to be as long as 50 minutes for the first time.

Ha, regrettablly the 2nd day forgets Mai Taiwu person newspaper is breathed out, be a hot line news definitely?

1, the act as regent street before christmas is glisten.

2, that man that carries blue satchel on the back pulled me.

3, original, it is counterjumper manages the site only.

4, the culprit is this thing.

5, the police is increasing.

6, the spot will remove cordon.

7, bus platoon removes cue.

Marry, must lets person graph what nod — pickle beef boiler

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I think can not cross two kinds as the course that takes daily, or is him itself is delicious, for instance cucumber, eat raw sweet; Or can admit the taste of others very much, for instance aubergine, if it were not for those condiment, qing Dynasty fries the flavour of aubergine to let a person do not have appetite certainly, but engulf all sorts of olfactory aubergine are delicious however and clinking. Anyhow, or itself is delicious, or is good at lending flavor, must is occupied same, ability lets a person eat with pleasure.

I think but to it marrier also does not cross two kinds, or lets you love his itself to explain logic none OKly, even if he is local ruffian rogue; Or is some or some a few respects take so that move, let you feel to marry him to also calculate can pursue bit of what, although just pursue he one beautiful, also fall every day relaxed and happy. Anyhow, or has love, or pursues somewhat, must occupies same gift to let you or voluntarily, or ground of be forced to do is loyal and devoted be defended with its and not be born grouse.

So, when cooking is vegetable, I eat rarely, also do not like pumpkin, oneself do not have flavour, also mouthfeel of it doesn’t matter, face spurt, taste indistinct, and a little much cooking is met rot with respect to flooey, wait for the flavour be in harmony that is less than condiment to go in at all so, the natural insipidity that feed.

So, I am decisive also check cummer marries to marry love of a both neither, be without the common man that can pursue again: “You had better marry for love of course, be no good really whats must nod for the graph and marry, but cannot marry for finish marriage absolutely, in that way end will be very tragic, because you cannot find reason to persuade your at all,yield in certain moment, succumb, or patient, and this is must. And this is must..

Nevertheless, everything has exception. Occasionally, lucky person can fall in love with this to marry marrier really finally, or then the individual becomes marvelous suddenly rise, gave you the chance that pursues somewhat.

And pumpkin, in need it far from in the pumpkin egg cake of the sapid, rich moisture content that just needs it not insipid, in the pickle boiler of flavour dense, also can let my oversight it is such insipidity, and regard as completely the indispensable form in Han type dish will accept it.

This dish is to be save trouble purely, used ate clear soup beef (the practice sees this, does, if use off-the-peg the ripe beef that cannot eat adds some of broth or water of add of and so on of gallinaceous pink, soup-stock pink will do, OK also, anyhow became a to have sincerity very much it seems that again, actually very simple dish, the season that suits severe cold nevertheless eats, look at, very warm.

Raw material: Ripe beef, broth, pickle

Condiment: Han type thick chili sauce

Burden: Pumpkin

Measure: Not worth simply to be carried

·Put all stuff of thick chili sauce of the type that divide Han into Shang Zhong, boil slowly together went.

·The Shang Ye that remembers a pickle is put together.

·Because the flesh is ripe, as long as pumpkin is soft, OK. Put thick chili sauce to be boiled again a few minutes next tasty. If disrelish flavour not quite salty, add bit of salt. I suggest to add a dot less to be born smoke will carry flavor.

·Vegetable, the flesh, soup, had entirely, come again a bowl of rice, a very lazy meal.

Rosemary grills chicken

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Ha, answer a question first, say next ways again simply with Chinese.

Be such, the Chinese on the title is to use the ” rosemary ” that I had appeared in cookbook before, “The ” that bake and ” chicken ” are so duplicate, stickup. Ha, clever.

Because use what English writes, family landlord can be understood, be forced soWonderful, actually ah, the proposal still bloats beforehand next meetings are more delicious, wipe bit of salt and pink of the five spices at least. Xi.

But, coming so is very honest chicken flavour really however.

Landlord puts rosemary leaf directly namely oven is put on gallinaceous piece, bake 15 minutes with 200 degrees first, take out put potato of flay stripping and slicing, continue to be baked with 180 degrees of fire again minute. What use because of him is gallinaceous piece, if be whole chicken, need time will be more.

Rosemary Chicken

Apologies everyone For Making You Read English. I Am With My Friends in London This Weekend, so I Couldn ‘ T Type Chinese On My Computer To Update My Blog, thus The English Here. Today I would Like To Introduce You A Simple, yet Wonderful And Tasty Dish, which Is The Rosemary Chicken. Tomorrow You ‘ Ll Get The Chinese Version Back Again, with A New Recipe Of course.

Place The Rosemary (a Type Of herb) Onto Big Chicken Pieces, c And Cook the Bird For About 15 Minutes of ° of Pre-heat Your Oven To 200. While The Chicken Is Cooking, peel some Potatoes And Cut Them Into Wedges. Then Add The Potatoes With the Chicken And Continue To Cook Until They Are Done, c of ° of Approximately around 35 Minutes At 180.

Season The Chicken And potatoes With Salt And Pepper Before Eating.

Notice:This Is My Landlord ‘ S Recipe. Let Me Know It If Works For You, OK! !